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  1. The job of the Calvary is to present a threat that can't be ignored, but at the same time, distracts from the threat of the Stalkers coming behind them. Or, Vice versa, to strike while the enemy deals with the Stalkers. And unless they can simply delete me in a round of combat or shooting, there's not exactly they can do to prevent me from surging up the board with my army. The Stalkers themselves are going to be moving at a top speed of 17+1d6", which can be scary enough, Either way, this list is a long way off either way; All I have right now is the Liege Kavalos and Battletome, so this is just a possible list. But the key factor is that every thing in that list will be going that fast.
  2. Sup y'all, prospective OBR player, and I was wondering how dumb of a list this would be. The overall goal: Gottareapfast. This army is entirely focused on closing in super quick with the blob of Mortek, and then using the Stalkers to help pin the enemy in and finish them off. It's very hyper aggro, and while it lacks the pure killing and defensive power of other armies, it makes up for it with raw SPEED. With relentless advance and Cogs, the humble Mortek is zooming at 10"+1d6". Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers - Legion: Stalliarch Lords Leaders Liege-Kavalos (200) - General - Command Trait: Twisted Challenge - Artefact: Nadir-bound Mount Mortisan Boneshaper (130) - Artefact: Lode of Saturation - Lore of Mortisans: Protection of Nagash Battleline 40 x Mortek Guard (440) - Nadirite Spear and Shield 5 x Kavalos Deathriders (180) - Nadirite Blade and Shield 5 x Kavalos Deathriders (180) - Nadirite Blade and Shield Units 2 x Morghast Harbingers (190) - Spirit Swords 3 x Necropolis Stalkers (180) 3 x Necropolis Stalkers (180) Behemoths Gothizzar Harvester (200) Battalions Katakrosian Deathglaive (80) Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Bone-tithe Shrieker (30) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 128
  3. Don't worry; All the WD battalions arr still intact
  4. Howdy! No leaks exactly, but in general, very minor changes. GoS and Hexwraiths went down a dime, while Dread Scythes went down AGAIN. 5 Scythes are cheaper than 10 Chainrasps, and 20 Scythes are cheaper then 40 Rasps. Dolorous Guard actually didnt go down; it was actually The Condemned. Its something that might be interesting, but still not exactly great. Also, the Brief Thorns went down in price, as well as Kurdoss. Kurdoss is so cheap, its almost silly.
  5. It's a good time to be using Dolorous Guard. Hexwraiths and their battalion went down in points, so I imagine more Olyander bombs might get popular. I can't foresee how this can help my Spirit Host lists.
  6. So, with the whole hullabaloo going on the with the pandemic and the consequential quarantining, I've decided to dive back into expanding my Deepkin army into something more respectable, or at least, something I can bring to tournaments. I've already gotten the Leviadon, the Reavers, the King, Soulscryer, render and Tidecaster, as well as a Startcollecting and a Allopex. I think this is a good core army so far, and this list is an attempt to bring a more balanced army, rather then going all out with spamming Eels or Namarti. The general idea is to make a very flexible and diverse army, that can pull off many different ways of fighting and warfare, rather then pigeon-holing myself into a more "tilted" list. I'm also trying to avoid getting too many eels, since holy hell, they are abysmal models to put together. Well, more specifically, they are god awful when trying to get them to stick to that useless little nub. Anyways, there's a lot of tricks you can pull with this list, such as deep striking the Leviathon and Ishalen into a flank in order to hold it for the game, using the Tidecaster as a back-field artillery piece, running the horde of thralls up the board with the Soulrender, or having the Reavers and Ishalen run up the board in order to run interference while my Morsarr and Alloplex get into position for some brutal beat downs.
  7. I actually really like Glaivewraiths, they have a neat look to them, and their big honking glaives are neat. It's just a shame that their rules are so bland: they should have gotten some kind of buff against heros and monsters. Their weird rules about retreating and charging don't really fit them.
