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What u think About Zombies??


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It seems that most prefer to use skeletons because they are better in principle. But for example against enemies with Rend and giving them more attacks with the vampire to go to 2+ +3 seems to me a force to be taken into account. Also they will directly overwhelm their numbers to the rivals and many armies will not have the capacity to download them easily.

This is the list i go to use the next week in tournament.   2000 points no realm items.

Grand host of nagash

General   VLOZD  Aura of ages and balefire lantern


vampire lord

40 skeletons

5 dire wolves

20 chainrasp

60 zombies

30 grimhast reapers

corpse cart  +1 cast spells


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Well, you already have massive board presence, targets for key buffs and damage dealers. So while you can take zombies and it will be fine, you can get 30 dire wolves for the same price, which are superior to zombies in almost every scenario you may find yourself in, because, again, your damage dealers are reapers and Dragon


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2 hours ago, Ravinsild said:

40+ zombies with a corpse cart are hitting on 2’s wounding on 3’s. They have no save at all but they also constantly regenerate and there’s still the Deathless Minions 6+...

 They are still not enough cause 60 zombi rrely will hit all ones. Cause this it's preferred skeletons. They have more attacks and with the spears better range so they grant a even major number of attacks.

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Zombies aren't horrible but they are unfortunately outclassed by Dire Wolves, Skeletons and Chainrasp Hordes. Skeletons are nearly as tough and hit way harder while Chainrasp hordes are significantly tougher and also hit harder in most cases. This leaves a few cases for Zombies to really shine.  I think they have decent value for what you pay so don't feel bad about running them in casual but if your goal is to min/max, zombies won't show up in the list.

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I think of Zombies as Fluff-Option. 

A 60 strong horde gives you board control and with a corpse cart and vamp/necro support even decent offensive capabilities. It’s not the most bang for your buck, but an ok choice. 

Just a good option for a beer and pretzel game. Nothing to annihilate your opponent, but 2+\3+ from maybe 20 of 40+ zombies result in roughly 8 wounds... without vampire or van hels, that’s killing by statistics...

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Well, I just got my 60 man horde of zombies; I honestly wrote them off at first, but hearing some players on these forums experience and success with units I hadn't considered before, I might want to try them out a bit more. Also, I plan on doing a deadwalker expansion to my army, with a Zombiefied Coven Throne, Wight King and Grave Guard to accompany the hordes.

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The biggest problem of zombies is that they cost too much for what they bring. If we compare them to our other battlelines they don't have a special niche or some nice ability to help them out!

-skeletons are as tanky as 60 zombies against no rend, do way more damage and cost less

-dire wolves are super fast, tankier and battleshock is less a problem for them


the only scenario I could see zombies doing better than skeletons is as a meat shield against dangerous units with rend. The only advantages of zombies vs dire wolves is that they are easier to heal and do a little bit more damage if they are still in great numbers.


I would have really like that the corpse cart gave another bonus to them. +1 to hit isn't that great on a 1'', 1 attack model. Something like double the number of zombies resurrected or 5++ instead of 6++ or immunity to battleshock. The way I see it zombies should be a big blob, difficult to kill and always regenerating. I don't expect them to kill lots of stuff, I want them to be super tanky! 

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Sadly you are kinda right. 

Why take zombies, if you can field dire wolves? 

Faster, better armor save, less problems with battleshock and more reliable attacks...

the old fusion horde rule was great, but nowadays they are the fluff choice... 

but my local dealer still has my corpse cart waiting for me and my ghouls are working on their shambling style! Board Control, objective control, widely spread they can deny the stormcast dropship attacks 

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