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Found 11 results

  1. I played my second tournament at the beginning of march and commanded my Nordheimers to great success. Scored 3th place and won the overall rating including wins, painting, conversion and sportsmanship. They call it "Leonardo Award". Here`s my tourney list: We played 3 different scenarios with fixed realms, realmfeatures and realmspells. They were set by the TO`s and really well picked, in my opinion. We even used the hidden agendas from GW. 3 in each game and you were not allowed to use one twice. Overall it was a very good tournament experience for me. Here`s the battle report of the first game. Scenario was "Places of arcane power" and the opponent was an Idoneth Deepkin army with lots of Eels. Places of Arcane Power (page 60 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Shyish Realmfeature: Aethernachbeben (Add one to casts) Specials: 1) Command-Ability: Soul-Force Sacrifice (Core Book) 2) Spell: Word of Ending (Spell 1 Malign Sorcery) 3) Spell: Souldshroud (Spell 3 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Ethereal Guide (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the list of the Idoneth player: The game was real fun. Tthe left and right opjectives were hidden behind big towers which could block a whole griffon. This was bad for me. My initial game plan on this scenario was to set up my crossbows in the middle and kill everthing in the corners. So I picked the side which was more "open" to be able to get to the center easily. Unfortunatly he put his one shipwreck right before me to block my path to the center. After setup I gave him the first turn. He turned the tides with his Tidecaster. So in the second round all his units will be attacking first. Unexpectitly he refused to charge right into me. Instead he moved his units onto each objective and made no charges. On my first turn I nearly killed his 9 eels in the center with my crossbows. I also killed his 5 Khinerai at the lower left objective with a good roll of my archers. Luckily I got the double afterwards. In this turn I managed to kill his character holding the lower left objective with a hit of the Luminark, good boy🤩. The first 30 crossbows killed 10 Thralls near the center objective. The other 30 crossbows wanted to kill his Akhelian King on the second Objective. But he just used his artefact and I wasn`t allowed to attack him in this phase. Luckily I already moved my General on Griffon towards him and charged him directly. It was the second round, so he attacked first making 4 wounds on my griffon. Afterwards I just killed him. Rolling 2 6s on the hit the Sword of Judgement mad all the wounds needed for a dead Akhelian King Unfortunately I wasn`t able to get my Luminark onto the lower left objective. He was blocked by my own guards On his second turn he charged his othe runit of 9 eels into my general on the center objective and he died really quickly. There was absolutely no chance for him. Afterwards the game was done. I wasn`t able to score enough points with only my luminark being able to take objective. And his remaing character on the upper right objectives was out of my reach hidden behind this big tower. But I managed to score 2 hidden agendas in this game, which will be very important in the end. It was a fun game and I now know that it is possble to beat this dreaded Idoneth eels. Second game battle report on "Better Part of Valor". The opponent was a Beastclaw Raiders army with "Braggoth`s Beast Hammer" Battalion. The Better Part of Valor (page 58 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Aqshy Realmfeature: Flaming Missles (+1 rend for missle weapons if target unit is at least 12" away) Specials: 1) Spell: Fireball (Core Book) 2) Spell: Stock Rage (Spell 1 Malign Sorcery) 3) Spell: Parch (Spell 5 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Incandescent Form (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the Beastclaw list: This game was really tense and in the end depended on a single dice roll. I build my castle on the center and right objectives. Guards in front, a second ring of archers and handgunners 3" behind the guards and finally the crossbows 3" behind the second ring. So I was able to withstand his double pile-in from his battalion. On the left objective I placed my second griffon to force him to spread his units. He took first turn and charged right into me. Fortunatly he desided to move 4 Mournfangs towards the left to kill the lonely griffon. But there he missed the charge. In the center he managed to get all his units into me. 2 Goregrunta units and the Frostlord on the left of my castle. The 4 Mournfangs on the right. The Thundertusk moves really short and could only shoot is 6 mortal wound stuff at my guards. My shooting due to the great companies doesn`t went well. I had some bad roles and managed to kill only two Goregruntas and one Mournfang. In the combat phase his units hit really hard. He managed to kill the left Guards and nearly killed the right ones too. But 3+ save rerolling ones holds well nethertheless. After the first combatphase he decided to take the second pile-in from his battalion. Fortunatly my crossbows were still safe, far enough away from his units. But he killed all my handgunners and the rest of the guard in this turn. He even gained hold of the my center objective and burned it right away. On the right he could only kill the guards and my remaining archers safed me the objective. This was round one with many many casulaties on my side. The next roll for initiative was the game decider. Luckily I won the roll off and started the second round. In this turn I used Hold the Line on the Crossbows givung the +1 to wound and hit. Additionally I used the realmspell "Stock Rage" on one crossbow unit, giving them another +1 to wound rolls. So they were rending on 4+. I also managed to shot with the right crossbows to the left and vice versa. So the distance to the enemy was more than 12" and all attacks were with another -1 rend due to the realmfeature. This was bloody and I just killed all of his units. It`s insane what 60 can do when half of the hits are with rend -2 This was the game for me, afterwards I killed his remaining 4 Mournfangs with my griffons and took his objectives. His Thundertusk Beastrider were killed by my Luminark in round 2. The good boy hit 2 times with 6 damage. I really, really like my Lumi. Pew, Pew Lasergunz! I even scored my 3 hidden agendas in this game. Third game battle report on "Knife to the Heart" with a Seraphon army on the other side of the table. Knife to the Heart (page 50 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Ulgu Realmfeature: Darkly shaded (The maximum range of attacks or spells is 18") Specials: 1) Command-Ability: Lord of the Shadow Realm (Core Book) 3) Spell: The Enfeebling (Spell 3 Malign Sorcery) 2) Spell: Bridge of Shadows (Spell 5 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Aetheric Tendrils (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the List of teh Seraphon