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  1. I am so happy that the sabretooths have no longer their long fangs starting from the jaw upwards.
  2. Now I have hope to see the greenskinz as a faction again.
  3. If you are talking about the right card, this was in the "How to Play-Video" and it is a big warhorn.
  4. Fimir should return to Chaos. I am never going to accept this change! NEVER!
  5. Do you need to use an action for Shadowy Recall?
  6. I try to give my UB a lion/africa theme
  7. I don't think this are chains, seems more braided stuff.
  8. Painting Azyrite Ruins to pimp my terrain. Maybe I will also paint the Morrs Garden (I can call it that because I bought it under this name :D)
  9. Black Iron, my favorite colour of iron. Not sure if I use the grey ash-skin, at the moment I am more leaning towards a skincolour with more red in it.
  10. I would be very surprised if the factio is not about bones in the first place. We have the names mentioning bones and we have at the start of the video the boxes with the bones and skulls (sent from the ogres?). Also some of the rumour engineen pics were quite bone-like.
  11. I am curious which existing miniatures could be included as beasts. Warhounds, Spawns? Maybe also some new miniatures for stuff like chaostrolls?
  12. Don't know if it was already discussed here, but someone pointed out to me that on this picture: it could be, that this silouette on the left could be a lion thing like the one from the preview in front of a satyr-aelf. It is not quite the same, the hair on the feet, the tail and the mane don't fit exactly. So it had to be a another lion-miniature. Not sure about it, could be a centaur, could be a combined silouette of a lion and an aelf. Edit: looking at the video again at 0:23 it seems to be the same centaur-creature from a different angle.
  13. obaobaboss

    Warcry wishlisting!

    My list: - Also more chaos beasties (oh, the possibilities) - more campaign progression (bigger injury-table with modification of move, strength and so on, possibility to earn extra-skills... all in all: more extra special rules in the campaign) - cards for more existing factions, especially blades of khorne, maggotkin and disciples of tzeentch. Slaanesh has not enough mortal followers in his list I feel, so I would like to see a whole new warband for him.
  14. Beastgrave for me. And I don't even play Underworld, but I buy many of the warbands because the miniatures are so damn cool. And if it is Wanderers vs Beastmen it would be two factions I like very much.
  15. I like the idea of the tomes, but no normal Greenskins and no new miniatures for Humans (which means still Karl Franz Icons) are a big downer for me.
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