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  1. Slayerofmen

    CanCon tournament results

    Thats a couple more spots down. I was grand host
  2. Slayerofmen

    CanCon tournament results

    Yeah only made it to 43rd out of 190 something.
  3. Slayerofmen

    CanCon tournament results

    I just need the full placings to come in so i can see how close to the bottom i got...
  4. Slayerofmen

    Rockgut troggoths sold out

    So as much as i agree might need to dial back the order rubbish bit don't want to start a internet war.... I would howevet be interested to know if it being sold out is due to massive interest or a small production run
  5. Slayerofmen

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    On the topic of free battalions Currently they give you a set of extra special rules. Lower your army drops Give a command point Basically lets you pick who goes first And a bonus artifact And we think they should be free? That is a very ill advised plan unless you think battalions shouldn't do any of that
  6. Slayerofmen

    Most sporting opponent......

    I removed it from my events mid 8th ed and have had less problems then when it was in there
  7. Slayerofmen

    Gotrek in AoS

    Haven't listened to the story yet. But they should definitely do a model and slot him into dispossessed if/when they get a battletome. He'd fit right in.... They could use that to bring back normal "better" slayers
  8. Slayerofmen

    Wrath and Rapture

    Also the fleshhounds are on a different base size to the current recommendation if im not wrong?
  9. Slayerofmen

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    In the past i'd agree with no new things, but this isn't past GW anymore lets never rule anything out
  10. Slayerofmen

    returning wfb player....aos daemon confusion

    For tzeentch you are going to want the disciples of tzeentch book
  11. They should definitely chuck a 40k and release compliation books for the ranges that are just sitting around. Recompile the elves for example And it needs to pick up in speed imo the want to play most of the armies is there (for me at least) just plan warscrolls and generic allegiance abilities don't make them interesting enough to invest the time and $$
  12. Slayerofmen

    A slowplayers confession - advice needed

    A lot of the time just adding time to a round does nothing to help those games finish, I TOd a lot offantasy events back in the day and some Aos during V1 and extending the game time just seemed to give people the impression that they had more time to chat.....which is not what the extra time was for. Reducing the points size basically did the same thing of people thinking they had time to chat instead of play the game.
  13. Slayerofmen

    Help picking an AOS army

    Bad news: Reavers aren't available on the site. They used to come in the spire of dawn boxset and aren't sold seperately it would appear. Good news: get the AoS app their rules are in there
  14. So Australia as I understand it doesnt have a local warehouse so itll still come from the UK and keep in mind that prices have gone up between 30% -70% before shipping. It basically ranges out most if not all of the FW range out of affordability
  15. Slayerofmen

    Community Comp

    I think that comp packs not only get a generally bad wrap but are also viewed the wrong way. In australia east coast during 8th we played under, scgt, etc, panel comp, no comp and swedish and it was great not because it balanced the game but because it moved the goal posts and made people change up there lists and reconsider the choices they made which kept the game very fresh right till the end