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  1. Putting a general question to the community, and apologies if this has already been addressed or discussed: Has anyone used or purchased the painting mat and brush wallet available at this years Games Workshop Store Birthdays - wondering if they are worth investing in, or if they're of any use
  2. Shadespire Warband Wish List

    Darkoath tribe and chieftain ala silver tower would be sweet
  3. Based on the models included in the box, and assuming the price point is that of a starter kit (Dark vengeance) it looks like you save €52 on the contents. That's without factoring in the cost of the two characters, rules and nurgle counter. Overall, probably a saving of €100 plus, given the characters will be fairly large models. My poor wallet.....
  4. GH2017 points leak

    Is there any word on the FEC allegiance abilities as of yet? For me I think it'll take a few games to judge the overall impact - we can't really judge this in isolation as everything else is being readdressed. I'm still fairly excited to see how the army plays now, and Elmir says, having allied forces like the necromancer and cheaper morghasts buffing the army, along with cheaper unridden beasts and the ghoul discount at 40 models gives us some new tools to play with. I'm also interested to see how arkhan or Neferata might synergise with the army allied in
  5. My gut reaction, assuming I'm correct, is that it would be a paperback booklet, equivalent size to the one we get in the starter set, with a hardback book launching shortly thereafter. I don't know if we'll see the same size campaign books again - at a guess I'd say they'll be the equivalent size of the "Gathering Storm" campaign books released before the new edition of 40k. Again this is all supposition, I could be completely off base. I'd love a big hardback tome, but as I don't think this is designed as a starter kit ala Dark Imperium, I'd be surprised if we did get such a book in the same box.
  6. I'd say its to either compliment it or stand alone. If it were a replacement for the current starter set, the models would be monopose clip fit, similar to the existing starter set. The models in the video look to be the existing nurgle and stormcast multipart kits (excluding the characters ofc)
  7. Based on the models seen in the video, it would seem likely that it will be a box to kick off the start of the new narrative arc, potentially with a link to the new city based army boxes. Correct me if I'm wrong but the video shows: 2x new characters - nurgle and stormcast assassin 10 Plague bearers 3 Plague Drones 10 Vanguard Hunters It would fit into the style of the old 40k boxes, ala Stormclaw and Leviathan. I'd love to see it as a boardgame style box, like the recent Commoragh box, but given we havent seen any card scenery or board tiles its probably a narrative box with 3-4 scenarios. Looking forward to seeing the narrative behind this - Sigmar moving towards more clandestine operatives is an interesting darker shift!
  8. The Rumour Thread

    There is meant to be some kind of announcement around 2pm on Saturday. Apparently staff are to be briefed about ten minutes beforehand.
  9. AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    I cannot express how much I love this conversion. So grim and so true to their theme. Bravo sir!
  10. Using LOTR models in AoS

    I've been using goblin town goblins as ghouls in my flesh eater courts, with some basic greenstuffing and conversion work. I agree that it can break immersion for some, but if you use it as a springboard for something else it can work really well
  11. Adepticon News.

    @Ben I have two images of the shadespire game - ok to post?
  12. Adepticon News.

    Slide put up saying that the future of 40k will indeed have three modes - narrative, open and matched. Could have sworn I'd heard that before somewhere...
  13. Flesh Eater Courts 2k list - feedback and abuse welcome

    That's a fair point I hadn't considered that - cheers!
  14. Fellow flesh eating deviants - jumping on the list feedback bandwagon, my list as it stands is as follows: • Ghoul king on Zombie dragon; general with Ruler of the Night and Cursed Book • Varghulf Courtier with the Closk of Mists and Shadows • Crypt Haunter Courtier; Part of the Abbatoir formation • Unit of 30 Ghouls; part of the abbatoir formation • Units of 6 Horrors; part of the abbatoir formation • Unit of 3 Horrors; part of the abbatoir formation • Unit of 10 ghouls • Unit of 10 ghouls • Terrorgheist/second zombie dragon - not sure which yet 1980 points total. The list is meant to be somewhat competitive but more just meant to be fun to play with. Open to any and all feedback. Engage Criticism drives. All ahead full!!