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  1. Major

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    I just really want to know how a Skryer heavy mixed skaven list will turn out now. I have the 2 FW heroes as well as thanquol/boneripper, a deceiver, the new carrion kit, a couple of warpfire cannons and plagueclaws, screaming bell and abunch of the little heroes etc.
  2. So I have tried the Warpfire throws and in groups of twos they are absolutely amazing vs hordes like plaguebearers. 2 all but wiped out a unit of 30 plaguebearers leaving less than half a dozen for the clan rats in front of them to clean up. It was a glorious moment!
  3. Drop that Bombardier and a Doomwheel for an extra set of Stormfiends
  4. AUSTRALIAN PRICES: CLANRATS (REPACKAGE) 55 CARRION EMPIRE 265 BATTLETOME: SKAVEN 70 BATTLETOME: FLESH-EATER COURTS 70 ENDLESS SPELLS: SKAVEN 55 SKAVEN DICE 49 SKAVEN GNAWHOLE 90 ENDLESS SPELLS: FLESH-EATER COURTS 55 FLESH-EATER COURTS CHARNEL THRONE 60 I won't spend time moaning but I will say this, the price gouging in Australia and New Zealand needs to stop. Thanks to GW greed I've seen more chinacast hitting tables than ever before.
  5. The thing with this book is that it is bringing Skaven back together. So far all the images are mostly Skryer so it makes me wonder how they are bringing in the other clans and what treatment they will get. Most of the discussion so far has been based n Skryer units as well but GW are joining numerous clans so what does that look like, what of their command and allegiance abilities etc? So many questions, adn what still feels like an eternity to find out! lol
  6. I imagine no, it will be like TK where you can use them in open play but not matched? But this is all hypothetical however certain it seems. Until we see the book it's hard to be completely sure.
  7. GW Community Facebook Page has confirmed the Skaven battletome will contain rules for all models "the sell"... So no more poisonwind mortar and maybe the warp fire thrower (this one I did see bits of in the artwork though so 50/50?) Is a trimmed line of models worth it thought for a great new Skaventide book bringing the whole family back together and making Skaven more relevant in AoS? I mean I am not sure I would moan too much. Sure, I have half a dozen or more mortars and the same again with warpfire throwers but I also went through worse with my Empire, my Bretonnians and my TK's sooooo, seems ok?
  8. I really don't want them to get rid of the weapon teams. They Are quite unique in Age of Sigmar in that each model has multiple bodies on them. The rattling gun is cool, the mortars and flamer throws are still cool. I mean I don't play Skaven to win, I play to laugh and have a god time, so I really hope weapon teams stay.
  9. I'm a little scared we will lose some stuff, like it just wont be in the battletome.
  10. I really wish you hadn't pointed that stuff out. Now I am noticing it. Look I am just happy Skaven will likely (almost certainly) be in a far better position than they have been since they got all broken. - The battletome is much needed, so much so that I couldn't care less whats on the cover, just give me the book! I hope there are great ways to mix clans together and better battleline options in some cases. - The eSpells I never really use anyway so its all 6 of one, half dozen of the other for me - New Model... need to see warscroll. Looks cool though. - Dice I would have LOVED warpstone dice as well and if these are like the nurgle dice then FML but for some reason I still want these. They have a certain appeal to them for some reason.
  11. Allrighty people. We are FINALLY getting a new Skaven book and with it some new goodies! What are you hopes/dreams and expectations for this book? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/03/pre-order-preview-carrion-empire-and-genestealer-cults/?fbclid=IwAR1HQPuOAUStNn2npLMHQFSeR8WHp7yHg9SUGItVU9-H68J6sYkQJc7emME GW have said the book will be "forging together the forces of Clans Skryre, Pestilens, Moulder, Verminus, Eshin and the Masterclan into a single Skaventide" So we can assume they aren't all merged?
  12. Major

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Thats great advice! I wish I had two Warplightning Cannons alas I have but 1. I do agree that 2 feel better to me. So Stormfiends? How could I smash a unit of 3 of those bad boys in here? I also hear bad things about the warlord on broodhorror but have never seen it on the table. I would just hate to never use all these big hero models I have. I have 2 rattling guns, 2 mortars, two grinders, 2 flame throwers so could mix it up.
  13. Major

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    I do have the Warpfire Throwers so switching the 2 mortars out for 2 of them takes me to exactly 2000 points. Honestly, the 20 clanrats are there just to give the Warlock Engineer the Look Out Sir benefit. I am not sure who to put as General but I had the idea that the Verminlord Deceiver would be used to pop around the tabled with either Thanquol and Boneripper or the Warpgnaw Verminlord and double team stuff in the backline while the Warlord on Broodhorror and whichever one isn't with the Deceiver are used to push up the front and be a constant threat to the enemies frontline. I do have a mixture of other stuff but I just don't know how to put an effective mixed skaven list together. I also have: 3 Plagueclaw Catapults 1 Warp lightning Cannon Rattling guns some storm vermin Screaming bell Plague Furnace
  14. Major

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    so what does the competitive mixed skaven list look like these days? I was messing around and made this but not sure how effective it would be. I have all the models for it is all. Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror (220) Warlock Engineer (100) Verminlord Deceiver (300) Warpgnaw Verminlord (320) Thanquol and Boneripper (400) 40 x Clanrats (200) 40 x Clanrats (200) 20 x Clanrats (120) 1 x Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (60) 1 x Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (60) TOTAL: 1980/2000
  15. Major

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    True but in one way or another so do many other factions in AoS now with the new rules in edition 2.0 Free summoning means it doesn't cost reinforcement points, instead there is another mechanic with points of some description or another used in order to earn your way to summoning units I believe (from what I have read/heard).