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  1. MagisterCrow

    Why so many Death players use the Vampire on Zombie Dragon?

    I'm still a newbie, but math-wise, it's a potent, scary leader, spellcaster, supports the army, and puts out decent damage with decent resistance, particularly with the right equipment. Taking one is a potent option and decent force multiplier.
  2. Hrm...I am just starting, so I’m looking to build the core of what will be my army soon. My order goes something like this: 1) Will I have fun playing it? I picked Legions of Nagash because I ❤️ necromancy. I want to be the necromantic might at the center of a disposable army I probably picked up by slaughtering the village over or raiding a barrow. Hence, skeleton hordes that never seem to end. 2) Fluff. I’m a storyteller, so I love me some good plot and lore. I can get behind being part of the army of the First Necromancer, God of Death, and maybe even playing as him. Also why I dig the new Nighthaunt stuff. I like the idea that each model has a story of why they’re restless sprits. 3) Do I like to look at them? This is why I cannot do Nurgle. Like, I get why people like Nurgle forces, I get that they are well modeled, but I can’t actually look at them too long without getting queasy. Which is the point, I suppose, so props to GW for that. On the flip side, even if I never play Nighthaunt (unlikely), I want Reikenor because he looks so gooooooooooood. Also Deepkin and Daughters of Khaine for similar reasons.
  3. MagisterCrow

    Where, oh where to begin...

    Oh, I’ll work up to him, no doubt. I’m looking to learn a bit (building, painting, playing), but he will be the head of my army one day
  4. MagisterCrow

    Where, oh where to begin...

    Thanks! I’m going to mull over the decision a bit. Right now, I’m leaning more toward Legion and then kinda expanding into Nighthaunt where there’s some overlap. I figure then I’ll eventually have some diversity.
  5. MagisterCrow

    Hello, world!

    @AaronWIlson Thanks! I’m not 100% sure on what I want, but I am sure I want do either Nighthaunt or something else in Death. I rather enjoy necromancers. I may try to find someone at a LGS that wants the Stormcast half or shop on the web.
  6. MagisterCrow

    Where, oh where to begin...

    Hello all! New to the forum and to the game and somewhat new to the hobby (dabbled in Warmachine and 40k), and am looking to get into the Death because...well, in every game I’ve ever played the first step for me is “look if there is a way to play necromancer effectively.” The thing is, I want to do it all. Nighthaunt interests me mostly because I looooooove the way they look. Reikenor can steal my soul any day. That said, I’m also a huge fan of drowning my opponents in skeleton hordes while my heavy hitters smash into their flanks. I also (eventually, waaaaay down the line) want to work Nagash in...did I mention I GM a lot of RPGs? So...any advice on how to get started? I’m a blank page, so I’m open to any suggestions. I’m also not in a rush since I’m in the process of moving and won’t be dropping purchases in the near future. Thanks in advance!
  7. MagisterCrow

    Hello, world!

    At the moment, I have nothing for AoS! I’m planning to pick up a set after I finish moving.
  8. MagisterCrow

    Hello, world!

    Getting into the hobby and this seeemed like a decent community. Looking to be playing Death in some form due to loving necromancers