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  1. Here there is my preview about my thoughts for the Realms from GH2020; I'll release it officially this Saturday I'm not as negative as @Sception though. You have to really keep note of your environment
  2. Another step on the #roadtodiorama. This is a model I'm quite proud about^^ There will be more incoming, but this is one that I consider one milestone along this road^^ simple things, but positioning it's important^^
  3. Simply manetize it so you can choose. I really have to preparare a vdeo about it. I have 4 of them and I can choose every combination I want
  4. I think it would be fused with the next release of Nighthaunt or LoN battletome . It's a bit not suitable to have it on a complete different referral where you have to buy a quite expensive box to have th book with the rules.
  5. deynon

    Gravesite Size

    There is also a FAQ related about it. The gravesites doesnt ocupy any space on the field they are only scenographic but they don't even count as scenics You can find the discussion about the variours rules and FAQ for Death here:
  6. if you are interested in magnetizing and conversions I have a full playlist about it and still incoming in the future^^
  7. Unluckyly as it has beeen said Malignant in not a faction. So you could choose toplay a variant from legions of Nagash, Nightahuunt or Legion of Grief. I think the beest suited is the Legion of Grief. Eventually if you are interested here you can find some information about the Legion of Grief:
  8. Here we have the third and fourth issues of the serie: The third bring the techniques to test to the dance of war: The fourth shows the original where everything started. But it doesn't mean it's ending, there are still many more dioramas to combine then together along this road: Are you ready for future developments? Cause I'm going to bring much more^^
  9. When has been released the FleshEater Courts battletome I unboxed the charnel Throne: https://youtu.be/oenfwGXmaMg Now is time to see who will sit on it through the magnetizing: https://youtu.be/exs0OE_41qY I have in mind to prepare a series about thrones magnetizing^^
  10. I love this model, really, so I magnetised it to switch through the different options and... cause this model is really big and is a problem to bring with you around, so here my solution about.
  11. Eventually if you have something that you want to replicate es the head you can try with something like the blue stuff: If you are intersted about realizing mantles and capes you can see here: At the end, you only need to try. Eventually make some experiments on cheap model that you arenot interested with before to start with the GriwWatch
  12. if you want Ive realized a series of video that can be useful to you. Even if it's about diorama the steps are the same. Ihave posted a topic in this forum if you are interested: Road to Diorama
  13. I'm developing a dioramas'diorama, so Ithought to create a sort of set ofvideos related to it as also a way to explain different procedures and tricks related. And since fromsomewhere you have to begin, here it comes: I'll post new developings with the progression of the project
  14. One thing I love on the models are the mantles, but not always you can find the needed one. So... why not to craft them? In the video the models are from warhammer 40k, but nothing change if you want to use the tecnique for any model you are interestign to craft the mantle about. So here come the homemade crafting mantles^^
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