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  1. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    Great work! It all paid off beautifully.
  2. Tzaangors

    Killer bases
  3. Hashut's Little Helpers

    Made some progress with armored model... the standard bearer. I'm happy with the direction it's headed. Painting smurf flesh is giving me headaches, though.
  4. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    I can't see how hobgoblins survived the End Times or how, if they did, DZ would suffer any to live... given their betrayal of DZ at the end. I think we will have to settle for enslaving ordinary marauders, but it would be fun to be able to add "chaos" to greenskin war scrolls with a DZ general.
  5. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    Looks great to me!
  6. I think I am not alone in being baffled by the End Times plot, as someone who came to AoS after the Old World ended. I am trying to get a grasp for how the Chaos Dwarfs might be integrated into AoS without a retcon. I have seen that orcs sacked the CD capital during the end times and that Gork/Mork defeated Hashut... but where was that written about in the official fluff? I have also seen vague reference to current AoS fluff mentioning the Chaos Dwarfs. Does anyone know of an actual example of this?
  7. Forge World - What would you like to see for AoS?

    Battletome for Chaos Dwarfs, Dawi Zharr, Legion of Azgorh, or whatever they want to call them in the Age of Sigmar.
  8. Hashut's Little Helpers

    The old metal model was too squat and unlike the LoA models that I decided to use a different test model. Thoughts in colors? It occurred to me that Smurfs are little blue people, and now I can't stop thinking "murder smurf" when I see a dwarf in Russ Grey.
  9. Hashut's Little Helpers

    Their god is Hashut. His origin is subject to debate. He might be an exiled Khorne demon. But I like to think of him as an older icon of tyranny. The fluff from Tamurkhan indicates they'd have blackened steel plate and red-painted scale armor. They're also big on brass that was smelted along with a healthy dose of slaves. This model was pre-Tamurkhan imagery, so there's no scale armor. I want to capture that "darkshard" plate and bloody brass. I also want to run with a suggestion in the fluff that they can have grey skin and red eyes. The red beard is so that the battle line doesnt have black beards on black plate. I am thinking Incubi Darkness for the scale/cloaks. Mixing red ink w bronze paint, and some iridescent medium with black, for the armors.
  10. Alternatives to Texture Paint?

    Luke APS on YouTube has a lot of videos on basing that you will probably appreciate. He has a "no nonsense" approach and seems genuinely interested in helping painters. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsmD5774MOQhjYBkXqu3Jdw
  11. Project Skullgirls! (working title)

    Timely project to have started! Just picked up some DoK myself after the big announce. Nice to see a fresh take on the model. I'm looking forward to seeing the painting
  12. Hashut's Little Helpers

    Can't make up my mind on a color scheme. Mocking up one of the metal fellas as I explore my options.
  13. Starting my DZ army. Praying for Hashut's blessing. Sacrifice a slave for me.
  14. Really enjoyed this thread. Amazing work throughout. I agree the shrine could use more contrast and embellishment up front, like a large skull. Or a couple guys waving spears. But it's still amazing as it stands.