  8. Eh, you have to remember, the Harridans give -1 bravery themselves, and that unless they have a banner or rule, most armies give their bonuses to bravery only in the BS phase. Goblins, Clanrats, Freeguild and more are all in that range. You make a really good point about the Mournghoul, which is a option I hadn't even considered. That -1 to hit can be brutal, and could provide a even better way to debuff my enemy. But that leaves a lot to be desired as for model count; running a Mournghoul would make contesting objectives nearly impossible. I feel like between the 3, the Mournghoul is probably the trickiest of them, with the Dreadscythes so cheap for a semi-elite troop blender. The Myrmourns would most likely be the deadliest, if however, also the most fragile.
  9. As Lordprometheus said, Arkhan doesn't actually have the OBR keyword; he only gets it if he is part of that army, otherwise, he is simply a Deathlord like Nagash. Unfortunately, that means he can't heal himself as an ally, but hey, with 16" move, you shouldn't be worrying about him too much. Now, what really makes me wonder is how do I counter tough armies that can really take a beating? So far, Chainrasps have been somewhat so-so; they're great for board control as a blob, but they are simply too weak to kill things. For an alternative unit, I can either get 20 Dreadscythes or two units of 8 Myrmourn for the same price as 40 Chainrasps. That may mean I loose out on the cheap bodies, but both those units are far more lethal than Chainrasps, and have that lovely 4+ save. Thoughts?
  10. So! Yesterday I attended a tournament hosted a LGS, and I brought my Nighthaunt list, with Arkhan tagging along, and I must say, I was rather satisfied with how well they performed. As for the list, here it is: Allegiance: NighthauntMortal Realm: GhurLeadersGuardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- Artefact: Midnight Tome- Lore of the Underworlds: ShademistKnight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (120)Lord Executioner (80)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts- Artefact: Gryph-feather CharmArkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament (360)- AlliesBattleline40 x Chainrasp Horde (280)9 x Spirit Hosts (360)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)Units20 x Bladegheist Revenants (320)BattalionsExecution Horde (100)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 360 / 400Wounds: 132 This is a pretty traditional Spirit Host horde list, but I will say that Arkhan proved invaluable; with the new OBR Warscroll for him, he is incredible. Giving 3 units Mystic shield, or 2 shields and 1 Curse of Years is fantastic, and thats not even mentioning his ability to bring back 3 wounds for **four** units. That pretty much hit every unit I had, and made them a real pain to kill. Without further ado, the games: Game 1: -Nighthaunt versus Skyre Skaven Probably my favorite game, scenario was Starstrike, this was a super gambling gane; he had ratling cannons as main damage, as well as Lightning cannon and snipers; but neither proved able to kill the Lord Executioner. The Ratling cannons hurt like hell, but just couldn't kill the Spirit Hosts fast enough. And thanks to the two extra ones, I was able to lock down the Gnawholes. The Skyre player even got a vermin Lord,from his bell, but still didn't have enough to kill me. Won the turn 2 roll off, so I went first on turn 2, but my greed was my downfall: I failed all my charges, and even re-rolled the successful charge for my Bladegheists only to fail. This led to a painful counter turn of shooting, where Arkhan died, followed by a totally painful magic phase that evaporated the Bladegheists. Lost a major, but had I gotten those charges off, this could have Game 2: -Nighthaunt VS Bonesplitterz This was probably the easiest game, scenario was Raze and Pillage, or the one where you can burn your opponents objectives, mostly because my opponent made a lot of bad moves, and had brought Icebones and not Drakkfoot. He brought a rogue Idol, and due to, his spells, the dude flew 20" into my Chainrasps. Unfortunate for him he flubbed his attacks, and despite my bad placement of Arkhan and him getting a breath of mork he couldn't wipe out the rasps. From there, he played way too defensively, and while he did have a ****** ton of Big Stabbas, my Bladegheists and Spirit Hosts survived long enough to chew through them and burn his objectives. Major Victory Game 3 -Nighthaunt VS Ogors By and large the most painful match up, the mad lad ran two blocks of 12 Gluttons, and a Ethereal Amulet on Stonehorn. Needless to say, this was a absurdly hard battle that eventually resulted in my loss. Scenario was shifting objectives, and I simply couldn't deal with the blocks of Gluttons, which simply deleted anything they got into combat with. I did bait out his Stonehorn into combat with my Spirit Host blob, which destroyed him in two rounds of combat, but at the cost of him sniping out my Lord Executioner. Arkhan was probably my only chance at deleting those big squads, but Curse of Years never materialized those wounds. Major loss. At the end of the tournie, I still got best sportsmanship, which felt really good, and I enjoyed all my games. As for my list, I was very pleased with how it worked with my Spirit Host part of my list. But I think the punchy part of the list was lacking; Bladegheists, while maneuverable, lacked the punch to really kill. Gluttons and big groups of Savage Orruks simply couldn't be rolled without WoT. Chainrasps were rather lack luster; as a blob were okay at board control, but really didn't impress me. A 20 block if Dreadscythes or 12 Myrmourn might be a better answer. Arkhan was simply amazing, giving me a awesome magic game, good regen, mystic shields and magical shut downs. He is a much better choice than Reiknor in just about every situation. Overall, my main problem was I needed damage to help bust big hordes, or more durable units to help kill thick units like Ogors.
