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  1. My go to army right now is: 1 King 1 Scryer 3x3 Ishlaen guards 4x2 Harpoon Sharks 1 Turtle so i would go 3 boxes of ishlaen guards
  2. isnt that always the thing with FEC.? You either feel really good or really salty. 😆
  3. I have been doing everything i can to avoid painting Ghouls. 😂 So for now i have done up some bases for my Seraphon project. Milliput, a rolling pin and some GW vines. what dou you guys think?
  4. The reason why im not so worried about 9 flayers in this list is the massive amount of movement they have. Otherwise i would tend to agree with you
  5. I have made close to the same list with a ghoul king and 9 flayers instead of 2x6 flayers. My thinking is that this will maximize the Smash of the Smashbat. Pleace do let ud know how your list works out
  6. I have finished my GKoT and my Vargulf. Next up: 30 ghouls (I have dreaded this moment 😂)
  7. I will commit to paint the following: 1 Ghoul king on Terrorgheist 30 Ghouls and if I get the time I will try to paint 1 Crypt Haunter Courtier 1 Ghoul king 1 Vargulf
  8. Took some pictures of my finished Fomoroid Crusher
  9. i would go with Metalrippa's Klaw and mean un
  10. I reached my goal for the month and now i'm adding on to it. Finished: 1 Fomoroid Crusher 7 Brutes WIP: 3 Gore Gruntas 3 Brutes 3 Morgok's Krushas
  11. i dont think we will see a lot of changes. We just had points changes for some units in broken realms and because of the lack of tournament data it is hard to change points. maybe Morrsarr will go up a bit but both sharks and turtles went up in points so i dont think they will touch them this time around. I could be wrong but there is a lot of cases where things havent had the point increase they should... ... Kroak... ... But i do think they will be increased this summer instead
  12. personally i lean more towards sharks then i do morrsarr guards right now. On the charge 6 Morsarr guards do a little more damage with buffs on and then they can shock people. They also still do boad control better than sharks On the other hand 3 sharks have heir harpoons. thats 12 shots pr. turn + they are way better in close combat after the charge. I know we dont want to be in combat more than 1 turn but we have to ready for the what ifs. i still think morrsarr are great and i will have them in armies, trying them out and learning what works better when, but right at this moment i am all about the sharks.
  13. yeah lets hope so. Seems like all will be good come summer over here. crossing my fingers
  14. Glad you like them. Unfortunately the country is in lockdown again so i wont be doing batreps for some time. Looking forward to being able to do them again though
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RESIN-Terrain-Pillar-Columns-Ideal-For-40k-28mm-Tabletop-Wargaming/224084338235?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 here you go
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