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  1. For anyone interested. These are the prices for Australia and New Zealand. https://youtu.be/LHeW-bCZtR4
  2. New series just started with a focus on competitive rankings of factions and armies.
  3. Hi Gus, Welcome back to the hobby. TwoD3 is the answer to all of your questions. They meet each Monday for AoS games, have a regular monthly battle meetup, currently have a GT coming up in August as well as a current slow grow and painting competition. They even have started putting out YouTube content. Once you ar eon their page, drop em a line so they can add you into their chat groups as well which is always active and has heaps of the community in there. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwoD3 Grand Tournament: https://fb.me/e/2ngryIKDd Email: contacttwod3@gmail.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC62cS-iTFSGjbsm8ebXeHaQ
  4. Had a discussion last night with some mates about Seraphon and what our go-to hero is or would be. What is your favourite hero and why?
  5. Hi All! I've played a LOT of OBR lately and I've noted most people tend to either really like OBR or really don't. It's interesting to hear peoples reasoning behind their opinions but also educational. What do you like most about OBR and why? What do you dislike the most about OBR and why?
  6. In case anyone wants a laugh. Tried this over the weekend with more success than I would have though. Important to note: - This is also still great with Petrifex as you can add some additional rend in there which can prove really strong paired with Endless Duty. - You can also sub out the Harvesters for Arkhan plus Shrieker spell if you want to make it easier for your arty to hit and prefer guaranteed regen on your b-line. - Down side is 3 Crawlers are a considerable monetary investment and there are more well rounded lists out there that are perhaps not as funny but more competitive. - Don't expect board control with this slow-ass army. But with range of 36" on those bad boys, expect them to come to you! - 3+1D3 RD points plus 10 chances on the D6. - Not handy in scenarios requiring lots of heroes, but not the end of the world if your sniping your opponents 5 wound heroes turn 1 anyway Follow me for more great recipes....
  7. STUCK BETWEEN THESE TWO: 1. Liege-Kavalos (200) - General - Command Trait : Mighty Archaeossian - Artefact : Godbone Armour Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead (880) Mortisan Boneshaper (130) - Lore of Mortisans : Mortal Contract Mortisan Boneshaper (130) - Lore of Mortisans : Drain Vitality UNITS 20 x Mortek Guard (260) - Nadirite Blade and Shield - 2 x Soulcleaver Greatblades 20 x Mortek Guard (260) - Nadirite Blade and Shield - 2 x Soulcleaver Greatblades 10 x Mortek Guard (130) - Nadirite Blade and Shield - 1 x Soulcleaver Greatblades 2. Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis (500) - General Mortisan Boneshaper (130) - Artefact : Godbone Armour - Lore of Mortisans : Arcane Command Mortisan Boneshaper (130) - Lore of Mortisans : Empower Nadirite Weapons UNITS 20 x Mortek Guard (260) - Nadirite Blade and Shield - 2 x Soulcleaver Greatblades 20 x Mortek Guard (260) - Nadirite Blade and Shield - 2 x Soulcleaver Greatblades 20 x Mortek Guard (260) - Nadirite Blade and Shield - 2 x Soulcleaver Greatblades BEHEMOTHS Gothizzar Harvester (200) Mortek Crawler (200) ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN / COMMAND POINTS Bone-tithe Shrieker (30) Soulstealer Carrion (20)
  8. brings back 3 models, can cast a spell and is a guaranteed RDP so long as he is living. I find they really help make sure your guard arent leaving the table but I think its a matter of preference more than anything for people. Some like em and others dont.
  9. Honestly, I am not sure you will have the RDP's to be as effective with this list as you need to be. Nagash gives you one and then you are reliant on rolling 6's of which you get 6 chances wich is 1 in 6 chance so estimate 2 RDP's plus a D3 of them from nagash if you get the spell off. I am just not sure this is enough for 2 hero and 2 combat phases every battle round. You wanna make sure you have that added rend and you wanna use the command abilities on those deathriders when they charge. There is also a lot of stuff there that will require regen and while Nagash can put out a lot, the boneshaper can come in seriously handy to the point I usually take 2 so each unit of 20 guard has their own boneshaper backing them up.
  10. Yeah I figured the same but its in so many GT lists these days that surely I/we must be missing something!? I mean 1 seems perhaps not enough but 2 is apparently gold but cant see how for 400 points!?
  11. can someone help explain to me the appeal of Mortek Crawlers in competitive lists? How are they used? How are the effective when the cauldron seems to only be good vs models/units with bravery 5 or less and nothing once it takes damage and Steele is only good after taking damage if you want to use it (or am I wrong here maybe?) so why am I seeing lists with 2 and sometimes more of these? I want to like these so someone help me understand the appeal!
  12. which is stronger and why??? 1. Nagash Liege-Kavalos Boneshaper Boneshaper 20 x Mortek Guard 20 x Mortek Guard 10 x Mortek Guard (5 RD points before 7 x D6 rolls) OR 2. Katakros Liege-Kavalos Boneshaper Boneshaper 20 x Mortek Guard 20 x Mortek Guard 20 x Mortek Guard 1 x Mortek Crawler Bone-Tithe Shrieker Soulstealer Carion (9 RD points before 8 x D6 rolls)
  13. I tried something similar the other night but I found it can hit hard only if it survives long enough to hit. And more often than not my units did not survive in great enough numbers. If you had more of something there to help reduce the numbers of models you are taking off units as they traverse the table like the harvesters or boneshapers it would be more effective. But those are just y findings from my games with a similar list.
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