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Found 6 results

  1. Hey just wondering if anyone has any theories about the other 4 mortarch of nagash? He has always had 9. 9 advisors, 9 dark lords, 9 Mortarchs (end times) He currently has; Arkhan the Black: Mortarch of Sacrement Mannfred Von Carstein: Mortarch of Night Neferata: Mortarch of Blood Lady Olynder: Mortarch of Grief Orpheon Katakros: Mortarch of the Necropolis That's 5, Mortarchs usually are a total of 9 so where is the other 4? I think Vlad and Krell are good solid choices, maybe/hopefully ushoran, abhorash, U'soran/Melkhior, drachenfels.
  2. “Do you feel it, Neferata? Do you feel the silent angles of the Corpse Geometries growing sharper about you? The charnel mathematics of Usirian have drawn you here...” This week, I Am Reading: Neferata: The Blood of Nagash by Josh Reynolds. The book continues pretty much directly on from The Rise of Nagash trilogy by Mike Lee so of course I got stuck straight in. What did I think? If you’re in thrall of the Queen of Mysteries, this is a must-read, offering a first-person glimpse into the mind and machinations of the First Vampire and her movements post the fall of Lahmia. The narrative focuses on the kingdom of Strigos and weaves Neferata's fate alongside those of Ushoran, W'soran, and (to an extent) Abhorash, as though the four weren't inextricably linked already. The fact that they have found each other again, despite having scattered after the fall of Lahmia, is called out and goes on to set up the theme that all are one with Nagash, symbolised over and over across the book through the black sun and the Crown of Nagash. For me, this is a story about free will and identity. "Neferata pushed herself to her feet. The voice of the crown — Nagash's voice — was back, smashing at her doubts and worries and fears. For an instant, she wondered if this was how others felt when she turned her gaze upon them." Don't let that fool you — there's intrigue and bloodshed aplenty. The rough'n' ready Strigoi warriors offer a satisfying foil to Neferata and her handmaidens. The ladies get their fair share of action, and when their claws are out, Neferata's enemies die. Flashbacks illuminate what happened to Neferata between the sacking of her city and her arrival at Strigos while conveniently introducing us to the origins of each of her closest handmaidens. My favourite thing about the book? Any book or story offering insights into how the First Vampires think and act is a must-read for me. Neferata lives up to her reputation as a manipulator, coercing warlords and sweet-talking the Lord of Masks as though they were chess pieces, but we also see Abhorash and his get (including some familiar faces!), Ushoran and the madness that slowly envelops him and his doomed bloodline, W'soran, hiding in the dark places beneath the mountains like a hungry spider... For acolytes of W’soran, the story also sets up the sequel, Master of Death. (Review coming soon.) Haven't read Neferata: The Blood of Nagash yet? Order a copy, turn down the lights, and dive in...
  3. Greetings people , Now i don't have that much experience on death yet but at least on my local store meta i feel i m doing something wrong . Can you please give me your heads up about those three lists below . The logic behind them is pretty similar , neferata mourngul and the gheist stick together for the negatives to hit while the zombies/ghouls chill on one objective hopefully managing to keep it through sheer numbers/regen . Still i m not sure how to continue from there so any advice is deeply appreciated . Cheers List2.pdf List1.pdf List3.pdf
  4. After reading balance of power I have been inspired to base my first army off of the forces of Nulahmia. Now I have only recently gotten into AoS (mostly play 40K) so I don't know much fluff from aos or "the world that was" and was wondering what a fluffy Lahmian army looks like I know I will need Neferata, a coven throne (or a couple) and vampire lords but what else should I know about lahmia, like do they still use vargheists or are they to disgusting for the ladies, or if they prefer skeletons over zombies, etc.
  5. I decided to start a deathrattle army (my firs AoS army) and was wondering what mortarch would synergize the best. I'm going to try and stick with deathrattle so lots of skeletons, grave guard and black knights and fluff wise the mortarch will simply be the benefactor of my wight king.
