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  1. Undeadly

    Nighthaunt Subfactions

    Eh, you could sort of say the same about Morathi and her Daughters of Khaine, but yet they have Subfactions, so I don't see a reason why they couldn't. Also, I don't think we'll be seeing too much of NH in the LoN armies for tooo long
  2. Undeadly

    Nighthaunt Subfactions

    So, this an idea thats been rolling around in my head for a bit, and the more I think about it, the more I would love if Nighthaunt were given Subfactions like some of the other armies in AoS. As for if they deserve them, I would say its justifiable, since Daughters of Khaine and Legions of Nagash were given subfactions while both being from older armies. Even books like Beasts of Chaos and Gloomspite Gitz got semi-subfactions in the bonuses for each of the minor factions that were combined into the larger, overarching books. And thats not even counting armies like Stormcast, Idoneth Deeplkin, Kharadron Overlords, etc. Now, as to what Nighthaunt could get as subfactions, I think some neat ideas would be to help theme each Procession around specific units or playstyle, but I would love to hear from some of ya'll. Some of my ideas are: a Procession themed around boosting Banshee Screams and Casters(Lady O's army) a Procession themed around abusing Terrain and flying around a Procession for Spirit Torments and Chainghasts, maybe increase range and bring back more models for the ST's regen ability? a Procession for bravery shenanigans, maybe drop Wave of Terror for a better Bravery Debuff? a Procession based around Heros, giving them another wound and attack to represent the Heroic Nighthaunt spirits of Hyperia Just some thoughts, but I want to hear from you all; Are these too good? Too narrow? Or should Nighthaunt just not have Subfactions?
  3. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Eh, the problem with their current price is that even if they were BL, they'd still be more expensive per model than even Grimghasts and the exact same price as Bladegeists, while not really possessing all the things that Bladegeists have going for them. Their weird 4 model count also really hurts them; if they were 5 for 60, I would be okay with them.
  4. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    This so much; If they were a BL option, and a bit cheaper, maybe 40 points, they would find an actual role inside of a Nighthaunt army. I still wish they had some sort of rule to represent how they are spectral hunters that track and kill those who have angered Nagash.
  5. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I personally think that Nighthaunt, while still being a book with a lot of thought put into it, was a bit of a rushed process in the rules department. A lot of things in the Nighthaunt book and army range feel very strange. Both Harridans and Bladegeists all have a box that produces 10 unique models, but Grimghast boxes have 2 sets of the exact same sprue; this means for each box, you'll have two identical Grimghasts, or 6 of the same model in a horde of 30. The fact we also get 4 GG in the Soulwars boxset really makes me think that they were going to use GG as a 5 man squad, rather then the horde unit we have today. Glaivewraiths also feel very disconnected from their lore given; instead of a group of slow drifting, but lethal assassins that hunt their foes, we get a skirmisher unit. For the Lord Executioner, we seem to have a lot of ways to buff his wound, and get that +2 damage. GoS, Artifacts, even his own battalion seems built around it, but yet it was fixed to a 6, and even stranger, his Soul Wars profile actually does have him at a 6+.
  6. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    How is everybody feeling about Drops? As a Nighthaunt player, I'm having a rough time getting a army down to less than 5 drops, and honestly, I am feeling a little skeptical towards battalions in general; How often do you run battalions, and which ones?
  7. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Just finished two games, and so far, Spirit hosts have been very, very impressive in both games, and they have found a place in my list; They have proven to be a very staunch unit that will simply not die when supported. First game was against a fellow Nighthaunt player, and they survived both a Bombardment from Lady O and Reiknor. By the end of turn 4, out of 9 Spirit Hosts, 1 still remained, which was rather impressive; they were supported by a Black Coach in that scenario. Second game proved them even more so, as two units of 3 model strong Spirit Hosts were able to hold up both a Tree Lord and Durthu, while bringing them down a tier after the first attack. They continued to hold the enemy until about turn 4, when Durthu finally got 2 attacks in and rolled a 11 for damage. In this scenario, they were supported by a Lord Executioner/w Lord of Geists. But still, very VERY impressive! My only question is, should I bother keeping Execution horde? Or should I drop the Executioner, give the LoG trait to another hero, and mob the Hosts into one unit? I would really love to hear your opinion on why the Spirit Torment and KoS(On steed, correct?) are good. I'm trying to figure out to play Nighthaunt are, as well as getting a hold on how to properly play them. I also have a problem with playing Nighthaunt offensively; mainly, I can't seem to kill units to claim objectives. I feel like Reikenor or Olynder would be a great source of damage, and help actually do damage.
  8. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    So I'm going to be leaving this list here for some critique and feed back, but in general, I have a good feeling about this list! Basically, the idea is to use Grimghasts to take a enemy objective, than throw down Olynder+Execution Horde to hold it. Reiknor is there to support the Grimghasts by throwing down MW's on tougher foes, as well as by giving them Deathless Spirits and Mystic Shield for those re-rolls. He will also be casting Chronomatic Cogs when necessary, and than hopefully being healed by the Spectral Tether on the GoS. The Executioner will be getting the midnight tome to help throw some magic around and dispell enemy spells that target either him or Lady O. He is the general for the Lord of Geists ability, which helps him keep up the Spirit host bunker that he and Lady O will be deployed in. My only concern is that the Spirit Hosts wont be very tough in 3 units of 3, but thats what ever. He himself is a very hard ****** to kill, as he will be sitting on a comfortable -2 to hit 4+/6++ for regular wounds and a 5+/6+× against MW's. Spells and artifacts are what is the most contested in my list, but I wouldn't be opposed to maybe dropping the cogs and downing the reapers to 20, in order to get a spirit host up to 6 models instead of 3. Thoughts? Allegiance: NighthauntLeadersLady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief (240)- Lore of the Underworlds: LifestealerLord Executioner (80)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts - Artefact: Midnight Tome Reikenor the Grimhailer (180)- Lore of the Underworlds: Soul CageGuardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- Lore of the Underworlds: Spectral Tether- Infernal Lantern (Artefact): Wychlight LanternBattleline30 x Grimghast Reapers (360)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)BattalionsChainguard (120)Execution Horde (100)Endless SpellsChronomantic Cogs (60)Total: 1960 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 121
  9. Undeadly

