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The Kitbash Competition - May (Participation thread)

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Once again we join for the third ever Kitbash competition. This months theme is "Battleline"

So this month contestants are to create either a new battleline/elite unit for their faction of choice. You can post 1 model which would be the basic format for your new unit or you can make a whole unit with new leaders special weapons and whatever else.

If you're after the completed projects thread its over here

Here are the rules

1. The finished model is not to be painted but photographed as bare metal/plastic/whatever but if you have painted/primed it black and white photo's are okay

2. Its got to be to the 28mm scale of warhammer, no foot high beautifully sculpted monstrosities.

3. Greenstuff can be used anywhere from gap-filling all the way up to a full sculpt.

4. Each entrant can post Multiple entries without limit

5. 1 calendar month build time so anytime between today (1/05/2018) and a month from now (1/06/2018)

6. Have fun

How to enter

In the participation thread post something along the lines of "I (insert username here) undertake this month's challenge to build at least one new unit for (insert faction here)"

In the participation thread feel free to post WIP pictures and swap ideas but once you have finished your mini/unit post in the completed projects thread stating that this is indeed one of your projects and a series of 5 photo's as shown below. (for multiple units stick them in a line in the one photo and then organise them dramatically for you final photo with individual photo's for special weapons/leaders)

1 Front view


2 Right view


3 Rear View


4 Left View


5 Dramatic angle (not necessarily this angle just an angle that you feel best shows off your mini)


Once the challenge closes I will run a poll to decide and audience favourite as the grand champ and I'll declare a personal favourite as well.

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I undertake this months challenge to build a converted & different glade guard for this month.


I'll have to get creative in how I could make them different enough to fit but still useable in skirmish games ;)

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Started early this time, here my WIP. This kind of demigryph-conversion has surely been made a lot of times and I will not be the last one to make a version of it... but I do love the big wolves and I want to keep the ulrician-style of warriors alive in AoS. 






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