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  1. @Ben I have two images of the shadespire game - ok to post?
  2. Slide put up saying that the future of 40k will indeed have three modes - narrative, open and matched. Could have sworn I'd heard that before somewhere...
  3. Aside from the pointed terrain rules, I was more referencing the terrain tables - mystic etc. I know some in our local club don't use it but I'm not sure what the consensus on the tournament scene is.
  4. I assume we will be using the full terrain rules?
  5. That's a fair point I hadn't considered that - cheers!
  6. Fellow flesh eating deviants - jumping on the list feedback bandwagon, my list as it stands is as follows: • Ghoul king on Zombie dragon; general with Ruler of the Night and Cursed Book • Varghulf Courtier with the Closk of Mists and Shadows • Crypt Haunter Courtier; Part of the Abbatoir formation • Unit of 30 Ghouls; part of the abbatoir formation • Units of 6 Horrors; part of the abbatoir formation • Unit of 3 Horrors; part of the abbatoir formation • Unit of 10 ghouls • Unit of 10 ghouls • Terrorgheist/second zombie dragon - not sure which yet 1980 points total. The list is meant to be somewhat competitive but more just meant to be fun to play with. Open to any and all feedback. Engage Criticism drives. All ahead full!!
  7. Ok, so I maaaaay have forgotten to post my regular updates as However, I managed to get a game in last week in the local GW against a Freeguild Aelves alliance - really interesting force that I'm looking forward to see how it grows. The game was a proper back and forth affair, and I just managed to seal the win, thanks to my Crypt Ghast courtier unhorsing his general in an honorable joust. Or at least, that's what the Courtier saw from his point of view! I snapped a quick photo of the army post game. Really pleased with how the force is shaping up as a whole now. Continuing on with the theme of the courts and their deluded visions of grandeur, I converted up my Courtier to represent a knight leading the lowly men at arms to battle. Ser Retch Gribbleskin, Champion of the Crimson Vale: I quite like the idea that the courtier's madness has progressed to such a degree that he visualises everything from the trophy on his back's perspective, unaware that he's essentially acting as his own mount. I toyed with the idea of giving the skeleton a mask or draping a tattered cloth over the ghoul, similar to how the Bretonnian horses were garbed for war. However, in the end I think leaving it relatively blank and letting you fill in the blanks yourself adds something to the model overall. I'd also been toying around with how I could add something to the standard ghouls to make them a little more unsettling. I toyed with the idea of giving them all masks, but I quite like the idea of the masks being a conceit for the heroes of the force. So instead, I grabbed a few Goblin Town goblins i had lying around, did a few quick weapon swaps, added some greenstuff and the result is shown below! I quite like the idea that Neferata can't bear the sight of these foul creatures faces, and will only bear their presence if they hide their faces with elaborate courtly masks. Of course, the lowly peasants can't afford such highborn trinkets, so they are reduced to hiding their faces with mirrored masks - the better to reflect their queens beauty. Mirror, Mirror, on the Ghoul... The banner was an opportunity to practice an idea I've had rattling around for some time. It's a bit overwrought for a unit of blood thirsty cannibals, but I can always say its a magical banner reflecting an element of their delusions into the real world! The next Blog post should hopefully drop next week. I'm aiming to grab the Deathrattle start collecting box for Neferata and to convert up a unit of blood knights - again i'll be playing with the deluded nature of the flesh eaters so hopefully the result wont be what you expect! All going well I'll also have an update on my Golden Demon plans for this year - I think I've finally settled on my Age of Sigmar entries for the single miniature and the unit - watch this space! I'll leave you with a few close ups of the Crypt Hauter courtier and the necromancer for my force. The necromancer forms the core of my AOS28 force, along with the troupe of mirrored ghouls. I plan on adding a black coach in the near future to his band of performers - he needs some way of transporting his flayed skin big top after all!
  8. "The Carnivalia of the Crooked" Once the chief jester in Neferata's court, Rasputin, also known as "The Crooked One" has fallen from his patron's good graces. Cast out into the wilds of Shysh, and disfigured by the cruel knives of the Silver Queen, he wanders the blood red sands of the red wastes, scavenging for scraps and subjugating those unlucky few to wander near this tortured soul. His mind broken, he hides his face behind his porcelain mask, the only relic of his former life. Those he bends to his will are forced to hide their faces from the world, their mirrored masks reflecting their masters mask and madness back at him, constantly reminding him of that which was cruelly taken from him. He has vowed vengeance upon his cruel mistress, and seeks the "Puppeteer's Strings" an ancient artifact powered by the unclaimed souls wandering the red wastes. With those unlucky wretches subjugated to his will in tow, Rasputin and his morbid "Carnivalia" travel the wastes in search of the legendary artifact and more "performers" for the troop. The show must go on, and Rasputin will ensure that his return to the royal court will be a night to remember...
  9. @Ben With today's announcement of the GHB II wip, will we be using the updated points assuming they drop ahead of the 6 nations? Not pushed either way, just thought I'd ask the question
  10. If you've stumbled onto this blog after plumbing the depths of the TGA community, welcome! You've tried the best, now try the rest! Little background for you before we get started. I've been actively involved in the hobby for the past 15 years. I first got hooked in on the Lord of the Rings back when the two towers was first released. Some of you might remember the fortnightly magazine series that came with the figures and paints - I learned a huge amount of my early hobby skills from those, and only ventured into my local GW after maybe two years of painting my burgeoning collection. Fast forward and I've now tried my hand at every game system and most armies for each. My main focus had revolved around 40k for a number of years. I fell out of love with Warhammer fantasy after the shift to 8th edition - I found the size of armies too daunting a task to paint, and my focus would always have been of a more painterly interest. However, the more free form of AOS drew me right back in. I dusted off my old empire armies, picked up where i'd left off on my elves (new and improved with vitamin A!) and dived right back in. Thankfully the game has gone from strength to strength in my local scene, so I've now got a reason to get my painting projects completed and onto the table. Which is where this blog comes in Last year I managed to start and fully paint a small flesh eater court force. This year, as part of my hobby resolutions, I want to expand that out to a full 2000 point force, with a view to taking it along to the Age of Sigmar 6 Nations in June as part of the Republic of Ireland Team. So to aid me in that, I'll be trying to keep an up to date blog with all my progress, stories of my games, and any other relevant hobby goodness I find relevant or diverting. A lot of my projects will start off after I latch onto a theme, or I'm intrigued by a story, and the background of the flesh eaters really grabbed my attention. I loved the idea that these "noble knights" were really slobbering mangy monsters. Picture a ghoul trying to curtsey, and you're on the right track for the ideas swirling around in my head. I also loved the idea of a really viscious swarm of monsters charging across the tabletop, similar to how vampires have been shown in things like Van Helsing or the zombies in World War Z. So I began to think what would make these horrible ghouls and monsters even creepier? Put them in clown masks of course! The eventual end point of the force would be based on a court of Neferata's admirers and courtiers (or so they would believe). However, the only way she would tolerate their loathsome "affections" is if they hid their hideous faces behind stylised masks. So with that theme in mind, all the heroes within my force have their faces hidden behind venetian style masks. The most recent part I've managed to complete for the force is the terrorgheist - a model I'd always wanted to build and paint, but never had the cause to. While i'm not sure I'd want to build another one, I'm really happy with how the beast turned out, and I'm now planning a conversion for the zombie dragon that my Crypt Lord will ride - I must be a glutton for punishment! I think that will suffice for now. As I say I'll try my best to stick with one project at a time - My hobby resolution this year is to finish more stuff than I start. What could possibly go wrong? ......ah.....