  11. So, after thinking about and consulting some players on Nighthaunt and their play style, the more and more I began to reimagine the way I look at Nighthaunt as an army. For starters, I began to compare our army to others, and what I found is that Nighthaunt, outside of our regen and other tidbits, doesn't really compare all that well to either FEC, LoN or OBR. Instead, I find our closest cousin to actually be Warherd focused Beasts of Chaos. I've been studying their play style, and I think thats gonna help me understand how to move our units, and how to hit our enemy. That said, below is the current list that I plan to bring to a tournament this Friday. Allegiance: Nighthaunt Mortal Realm: Ghur Leaders Lord Executioner (80) - General - Trait: Cloaked in Shadow - Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (120) - Artefact: Cloak of the Waxing Moon Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140) - Artefact: Midnight Tome - Lore of the Underworlds: Shademist Reikenor the Grimhailer (170) - Lore of the Underworlds: Soul Cage Battleline 6 x Spirit Hosts (240) 3 x Spirit Hosts (120) 3 x Spirit Hosts (120) 40 x Chainrasp Horde (280) 10 x Grimghast Reapers (160) Units 10 x Bladegheist Revenants (180) 10 x Bladegheist Revenants (180) Battalions Execution Horde (100) Shroudguard (110) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 129 Now, for starters, the list more of an attrition based list; the clear stars being the -2 to hit in melee and -3 to hit from shooting and heros Lord Executioner. Him and the Spirit Host horde with RotSH isnt exactly uncommon, but I think adding him with Gryphfeather will make him a very difficult to remove thorn. He is supported by a horde of Chainrasps, who will maneuver with the Guardian of Souls to help swarm objectives. A unit of Grimghasts will help clear chaff, while the Bladegheists will strike down enemies who escape the flurry of Spirit Hosts. Reiknor is a utility choice, although, he could possibly be replaced. I enjoy his sniping ability, and his +3 cast is a good way to get Soul Cage or Wraith Storm off, plus he isn't a slouch in combat. The KoS will support the rest of the army where needed, being a problem shooter. The major point of this list is to present two solid road blocks, with the two other Spirit Hosts being bumps to help set up charges for the other units. Multiple threats that can maneuver around these walls are important, so the Bladegheists and Grimghasts are a must.
  12. Honestly,.I think it's weird that you all think Katakros' title of "Undefeated" is literal. He lost to a Ghorghon as a mortal, he lost to Nagash as a spirit, and then lost against Sigmar in.his current state. He's never been undefeated in battle, and it's more of a metaphor; he's "Undefeated" because he never sees it that way.
  13. A little, but not much; since AoS 2 is centered almost all around Death's rise to prominence, I doubt the narrative will change until we hit AoS 3. As for the book, it is Archaeon for Christ sake; he goes toe to toe with Sigmar and Nagash. Even with Olynder and Katakros tag teaming them, I doubted that either would actually take the Varanspire proper. But what is important is that not only is the Shyish realmgate are no longer in Chaos Hands, but it is also has a massive death fortress guarding. Death now has a physical presence in the Eight points, something no other faction has. And Katakros whole schtick is generalship; he is not a duelist, and does not enter combat unless necessary. Thus, if he dies, no big whoop. He is Undefeated because he is Undefeated in war, not battle; so long as he can come back, and continue to strategize and plan, the war isnt over, and thus, he remains undefeated. The whole book has the forces of Death use this as a probing strike; Katakros wants to see what Archaeon will do when faced with an all out attack. And when Archaeon is forced to come back, and beats him battle, Katakros considers that campaign does, revives in a throne room filled with body doubles, and starts planning for his next assault.
