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  1. deynon

    Is Legion of Night a thing?

    I like to play the legion of NIght, but I don't play Mannfred. I change my list quite often, but main partare morghat, coven throne and a hro to infiltrate to reroll the morghast to charge.
  2. deynon

    Wight king on "Skeletal Mount"

    I have plenty of them. I wanted something peculiar and a bit bigger. I wanted something that could make my Wight king recognizable on the field and not lost on sight. Something rurely much better than that awful GW one.
  3. deynon

    Flavour for my Nighthaunt

    You can use the same trick that was used in the past: fre people. You can use those miniature ad paint them in ethereal way to make seem them to be their spirit version. In the past this trick was often used t have better appealing spirit hosts.
  4. deynon

    Does anyone run Haunter / Infernal Courtiers?

    I use them in small point games or otherways in 2k pointss armies with their warscroll battalion, but I play mainly the crypt hunter courtier.
  5. deynon

    Wight king on "Skeletal Mount"

    Finally I realised my personal wight king. the project has taken a complete different path from the beginning one And cause I realised a complete video about it, I let you see it^^ The previous project anyway is still ongoing, simply I had another idea and I had to bring forth that. Anyway any other suggestion is still welcome^^
  6. deynon

    Blood Knight Conversions

    Bretonnians (the pegaso units are even better), dragon princes from the high elves, even the readblade arows or the knight of shoruds, everything modified, or you can even create them. I admit that I'm lucky cause I have quite a lot of options to choice about (ie 4 dragon zombies knights^^). Dont' care too much about it.
  7. deynon

    Blood Knight Conversions

    Take some horse, take some rider and covnert them a little. I saved in the years quite a lot of vampire riders, even if they cost at the end even more than the original blood knights, I refuse to buy those ones.
  8. deynon

    Dreadfleet Battletome

    Aarrgh...you almost caught myp project... uff, luckyly my one is developing in different way, moreover cause the crew and the magnets^^ Really awesome project anyway. The only thing I don't find completely fitting is the dread abyssal part of the model, I don't know, maybe changing the angle. Anyway again nice model. When I finished mine we can compare them^^
  9. deynon

    So your mate wants to play with a giant FW dragon, eh?

    I wanted to create a giant based on the vampire coast golem, but this is really amazing as a miniature... wonderful
  10. deynon

    Malignant Set - Will I Ever Use the Hexwraiths

    you can always magnetize them so that you can switch hexwraiths and black knights. Sincerely I find them quite useful in both forms.
  11. deynon

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Not too much to worry about bases in the tournaments. A lot of the treatment depends on how you relate to your bases. If you use your bases to take advantage from the "conversion" or "appealing" the basing is seen bad, otherways is only welcome and quite praised about.
  12. deynon

    Coven Throne - anyone using it ?

    You are asking for what you don't give. here is not a hero rider and a mount, there is onyl a Hero model. You are creating fantasies. It's written when it states that there is a vampire queen, a mount coven throne, an accmpany maidens and protected by ghosts. Coven throne as ount is different from maidens, queen and ghosts. The text itself say it. It's you that are creating fantasies about maidens being a mount. You cna't use zombie dragon and terorgheistt as comparison, cuase it's written theat it's terorgheist and zombie dragon that are the mouunts. Those have attacks and so on,the coven throne as mount does not have attacks, simply so. You continue to misunderstand what Hero mean in AoS, is the model that is a Hero, not part of it. Again with the ghosts, why the should be a hero? They are cause they are a part of the model., everything stop there. You are creating fantasy again and again. Don't care abut a consensus that it's built on bias. As it was for many other rules, as it is has been in the past for FW and compendiums. Or as the ability to use warscroll battlaion ok for some new armyies and other not using the same referring as wording. You value too much your common sense, moreover when you use it to twist rules that state otehrways. If a TO wants to use rules differently thay have to write an approrpiate infopack about it, otherways the rules are clear and are as I said. Without an official FAQ it's such. And you asked me to stop continuing, so stop continue to try to twist the rules with your fantasy. Create your own events and create an infopack that say otherways. HR are not an evil thing, you can admit to use them cause you prefer them, simpy don't try to make see your HR as the rules , cause they are not such. Common sense has to be apply ever, not only when someone prefer it. And common sense has to be written too, what you think is common sense, is not everyone think the same it is. And rememebr that a mount not necessarily has only a isingle rider. And Hero is the model, not part of it.
  13. deynon

    Is the Death range as fragile as it looks?

    Anyway there is something useful that I use to many parts of the models: magnets^^ I created a lot of videos about them^^ and others going to arrive soon^^
  14. deynon

    Is the Death range as fragile as it looks?

    I can only suggest to creat a personalized sagoma of sponge where to put the miniatures, so that you can move them safely. But yes, they are quite fragile, the actual skeletons are quite fragile, second only maybe to the nighthaunts models.
  15. deynon

    Fell bats

    I think the main problemof the fell bats is their expensivee cost for old but moreover quite awful models. They are not bad anyways, but you can't compare them with dire wolves, case the dire wolves are battleline, the fell bats are not. The fell bats are not bad, simply are notso pleasant to deploy.