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The Painting Contract - August 2022

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Hello folks and welcome to the Painting Contract for August 2022.

If you don't know the rules they are:

Each month you post an amount of models that you agree to try to paint/build/convert/sculpt. This can be terrain or models for Age Of Sigmar, Warcry, Blood Bowl, Blitz Bowl, Dungeon Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds, Warhammer Quest, Gorechosen, or HeroQuest

On the 28th of the month the contract closes and you can then post your progress images so that they can be critiqued, shared and boasted about. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to get inspiration.

 I'm looking forward to seeing everyone share their progress!


 @Mohojoe  @TheOtherJosh& special thanks to @Kramer

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Work done this weekend!

No washes yet on the new stuff, except the terrain piece

Additional layering / blending I can do on the stealth suit weapons, but I don't want to overdo it too quickly and end up messing up what I'm aiming for.

Pro tips, I managed the vast majority of this just blending / mixing / glazing contrast paints together with separate layers both semi-blended or just layered over each other. A combination of washes and drybrushing and the one or two normal base paints I need achieved the rest. Except the torch, that took some time and honestly, a lot of luck and some wisdom I gained from painting the Avatar of Khaine.






















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It’s a holiday month and I was not sure if I would have the opportunity to paint at all. Surprisingly it turned out that the seaside cottage is not a bad place for the hobby; and so, the plan is to finish the unit of IJ Brutes and start the OBR army by assembling, priming and basing the unit of 20 Mortek Guard.

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1 hour ago, Neil Arthur Hotep said:

That's a nice colour scheme. Are you using a contrast paint for the armour?

Thanks! I'm using contrast paints almost exclusively as a base layer. This time I wanted to try new contrasts as much as possible - the armour is Luxion Purple. For the highlights I mixed Dechala Lilac with some Genestealer Purple and finished by shading with Druchii Violet. Truth be told, I'm not sure if the process was finished for all three test models when i took the picture.

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