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  1. Early as it is this goes to show that th e work they have done to improve some of scenerios has been good going into 2019 ghb
  2. It feels like thats a their bare minimum sort of trade off All the scrolls are garbage feom the big guy down and desperately need a ground up review
  3. As mentioned multiple times the current 40k one is fair easier as for the chart above it is actually shockingly simple
  4. Mmm thats a little bit of a false positive remembering one chart is as easy if not easier then having to remember the to wounds of each weapon in each unit before buffs that a weapon in a unit does especially when some of those rolls degrade having played old hanmer and aos a lot + 40k the S and T tables speed the game up once you memorise them and id argue if you can't especially the simplified 40k to wound chart currently then id say that that gamer is also the person who has to review all of the to wound stats for weapons on their units warscrolls
  5. Im confused by the people that keep saying it will add another step. It wont. Current. Guy with stick 3+ to hit 3+ to wound thing takes save 3 steps Bringing back T (and thus also S) Guy with stick 3+ to hit (S 4 v T 4) 4+ to wounds guy takes save. Three steps the table isnt hard to learn at all and the current 40k one is even easier. A dragon death by a thousand cuts in mind or not should not be wounded by a clanrat on a 4+. If anything adding the stats back in would make the bonuses certain units get more impactful +1 V behemoths etc shows that individually they are weak but they are good at hunting the big ones.
  6. If they release all the super obvious units to fyreslyers now what would they release V 3
  7. A granular ooints system would be far better for the game and actually stop another style of bloat that has already begun..... the unnecessary duplication of warscrolls kurnoth hunters now have three warscrolls where the only difference is the weapon the units are still costed the same and they are all still named the same so unless you are looking at the tiny pictures on the warscroll you will pick the wrong not to mention you now have to go to three warscrolls for the same unit. Granular points would allow you to refine weapon cost to unit roll, scythes too good make them cost more then bows or swords
  8. Soulblight book probs, hopefully the release the fat boys first though
  9. Sounds like a really bad idea for game balance if im honest
  10. Garagehmmer Legends of the painty men Facehammer The dwellers below
  11. They do not update the battletomes on the app, they really should at least have an FAQ sectionin the app
  12. On the subject of free peoples range not fitting AoS isnt the point of AoS that there is so much scope for anything to happen they would fit right in
  13. Books 9 and 10 aren't bad and maybe book 3 from memory
  14. Thats a couple more spots down. I was grand host
  15. Yeah only made it to 43rd out of 190 something.
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