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  1. deynon

    Death vs Death Lore

    I have the chronicles "vampire wars" that still it's eyeing me to start reading it...
  2. deynon

    Soulblight... Humour me...

    The problem of soulblight is the missing of the grraveyeards strategically talking and the tropps, really too expensive. Anyway I play models like bat swarms, they are quite useful, the problem about them is that they can only heal but not resurrected, you have them giving everything or nothing. They are best as they are in small units. Fells bats canbe used, butI don't like them too much, maybe it's cause the models themselves that doesnìt make me anxious to deploy them^^
  3. Yes,it has done twice or thrice. The thirst is May 2005, then I remember it posted the rules updated with also the Big Bertha and then another tme with the renew about it. but ofor the last one I don't remmeber the WD to refer to.
  4. cause it they had the rule that they hit on 6+, and rolling 1 wounding the model shooting^^
  5. deynon

    How do Vargheists work?

    you should only change the base to those volwes
  6. deynon

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    Naaa, what a waste of the immortality. Better having a country of undead servitors, some nice juices and some mortlas to gain a bit of fresh blood when you need. WHy worry about such complicated conquering and so on? In the while anyway ammass the undead to create an army for eventual bothersome chaos bringer... it's always useful^^
  7. deynon

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    we have to define what we consider "death" for Nagash, oterway we have to increase the amount oftimes in the old world^^ End even with AoS we should take note^^
  8. deynon

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    Nash, it has been i the rhoughts of Arkhan that is sick by the amount of time Nagash blew up himself ahah
  9. deynon

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    Never liked named chara,tera too much, moreover with LoN:B where I despise them. I play Coven Throne and wight king^^ I despise Nagash, I have all the bg him related other than a couple of the new ones and I have both his incarnations^^ Still I love the abuse of him by Vlad in EoT^^ Anyway don't worry, I only need to kill Nagash, not something he is new about ahahah^^
  10. deynon

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    What's the problem about 1,5k pointrs? Cause Nagash itself? It's not like it's something big. Pratically you almost have him to play with, it's a mobile target. IThey could choose also the 2k points if itwas a problem. Sincerly I never valued Nagash quite enough. In AoS 2.0 has a bettter meaning nly if you add the realms enchantments, otherway it's even worse at the end.
  11. deynon

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    so you have to win more often, so they will be faalling in eternal revenge cycle ahahaha^^
  12. deynon

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    Undead has always been more strict about positioning and timing than all the other armies. It's not only related to AoS^^ Anyay if you play... you compete in some ways^^
  13. deynon

    What are the limitations of regenerating models?

    I realised two videos about the deathmarch...better said... I commented the faq and both videos quite time complaining about that mess that it's deathmarch craziness. About the ghoul patrol you can surpass max number, there is a faq about it. It's good in this way, it gives more the idea of a continuing developoing of forces.It's only a pity it's not applied also to units like zombies and maybe skeletons.
  14. There was some. I used to associate it to the pubblication to the WD of May 2005 (at least in Italy) and so on.
  15. deynon

    What are the limitations of regenerating models?

    it's stated also in the Nighthaunts battletome. an remember that the only exception to maximum number for slain numbers are the ghouls of a ghoul patrol