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  1. One thing I love on the models are the mantles, but not always you can find the needed one. So... why not to craft them? In the video the models are from warhammer 40k, but nothing change if you want to use the tecnique for any model you are interestign to craft the mantle about. So here come the homemade crafting mantles^^
  2. Finally I've finished the review about the Battletome Ossiarch Bonreapers, and I sued also the time to fuse it with the FAQs. I have been unlucky with this army, everything related to such army is being delayed to me ahaahah^^ Anyway I've created also a little song , if someone is daring enougg to hear it in the middle of the review. Ah... if you are interested in the FAQs I have also the ones separately^^
  3. @tea_wild_owl: same idea as mine... sigh...i'm still waiting that they arrive in the store I've ordered them Q-Q I've falle in love for the deathriders (ouch how much expansive they are anyway)
  4. Quite unprobable. Easier some units will be avakaible to Lozn:B, like Nighthaunt
  5. Magnetize them in the while
  6. before rule changing about the cloak, after that nothing more
  7. About magnetizing magnets I yet realized a video, and quite soon I'm going to realise a second part. In the while: About usign them usually I play Legion of Night and I play 2 units of them to infiltrate, I play harbringers to be able to charge more easily.
  8. As @Overread said you can wait for the new Death Army that it's coming in November. Or... you can try to create your own riding:
  9. I have a similar project but miniature based so I stated creating the parts about the coven throne/mortis engine models:
  10. the positioning of the models is not quite good, you used the butt and not the back; it gives some unsight. I'd suggest a repositioning. Anyway if you want you can magnetize the models so that you can choose each time the riders to use:
  11. I prefer to gve against my general amalus to hit him and make him being in the range of anti magic artifact^^
  12. Do you remember that dopplenger cloak now in "a use only", so you can use it only once, right?
  13. you deserved it ahshah^^ anyway quite a lot depend on your opponent and the contest you're playing at
  14. I didn't like the LoN:B battalions since their releasing. I understand that they wanted to promote the Mortarchs, but 6 battalions and only one free of Named Characters... moreover DeathMarch has been crippled and messed by FAQs and Commentary. I like the general warscroll battalions mechanic and I like also the idea about a Bg behind it,but LoN:B ones are too few (the least amount known almost) and they are all quite points expensive either you consider the units points needed either you take not about their respective cost in buying the warscroll battalions.
  15. Sincerly I play both Black knights and Heixwraiths, I don't find them to be an altervative of each other. I use them to cover different roles. Balck Knights usualy are in units of 5 or 10 to be able to create a safe zone or a massime fast impact against the enemy. Take note that usually I play the legion of Night, so if I play them in defensive way I gain also the defensive deplyment zone bonus. They are nice at defending but also at attacking. I miss a rend -1 on their weapons, but with the right combination they can be quite massive in attacks they can inflict, moreover if they charge. The Heixwraith instead I use them usually in units of 5 to hunt the enemy. They're usually more resilient, and can damage bboth attacking and retreating. The ethereal rules let me block units with great rend but not many attacks (they even blocked the cafeteria of the Ex Empire). And Being them also a summanable unit I don't mind too much to make them eventually make a come back if destroyed. I find them perfect as a way to threat and stall the enemy. Ulucky I found units of 10 of them not so good. I prefer units of 5 talking about the Hexwraith cause I find them more maneageble for the usages I give them usually.
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