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  1. deynon

    Magnetizing Horrors and Flayers?

    As promised here it comes the video. You can find the topic about also i my signature^^
  2. deynon

    Crypt Knights

    I receveid a lot of requests about such videos, so I use this opportunity to share the steps and the video itself with everyone. Obviously they are some referring, everyone can see if they suit him/herself or otherwise choose other options. In the vidoe I also explained other variants too. we can start with magnetizing the head itself The free bodies require 3 different magnetizing, but you can procede filling the backs to uniform the magnets: About the arms I decided to glue them to the backs. You can magnetize them, but it was a bit messy to do so cause the shape of the back themselves, so I decided to glu. Anyway if you proceed in gluing them you have to remove a little part of the shoulders muscle in the front cause it would create a grip on the model otherways. Then I magnetized the base cause I found it better to store the model this way. And then there is the video itself that explained everything more detailed way:
  3. deynon

    Magnetizing Horrors and Flayers?

    I have to realize a video about. Anyway it's simple. Simply link the arms to che back and remove only the front part of the shoulders of the arms. You need dofferent magnets about it. For the head. 2x2 one in the neck, 2*1 in the head
  4. deynon

    newly dead and coven throne, how do they work?

    Found them, but I can only see them if I put Z-A ordered... what a mess. Thanks for the aid.
  5. deynon

    newly dead and coven throne, how do they work?

    Not that I dont' trust you, but where have you found that document? Cause I tried to search directly on the warhammer community site, to be sure from 3 different browsers and the last FAQ and commentaries are updated the last time the 23 /07/2018 about the Legions of Nagash. If the FAQ is true, there is nothing to fight on, the FAQ it would declare how it would have to be treated. The only thing it can be grumped about is that they have needed 4 years to release it. There rules state one thing, the FAQ change them if true, Nothing to say about it. It would not be the first time, you have only to see about the deathmarch warscroll battalion to see^^
  6. deynon

    Does anyone run Haunter / Infernal Courtiers?

    There are two different version for the mortal wounds for ethereal. Coven throne and similar are 6+ , so modifiers apply. New spirit hosts and general NH:B related ones are fixed 6. There is a FAQ about the 6+, so cause they didn't change also the LON ones you have the two different workinns. So for example you can improve to 5+ the coven throne,neferata and so on mortal wounds attacks, but you can't do the same with the hexwraiths and so on. Obviously it also means the opposite, in the situation there are malus the NH:B mortal wounds based ones are not influenced.
  7. deynon

    Old and new undead models

    I have tons of old and new skeletons models, and I refuse to throw away all my old ones (about 200s). I simply change their base and redeploy them. Instead I use such variety to distinguish different skeleton units on the field, so thhat it's easier to identify them. There are few extreme models you could have problems with about their sizes in Death, cause most part of the models are still the same and has been added new units more than models. And the old models are always still valid (even if it would be quite tasteless to see the old nagash played instead of the more recent one but it's a really extreme case). And about the different sizes...take old gamers like me, that have modified zombies from different races to mix them together to represent specific battlefields and so on. I even have my grave guard that for Sylvania had the Elfs sowrdmasters as their members. Not worry too much about such a thing, instead take it as an option to personalize your own army^^
  8. deynon

    Is Legion of Night a thing?

    I like to play the legion of NIght, but I don't play Mannfred. I change my list quite often, but main partare morghat, coven throne and a hro to infiltrate to reroll the morghast to charge.
  9. deynon

    Wight king on "Skeletal Mount"

    I have plenty of them. I wanted something peculiar and a bit bigger. I wanted something that could make my Wight king recognizable on the field and not lost on sight. Something rurely much better than that awful GW one.
  10. deynon

    Flavour for my Nighthaunt

    You can use the same trick that was used in the past: fre people. You can use those miniature ad paint them in ethereal way to make seem them to be their spirit version. In the past this trick was often used t have better appealing spirit hosts.
  11. deynon

    Does anyone run Haunter / Infernal Courtiers?

    I use them in small point games or otherways in 2k pointss armies with their warscroll battalion, but I play mainly the crypt hunter courtier.
  12. deynon

    Wight king on "Skeletal Mount"

    Finally I realised my personal wight king. the project has taken a complete different path from the beginning one And cause I realised a complete video about it, I let you see it^^ The previous project anyway is still ongoing, simply I had another idea and I had to bring forth that. Anyway any other suggestion is still welcome^^
  13. deynon

    Blood Knight Conversions

    Bretonnians (the pegaso units are even better), dragon princes from the high elves, even the readblade arows or the knight of shoruds, everything modified, or you can even create them. I admit that I'm lucky cause I have quite a lot of options to choice about (ie 4 dragon zombies knights^^). Dont' care too much about it.
  14. deynon

    Blood Knight Conversions

    Take some horse, take some rider and covnert them a little. I saved in the years quite a lot of vampire riders, even if they cost at the end even more than the original blood knights, I refuse to buy those ones.
  15. deynon

    Dreadfleet Battletome

    Aarrgh...you almost caught myp project... uff, luckyly my one is developing in different way, moreover cause the crew and the magnets^^ Really awesome project anyway. The only thing I don't find completely fitting is the dread abyssal part of the model, I don't know, maybe changing the angle. Anyway again nice model. When I finished mine we can compare them^^