army: This game was not as interesting as the other ones for me. I splitted my companies and put one on my objective and the other one I wanted to use to get hold of his objective. In the end he send single units into my crossbows until round 3. I killed his Saurus Knights, Ripperdactyls, Saurus Guards and the Sunblood with only loosing my archers and getting 4 wounds on my griffon. But unfortunately I couldn`t really move forward due to him attacking all the time. The winning move was using the realm command ability and one realm spell to teleport a unit of 20 guards and a unit of 30 crossbows right in front of his objective. Luckily I got the double turn afterwards. With my Crossbows I swarmed his objective and was able to gain control of it, winning the game with a major victory. I even gambled really hard in this game and was able to score 3 hidden agendas. Including holding more objectives than the enemy In the end I went third place in this tournamend being tie with the second. But he had a better Strength of schedule. Meaning his opponenets scored better than mine so his wins were weighted higher. As mentioned before I really enjoyed this tournament. All players were nice and friendly and the organisation was very good. If you`re interrested in some stats you can look them up on this german tournament page: T³ - TableTop Tournaments I will remind myself to make more pictures in future games. Thanks for reading and commenting
  2. Here is a battlereport I uploaded in Lustria, hope you 'll enjoy ! http://lustria-online.com/threads/seraphon-vs-seraphon.20503/#post-211307
  3. First video of my new project around shadespire, comment are welcome
  4. Today I had another game down at the local. We decided to up the points to 1500 and again chose to use open war cards. Once again I faced Stormcast eternals. My List was as follows: 20 Khorne Marauder Horsemen with Javelins 2 Khorne Gorebeast chariots, which were being proxied by Bull Centaurs 10 Khorne marauders with marauder axes and shields 2 war mammoths with Howdah Allies: Bloodsecrator. I had over 100 points left over, so for story and theme we agreed that I could spend them on making the general mounted on the Mammoth and for his fighting profile he used the Darkhoath chieftain broadsword profile. Other than that the mammoth profile remained unchanged and he still could not be marked. - Fair I thought. My fall back was taking Sayl but I preferred this as it felt more right. We also decided that terrain would only have a property on a roll of 4 or more. All the terrain on his side was normal, on my side I had every piece as having something going on, mostly mystical and sinister as it happens. We rolled randomly for battle traits and artefacts, and as luck would have it I got the battle trait which reduces opponents bravery down by 1 within 6" and the artefact that knocks it down by another 2. this meant that if I was to get the charge in with the command mammoth I could effectively be making him take bravery checks at -5, or -7 of both mammoths got a charge within range. So, we drew the cards, and got an absolute belter of a set, the deployment card was hillarious as it essentially meant we could pitch up nose to nose. which ended up looking something like this.. As I had less wounds on the table, 80 something to his 180 something I drew the ruse card. I moved the gorebeast chariots to within 9 inches of his forces on the right flank. Turn 1 - Opponent He had won deployment and so moved all his troops forward. Using his ability he teleported a unit of two handed hammer dudes to seize the objective I'd placed at the back of the board. He moved all of his men forward to guard the objective and also to prepare to take the objective I had hidden behind the pillar, and also to brace for the onslaught of the mammoths. The unit of marauders were wiped out within a few strikes of big glaive stormcast dudes to all of three men. His archer stormcast managed to do four wounds to one of the mammoths (painted) with the starsoul mace doing another two off the bat. The rampage by the mammoth kills the three remaining marauders. Turn 1 - My turn Command phase sees me planting the banner and opening the portal of skulls, I bought him along not for the obvious +1 attack but really because I'm a defensive khorne player. I like the fact that the army is resistant to battleshock and has a buff vs magic. The mammoths although only bravery nothing, are a single model unit. I also use the marauder chieftain ability and roll a 4 for the nearby marauder horsemen unit. they advance towards the enemy 4" and then move 12". They're within 7" of the liberator unit on the left flank and proceed to throw their javelins. They're within range of a mystical terrain piece so annoyingly for him also get rerolls. The unit of ten stormcast loses four men. I declare charges with both mammoths and the gorebeast unit. The gorebeast gets in but doesn't manage to roll the magical 8. the unit goes head to head with the lord questor or whatever he is. he is reduced to two wounds, but manages to shake off most of the damage thrown at him. Command mammoth's goring tusks manage to do 7 mortal wounds and the other mammoth manages to do another 4 to the heavily armoured judicators. At the end of the combat phase, humorously he takes another three mortal wounds due to rampaging mammoths. Turn 2 - Opponent wins initiative. His Protectors charge into the mammoths, between the stormstrike glaives and the starsoul mace and the thunderbolt crossbow from the Judicators the mammoth already wounded is reduced to one wound! ouch. Justice is done however at the end of the combat phase when the rampaging mammoth kills the remaining Judicators. His liberator engaged with the marauder horsemen stubbornly refuses to die standing fast. His knight vexilor charges the mammoth and kills it. I win the roll however for wher it falls. I give him the joy of rolling to see if those underneath take damage. My mammoth takes out one of the gorebeasts! and also two of his characters. We leave the mammoth on it's side and declare it terrain. My Turn 2 My gorebeast succeeds in finally killing the vexilor, revenge for dealing the killing blow on the mammoth. The command mammoth makes reasonably short work of the remaining liberator unit and then that is wiped out by the marauder horsemen javelins. The marauder horsemen then sweep round and occupy and burn the remaining two objectives. My victory. It wasn't a tabling by any means but I did have the speed and numbers in the horsemen to occupy the objectives, I really like marauder horsemen in AoS and Khorne marauder horsemen with bloodsecrator assistance are quite deceptive in just how much they can rain down on an opponent, and they're not going anywhere. With the damned icon, they become downright annoying, and coupled with the mammoth's chieftain ability and (if I had a bloodstoker) would frighten a lot opponents with their speed. I would imagine their would work great against an old 8th ed player as they would view them as not that great or just as useless as they were in 8th fantasy battle - so might well dismiss them, until he had to deal with 60 javelin shooting attacks rerolling 1's to hit and wound if there was a bloodsecrator and a stoker there. mammoths are great, and hilariously funny at the same time. there's something comical about the rampage rule, and I sort of see them like I see Kdaai fireborn, where it's not wha they can do actively in combat, but it's the free wounds that are dished out passively. That and just by circumstance his bellow and the general's artefact and trait, and also his proximity to magical terrain meant that the liberator unit he faced off had to make battle shock tests at -6, but I have to say watching 15 wounds get cleaved off one in one turn was pretty eye watering. I love playing the slaves, and especially with the right allies you can use them to provide a really solid foundation to any chaos army. gorebeast chariots are again just rock solid and frustrating because of the high wound count. thanks for reading