  14. So, thinking about other ways to run OBR, I'm thinking about trying a very fast and furious list, based around Stalkers and Death Riders, backed by a core of Mortek Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers- Legion: Stalliarch LordsLeadersLiege-Kavalos (200)Liege-Kavalos (200)- General- Trait: Twisted Challenge- Artefact: Nadir-bound MountMortisan Boneshaper (130)- Artefact: Lode of Saturation- Lore of Mortisans: Empower Nadirite WeaponsBattleline30 x Mortek Guard (390)- Nadirite Blade and Shield5 x Kavalos Deathriders (180)- Nadirite Blade and Shield5 x Kavalos Deathriders (180)- Nadirite Blade and ShieldUnits6 x Necropolis Stalkers (400)3 x Immortis Guard (200)BattalionsKavalos Lance (120)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 115 The two Kavalos are there to get me 4 RDP and push up the board towards the enemy; one will support the Stalkers or Immortis, and the other will accompany either the Mortek or the Deathriders. The Death Riders role is to either body block the enemy turn one, allowing the Stalkers or Mortek to move into position, or, if going second, running around the enemy in order to help take objectives from enemy backline chaff. The Battalion is more so for the Lode of Saturation, which is a incredibly vital piece of kit for non-petrifex Mortek, but a free charge doesnt hurt, even if our faction rule already covers the other bonus. I do think Deathriders provide a better body block then Mortek, since they are 15 wounds per 180 versus 10 for 130 for Mortek. And speaking of the Mortek, they will be my sort of grinder; they'll be meeting the enemy head on, capturing mid-board objectives, and giving board presence. They will help with zoning, although Deathriders will help with that. Thanks to Stalliarchs, being able to run them 4+1+d6 with another possible +3 for an average of 8"+d6, plus a charge, they are a incredibly fast and tough horde that can force conflict before an enemy can really react. For the most part, the Immortis Guard will be my body blockers, alpha-strike deniers, and defensive fighters. They will probably be hanging with the bone shaper, although they could also sit next to the Kavalos turn 1 to make sure they can survive. When not being ablative wounds, they will act as a back row of heavy weapons, hanging behind the Mortek for a counter charge attack, or in a more offensive role, they will move up with the Boneshaper as a individual unit; using the Lode on them, they'll be a incredibly hard to kill target that'll take a lot of firepower to shift, and if they dont kill a Guard in one go, he'll just be healed up by the Shaper. Now, the real meat of the list: The Stalkers will be a incredibly deadly and fast flying brick, that can devastate a flank, remove them from play, and then hold that objective. While some may die, since they arent Petrifex, chewing through a whole unit of them will be tricky, and any that do survive will certainly whipe out what they hit. While I won't always use the CA, it'll be a good ace in the hole, or a way to do some tricky movement. Thoughts?
  15. I feel like Reiknor is a really good utility piece; he can snipe models with his ability, so you can stop Pink Horrors from respawning, or knock out a Hekatos to stop Shield wall. He also offers a decent combat profile, a good unique spell, and the ability to ensure that a spell goes off when absolutely needed. But for an alternate list, I could forgo magic all together; and instead, go all in on CP regen with Kurdoss, and add in a unit of Myrmourn to add some more punch. Allegiance: Legion of GriefMortal Realm: HyshLeadersGuardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- Spell: Dread WitheringDreadblade Harrow (90)- General- Trait: Vassal of the Craven King- Artefact: Aetherquartz BroochSpirit Torment (120)Spirit Torment (120)Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King (180)Battleline10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)40 x Chainrasp Horde (280)Units20 x Grimghast Reapers (320)20 x Bladegheist Revenants (320)12 x Myrmourn Banshees (210)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsExtra Command Point (50)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 139
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