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Poll: Favourite City (LORE/HOBBY)


Favourite City?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick the City that you think is the best in terms of lore/hobby potential (e.g.: "best" colour scheme, fun lore concepts for conversion/army theming, favourite characters)

    • Hammerhal (Both halves of the city in general/Blue and Gold)
    • Hammerhal Aqsha
    • Hammerhal Ghyra
    • The Living City
    • Greywater Fastness
    • Hallowheart
    • Tempest's Eye
    • Vindicarum
    • Misthavn
    • Settler's Gain
    • Excelsis
    • OTHER (Free Anvilgard, Phoenicium, Edessa, Azyrheim etc.)

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Since most of us who ordered the Cities army box should have hopefully received it by now, I thought it would be interesting to know which City is (at least from TGA’s sample size) the most liked in terms of lore and hobby, disregarding current, past or future hopes for rules.


  • What colour scheme catches your eye the most?
  • Which City has the most modelling potential?
  • What are your favourite snippets of lore from them (Greywater Rattletraps, Tempest’s Eye transportation, Living City in general)?
  • Which factions would be fun allies to bring in variety to your collection while remaining cohesive in theming?


(Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with me being indecisive in deciding what City I should go with.)

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I like a lot of the cities colour schemes. My favourites are Misthavn, Excelsis, Tempest Eye and Lethis. Dont know much about CoS lore and rules so cant make an educated vote. I did like the battle for Excelsis with all the Destruction goodness so i wanted to go with that one. But im a sucker for a black, white and purple/red colour scheme so i have to go with Lethis. 

Edit: after reading up on Lethis i would love to start a small force some day to share a shelve with my Nighthaunt.


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Lethis has the potential for crazy good looking conversions with raven bits, provided you need to pay even more money for Raven Guard upgrades and Corvus Cabal boxsets (and find one available in your country). On the same topic, puting Citadel vines and bracken on Living City or Hammerhal Ghyra CoS kits will be lots of fun imo. Or creating devout Sigmarites from Vindicarum by adding Black Templars/Sisters bits. 

Even if in the end, the best colour scheme is the one I'm cooking for my CoS. I'm going for a dark turquoise (Stegadon scale/Akhelian green) with some dark blue for an maritime City. Now I just gotta find a cool custom name for it.


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I was torn between Living City, Misthavn and Lethis but in the end I settled on Misthavn. I partly decided to go with them because I really liked the combination of the sea green and light grey for the colour scheme. On top of that I also love their lore, especially the fact that the entire city is made up of an enormous number of ships moored/docked together and how in emergency situations or in situations where they need to move, the city can just break up into separate ships or fleets.   

It also gives me a mild excuse to get some Kharadron one day and paint them up as Barak Mhornar since they have pretty close ties to Misthavn.

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Just now, JackStreicher said:

I like several Cities a lot:

Hammerhall(s), Lethis and Misthavn.

can you make the poll multiple choice?

Making it single choice might have been a bit of a bad idea in hindsight.

Can't edit it sadly, only way to make a multiple choice one would be making a new topic.

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