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  1. Also the normale Ghoul king can. It was so also without the FAQs anyway. Cause GKoTG/DZ are not Archregent with SummonRoyal guard. The FAQs put everythinh on betterscreen.
  2. My one can make you have some ideas on how to create your own scheme eventually: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVut23k736Q
  3. I'm creating different video about hw to personalize your own army. One thing is about using icons and so on. The problem is that often we create once the icons and then we find trumbles to do it again, so we can use such methods to create are replicas. Remember that you should not use this to replicate complete copyrights models. Remember that you can chose freely wich material use to create your replica This is the first part about one side only. In the next future I'll bring also the one about the double side Bright side mode on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wgskdTUkgU
  4. I'm not a great painter, but lately some people asked me how I realised my Nighthaunt's models painting, so I decided to create a sorrt of guide to specify it and talk about the various options that you can gain using really simple "tricks" about painting. Obviously is not something applying only to the nighthaunt. And the tricks can be used also for other clors eventually. Simply I mainly use it for my nighthaunt and geen about it^^ Here is the video:
  5. I have 200 saurus^^ I've collected them to play the Lizard' sacred armies years ago^^ And I love dinosaurs too^^ Perfect army, it's a pity now works almost only arpund slann. Anyway I'm waiting too the update, and I'm scared about how much it will cost^^ (I only hope they will redo those awful knights). Anyway I've realised videos about them and how to modify and magnetize them if you like^^ In my signature there are some ^^
  6. so, you'll like the video about painting green nighthaunts that I'm preparing^^ good choice, those half corrupted DA are always keeping bad shadows in their hearts, salamanders instead inflamme all their way (literally ahahah^^) I prefer touse green on my Seraphons instead^^ (and nighthaunt^^)
  7. Please not... otherways I don't have enough tombstones^^ I'm really pressed to convert at least a part of the models to the new bases^^ and I'm stiill tempeted to realize a mono terrorgheist army (I have yet 4 of 6 ^^). I tremple at the idea when it will bereleased the deadwalker battletome cause I'm avoiding to buil 100 zombies more from some year now...(I have other 200 yet ready...) Do you have "some"prefrence towards green?^^ (are they salamanders or dark angels?)
  8. Since the releasing of the model of the Shipppwreck for the Idoneth deepkin I desired to bring it to my army and modify it to realize a lot of different projects. I describe some of such projects hereThen I'e started working on it. And I have to divide the projects in different parts that I'll post time by time cause otherways it would a bit too big in one shot (and it requires time to do the project too^^ The first part is related about the frontal part of the shipwreck. It's about magnetizing in the way to rpepare it for the crew and other options that I'll bring on the shipwreck too. And also to change the icon of the ship itself. All such works are better studied and done pefore to glue together the shipwreck, cause it's easier to manipulate and create the setting. Eventually I'd suggest you to use something like Patafix or tempoarasy fixing so to have a sight step by step of your advancing in the magnetizing. About the ship icon I used a refined version of what I've done with the Wight king on Chalicotherium that you can find in this forum itself. So here now it's the video about the first part of such project, I hope you enjoy it^^
  9. it depends by the legion. With the legion of night I prefer the morghasts archai so to arrive and charge in the enemy lines directly. It's up to the roles missing in your army
  10. True, you decline delusions to take the grand courts. It's the same of "all the flesheater courts in your army". Or the units that you summon are not part of your army? If youverify in the text of the summoning: "the summond unit is added to your army" So...you can't deny the summoning being part of your army and gain the grand court keywords.
  11. All the units gain the keywords instead of the delusion. If you negate it, you negate also the delusions . The unuts you summon are part of your army They gain allthe battletraits, and grand courts are a battletrait.
  12. I agree. Destruction can do even worse with the Ogres, Never seen someone banishing them... It's not like something problematic to kill the monsters. It makes sense. As it makes sense at the strt of the hero phase or at the start of the movement phase.
  13. So they don't apply also the battle traits and the delusion? Ok, I go to say it to the deamons, so as the revived units for the Stormcasts eternal, idem about the seraphons, and so on... Wha'ts the problem about it when it exist from the beginning of AoS about the Hero Phase and the Movement Phase the same?
  14. Q: In a Pitched Battle, Royal Terrogheists and Royal Zombie Dragons from a Gristlegore army are Battleline. Are they still counted Behemoths as well? A: No Ok, 6 Terrorgheistincominc. *-*
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