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  1. It's been a while since I've painted anything and I've just welcomed my third son into the world so time is limited - this month I'll start with an achievable goal, which is 1 Chaos Chariot. Should I get that done I will work on a unit of Vargheists.
  2. I am super keen on it. Its basically the mindset I always have in my games - building an ongoing story for my characters and units. Usually they all die, but...
  3. Certainly looks like an Excelsior Warpriest riding the altar in the background too...!
  4. For May I fully completed Khagra's Ravagers and I'm quite happy with them. I'm going to take a break from Chaos now and move on to a planned 1000pt Soulblight army featuring Prince Vhordrai, 2x5 Blood Knights and a unit of Vargheists. I didnt quite get the Crimson Court finished but I'll get to them, eventually... Anyway, pledge for June is Vhordrai on his Zombie Dragon and 5 Blood Knights!
  5. Me I'm just keen to see if the rumoured Stormcast drake-cav materialises...
  6. Question for those in the know - I want to build Vhordrai but prefer the posing of the Terrorgheist. Is there anything stopping you building it as a Zombie Dragon but in the pose of the TG?
  7. I'm thinking maybe Stormcast shoulder pauldron with dead lion draped over?
  8. Poor Khorghos is AoS's Arbaal the "Undefeated" 😅
  9. I would love to see some refreshed troops for LotR. All the new hero sculpts have been cool.
  10. That's what we do here 🤣 Silent People, anyone?
  11. I finally finished the Varanguard I pledged back in February... For May I have a few Underworlds warbands that I want to paint, starting with the Crimson Court, then Khagra's Ravagers, then the Wurmspat. Hopefully get them all done!
  12. I also failed - between family holidays and sicknesses, I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. I have got partially done Varanguard, Sigvald, a Fomoroid Crusher and just started Khagras Ravagers all on my desk. You'd think I'd have learnt by now to just do one thing at a time...
  13. Yeah. She'll be played by Helena Bonham Carter in his movie!
  14. If it helps, here in Queensland, Australia all the GWs opened as soon as they were allowed with games initially by appointment and now just a free for all. You can walk in and play a game any time just as before.
  15. I finished my Spire Tyrants and sorta kinda built the chariots I meant to but didn't get any further than the chassis. I have ideas for the crew but haven't got around to it yet.
  16. I have a few things on my desk at the moment, probably a lot more than I can actually achieve given the speed I paint buuuut... This month I pledge to paint 3 Varanguard. In addition to them I will work on my Sepulchral Guard (jumping on that Soulblight hype train), a Fomoroid Crusher and the most Magnificent of Princes, Sigvald 😍
  17. Sort of precisely why I like it - it looks like a down to earth character, and importantly for me, looks simple to paint! Each to their own I guess!
  18. Wow, this release feels massive. Curious to see what Sigvald and the big chungus end up costing, luckily I have no spare $$$ at the moment...
  19. I for one am very excited about painting more Sons of Behemat and Slaves to Darkness. I want to build a narrative around them through playing games (when that happens) and look forward to AoS's version of Crusade when the new edition comes out. And then, the new vampires look amazing... Painting absolutely helps me through the tougher times.
  20. This month will be my Spire Tyrants warband. They make a nice change from my Megagargant last month. I'd also like to build and start painting 2x Chaos Chariots as a stretch goal.
  21. Well, I could probably keep doing highlights for another month but I think I'm happy with him as he is - other than his eye and some more basing details, my Warstomper! And his pasty mate I started yesterday...
  22. My big chungus coming along. Still a bit to go but I've found it quite enjoyable - it took ages blocking in colours but totally worth it. So much so that I just bought another... 🤷‍♂️
  23. Oooooh lordy. Vamps are looking good! And that Lumineth Battleroo... sour as I was about the old world getting blown up, I love the freedom to make anything in the mortal realms.
  24. I like the Spearmen, Cav, Eltharion, and the stone stuff has grown on me. Not a fan of Teclis or those weird multi-string bowmen. I'm more put off because they look tough to paint 🤷‍♂️ and at this point I'm waiting to see if Soulblight come out and how they look before committing to a non-Chaos army.
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