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  1. Stevie754

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    With the nerf to lens, I don't think guard are any good, mortal wounds will still cut through their units. Knights are good if taken in the firelance to build towards Dracothians tail to give you a 1 drop list.
  2. Stevie754

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

  3. Stevie754

    The gaunt summoner and the balewind

    Sorry for the blurry photo it's from a Google search. Says he is a single model and at the bottom of the description "He is accompanied by a quartet of Chaos Familiars". Only mention of unit size is the single model, and almost like the familiars are tokens that follow him rather than extra models in a unit.
  4. Stevie754

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I'm going to be starting nighthaunt building up from the new core box and maybe grabbing the malignant start collecting box. Is this an ok group of models to start with and what should I pick up to round out the unit sizes in the core box. Are there any nighthaunt WhatsApps I could get an invite too, please?
  5. Stevie754

    Slann and dispell

    The wording on the ability says: The way it's worded doesn't just specify that the range is unlimited it specifically states anywhere, which would make me think no line of sight and they can reach anywhere on the table.
  6. Stevie754

    Free Peoples vs Seraphon

    If you have the 3 units required to setup a freeguild great company and get shots when you are charged the freepeople should do ok. The only issue you should have vs seraphon is the shorter range of your shooting compared to the bastiladon, the single skink priest rolling to give reroll to saves is only on a 4+ so if this failed and without a wizard to give the basti mystic shield it's on a 3+ naturally ignoring rend. The seraphon list comes to 1100 points and free people only 940, you could even up the points to 940 each if the seraphon player dropped the sunblood and 1 of the razordons. In smaller games like this that extra 160 points could swing a game 1 way or the other
  7. Stevie754

    shadowstrike ripper toad

    It was fixed in the last faq, the wording to the question about using abilities while off the board was updated. The blot toad is free again 🐸
  8. Stevie754

    Mount Definition

    Similar to this, the Seraphon Engine of the Gods, I would class as a mount as it is being ridden. But based on the model and abilities the mount is actually the hero so it's another grey area.
  9. Stevie754

    Horrors split ability

    But it has been ruled in tournaments that rippers can't place their toad, so the answer is expanding beyond the original question asked. Otherwise the ripperdactyl toad would still be allowed as it's not affecting any other units until the rippers hit the table. By the logic of they can use abilities even from reinforcement points and not in the starting list then for example; if I was to play seraphon not set up a model but instead set aside reinforcement points for it. I could use its abilities from the warscroll as it isn't setup yet similar to the blues. So I can start a game with 200pts aside and use the starseer's 'cosmic herald' ability.
  10. Stevie754

    Horrors split ability

    But the blue horror ability to split from pinks is just that an ability. It isn't a spell so they aren't being summoned in. The using an ability while off the table the question in the faq asked about affecting other units. But the answer has expanded on this to stop all abilities for units off the table. Similar to the ripperdactyl nerf that stops them placing a blot toad if they are in the shadowstrike battalion as they are set up in the sky and not brought down until after the toad should have been placed. The fact that blues aren't in the list and coming from reinforcement points makes using their abilities even more against the RAW.
  11. Stevie754

    Horrors split ability

    Hi, With the faq stating that you can't use abilities while not setup on the table. Does that now mean that Tzeentch horrors can no longer use their split ability without a unit already on the table? So pinks don't get to split unless there's blue horrors on the board to since the ability is on the blue warscroll not the pinks.
  12. Stevie754

    Stacking Bless Weapons Prayer

    If you look at the Ripperdactyl warscroll, it says "Each time a model from this unit attacks with it's Beak and scores a hit." It has been written that the ability will trigger for each model on their own. Going by the FAQ and the wording of any, it does look like if ANY of the models hit, that unit has triggered the ability and that's their 1 extra hit added.
  13. Stevie754

    Behemoths: the best

    I've only started out playing AOS but from what I've seen around the local GW, the bastiladon does seem to be an absolute champion. You get the right buffs to hit on that thing plus its ignore to rend and 4+ ignore mortal wounds, it's an attention grabber and something your opponent needs to deal with in a game or else get shot to bits.
  14. Hi everyone. I'm new to all things Warhammer after getting into AOS through a friend a few months back. I am starting out with Seraphon because who doesn't love lizards riding dinosaurs. I've only played a few games so far and am looking to get better and build my army moving forward.