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Bugbre Flintbreath's Mercenaries


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I've decided to start a new project that im confident I can see the finish line with.  At 2000 points I should be able to finish in about 2 months... maybe.  

I have 6 Ogors sitting around and have always enjoyed the figs.  They have such great detail and are a joy to paint.  I havent decided what im going to name the tribe and have been researching some basic conversions but im about done with the skin on my first test fig.




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Im still ironing out the details but Ive decided im going to create my own Ogor Mercenary band. 

Bugbre Flintbreath  (Tyrant)

Bugbre is a relatively intelligent Ogor but at the end of the day he is still an Ogor.  He has a strange affinity for consuming flint.  This love for flint takes him and his mercenary band throughout the realms.  

Ill come up with more details soon. 

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