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Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin RTS discussion

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Game looked pretty great on preview. My inner dawn of war 2 player was however screaming at the slow play (of the player, not the game) and the lack of proper retreating and use of other mechanics. But still it looks fun game for sure (although I'm bit disappointed that it seems that there's no hero selection, I really liked that in dow 2). I do like the outpost mechanic, if it's balanced properly, I can see that adding a lot of depth to the game.

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2 hours ago, angrycontra said:

the lack of proper retreating and use of other mechanics.

charge and retreat are apparently on the same key (Q) for PC which may explain this gripe. Expect that to be fixed by/after Open Beta this weekend.

2 hours ago, angrycontra said:

there's no hero selection

Looks like you can buy all the heroes though which is good :3


I caught a little of the livestream and overheard that the vanguard-raptors are UPGRADED into longstrikes--so they start as hurricanes and have either a gear or tech upgrade to provide the anti-hero weapon choice.

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Food for thought, I wonder if the rock-paper-scissors mechanic for Assault, Heavy, and Range units is the significant indicator of which armies are chosen for the game. Assault and Heavy roles can just be given to any melee unit they feel would fill that role but a good portion of the AoS armies currently don't have many or limited-range options to fill out that role

like Disciples of Tzeentch of all the updated Chaos factions has probably the most range options, they can probably fill all three roles well enough and bring in a heavy spell ability playstyle.

most Death armies don't really have range units, Nighthaunt at least have Crossboos and some of their units like Krueiator have some shooting attack, Bonereaper currently only have the Mortek crawler but officially nothing else.

an army that I feel fills out all the different roles nicely would be armies like Sylvaneth or Lumineth

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Wow, I've seen 4 reviews of the game, and appart from minor problems like not having free keyword binding or ASDW controls for camera, everyone seems to like the game. It's a lot more fast-phased than I tought, and controlling points is just an excuse to lay ambushes or chock points, I like that.

I'm fine with the shield-arrow-sword combination, older games like Age of Empires and Age of Mythologies (lance-sword-axe) and Warcraft 3 (Overpower-Crit-Dodge) had something like that, nothing new but let's see how it goes.

About the gameplay, Stormdrake guard seems really powerful, one breath attack on a non-updated unit means 80% off in AoE. It seems that you can't micro the stormdrake because there is no auto-step in this game, just enter combat and retreat. And retreat is an usable ability so it's all about macro and some abilities (more in line with Total War than SC2).

I'm not sure about the range of some units. Sometimes a unit of Boltboyz target an enemy unit that starts to run away in range of their bows but after the animation ends they still shoot even if the enemy is really far away, and sometimes they need to walk to be in front of the enemy to be able to shoot.

I can't wait for tomorrow!

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When it comes to Warhammer gaming, I don't think people realise just how big it is. The first Total War game, out-sold every Creative Assembly Total War game up until that point, COMBINED! The Total War Warhammer series has sold over 40 million copies! If Realms Of Ruin can emulate even a tiny bit of TWW success it will be amazing for AoS. I really hope the game does a good job of explaining the setting. Too many people still have no idea how cool the Mortal realms are as a setting. (I've spoken to many people who still think the game is like it was when it very first released and everything is still completely undefined.) 

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