  5. Jag tar rapport i engelska som jag bruka göra. I've been drawing up some lists in preparation for Gothcon. It had got to the point where I had umpteen variations and it was time to check my favourite candidate out. So I setup a match with Fabian the other (some say better, I say 'different') resident Stormcast player at Dragonslair. So right away in my head I'm thinking of the training arena in Azyr gifted by Malerion (iirc) where the Stormcast beat each other to death in hard as nails training then come back to life. Yeahhh. I'd like a themed board for that but I guess it's magic so can look like the lovely battlefield we setup for ourselves. I think given Stormcast lists are probably going to be popular it was a nice training exercise for the tournament to come. The lists I made a few changes to my own list. In part after reflecting over the BCR loss (although this game was against a very different opponent), in part to ease the painting rush and in part because I believe Vanguard units need to be at least 50% of a list to really start shining. So it's a more pure old school list: Fabian and I must have similar list building philosophies as more than a few elements in his list were similar. The biggest differences being no hammerstrike, extra fulminators and an Azyros: When we were unpacking my opponent explained some of his choices. I was doing the same in return, we were really trying to maximise the pre-tourney learning experience. When he told me had 4 fulminators (2 of which were on the painting table at home so that explains the empty bases you see in some pics even though he did try to hide them haha!) I had a good idea of the main threat I was facing and a plan started to form. I would hammerstrike 1 unit and I'd try stacking -2 to hit as long as possible on the other (until I hopefully killed them). But first, the scenario. The Scenario We rolled for it and, as luck would have it (in terms of practising) we got 3 Places of Power. This is the one where the kind of lists I take (usually 3 heroes) are always stretched the most. It also means careful thought about scions as this is that rare scenario where you want the first turn and you want heroes on the objectives right away. Deployment I had fewer drops (even though I have a lot, I think I want to try getting the number down for the tourney as first turn choice gives me many more scions setup options) so would finish first even after losing the roll for table edge choice/deployment. We both deployed with the idea to start contesting objectives with our heroes asap. This meant supporting units needed to come down too. As such we each left only a few choice units in the celestial realm: When complete, deployment looked like this: I think deploying my libs was maybe a mistake - even if I hadn't forgotten the Thunderhead Brotherhood wound reroll bonus (the only reason I deployed them to begin with). My other miscalculation was the gryph hound. I was a little unsure how to best try to catch the 3 units my opponent might setup from scions (or even lightning chariot redeployment). My judicators were ready to move forward and shoot the two heroes without mirrorshields (azyros and relictor). His relictor was beside one unit of Fulminators so I reckoned they'd be a good choice for hammerstriking. The Battle Special mention goes to the terrain this match, almost the entire left hand side of the board was mystical which meant that objective would be interesting. There was an inspiring forest on my opponents left flank and I had another mystical forest and a damned broken obelisk in the centre of mine. I chose to take the first turn. I passed all 5(ish) mystical tests and would enjoy some wound rerolls. I wanted my castellant to hold the middle with staunch defenders. He used his lantern ability on himself giving him an impressive 1+ save and healing wounds on a 5 or 6 (when facing no rend). My Relictor and LCoD were both potentially able to reach the righmost objective. I figured I'd want the relictor there first as the LCoD would love to have the ability to relocate with Lightning Chariot after. So they'd both move their initially and the LCoD would be catapulted off after. They'd also both be able to reach the wood filled with azyros and fulminator with their lightning storm abilities. With this in mind I successfully setup my relictor on the objective with lightning chariot. I also cast lightning storm doing some mortal wounds on the fulminators giving them -1 to hit. In the movement phase my castellant and LCoD ran towards the middle and right objective. My judicators moved into 24" range of their targets. My libs repositioned with poorish run rolls. I ran the gryph hound toward the center, a bit unsure of how to use him during battle to be honest. I rolled for my prosecutors and tempestors and got both down right away. I setup the prosecutors 9" from his relictor and fulminators on my left. My Tempestors landed 9" from his liberators (within 12" missile range of the fulminators) on the right. I was also then able to deploy both units of paladins in such a way that they should get 4 maces against the fulminators and relictor with a smattering of other normal attacks (note how my opponent shields his empty bases! A noble and worthy effort): In the shooting phase I put 2 wounds on the relictor and 4 on the Azyros with the judicators. I focused fire on the fulminators on the right with my tempestors and did perhaps a wound or two (tops), most importantly they were now on -2 to hit. My prosecutor prime managed to put 2 wounds on a fulminator. Charges! I felt much better about the hammerstrike force used properly (with living prosecutors). The 2 paladin units connected, the Protectors managing to wrap around quite well. The Tempestors attempted to charge the liberators (to try to perhaps draw the Fulminators and Azyros in too) but failed the 9" requirement. In the short combat phase my retributors starsoul mace'd the relictor and 1 fulminator. Their normal hammers put 3 wounds on the other fulminator. My opponent's counter was a clever