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  1. I agree about the prices, but at ghe same time it's missimg a collector box. The broken realm one has been a welcome wntry, but at the same time not enough. And fesst of bones has disappeared even before seeing it. Chainrasp armies had the setbox and mortal realm releasing (not in my country Mortal realms sigh...). About points I care relatevely, the balance shift often. The improvements of the abilities anout the relentless points helped a lot . And compared to the deathrattle they have the bonuses thanks to the champion and avoid battleshock tests.
  2. I fell in love about Ossisarch Bonereapeers when I readabout the crematorians. What stopped me was the prices of the models, really high. But when I saw the releasing of: I decided to buy it and slowly assemblong, magnetizing and paint it (i'm still preparing the videos about. And yes, even if I know that they should be stalliark related, myriad are the better, I still fell in love for Crematorians^^ (and I have enough models of the other undead armies that I could rival Nagash itself in summoning^^ so I decided to have totally fun with them and make every idea I have avalaible^^ (it only neeeds time^^) I'm having quite a lot og fun about them and I like the dethriders... I've made even a song about Kavalos... Also as @Vasshpit showed, that model it's simply amazing. And I'm really thinking about buying that unit to use it as one of my army pieces, maybe making it not him as it is, but as a substitute for something else (soulmansion?). I love also the gohthizzard, one really carismatic model. What I'd change it's only the heads of the mortek guard, I really don't like them. LUckyly I have quite a few of skeleton head waiting them if I'll gain some of those models. And the little leegs of the crawler (only th e legs, the model itself I find it really awesome. Anywya I don't think it0s about being too much contricted as army. There are a lot of ways to personalize them. If you read novel like Ossiarch Bonerepaers and oters you can find that they make a lot of contructs in a lot of different ways. Think even simply to Broken Realm Teclis where they fuse mortek guard together to create a suspended bridge or the statues defending the valley. So not a single problem abou personalizing them eventually. Still I agree with some more units avalaible to increase the chouise. Based on the underworld one Mir, to accompany him there are special morteks, and it seems soon there willl be avalaible the archer ones, while one of them can be associated to a Liege on foot. So I think that more choices will be avalaible with the next battletome (even before knowing GW). Think about Necrons from Warhammer 0k. They spent decades with a really small amount of models and when tey renewd them they amplyfies quite a lot. The same about the Nighthaunt army. I'm waitingfor many more models for Ossiarch Bonereapers and Flesh eater courts (and Flesh eater courts are the suplime about creating different units with the fewer sets avalaible(.
  3. Dragons has developed and changed has concept along the centuries. The first western culture referral about dragons made them more about big snakes than something like actual. There are referral about them in painting of 1200. And even if you go to Romans and Greeks you find something completely different and not associated with the word "dragon" Western and Oriental dragon now are totally different (eastern more related to the "original" concept). Our actual dragons are related more about last century. And evolved even more in the last 50.60 years. In the '50 of last century they were more like a sort of big lizards. After the book of Dinosaurs they vere associated to the mass concept of those. The they developed with games from the '80sin different typeso dragons, drakes,drakling, wyverns and o on. About ingame now. You only need to have something that can be about almost the same volume. You can persoalize it in a lot of different ways. For example I prefer to use the positioning of the terrorgheist with the head of the dragon zombie to use the dragon zombie itself (I have to do a videoabout magnetizing the model).
  4. You have to decide what type f elite: Vampire or eathrattl. Thre are two different approaches to them. Summn is not mandatory, versatility in manouvrability it is.
