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  1. This is amazing stuff. What parts did you use (other than slaughterpriest)
  2. on saturday 11th is BoP reboxings, after that no one knows...
  3. i thought it was a gun but it could be a piston
  4. Any idea how i could convert this? All ive got is that the mask will be from collegiate arcane wizard
  5. Does anyone think we might see the next campaign book for aos this march? If they do 4 a year again, thats 1 every 3 months
  6. Hagen, when you do a sketch of what you want it to look like, are you basing your sketch on possible parts you could use. For example, do you think " well i could use this bit so i will sketch that onto it" or do you think after youve done the sketch what bits could be used. Another example. Your lovely priest that you drew. Did you think as you sketched it "i'll add these bits from ahriman, or did you look at the sketch after and think "well those bits look a bit like ahrimans tassels, so ill get him"
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