liberator pile in to block my protectors from finishing off the other Fulminator... My first turn had ended and I got 2 scenario points for control of the 2 objectives. I felt pretty confident but there was a chance for my opponent to do some real damage to my heroes (only 3) and get the double turn. He passed his mystical terrain checks and used the expected command abilities and hero phase abilities. He gave the protectors +1 save. He rolled for scions (passing all). He deployed everything (his judicators in a wood) to focus on my LCoD and Relictor (smartest move). He ran the Azyros towards the objective to fully benefit from the rerolling 1s ability (this would be a real pain! It's a great bonus). His Fulminators (with -2) moved to charge my LCoD. He moved to threaten my center with liberators and LCoD. He formed a shield to stop the tempestors coming for the Azyros (also smart) with the liberators on the right. On my left he retreated the fulminator towards my battellines and moved his protectors towards mine. His Castellant in the same board section moved towards the objective on my left but rolled poorly for his run roll. Would I weather the shooting phase? Somehow I did! The fulminators could not hit with a -2 and the 10 Judicators, though they rolled exceptionally well for their special bows, only managed to chip 5 wounds from the LCoD. In his charge phase he reached the Relictor with the Azyros, and the LCoD with 2 wounds left faced the fulminators. His protectors charged in to my protectors in a neat little wedge. So well done was it that he got all attacks in versus only 2 of my protectors being in range even after their pile in later in the combat phase. In the middle his liberators made a long charge but his LCoD fluffed his. The Fulminators opened the proceedings. The -2 really helped me out here and my LCoD survived (I think I had to make just 1 save against the spears and 1 against the Dracoths). I activated my Relictor first in the hope of killing the Azyros before he could try his luck. Unfortunately the Relictor wasn't able to take the last wound off. In return his Azyros managed to knock off a couple of wounds on the Relictor. The 2 Protector units exchanged blows - I lost 2 and killed none in return - and my opponent's liberators, in what I can only describe as a masochistic act against an animal of the mortal realms, focused entirely on the Gryph hound. I think 8 wounds went through in total. My LCoD had no urgency so was left to the end. I couldn't reach the Azyros and if I could I think at that stage I would have chosen the Fulminators as a greater threat. However in hindsight with the reroll, the ability to challenge the objective and the lantern bomb due next turn, I should have done more (although, as I said, I didn't have the option). In any case he didn't disappoint with his Lightning Hammer and gift of the six smiths. The Dracoth connected with 1 intolerable damage too. He took out the Fulminator unit. I feel the -2 was definitely very important here. The Tempestors (relictor is already an autoinclude) feel nice in this list. At the end of his turn I had control of 2 objectives still and he had 0. So points wise I was sitting pretty on 2 with the potential for 4 more in my next turn. Now he had the chance for the double turn. Which he needed really as I was positioned to end things rather quickly. Gladly (as the game was very good and I wouldn't have wanted it over too soon) he won 6 to 4. He rolled for mystical and failed with his surviving fulminator and passed everything else. The usual command abilities came out but then the lantern bomb from the Azyros hit me damaging the relictor and killing my LCoD. He moved his liberators in the middle to charge my judicators on the right and screened the tempestors further with his Javelin Prosecutors (the tempestors were now rather cleverly boxed in with not so many juicy -1 hit targets). He rolled horribly again for his Castellant and didn't come within 6" of the left objective. He focused his Judicators on my Relictor and his Prosecutors on the Tempestors. The Tempestors were wholly untroubled but my Relictor was killed! Fortunately for me concluded (we had a bit of a rules read here) this meant he didnt have control of the objective with the Azyros as he didn't kill the controlling hero or move to an uncontested objective. His LCoD used the breath attack on my last surviving hero, my Lord Castellant in the middle, but missed like in the first turn. In the charge phase he quickly followed up with the LCoD making his charge into the Castellant. He got 3 extra Tempestos Hammer attacks but could only break the 1+ save with only 1 rend once doing 2 damage. There were a few other tit for tat exchanges including my loss of more Protectors (leaving 1) and then my Retributors in turn killing all but 1 in my opponents protector unit. He killed all but two of my judicators on the right. The score remained 2-0. I hadn't done too badly facing a double turn but I had 1 hero left, in the middle of everything and my opponent had 3 with 2 potentially able to take and hold the flank objectives. How would I prevent that? I had to shoot the Azyros as my opponent had blocked off all other combat avenues very neatly and charge the Castellant (because mirroshield would mean I'd be wasting a lot of shots). I rolled for mystical terrain and passed them all. The Castellant shielded himself again and I chose to sacrifice to the deadly terrain for the Lib squad. They would then target the LCoD with the Castellant. They'd have +1 to save from the Castellant's Staunch Defenders, +1 to hit from Lay Low the Tyrants, +1 to hit from Deadly and reroll failed wounds from Mystical. I moved my prosecutors over the Fulminator to charge the Castellant. My Tempestors ran back behind the rock towards the enemy Prosecutors. I moved my liberators on the left towards his castellant and the liberators on the right towards the direction of the Azyros. If I rolled a long charge I might get a handful of attacks in! In my shooting phase I managed to do nothing to the Castellant with the Prosecutors, my judicators on the left shot at his LCoD (a mistake! Should have been the Azyros but I had lost focus a bit) and did nothing. My Tempestors focused on the Prosecutors, killing 1 and putting a -1 to hit on them. Their mounts were out of range or they'd have died. Time for some charges. My Tempestors somehow failed which would later prove costly pinning them as it did for another turn. My liberators on the left did not reach anyone. On the right (where they squeezed between the enemy liberators and a rocky outcrop to reach the Azyros)... ...and in the middle they rolled well. My Prosecutors reached his Castellant. In the combat phase I managed to do almost nothing save blast the last enemy protector to ashes. My liberator that could reach his Azyros fluffed all rolls. I did however roll a bunch of 5s and 6s when the enemy LCoD tried attacking my Castellant putting him back on full wounds... I also added 2 points to my core and was sitting on 4-0 at the