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  1. Upset that it took ten pages for someone to reference the shawshank redemption. My only real issue with AoS outside of some glaring rules issues is that I can't connect to any of the characters they created for it, nothing I read makes me want to go find out more. In contrast to that when I read my first snippet about nagash I went and found out everything I could and followed it all the way through
  2. Ignoring the massive threadomancy that question might be better placed over in the gloomspite thread
  3. Very underwhelmed by some of the changes re points especially
  4. Even if you did it only matters if its going to come down to victory points, which it wont
  5. Could be the campaign they finish off before jumping into an AoS campaign
  6. You elect the model then if failed you have to remove that one
  7. I little bit of a click bait-y title but I thinking maybe they forgot to hit record on the real episode 82 lol. Start of episode 81 Russ said that the ogre book episode was on the way and ogre players shouldn't be worried now ep 82 has come out it's feeling like maybe they skipped the book on purpose.....
  8. The mawtribes book should definitely not be the benchmark it is actually below par imo
  9. My app still hasnt updated so i dunno 180pts ironguts i suppose.... But i can buy the books in the app so theres that
  10. You roll it to see if you cause the mortal on the 6 them apply the modifier so you dont get a save but still roll for the mortals
  11. The butcher with the cauldron is the model can find his scroll on the app or under rules/downloads on the gw site for the model
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