  6. The serpent queen sat silent upon her golden throne, her mind lost to reverie and distant visions. In her thoughts she saw a place she'd long thought gone forever, and it was just as she remembered it. Great streets and promenades, market stalls and grand temples, once so busy and full of life, now empty and desolate. This was not the Lahmia she had known. The facade looked the same of course, every minute detail down to cracks in the flagstones was there, but this was merely an elaborate copy, a work of fastidious obsession from a mind inhuman and wild with longing for the glory days of the distant past. This replica of the great city - the work of hundreds of years of tireless undead labour - existed for no other reason than to satisfy the ego of an ancient adversary. "Neferata", hissed Khalida as she brought herself back to consciousness. The tomb queen's eyes flicked open behind her golden death mask and undead servants, sensing the will of their mistress, scurried forward to dote upon her. Khalida paid them little heed, they were merely handmaidens that saw the world as it was so long ago, when they had still been alive and were serving their queen in life. She idly watched as the skeletal maidens fussed about her, anointing her worn bandages with fine lotions and perfumes as though they were caressing the smoothest skin, manicuring her nails with honed precision though they had long since rotted away. After the fall of the golden age her people had been risen up from death against their wills. Whole dynasties of tomb kings and princes coughing back onto the mortal coil to fight and bicker amongst themselves once more. Only the strongest among them truly knew that they were dead, the others just carried on as they did in life, oblivious to the eternal rest that had been so cruelly robbed from them. This was the vile unlife that the great usurper had forced upon them so many aeons ago, his revenge against a land that had dared to stand up against him. With a mote of anguish Khalida remembered when she had first awoken into undeath, her final memory of life burned into her mind. Had those been crocodile tears dripping down Neferata's face that fateful day? Had that truly been sorrow in those eyes as she'd thrust in that bronze blade and forced upon her that cold vampiric kiss? Only the blessings of the great asp goddess had spared Khalida from the same cursed fate as her cousin and granted her a natural death… for as long as it had lasted. Where once there had been a great love between the two cousins, now there was only hatred, the self-styled queen of new Lahmia was a blight upon the mortal realms and she and Khalida had long been destined to destroy one another. There had been a time, at the end of all things as they had watched the old world fall, that she had thought it possible to reconcile with her estranged cousin. Then when she had eventually re-awoken into the mortal realms, the hatred had returned with a newfound fury. It burned within her mummified form, giving her strength, it gnawed at her very being, it defined her and she could never forgive or forget. Wordlessly Khalida found herself muttering a prayer to Asaph for strength and began to wonder, in this new land beneath the shadow of Shyish, could the old gods truly still exist? Since the fall of the world that was the liche priests had continued the rituals and traditions of old, praying to their lost pantheon of gods that may well have fallen alongside their old land of Nehekhara. In cruel irony it had come to pass that the only god they truly served now was the great usurper himself, deposer of Usirian as ruler of their underworld, Nagash had brought them back from oblivion yet again for his own malevolent amusement. Khalida felt her ancient lips curl and crack at the mere thought of the great necromancer. While she had a debt of blood to repay her cousin Neferata, her entire civilisation had a debt of the deepest destruction to repay Nagash himself. Now was not yet the time however. They would have their revenge, but better to play the willing slave for a few centuries more until the time was ripe for the asp to strike. Closing her eyes once more Khalida’s thoughts as always drifted back to the monster that had once been her cousin. There she sat in a perfect replica of her throne room from ages past, in a perfect replica of the great city she had defiled with the vile soulblight curse she'd brought into the old world. Bone cracked and ancient bandage dissolved into mere smoke as the mighty queen Khalida clenched her bony fist with quivering rage. Then she calmed. Such anger was unbecoming for royalty such as herself, and she had endless time to prepare her revenge, there was no need to rush this final justice. Behind her death mask High Queen Khalida smiled, Neferata might think herself at last beyond the reach of death... but Khalida had legions of it yet to wield.
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