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  1. Really I cant understand the justification for it. Be'Lakor was originally just the first Daemon Prince, but now there is a retcon where he is the ONLY Undivided Daemon Prince, and thus restricts us as players and as people who like to make their own narrative with fluffy rules. I hear rumors that ADB might have had a hand in this given rumors that he hates Undivided as a concept. What are your thoughts on all this? And how do we go about getting GW to listen and return the Undivided mark of Chaos to Daemon Princes?
  2. Not doubting you, but do we have a source? I'd love it if we got more support in the future and maybe a legit battletome release and new units
  3. Uggghhh man I wanna run Despoilers but the lack of Mark of Undivided for Daemon Prince really kills it for me. I miss when there was more than just Be'Lakor when it came to Undivided Princes. That's always been a dumb retcon imo. At least we have Undivided back for regular dudes though.
  4. Hey @Ben given you are good buddies with GW, any chance you can put a bug in their ear about maybe adding some synergies with Legion of Azgorh and Slaves to Darkness? I'd love if you could take units from both without paying the ally tax ahah
  5. Eh, I just find it a bit restrictive on your own dudes personally. I mean, Lorgar and Perturabo from 40k are Undivided Daemon Princes. I always thought Be'Lakor was the FIRST daemon prince, and also happened to be Undivided , rather than being the ONLY Undivided.
  6. Only complaint I have so far with this revamp is that Daemon Princes cant take the Undivided mark. I feel that's kind of really lame
  7. This certainly has me worried about their status. I'm not sure about what the AoS team at FW has planned, if there even IS an AoS team...given how they've done next to nothing whatsoever, even so much as basic rule updates, as it was GW's ruleteam that actually wrote up the LoA warscroll compendium in 2018.
  8. I would definitely dig some more artillery friendly artifacts and battalions. Also maybe put a bug in their ear about plastic chaos duardin, and I would love GW forever
  9. It's been a long time since I last posted but I've been working on a daemonsmith from the ground up. Here is the current face progress I have that I've been sculpting.
  10. Just gonna say, if this flaming bull spell isn't for a surprise announcement of Chaos Duardin, then GW are seriously cruel, ahahaha. Especially given how they know more than anyone that a flaming bull of shadow is the exact motif of Hashut and Chorfs to the tee. I'm gonna try and not get my hopes up but god could you imagine if we DID get plastic Chaos Duardin? Hhhhhnnng
  11. Warscrolls have been updated again with the AoS FAQ! Drazhoath now has fly! Anyone notice any other changes?
  12. Also, if anyone's interested, I'm currently in the process of making a color template for anyone who wants to play around with ideas of how to color their legion! The new rules have gotten me in a super excited state for our army, and I want to definitely help newcomers who are hesitant about the price tag by letting them have a nice idea of how they would paint their army should they dive in!
  13. So I just noticed they fixed the description on the store page for the compendium. It's been changed from them coming from Ulgu, to them coming from Aqshy. I guess they realized they kept saying Aqshy in the warscrolls, ahah.
  14. Oh dang, I just noticed Draz not having Fly, how long until this gets fixed you guys think?
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