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  1. Donal

    Destruction - Battle of TGA

    Destruction gives satisfaction to those who play it. Winning with Daughters of Khaine = snore Winning with Ironjawz, BCR, Grots = GLORY Jokes aside, there seems to be 2 competitive lists at the moment. Ian Spink @Kanamorf is having success with Bonespittas. I'm having success with Mixed Destruction (negs to hit and grots). I don't have enough knowledge to talk his list & success . My list is focused on redundancy in the debuffs. I have: 1) -1 to hit throughout units (netters which have an aura effect so can protect characters) 2) native -1 to hit on characters (hag and fungoid) 3) geminids 4) Hag spell 1 and 2 mean I don't need to rely on spells. The other aspect that makes my list work, is that I swamp the board with bodies. Combination of debuffs to combat, in a combat meta, alongside alot of bodies is what is helping my success. But Death could easily achieve some negs to hit list with a combination of Neferata and geminids, and Chaos can achieve it with legion of azoreth/plaguebearers all have native -1's to hit. I don't think order can really achieve it as they dont have alot of negs to hit. That said, as a destruction lover, I really don't think we do things "better" than other armies. Our units are overpriced, lack the native synergies or range that other units have. Compare Gitmob Artillery vs Ballista's. B's are 20 points cheaper, can drop from sky and is one model (not seperate crew), does more reliable damage. if you want to play destruction do it for the love of it, but it's a grind and takes a while to get a handle of it. Both Ian & I have been playing our armies for a long time.
  2. That event was the 6 nations. It was a super fun event, arguably less competitive than Facehammer because the rules were so silly. having went to both, taken the 192 damage grot and done relatively well at Facehammer I feel like I’m well positioned to say that. in terms of list strength my facehammer destruction list is WAY better than my damage stacking moonclan list. The other event was a team one so I didn’t have to worry quite as much about bad match ups. re: the soft list rationale, dan ford played murderhost, the same army he has had success with for 2 years. He finished 4th, a similar position that he’s always had. The legion of blood player finished 6th, the seraphon thunderquake list was on table 1 game 4 but I think had 2 losses Sunday. Those lists were there they just didn’t finish in top 5. Thank goodness we have competitive events with mixed lists doing well cause I wouldn’t want to play in an environment where only 4-5 lists need to be played for it to be competitive.
  3. My main point of the tournament is to see friends. Sure I enjoy competing, but the highlight of my weekend was chatting to my NI mates who I don’t see often enough, meeting Domus & Tom from the US and seeing a bunch of mates from the scene that I haven’t seen for anything between 2 months to a year.
  4. Donal

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    score objectives, win the scenario, vomit and kill things with frostlord. Tie up and debuff the heavy hitters
  5. AHAHAHA GROTS ARE DA BEST* There was a seraphon list on table 2 (or 1?) game 4 that got wiped inside 20 minutes by the legion of blood. Seraphon post FAQ aren’t the strongest there but they are still good . i think the game is at the stage that good players are countering netlists. bandwagon players jump on netlists and expect to do well. That’s just not the case. My win ratio with destruction has been relatively consistently 80%+ in tournaments (in last 3 singles I’ve been to anyway). Would I win more if I played DoK/seraphon/surechage? Probably not, i enjoy what I play and that drives my performance more than whatever is hot that week. *with a frostlord
  6. i dont think this is something to aim for either
  7. Donal

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    I want all the destruction victories. My list was: Flying Frostlord Hag Fungoid General Moonclan Shaman 60 Grots 40 Grots 20 Grots 2x3 Fanatics Geminids Attitude
  8. I think that if you are competitve, and that you are aware that you play slowly, then there is an issue though. It means that you play for winning turn 3/4 not turn 5, which just isn't fair on opponents. If its a new player then that makes sense, but if its playing slow due to new army & meta chasing then I can understand why opponents might find it annoying. You are essentially choosing to be slow by changing army and meta chasing to the detriment of your opponents experience.
  9. So responding to the various points 1) I think that enjoying the social gathering is important. If you are aware that you are slow then its a good time to mention it, and you can get on with deployment while chatting. As you say, tournaments are social experiences and if you are a slow player then you might not be giving your opponents a great experience 2) If you are competitive, meta chase and are slow this is something that opponents might get frustrated about. If you are slow and you know that you are slow then you might play for turn 2-3 wins, rather than turn 5. This makes an entirely different game & gaming experience for your win. There have been some great suggestions above (cheat sheets/summary stats etc...), but I think that not changing your army will go a long way to reducing the time you spend thinking as you will better understand your army. 3) Practice reduces the time spent on this, so if you don''t have time to do it then I'd suggest taking it less seriously.
  10. What causes your slowness, is it indecision (in which case plan during opponents turn) or is it the nature of the army you play. What army do you play? There are some very fast armies (BCR) or very slow armies (old changehost/hordes). Do you change army Tournament to tournament? I found when i moved to grots (from BCR) i often struggled to finish games. I remember my SCGT vs @Terry Pike in 2017 overran due to it being new armies for us both and us both having lots of models. Having played grot heavy lists exclusively for the past 16-18 months my game speed has increased dramatically, and other than playing old vanguard wing (or other lists where easy teleporting is possible), then I rarely struggle to finish games.
  11. Think his list was his 6 nations list: double magma Frostlord Double Fungoid 3 x 10 orruks Cogs
  12. Donal

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    @Steve Rose you joined the group right? If anyone else wants to join, just shoot me a PM!
  13. Donal

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    nothing confirmed, expectation next month or month after. We live, We hope, We Pray, We Waagh
  14. Definitely would love hardboyz as destruction battleline. It's definitely one of the reasons I've struggled to put any paint on Ironjawz.