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  1. Facehammer is discusing the rules live right now:
  2. This was better than the whole Warhammer Fest.
  3. Wow, I don't mind spoilers, but that article needed a bigger warning.
  4. Lumineth FAQ is up. https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/
  5. You know, a lot of people don't like the vamp-taur models but at least in my local group, everyone is talking about that figure, even the 40k guys. I suppose that's going to change with today's announcements, but at least for a day, AoS was in the mouth of almost everyone in the hobby.
  6. Well, sometimes translators get ahold of things before other people and decide to share stuff.
  7. I also think he's Grungni, after all, he is the lord of Chamon.
  8. I'd love to see all battalions changed since the ones from SCE are all very bad.
  9. The rumor that was right about the dates of both Lumineth and Cursed City is also right about BR: Be'lakor. So, it seems like AoS 3rd edition in July seems more and more plausible now.
  10. With those times, BR:Kragnos could be early-mid May and maybe BR: Alarielle could be June or even late May. With her setup in BR: Teclis, an Alarielle centric book is almost sure.
  11. The Celestant-Prime was destroyed back in Forbidden Power and no one questioned if he could still be played or not. I mean, death is just a set back in the Realms.
  12. Wasn't Shyish getting sucked into a black hole? Didn't Teclis basically saved that Realm?
  13. Using the city with Teclis would be really interesting.
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