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  1. Second part of our campaign! We played a scenario from the WH core book the other day with 1600 pts. "The Empire vs Warriors of Chaos". The scenario saw us battle for control of the Ancient Ruins on top of the most central hill. The Ruins granted various magical benefits for the Wizards in control of the ruins. It was truly magnificent game! P.S. I appeal to all connoisseurs of Warhammer Fantasy. If we made mistakes during our game, please let me know, so that in the future these mistakes will not be repeated! Thanks! P.P.S. I added to my battle report some stop motion animations for fun! ]
  2. Coming soon! Second game of our campaign! We will play scenario- "The Dark Monolith of Zhulgozar"
  3. @Evangelist of Cinders We play the 8th edition! Today it is the latest edition for the Warhammer Fantast Battle. In my opinion this is the best edition! Added many new units and the most balanced system!
  4. Michael T Ravinsild Evangelist of Cinders Deepkin Thank you veru much dear friends For the support!!!
  5. Warhammer Fantasy campaign "Call of Darkness" Part one "Raze & Ruin" It was really wonderful game!!!
  6. This is my fully painted army of Khorne (part one)
  7. Feinar


    Hello! My name is Barukh. I am from Israel. I collect midels frim Games Workshop for 22 years I have: Empire, Warriors of Chaos, Ogre Kingdoms and Blades of Khorne!
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