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  1. Agreed, plus it seems most units in the game can be battleline now depending on general/ battalions/ etc. Pink horrors and hearth guard berzerkers are both incredible units. 20 berzerkers for 400 points is very reasonable. Scourge runner chariots are still great, even with there points hike. Personally my favourite battleline unit are the dire wolves though. very fast, good base size for screening, 2 wounds a piece makes them decently durable, and solid synergy with the army. If they die, just resummon them
  2. Seraphon, tzeentch, and overlords weren't touched, I imagine because they are about to get new tomes
  3. Sorry if this has already been asked/ discussed, but are morghast still battleline with Nagash as general? I haven't seen any changes that would say they aren't but they are no longer shown as a batteline option in the app or on the warscroll builder on warhammer community. Was there an FAQ that i missed making them no longer battle line or is this just a glitch?
  4. My thinking was that the list lacked a real hammer unit, so running the 2 grimwraiths as a 'unit' and activating them together will function as that, and who doesn't love some hero hammer? I normally run Hermdar for my lists but I've got a few units of hearthguard has my hammers
  5. With what you have listed there, I'd run the following: Greyfyrd Lodge, Realm: Ghyran Leaders: Runefather, general with the greyfyrd trait and artifact ( name escapes me at the moment) Runesmither with pray of ash and the forge key Battlesmith with the artifcate that increases his bubble to 18" Battleline 2x10 Vulkites 1x5 Auric Hearthguard, Id take them over the berzerkers to help protect your heroes and give a little shooting other: 2x grimwraith berzerkers. Just run your doomseeker as a grimwraith, doomseekers are hot garbage in comparison Giv
  6. My guess would be its 'Damage per Round' as Damage per second (DPS) is a common way of mentioning damage output in MMO's. Doesn't really apply to tabletop gaming. Having a sticky thread with some commonly used acronyms might not be a bad idea. Could be very helpful for new players.
  7. That's a bit of an understatement. I would say there isn't really a hard and fast rule. A lot of factors make an army good or bad. As the other poster said there is an element of rock, paper scissors. It's all connected. For example, some units are better against hordes, but if your local meta is people playing elite armies, your horde killer isn't going to appear as good. If you plan on playing tournament, looking at tournament lists is a important. You want to have as big a tool boxes as possible, but know what the most important tools is key. Mortal wounds and mobility ar
  8. Local meta can influence list choice, but more and more I'm just ignoring spells. I run a lot of HGB - seems you are too - so I tend to not worry about mortal wounds too much. The runelord can take a prayer from the Fyreslayers book? If that's true then I just learned something! Honestly, both load outs are great good to have both. I play a lot of skaven and goblins, and a small unit with broadaxes vapourize those guys with the extra damage. Happy to help! Personally, I don't think they are a simple army. Due to there slow movement and reliance on auras you have to be ve
  9. I love the Auric Hearthguards, great shooting and great for protecting heroes. Sorry, I thought the runesmith was another runesmiter, and you were running 3 priests. If that is the case you have 2 bros that can cast runic empowerment, those rerolls are amazing. Having 2 runesmiters is great find offers a lot of flexibility in deployment I find. I don't always tunnel them, depends on the opponent. In the sitiuation you laid out with your list I'd tunnel the 10 man unit. Out of curiosity, what is there load out? I can't think of many things game with better than a 4+ feel no pain. Wor
  10. Id Run Arkhan with the lords of Sacrament, then 30 grimghasts, 2x40 skellies, 5 direwolves and the soul snare shackles Spell wise you probably want fading vigour, overwhelming dread and decripfy. you'll have more then enough bodies to secure objectives and tar pit his units, and the grimghasts can kill. Scenario dependant you could probably win without killing much
  11. Exactly, I'm a grown ass man that wants to play with and paint toy soldiers. Joking aside, I have found myself buying more used models with the price creep. Something I never did before.
  12. That can be a lot to deal with turn 1, but you've got the right idea castling up to keep all units in the bubble. To mitigate that level of mortal wound output against your heroes, id tweak your list. Personally I'd drop the 2nd battle smith, the runesmiter on magmadroth. Doing that you can take 10 auric hearthguard, and spend the extra 40 on the wall. Keep them close to your heroes and shrug wounds/ mortal wounds off to them. If you're lucky they'll survive and you get some good shooting out of the deal. Not having the runesmiter on the magmadroth also gives you a 2nd tunne
  13. Looking for some list advice. I've got a big tournament in month, not sure want I want to bring. Played a tournament his past weekend with this list: Lodge: Hermdar Leaders: Runefather on Dragon with Tyrant slayer, general Battlesmith Runemaster, Ash cloud Rune, Prayer of Ash Runesmiter, forge key, searing heat Battleline: 20 Hearthguard Berzerkers, broadaxes 2 x 10 Vulkite Berzerkers with picks and shields Other: 10 Auric Hearthguard 1 Grimwraith Magmic Invocations: Flame spitter. Battalion: Lords of the Lodge 2000/
  14. Too many? I think you mean too few. This is the list you want: Lodge: Greyfyrd Leaders: Runefather on foot with Battle-scarred Veteran and Helm of Obsidia Battlesmith with Nulsidian Icon Battleline 2 X 5 Hearthguard with Broadaxes 1 x 5 Hearthguard with Pole axes Other 14 x Grimwraith Use the lodge command ability to activate most of the grimwraiths at the same time!
  15. @TheNotebookGM I want at least 20 to take advantage of the Lords of the Lodge battalion ability. I do like the idea of 5 Aurics, 5 HGB, and the grimwraith causing issues across the board. I lose 5 HGB that way, but that's not a huge issue. Thanks for the input!
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