    Nighthaunt, tourney, 2k

    And this is why Grimghasts should get a price hike in the GHB.
  10. Undeadly

    Flavour for my Nighthaunt

    Get the box of skulls, and spruce your ghosts up a bit by replacing their skulls with more intresting ones. Other things like Necron, Harlequin or other spooky skulls would work as well Buy some of the freeguild that come with hats, and slap those bad boys on some of your ghosts heads. Experiment with Greenstuff and other, random bits.
  11. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Honestly, I'd say the competition between Chainrasps and Hosts is pretty equal, considering they do different things and have different roles. The fact that one unit is 3 wounds on a 4+, with 3 models per unit vs 1 wound on a 5+ with 10 models per unit automatically makes them different enough to argue over. Although, I am in the camp of NH players that don't think Grimghasts should have ever been Battleline in the first place, nor do they really make sense to me as a troop style unit.
  12. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Question: How do you feel about the Execution host? On one hand, it does feature a rather weak 5 wound hero and a mediocre effect, but on the other, it does fill our BL needs in one go, and gives us another artifact, while making the Lord Executioner rather tricky to kill.
  13. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Hey ya'll, looking for a little feedback on this list; I thought I'd drop it off here, before going out. Allegiance: NighthauntMortal Realm: ShyishLeadersGuardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- Lore of the Underworlds: Soul Cage- Infernal Lantern (Artefact): Lightshard of the Harvest MoonGuardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- Lore of the Underworlds: Lifestealer- Infernal Lantern (Artefact): Beacon of NagashizzarKnight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed(140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts - Artefact: Midnight Tome Battleline20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)20 x Grimghast Reapers (280)Units10 x Bladegheist Revenants (180)10 x Bladegheist Revenants (180)4 x Chainghasts (160)12 x Myrmourn Banshees (210)BattalionsChainguard (120)Shroudguard (110)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 116
  14. Although I know its not really the place to debate, I would like to voice my disagreement; in my opinion, 40k's deattachment system, while allowing for a more dynamic ally system, mostly devolves into heinous levels of cherry picking, where the best models from several books are used, rather than an actually cohesive army. But thats neither here nor there; if you'd like, we could have this debate in another thread. As for the Wraith Fleet, I don't know. I don't think any of the Firestorm allegiances will ever get touched upon again. But what I do think could happen is that if GW thinks it could be garner enough intrest, they might put out a revival of the Vampire Coast mini-army, but for AoS. Either it being a few conversion guides, or a full blown release, I have no clue. But I'd love to see Harkon return, with his role as Mortarch of the Deep better realized. Perhaps he is resurected in order to bring war to the IDK?
  15. Undeadly

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Lets see if we can fix Glaivewraith's; Marked for slaughter: When setting this unit up, you may select an enemy unit; all attacks made by this unit against the marked unit have a damage characteristic of 2. If the marked unit is destroyed, you may select another. Would this make Glaivewraiths useable? I feel like it would give them a better role as squishy hero/Warmachine/Shooting unit killers and give them a seperate identity from Bladeghiests. Thoughts? Another thought is that the Drummer should let them re-roll failed charges, or give them an additional 3 or 2 inches to their charge.