end of round 2. The losses so far> Time for the fickle initiative roll! Which I lost ... Still if my castellant survived the next turn (putting me on 7 points) and I could kill either the Azyros or Castellant in my R3 turn it would make it impossible for Fabian to win with his last 2 turns. He would only be able to manage 6 points total. I was in for a wild ride! But the Castellant was as tanky as could be. Knowing this my opponent had to protect his Azyros (the weakest hero remaining) and kill my Castellant and take the left objective with his Castellant and shield him from the Paladins ready to chase him through the mystical terrain. With that in mind he set to work. The usual command abilities with the Castellant warding himself with his lantern. He passed all mystical tests gaining some rerolls but most importantly keeping the Castellant and Fulminator mobile. The Fulminator blocked (as best he could) the Paladin path whilst readying to charge the prosecutors. His Castellant fled and rolled well reaching the objective. He moved the Azyros a little closer to the objective. He now had control of 2 this turn. His judicators edged out of the woods and his other units held firm or were in combat. He focused his shots on my liberator unit threatening (potentially) the Azyros, finishing them off totally. His Fulminator blasted a prosecutor away with lightning discharge. In the combat phase he killed all but the Judicator Prime on the right and turned his LCoDs attention on my Liberators. Thankfully they benefitted from Staunch Defenders and rerolling 1s. Still 2 fell. I was able to manage 2 wounds on his LCoD in my retalations. His Fulminator couldn't kill the remaining 2 prosecutors (I rolled 3 x 6s to save against the rider and dracoth). My opponent racked up his first 2 points. All he had to do was survive with this Azyros and Castellant and he would be in with a good chance of winning. I needed to kill either of those two and I would be all but safe. I had a full unit of judicators in range of his Azyros so was confident he would die that is until I rolled for mystical and all but those judicators passed! ******. The fine light of the lantern bathed my Castellant again. My paladins moved to prepare to charge his Fulminator - a good charge could mean squeezing past to the enemy Castellant with 1 star soul mace, which would be enough if I could just put some damage from another source on him. With nothing bar 1 judicator prime able to reach his Azyros the Castellant was maybe priority number 1. I moved the Tempestors closer to the Prosecutors - if the battle went longer and I had the castellant left I could reach and kill the Azyros and would maybe be okay. The last liberator unit on the left moved close to the castellant ready to charge. There was little other movement. In the shooting phase I wiped out the prosecutors with the Tempestors. My judicator prime tried to down the Azyros but I rolled abysmally and he saved. Things were looking hairy. In the charge phase I connected with my liberators into the castellant and rolled well for my retributors putting the single Starsoul mace in contact with the Castellant! I started with them and the star soul mace did okay leaving the Castellant with 2 wounds, the other blasted the Fulminator down to 2 wounds remaining and then the lightning hammers rolled a 6 killing the fulminator. The enemy LCoD finished off my liberators. Now my liberators piled in around the Castellant. It was a tall order. He was on a 2+ save with 6s healing him (3+ against the big hammer no heals) and I had 3 liberators in combat range... All 3 went through from the big hammer and 3 from the small (thanks in part to mystical rerolls) and my opponent managed to roll 2x2s taking him to -1. However there were also 3 dice with which to roll 2 6s and recover some of the wounds he had already taken. Luckily it was not to be so. They did it! The score was now 7-2 in my favour. I had basically won. Before we got to doing maths to see if there was a point in playing we rolled for initiative (I lost again). My opponent took a quick turn with the focus on killing the Castellant (his only hope) ignoring anything that couldn't impact combat or shooting against the castellant in my opponent's 4th turn. The result? We called it there. A major victory to me. My final casualties were: I am quite happy with how I played this match. Fabian is a great Stormcast player. I think I did well against him because I understand stormcast so my main weakness (plain old ignorance!) is not such a problem. Thoughts Had I lost this game I would still have had a great time. Stormcast v Stormcast with movement shenanigans seems really fun. I also learned a lot too. However questions remain including: Do I want a gryph hound? Is it not better to aim for undercutting other lists and getting the glory bonus? What do I want want to protect with my gryph hound (and remember you need ranged near the hound to be of any use against alphastrikers - which you may not even dent)? Staunch Defender and a Lord Castellant Lantern is very good especially on a general Lord Castellant. But can I afford to have no battleshock resistance? I lost maybe 4 or 5 models to battleshock this game. One relictor is probably not enough for the antics they can get up to (but what could I drop?) I want an Azyros! How do I fit one in? In this match we are both not super hard hitting (bar a few units) and quite resilient - contrast to the beating from Stonehorns last match - am I going to be as durable against other armies (like more mws or higher rend)? Probably not. Is 2 x 5 paladins enough? If not what could I drop to take 10 retributors? Do I want to keep the Tempestors (I really feel like I do)? Can I squeeze in 3 Longstrikes just to take some roadbump Aetherwings against those quick charge lists? Again there's not much room in the list. Do I want mirrorshields on all heroes? (The answer is YES bar the Castellant here lantern of the tempest might still be great as it gives other units the benefit too) But for me the biggest question remaining is - are my formations worth it? I could fill the battleline with 3 x 5 liberators for 300 points saving 400 points. Enough to do some interesting stuff. BUT I lose out on an artefact on EACH hero, I lose out on 10 judicators who get rerolls to wounds with another 2 units from the formation nearby. And I am taking 3 libs anyway. More realistically I'd be taking 2 x 5 judicators and 1 x 5 liberators as a min battleline so I'm only saving 280 points and tbh I think 5 liberators is much too few. No I think the brotherhood stays. Hammerstrike then? Especially with 2 x 5. I actually like the smaller footprint and more surgical feel to 2x5. It means I can have some other mini-hammer to go along with them. I think I'll keep it for sure but will ponder 220 more for more retributors. The more pressing question is do I take decimators? Do I feel I don't have a horde counter? IF I do do I replace the protectors (and do what against monster heavy lists?) Anyway. Good match! Hope people enjoyed reading.
