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  1. I used to have a full unit of these, so yeah not bothered by these new Warriors being monopose 🤣
  2. Ohhhh buddy. I am going to spend some $$$!
  3. Alrighty. We're getting into the hot and humid months here in Queensland which does make painting a bit more difficult, however - This month I will build & paint a 10-man unit for my Cities of Sigmar force - as yet undecided if this will be Shadow Warriors, Corsairs or Freeguild infantry. I will FINISH Gotrek, 5 Hallowed Knights Sequitors and 10 Greatswords, including deciding on my basing scheme. Any extra work I get done on my Kharibdyss will be a bonus. Not painting related but I also want to play more games with my Blades of Khorne. Had a fun, narrow loss against Stormcast today with only 3 models left on the table at the end. Khorne was pleased!
  4. Well, I got my Splintered Fang done. I've done a bit of work on Gotrek and the Sequitors, I also got very distracted by the Anvilgard start collecting set and have built a Kharibdyss. Also got 10 Greatswords "battle ready" minus their bases as I have yet to commit to a scheme for them... overall a pretty productive month for me. Now to see if the rumoured Slaves to Darkness arrive to throw my plans into disarray again!
  5. Damn GW. Thought I was just going to spend a few months not buying anything, just working on Cities of Sigmar stuff I already owned, and then they go and drop this box of meaty boys...
  6. So I clicked on this thread accidentally but dayyymnn, that's awesome work!
  7. Well last month was partially successful, got 10 Bloodletters done and made a start on 5 Bloodreavers but was very distracted by my Splintered Fang warband turning up and Gotrek being released! So this month: Finish my Splintered Fang warband Finish Gotrek 5x Hallowed Knights Sequitors I would also like to paint something for Cities of Sigmar but am waiting for the book to decide on colour schemes.
  8. Yup not a gambling man. Rather pay once and have access to all the Kharibdyss, Doom Flayers and Dread Saurians I can handle!
  9. Yup, thats what I thought when I saw people complaining about paying for the DLCs!
  10. 10 Bloodletters done! Pictured with their daddies...
  11. I failed miserably last month - but to be fair to me I was counting on Cities of Sigmar news to help motivate me to paint my human infantry but nothing came out yet. This month I am working on: 10 Bloodletters 10 Bloodreavers with axes And maybe, at a stretch, a Warshrine.
  12. I am planning what is actually an old army - boxes upon boxes of grey plastic Empire soldiers - becoming something new and interesting with Cities of Sigmar on the horizon. Planning bulk infantry painted with Contrast and whole bunch of Demigryph Knights... I also love this thread. I have always been a big fan of Tale of 4 Gamers and 'collecting' articles from WD...
  13. Good spotting, looks like a Witch Elf riding a Demigryph on the left...
  14. These creepy grinning skulls kind of strike me as a nod to the original Nagash model from back in the day!
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