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  1. I dont foresee them being overly muscular, just Aelves using hammers.
  2. I just think its the complete opposite of what Aelves have been in the past and AOS is all about being different from WHFB.
  3. Aelves with hammers.... Some long beards are trembling with anger right now. I for one am super excited about this.
  4. Theduke

    15 New Warbands

    "Includes fighter cards for 23 fighter types" KO are going to have some serious options!
  5. Really excited for the "Bone*******" release.
  6. This will be a brand new faction and apparently there will be around if not more than the same number of kits as the nighthaunts release.
  7. Not sure how competitive the Cypher Lords are going to be however I truly love the figs. Thought id share my first test fig.
  8. Im willing to be the name will be bone"******" Tomb Kings are dead (ha) and gone and will stay that way. This may have some Egyptian aesthetics here and there but it will not have much more than that.
  9. The contrast paints are very different formula wise so using the contrast medium with standard paints will not turn them into contrast like paints at all. Im assuming they just like the way it thins their paints.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/BadgerAir/ Badger has some great deals this time a year. You can get some very high quality products for much cheaper than if you buy them any other time a year. I got a 150$ brush for about 1/3 the cost. If you take advantage of these deals you will have to be patient waiting on the brush to show up.
  11. Heres my first thunder. Still cant get enough of the KO figs.
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/25/25th-june-heroes-of-the-nighthauntgw-homepage-post-4/ All three new named characters and data sheets.
  13. Greetings! Ive just finished work on my test fig for my Kharadron overlords. These figs are fantastic! Lots of fun to paint. Im planning on painting up a 1000 points (non-competitive) and going from there.
  14. Heyo! I think this is the marble color/effect im going to try to recreate. I really like the darker colors. They will be a challenge to work with but I have a good idea on the colors I need to use. Im also considering using this color scheme for my Blood Sisters and Stalkers. I think the marble and the colors on the snake portion will really compliment each other well. The first box will be arriving by the time I get home from work so I should have some WIP pictures by this weekend.
  15. Thanks! @Curry_Supreme you are close. Its a bone colored base was thinned down paints, no washes. @elfhead there are some really faint lines on them as well but the photo just doesn't show it. I actually draw them on with a mechanical pencil haha.
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