  5. A video to transform Blood Bowl Skeletons in musketeers
  6. If you are interested, I realized a video about the FAQs of une soulblight gravelords About the rules if the battletome I split in different themes:
  7. A special video about the theme I'm creating to my army and to celebrate the beginning of the 5th year of my channel. Italian version English Version
  8. and here another bit of conversion and tip tricks related about Blood Bowl models Champions od Death. I'm ha ing quite a fun converting them
  9. The project about the road to Diorama related toDeath continues. This time I take the Blood Bowl undead team and slowly bring them to new deepths (they are undead they rise^^) So we begin with simple but effective conversions:
  10. I appreciated a lot Undying king, but I like a lot Reynolds writings. Dominion of Bones is a celebration of Neferata, and in some way recall the stories about the Von Carstein. It would be interesting to see a renew of the "Sylvania army" as a way to make the Soulbloght... Technically they should recall the old 6th edition Warhammer fantasy vampire counts book, the fun part. But such s way it would be quite similar to a City of Sigmar. I don't think anyway that Skellues need an update as models, other then to increase the weapon options. But they could only sell the upgrade set separate. About zombies .. they changed their way since the corpse cart releasing, and we can see confirmed new style with the FEC endless spells and the BB undead teams. The old ones are still valid, but something new would be interesting, still they would need more options. About the BG, Gotrek & Felix and vampire Wars are old friends, they are a different style. I still like them quite a lot, but said so it sounds more like nostalgia^^ here it's totally taste related, so can't be argued about any. Way
  11. Anyway thinking more about a possible future Battletome, I thought back to the Black LIbrary "Undying King", maybe an army of zombies and deathrattle is not so crazy as an idea. We have seen in that volume the raise of a new deathlord, a Mortarch, the VonDrak firl, it would be interesting to see a representation about it. We would have - deathrattle (Broken Kings) -FEC (her ancient uncle) - zombies (the sea around) with even a lot of options abou an undead fleet) It could even have the characterization not to be alliable with the Legion of Blood eventually. I think that if done in the right wway, it could be done in quite a interesting way
  12. In my opinion there would be un update of the LoN that has become a rewamp of the GA:D, cause there is anywai the need to call all at the war together. Even if we think about Broken Realms a step after the Necroquake, there is still too much about Nagash options OBR has been a new faction,but it can't represent the Deathrttle, more like a Qatar army of the Tomb Kings. In such a way, I think that more than being released a deathrattle book as I always hopd, there will be two different Battletome yet to publish: one related about the mix of Deathrrattle and Necronmancers, cause it would let a lot of units being avalaible at the same time and they ae quite close to each other, maybe with one or two new Mortarchs (here i'd think about a Kemmler/Krell combination?) About zombie side and new models, we have seen new options about them since the releasing of the coprse cart. I still like the old models (eventually i combine them with ghouls set heads), but it would be interesting to see them updated with the style of the the models of the Blood Bowl. Anyway some bigger sombie or golem corpse or so on it would be nice to add. About Soulblight...they are simple not enough.We have some beasts and the vampires, and not many of them at that. OK, they have been able to create a battletome from FEC , and they don't have many models, but still they have quite a lot of variant in their assembly, so it was affordable. The Soulblight should have a restyling and addeded many more units. We can find that we have seen a new swam bats with the GRymwatch, and seeing the Lord of the rings options also the fell bats are not so difficult to see them redone. The real trouble rre the units of the vampires themeselves, cause wehave seen them as heroes and as chavalry (even if I never liked them too much as models maybe cause too financial expensive) cause they need to have solid background about them and so: 1) they introduce the grades of vampirism 2) they take elites and simply call suborrdinates alike But in such a way they would not be characteristic enough, so technically the real problemabout new battletome is the SOulblight.Ok, you can think about giving them zombies and skeletons as subparts, but it doesn't have enough "premium" to be something else than a yet avalaible LoN (that should be anyway refreshed )
  13. A lot is about painting, but if you want to modify more you need to clip apart some pieces and create some undertexture of meet and bones. Remember that inside the body is hollow so you can you it to your own advantage
  14. And After the creation, it come the painting, cause we need to make them gain undead life...
  15. You can try this way also: https://youtu.be/UiNd53LUs9s
  16. simply vallejo snow and agrax earthhade, or some environmental mud texture from vallejo or GW for the bases.Techcally ghosts don't become dirty cause the evnviroment near them, they are ethereal.
  17. My main army is still Death oriented and while I am sill increasing the dioramas about my Stormcast Eternals with new techiques and tricks (I'll bring them too when I am at right step^^), still I can't forget my love about undead. I never liked the latest lupi zombie, I can't stand them. I still have the previous ones in mass number, but I wanted to realize something moregriimdark, more horrific, so... I decided to modify and improe the Road To Diorama with some easy sculpting and create my "zombies wolves"... ora should i call spiderzombies/spiderghouls? Still some nigthmare incoming^^
  18. Here there is my preview about my thoughts for the Realms from GH2020; I'll release it officially this Saturday I'm not as negative as @Sception though. You have to really keep note of your environment
  19. Another step on the #roadtodiorama. This is a model I'm quite proud about^^ There will be more incoming, but this is one that I consider one milestone along this road^^ simple things, but positioning it's important^^
  20. Simply manetize it so you can choose. I really have to preparare a vdeo about it. I have 4 of them and I can choose every combination I want
  21. I think it would be fused with the next release of Nighthaunt or LoN battletome . It's a bit not suitable to have it on a complete different referral where you have to buy a quite expensive box to have th book with the rules.
  22. deynon

    Gravesite Size

    There is also a FAQ related about it. The gravesites doesnt ocupy any space on the field they are only scenographic but they don't even count as scenics You can find the discussion about the variours rules and FAQ for Death here:
  23. if you are interested in magnetizing and conversions I have a full playlist about it and still incoming in the future^^
  24. Unluckyly as it has beeen said Malignant in not a faction. So you could choose toplay a variant from legions of Nagash, Nightahuunt or Legion of Grief. I think the beest suited is the Legion of Grief. Eventually if you are interested here you can find some information about the Legion of Grief:
  25. Here we have the third and fourth issues of the serie: The third bring the techniques to test to the dance of war: The fourth shows the original where everything started. But it doesn't mean it's ending, there are still many more dioramas to combine then together along this road: Are you ready for future developments? Cause I'm going to bring much more^^
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