  6. Hi! Here in Gothenburg, western part of Sweden, Age of Sigmar is flourishing. I´ve been playing Warhammer at the local club for 6-7 years now and I´ve never seen the buzz that is now. So, we´ve got a load of new players down at the club and we´ve had a lovely season of AoS games. So for the first time in a few years, we even had enough players to have a decent- sized Club Championship. There where 20-isch players signed up but due to life-getting-in-way-of-hobby- drop outs we where 14 players that made it to the end. I'm working crazy hours and moving houses and had a lot of things to do with organizing the event, so I knew there would be no chance in hell I'd get something new painted. Thus, I had the choice between the Sylvaneth I've been pushing around for a few months, or - Tomb Kings! So surely, TK it was. A lot of the new players had never seen or even less so played against TK so I thought it might be fun to get the dessert kings on the table. Although on round bases, the army is more or less the leftovers from 8th edition but I think I got a decent list going anyway: Tomb King on Royal Sphinx, Ruler of the Night, Tomb Blade Lieche Priest Lieche Priest Herald 30 Skeleton archers 30 Skeleton warriors 6 Necroknights 3 Necroknights 3 Chariots 3 Chariots We were trying out some secondary objectives scenarios with stuff like "kill the enemy general before turn 4" or "survive with a monster in your army" etc. I think we got it a bit wrong with the ratio between primary and secondary scenarios; a major win in one of the GH handbook scenarios gave you 10 BP, a minor 7 (and the opponent 0 or 3). Then the secondary gave you another 5 for scoring your own and an additional 5 for stopping your opponent from scoring theirs. IN hindsight I think a ratio of 14 for primary and 6 for secondary would have been better. Although, that might be ´cuse I - spoiler alert! - didn't win! Vs Seraphon First game I rock up against Seraphon. Really nice guy, good game. He had a Slann, some kind of tanky saurus, dude, 4x5 saurus guards, 3 krox, 2 bastiladons and some skinks and the Engine of the Gods. And probably something more, there was def a formation there somewhere. Primary scenarios where randomly selected for all players before the game, and this round we played Border wars. He deployed all the big dinos in the middle, most of the saurus guards on my right, kroxigors on my left. I can´t remember what secondary he had, but I thought that there´s no chance in hell he´s killing my Tomb King so chose a secondary where I was supposed to keep the general alive. I anchored my central objective with skeleton archers, chariots to act as roadblocks. Sphinx and big necros to the left of them, skeleton warriors way out on the left to secure that objective and smaller necros on the right to tank that one. He could have taken first turn but didn't - big mistake. A lot of players just get a hard-on for that double turn. I said "thanks a lot" and moved everyone in place, controlling three objectives turn one. Dinos pushed in the middle, kroxigors went towards my warriors and the saurus guards tried to make a long move around a mysterious terrain piece. He did get double turn but failed one of the bastiladons charge. Engine went in to necroknights and oh boy did he not see what was coming there. Over a few combat rounds they tore it to shreds. My chariots road-blocked his other dinos and the TK went hacking at the second bastiladon in my turn three. Saurus guards had to go in on the necros one unit a turn thanks to some terrain so they just kept bouncing. Skeleton warriors tanked their objective long enough before the kroxigors finished them of. So primary scenario was a big win for me. However, I did not factor in the mortal wounds spam of the bastiladons, even less so with two of them in the same area. My TK went down in the end, sadly in part because I kept forgetting that it halves the wounds AND also forgot the tomb blade. So it ended up in a 15-5 victory for me. All in all, an ok start, bu boy do you curse yourself when you lose out on something only because you´ve forgotten stuff! After that, it was time for lunch and beer-shopping, and then I had to sort out the match-ups for turn two. Which led to me getting to face... Skaven! Nice! There where two skaven players at the event and I´ve hardly had a chance to play them at all, neither the Skaven nor those players that is. Very exited! He had a Verminlord... something? The master clan thingy, whatever it´s called. 3 storm fiends, 3 units of clan rats (2x10 and one bigger unit), 30 (?) stormwermin, hell pit, warlord, screaming bell, a few other characters and... thats it, I think? We played Blood and Glory. My secondary was to survive with a monster (aka Royal Warsphinx try 2), his was killing my skeleton archers. So I deployed them on my left, pushed up as far as they could go, with a big "come and get me" painted on their chests. And he did! Stormfiends, bell and two units of clan (one big, one small) rats deployed across them. Over on my side, the king and the 6 necros where close enough to see the peril of the archers. Then on my right the rest of the stuff just spread out to face of against hell pit and friends. His central part of the deployment zone was more or less empty. Gave him first turn and he pushed it, leaving just a few units of clan rats to cover the objectives. That meant the storm fiends and clan rats where close enough for the necros and the king. Buffed em up with smiting and the kings command ability, and yolo´d in to the storm fiends and the bell (due to some deadly terrain I had to take them both on at the same time). Turns out it was not much of a yolo moment as the snakes just tore through two fiends and what remained of the bell (having been the target of the archers prior). Things popped and fell apart and the left flank was all mine. Goodie! On the other side of the battlefield hell pit came crashing in to my poor skeleton warriors and proceeded to not impress at all, whiffing more or less all of its attacks. The warriors formed a shield wall, got boosted by mystic shield and added insult to injury by popping back 6 of them in my hero phase. Three necros then joined the battle and hey-ho. That left my chariots and tomb king to go for the last objective, i.e. to