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  1. yes it is! you only have to move partially over the ennemy base for a hexwraith model to use his ability!
  2. you need more bodies! buff the chainrasp, grimghast or skeletons horde to max! minimum size units are too easy to destroy so are not used as front line. Also I would only take the guardian of souls with a max size unit of ghost to buff. With small sizes they will crumble before he can heal them and giving +1 to wound to 10 reapers isn't that scary. replace him for a normal vampire lord. Also, Morghast are better in Grand host lists. I know you want to maximise the bravery bomb, but against a lot of armies this strategy don't work. I would remove them to boost the hordes!
  3. the harvest bomb combo gets even nastier with the spellportal! In most game I tried it, with double CA, Arkhan can touch almost all the army of my opponent and with the double cast (that happened to me more than it should be permitted xD) 2d3 MW on every support and small heroes is really strong turn 1!
  4. you can only have one unit of morghast in a first cohort battalion, also I know you like the elite feel but it's very hard to do well in Death. Also like it was said before, the First cohort nerf made it a semi-good protection for Nagash for it's cost. The best way to protect him is with chaff and you don't have any. Front line units with less than 30 wounds in Death will only get crushed. So you will always have to resummon them and you won't keep up with your ennemy. I'm sorry to say this to you but I don't think you can do a viable Grave guard spam army right now. They are way too expansive and skeletons can do the same jobs as them for way cheaper. If grave guard gets a good points drops in the next general's handbook maybe it will be possible but for now, if you want to play Nagash you need chaff and staying power to contest objectives while your big Pope wrecking ball his doing his thing.
  5. 15 Black knights are tanky and can do decent dmg on the charge but if your opponent manage to charge you, they will do nothing and just be anvil. You need more dmg potential so I would add 2 big blobs of grimghast or skeletons to help you get more wounds on the table and more dmg. Grimghast will surely get nerfed in the next general's handbook tho so I would wait before going all in with them. In the same vein a necromancer is a must for van hel's Dance Macabre. Attacking 2 times with your black knights, skeletons or grimghast can lead to absurd amount of attacks! skeletons can go up to 482 attacks in one fight phase if they don't lose anyone. Lady Olynder is not a good choice in my opinion, she's really squishy and in a Legion list do not get any bonus from the alliegance and also no extra spell, so I would stay away from her except if you really like her model and want to merge in Nighthaunt someday. As said by Honk, Dire wolves are amazing! fast, cheap and very resilient for their cost. In most games they are my mvp because they can cap objectives for cheap, protect my unit from charges, get res if you need it, charge a shooty unit to prevent it shooting your important heroes/units, etc. The possibilities are endless. I always have minimum 2 units of 5 in every list I make. Chainrasp could be ok for an alternative and do the same job, but they cost sligtly more and are slower than the wolves. Vampire Lord on Zombie dragon makes a good general because he can be really tanky with the 3+ unrendable save with the shyish artefact and he's fast to help you res unit by sprinting to a gravesite. He packs an ok punch but don't send him against the meanest thing the opponent has to offer because he still can be put down by heavy hitter units. In certain matchups, Neferata is really strong (army with very few long range and units that mostly need to hit), giving -2 or -3 to hit to anyone at 15'' by stacking her command ability can shut down a whole army and assure you the victory! I've done it once against a slaves to darkness army and even tho he got the double turn against me, all his units had -2 to hit and he only managed to kill a few skeletons in 2 turns xD. But beware of long range gunline or MW spammer because she will crumble very fast! Fly is very powerful in this game because movement is everything! And since the 2 vampire lord option have the same speed, you want the automatic fly always and you don't really want your vampire lord in melee, (he's really squishy!!!) the steed attacks are wasted and not that good in fact. So you are better with wings to keep him mobile. He will also have a smaller base so easier to hide him.
  6. Shardgale dmg does not count for massive assault because it's not your fighters who did the dmg!
  7. you don't summon more skeletons now! so the number you started the game with is the max you can have! For a good number I suggest you 2 big blobs of 40 skeletons or 30 grimghast reapers with a few 5 dire wolves units.
  8. Yeah! I prefer the Chaos Knights too for my Blood Knights! I cut the horn from the riders, removed a lot of Chaos iconography and they look very good!
  9. yes this is how it works! In a FAQ they said that when you have multiple rules that happens at the same time,you choose the order you resolve them!
  10. this gives you a big advantages since you know what's in your deck and what you already have drawn during the first round. So you can more easily guess wich cards comes next! In a tournament it would never pass!
  11. Terrorgheist are brutal in Legion of Blood! Their scream is a good sniping tool with bravery debuff and their maw in melee could be devastating! I once rolled 3x 6 to hit against the general of my opponent! I know it's unlikely but you should have seen his face when I said to him it's straight 18 dmg with no save!
  12. I don't think our summoning is that broken compared to others like seraphon! We do not bring new units we bring slain ones back. So a good opponent can just decimate a skeleton unit to like 5-10 models with battleshock and don't focus it after this! Even if we can heal them to like 20 men, it won't be as deadly and he can focus important part after this like our heroes. Other way to ruin our summoning: just kill our general, or camp gravesites. There's a lot of counter play possible while some like Nurgle are way easier to pull off and bring completely new units to the board.
  13. you forgot about +1 to cast! the other version is useless lol when I want the corpse cart to help the wolves, I'm using 30 wolves as a big anvil. So they don't go as fast as when I run a squad of 5. I want them to receive the charges and hold the line! they have the same amount of wounds than zombies, move faster, battleshock is way less damaging and they have a 4+ save! This is the true anvil zombies were suppose to be! The only advantages I could see about zombies is that they are easier to heal (corpse cart help the wolves for that) and a tad killier but not by much!
  14. the 2 models don't have the same warscroll, so technically you can't use the nighthaunt one to proxy the legion one or vice-versa. In tournament this would never pass because as you said there is a big size difference between the 2. In friendly game, if your opponent is fine with it, you can do whatever you want! I've never used the new one but by looking at it, it's more a support piece for spirit host/hexwraith than a beater/big monster. Even full buffed up it's not that amazing in my opinion. I don't think it's an overpowered model, so you won't be ''that guy'' Just remember that allies don't benefit from any alliegance traits so no 6++ shrug near heroes for him.
  15. take overwhelming dread or vile transferance on Neferata instead of soul harvest. Soul harvest is only good with Arkhan because of the increase range. with only 3'' range it means you have to be in melee at the beginning of your turn and it's not a good spot to be with Nef. Her debuff aura help her but a good army/unit will munch threw her even with the debuff or will only retreat from combat with her to prevent you from healing. Vile transferance is a better way to keep her alive and having the spell 2 times is good for redundancy too! Overwhelming dread is a very powerful spell and since you don't have a Necro, Nef could take it if you want! For artifacts take the orb of enchantment instead of the ring! Preventing a strong hero to fight for a turn could be crucial for you! Other than that it looks like a nice list to play in casual environment! Have fun and don't hesitate to tweak your list often! I've found it's one of the beauty of Death, you can make very versatile and different list every game! just my 2 cents!
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