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  1. The spell is d3 extra attacks to any FEC unit. So dragons, horrors, flayers, ghouls - everything.
  2. its worth considering that the bloodsecrator is a guaranteed +1 attack with no way of stopping it. By comparison, the FEC ability has to be cast, and not dispelled, to actually work. I'd say you'll see him at the 180 point mark, but that's just a guess. It's an awesome spell don' t get me wrong but it requires a few things go your way.
  3. I reckon it speaks perfectly to the madness and inflated ego of the Ghoul Kings that they would command their "subjects" break down their throne and bring it with them to each battlefield, so that they may better look down on the pathetic "lower classes" I'll be interested to read the background for it. At the very least its an expansion of our lore, which I'm all for!
  4. I can't say I'm afraid. As for the book and purchasing the book, I don't know when it'll drop - not until next year at the earliest. We've already got confirmation that moonclan are the next battletome, and looking at the releases we have confirmed that won't drop until next January at the very earliest
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