take on the vermin lord and storm vermin. That turned out to be a bit to big of a bite. We promptly had a nice pillow fight for a few turns which in the end left the king and the vermin lord standing there eying each other up. And thus, the game ended with a minor victory to the tomb kings, having also scored both secondary objectives. Go Tomb Kings! Well, go me anyway. A few more beers went down and then it was time for game three. The "swiss" draw meant I'd be playing my good friend Mikael and his teleporting "I dream about Les Martin" Stormcasts. However, we've played each other at the very least a 100 times over and both felt that nah, not again. Club championships, lots of new players, armies we´ve never seen before, lets try something new. So I shuffled things around and made a new draw. Sadly that meant there was no chance in hell I´d win the tournament as I had to beat Mikael to do so. Instead.. Slaves to darkness ... was my final game. Or should I say, warriors of chaos? Most of it was re-based but with a lot of stuff still on the painting table, this was a blast from the past. A lot of warriors, daemon prince, lord on horse, gore beast chariots and 10 (!) chaos knights. We played Gift from Heavens and I was due to kill that daemon prince to get my secondary. I bunkered most stuff around a big (huuuuge, Bernie would say) building in the middle of my deployment zone, took first turn, buffed things up and stayed put awaiting the meteors. Chaos pushed forwards, got the double turn, and retreated a bit to get back to their objective. My turn two I anchored my objective with warriors and pushed everything up. Think I'll keep it short here, as it's getting late. Turns out neither chaos warriors nor knights are all that, at least not when facing a proper TK smash! Things fell apart pretty quick for my opponent. I never could get to that daemon prince though, as he was hugging the far end of the board. 15-5 in the end. I got myself a "best painted" trophy, so that's great! With the pack we made we'd put sportsmanship and best painted at an extra 15 tournament points each, so with that win I could have taken bot the best painted and the overall win- trophies with me home. But that felt a bit to much (after all, I bought the trophies and had no intention of carrying them all home again!) so I just ruled it that the one with the most tournament points from the three games got the big one - so once again, Mikael got to take a prize with him home! Must say I loved to play the tomb kings! I´d forgotten how much good synergies there are in that army. Really fun to play and good in each phase of the game. I'll end with a few pics, thanks for reading!
  7. Scenario: Border war. Major victory gave 15-5 in tournament points. That number was then adjusted +-5p according to the difference in killpoints for eliminated warscrolls for a final score between 20-0 and 0-20. Solaris´ army consisted of: Settra, Tomb king on foot, Hierophant, Tomb prince on Warsphinx, 2x5 Skeleton horsemen, 2x1 Tomb Scorpions, 3 Necropolitan Knights, 40 skeletons and 6 Spirit Hosts. My army is presented in the first blog post of this blog. Pre game thoughts: Having played a few games against Settra I knew that he is powerful in combat and have even more powerful abilities to augment his minions with. Therefor my first goal was to take him out early on. I opted to continue my first turn aggression tactics and thus taking some risks by placing my fate in the dice Gods mercy. Terrain of significance (described from what became my front of view after choosing sides) In the absolute center of the board was a very tall and rather big stone formation (impassible due to its height). At the center-left of the board, just were one of the scenario objectives were situated, there were a large hill. In the middle of his deployment zone he had one big area terrain. I had some area terrain at the left side of my deployment zone. The free Wyldwood (the tournament allowed a maximum of one citadel wood to be placed at a time regardless of source) was planted at what became the right objective from my perspective. Deployment: As he had a lot of deployments I needed not to set up my whole formation at once to get the first turn. His deployment was: A screen of skeleton horsemen to my left and behind them the prince on sphinx. In the big area terrain at the middle of his deployment zone were the 40 skeletons, the hierophant and the king on foot placed. Just right of them and just behind some of the skeletons was Settra. To my right was another screen of horsemen placed with the spirit hosts and Necropolitan Knights right behind. The tomb scorpions were buried beneath the sand (not on the board at the start of the game but ready for ambushing). My army was deployed in a half-circle in my deployment zone ready to walk the spirit path to another forest if I managed to plant one right beside them. Only the revenants were kept in reserve. The battle begins I took the first turn and planted one Wyldwood in my deployment thanks to the acorn of ages. My Treelord Ancient then managed to create another forest with his ability and I put it close the left objective just to the left of the large stone formation at the center of the board. After failing the hand of glory but succeeding with mystic shield (both on Durthu) I started to teleport my troops too more favorable positions. The two Kurnoth hunter units with bows were teleported to the left forest to secure the objective and still be able to fire against Settra. The left flank also looked less scary than the right with only some skeleton horsemen and the sphinx to worry about. The kurnoth hunters with scythes, the Treelord Ancient and the Spirit of Durthu were all redeployed to the right forest just nine inches from the skeleton horsemen. Unfortunately none of them got a 6 when rolling for the spirit path and therefore could only charge after teleporting. The two units of dryads were deployed just beside the other troops to the right ready to claim the objectives and fight skeletons. The Branchwych were left alone at the home objective and the Loremaster just moved forward in the center. In the shooting phase I opened fire with both bow units and the Treelord Ancient against Settra. With some favorable dice rolls the Ancient