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  1. I don't have: the three stormcast-bands, the two duardins, the ghosts, the sylvaneth. All the others I bought because I like the miniatures. Never played it.
  2. Don't think so. The Artwork is not new.
  3. I don't believe we will get it but I would love to see a free people warband. Dispossesed would also be cool. I do think we will get: Flesh Eaters Bonesplitters Daughters of Khaine Nurgle Slaanesh Idoneth Light Elves And of course SC So mostly existing Battletome-Factions. Beastmen would be wonderful, but I fear they don't will get something.
  4. Don't forget the wonderful forgeworld one.
  5. My big idea would be a Beastmen-army with a wild mix of different kinds of beastmen. Not only goats, rams and cows but also varying dogs, felines, birds, insects, reptiles, fish and so on. With the Tzaangors there is already a nice addition, but for my vision I need much much more. To be honest I am probably just too lazy for this project.
  6. Voted for a Free People Warband. I really am eager to see the hopefully new design for their miniatures in AoS.
  7. Of all time it's probably a tie between Men at Arms of old Bretonnia and Flagellants. AoS only - The new Squigherd. Or does Gobbapalooza count?
  8. 6th Edition was my beginning. Googled some Orcs because of my love for Warcraft II and found the miniatures.
  9. This bit from the warhammer-community article is interesting "We can’t reveal anything about this year’s LVO preview yet, save that it’s going to blow you away, whatever you collect." Whatever we collect sounds like some new things not bound to a specific faction.
  10. Strange, there are not so many squiggly-beast followers next to the dankhol troggboss? I see one spider and the crushed centipide. I think I will add some critters to his base.
  11. So I guess I have to use my sourbreath troggoths now as Rockguts?
  12. I am going full insects. Have already the alarielle beatle standing around (bought as an arachnarok-alternative). I was never a big fan of the forrest-goblins, so I mounted nightgoblins on my arachnarok and spiderriders. So if we get a giant Centipide with nightgoblins...
  13. This year: 1. Get my Shadespire warbands painted - Nope, only some of them 2. Get the Skaven and the second Khorne Shadespire warbands and paint them - Well, I bought them... ^^ 3. Finally getting the Silvertower stuff painted - only a handfull miniatures. 4. Get some terrain done - success in parts 5. More converting - yes, one real success Next year: - I have to finally paint all of the half finished miniatures on my desk. - Next should be basing all finished miniatures. - Playing a Tournament - If 2019 is a gobbo year... spend all my money!
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