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  1. I took only miniatures which are mail order exclusive. A lot of old ones - beastmen, kroxigor, ironbreakers, Be'lakor and a lot of other old chars like Belegar, Ikit, Wurzah, Vlad...
  2. Don't agree on the mage/sister. She is way over the top for the old school mordheimsisters.
  3. The beard and missing tusks let me think the undead thing is no orc.
  4. I really like the warcry miniatures and scatter terrain. The Underworld miniatures seem also very cool, I don't think that I can resist them. The Skink is also very cool and promising for the rest of the warband. To be honest when they talked about one of the most wished factions for underworls I was hoping for freeguild. But the new season can still deliver them. The moment the Slaanesh Lord is released as a single miniature I am going to order him as well.
  5. And again a Warcry-Warband has me enthralled. I will buy them. No doubt.
  6. Right, but I think it would be an important element to the OW game to tone these fantasy elements down (and the historical bits up) to make it more different/unique in style and flavour. I am probably guilty to see my version of the old world as the true version... if I don't like the ice stuff (because it doesn't fit with my interpretation of the background materials of the old world), I can convert it on the miniatures and ignore/bend it on the background. Can't wait to see if in the distant future the WF-roleplaying game is influenced by the new stuff they are creating at GW.
  7. Mmmh... now that you talk about it "they’re able to channel the elemental magic of their realm in a similar manner to their Ice Queen" So we know it is under the rule of a women and not a Tsar. And plural "Land of the Ice Queens" could be a hint at the Age of the three emperor... there were women at the top for a long part.
  8. I know, I therefore hope that the other new stuff will be less magical. For many people that was the appeal of this setting. I mean, not even the guard of the phoenix king or the dwarven kings has magical weapons. The empire, sometime called the biggest realm of all, has knights without magical gear as the personal guard of their emperor. Sure, there was place for some fantastical stuff, but they were the exceptions. Especially from human perspective. Edit: I realise now... I am a little bit salty that GW didn't choose to make the Kreml Guard.
  9. I am on the same boat. I do love that they will explore some things new... Kislev eas always fascinazing for me, but please make it true to the old world. Not everything has to be magical and more than special, we have AoS for that cool style. I want to have my low dudes and dudettes, scrap for wyrdstone and try to survive.
  10. Should be Reikland and Talabecland (the symbols are in these provinces), the other two are right. With the names and these choices I do think it is around of the mordheim-comet.
  11. obaobaboss

    15 New Warbands

    I hope the beastmen include alsp ungors, there are none on the picture of the card.
  12. I got into warhammer when I was searching for orc-pictures in the internet. I loved them in Warcraft II. I found images of the miniatures and began collecting when I was about 16 years old. Started playing with 19 years. I really liked the grim and dark setting and asthetics. And that I kinda knew something about all the stuff (fantastic creatures and history), but they mixed it together in a interesting new way. I don't have kids, but I don't think I would buy the books. For me the charme was the not kid-friendly stuff, so I don't am interested in this alternative version of warhammer (and to be honest I am mostly interested in Old World narrative, never bought a warhammer novel about something else)
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