took 4 amazing wounds out of Settra. Between the great arrows of the two hunter units the once great Settra fell. I couldn’t be anything but pleased with this start of the game. The Kurnoth Hunters managed a long charge and just reached the skeleton horsemen while the two great Treelords fell short in their attempts to do the same. But the Hunters not only made it to combat, more importantly; they locked the spirit hosts in combat to. As long as the Hunters didn´t killed the skeleton horsemen the Spirits were locked in a combat they couldn´t contribute in (due to having 1” range in combat). The Hunters therefore attacked the Spirits instead. Not an ideal matchup but better than having them up close. I think one was able to pile in. One of the Necropolitan Knights also piled in at the other flank of the Hunters and did some damage. What a turn! Settra dead, holding 3 objectives and the spokey snakes and spirits tied up in combat. At this moment I lost my sense of tactical judgement. Too filled with joy for the excellent start to understand that the battle wasn´t quite over yet. My opponent realized that he had to play for the objectives to stand a chance once Settra was gone. In his turn he set up the Tomb Scorpions just outside my home objective ready to charge my lone and exposed Branchwych. I didn´t realize that they could pop up 5” from your troops and then charge. To my left he made two long and successful charges with the other unit of horsemen and with the prince on sphinx against my two units of Kurnoth Hunters with bows. In combat The Sphinx was a beast and started to hammer my Hunters to firewood. The Necro Knights retreated from combat and the Spirit Hosts continued to do next to zero damage. The Scorpions killed the wych and took the objective in my deployment zone. I think he got the second turn and the grind continued in al combats. In my second turn I tried to save the Kurnoth Hunters to the left by teleporting both units (1 hunter left in one of them) to the relative safety at the other side of the board. The Ancient had made yet another forest just right of the center stone formation at there were the Hunters placed. I healed one back with the formation spell and buffed the Spirit of Durthu with hand of glory. An alternative would have been to teleport some back up to the hunters instead but my opponents units were placed in the forest and thus hindered any teleporting attempts. The same were true for the forest in my deployment zone due to the presence of the scorpions. At the right side of the battlefield the Loremaster ran to hold the objective at the center-right and by that freeing the dryads to move elsewhere. The Ancient and the big band of dryads moved towards the center of the board to threaten the skeletons that camped at the objective in my opponent’s deployment zone. Unfortunately they were too far away making it hard to charge. The Spirit of Durthu joined the Kurnoth Hunters with scythes in their battle against the horsemen and the spirits. The smaller unit of dryads moved back with the mission to secure the home objective. The Tree-revenants were brought to the battlefield at the outside of my home objectives Wyldwood. In retrospect I did some mistakes in this movement phase. I underestimated the threat against my home objective and tied up my Durthu in a fight that were rather insignificant for the big picture. He (actually a she-model) could have aided my Ancient and dryads earlier in their struggle to take my opponents home objective. In my shooting phase the Kurnoth hunters with bows killed at least one of the scorpions, maybe both? (can´t remember). I don´t remember the exact details of all the following battlerounds but I will give you a summary with some highlights. In a well thought maneuver Solaris let his Sphinx abandon the left objective (the horsemen still held it) and instead move towards my home objective. In a later turn he placed it close to the edge of the large stone formation and by that effectively created a wall of stone that my troops couldn’t cross. The giant roadblock that goes under the name Warsphinx only takes half of the wounds suffered. That´s a good ability when you want to stop your enemies´ advance. The sphinx was eventually killed by the combined strength of magic into Wyldwood, Hunters with bows in close combat and most importantly by all my shooting, but it was too late. The horsemen to the left stood by the objective for the rest of the game with just some loses to bowfire. They, and the wellplaced sphinx, also stopped my troops from walking the spirit paths for a surprise attack (they stood to close to the Wyldwoods or inside them and therefor my troops couldn’t teleport). At the right side of the battlefield it was all about delaying. The skeletons and Necropolitan Knights were placed in the path of the Spirit of Durthu who turned them into boneflour in a frenzied stampede. But it took precious time until I eventually controlled the objective they protected. The dryads assisted Durthu in his/her efforts. In the end we didn’t have time to finish all the battlerounds and the last round were lost. Result Solaris secured the scenarios main objective by winning the objective controlling score by 19-18. But as I had wiped out his whole army baring those (damned) skeleton horsemen and lost next to nothing in return the 15-5 score were reduced by 5 for his part and increased by 5 for mine. End score: Draw (10-10 in tournament points) Conclusions: I must say that I´m impressed by Solaris´ comeback after having lost Settra in turn 1. He played brilliantly and I got sloppy. A lesson was learned. I shouldn’t have left my home objective with those weak defenses and when danger presented itself I should have reacted more firmly and faster. I was too confident that the fall of Settra would give me the upper hand. As it was I almost managed to get that big win despite those mistakes (just two more objective points…). Solaris´ tactical skill was no one hit wonder as he followed up the draw with 3 crushing victories and one more draw ending on 2nd place. That’s all for now but don’t panic – more battlereports will be published soon. The story continues with some Order vs. Order action. First up: Stormcasts.
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