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Found 10 results

  1. Ok, guys, you know what this is about: A new endless spell has been revealed in a very teasing way, and it matches the evil dwarfs' kind of magic. This thread is not to discuss if GW is only being cruel with the pointy hats fans or we are really getting new CD, but to canalize our wishlists and fears in one thread. Personally, I would like to see: Dawi-zharr as a Destruction faction: I'm not adamant about this, but I think it would be kinda cool. IIRC, Hashut was killed during the End Times (by Gork and Mork, nonetheless), at least according to Reynolds unofficial expanded universe, so there is little point in keeping the "chaos" tag for them (I mean, besides being mutated and making deals with the slaves of darkness). Their way of life is more organized than your typical destruction faction, but their society is pretty destructive nonetheless. A stronger case can be made about they remaining in the chaos allegiance, but being destruction would add some variety to a grand allegiance that really needs it and maybe warm the heart of its players. Hobgoblins: Sure, I talk about variety above, but some more greenskin won't hurt!. Maybe this new ones would be a race created by the dawi-zharr using grot prisoners and modeled after their slaves of yore. They really are not needed, but they were one of my favourite races of the Old World, along skavens and goblins (I do have a type). What I expect: An off the charts steampunk aesthetic, and bull motifs everywhere. A safe bet, I know. What I fear: Nothing really. Bring it on!
  2. I think I am not alone in being baffled by the End Times plot, as someone who came to AoS after the Old World ended. I am trying to get a grasp for how the Chaos Dwarfs might be integrated into AoS without a retcon. I have seen that orcs sacked the CD capital during the end times and that Gork/Mork defeated Hashut... but where was that written about in the official fluff? I have also seen vague reference to current AoS fluff mentioning the Chaos Dwarfs. Does anyone know of an actual example of this?
  3. Starting my DZ army. Praying for Hashut's blessing. Sacrifice a slave for me.
  4. Finished my first ever miniatures for my future LOA/CD army, C&C Appreciated :)
  5. I've have been in this hobby for a while now (I remember trying to paint a five man box of tea-tray handed Space Marines at an age when painting inside the lines was still a challenge), and have always been undisciplined in both completion and painting ability. Therefore this plog, (i'm old enough that 'plog' will always make me think of a freaky puppet spitting on the lens of a camera, if you don't understand what I'm talking about count yourself lucky), is an attempt a both maintaining a half decent painting pace and to act as an incentive to improve my painting. I've never completed an 'army,' I put 'army' in inverted comma's because i've also never played any of GW's games, the closest i've come is recreating the classic arena of death with 40K characters with a friend of mine in Bugman's over a pint while I was still a student about 15 years ago (if your interested the C'Tan Nightbringer won hands down every time). So for me at the moment an 'army' is purely a collection of models that I think look cool and have been painted in a cohesive style. I hadn't painted for a while, and when I say while I means years, although I have kept up with GW's goings on and the fluff of both 40K and WFB. I moved to london at the time AoS launched, and at the time also discovered the Heelanhammer podcast. The move to London, the launch of AoS, the boundless enthusiasm of Dan and Wayne, and a sudden plethora of free time, sparked the dormant collecting gene which is woven into the DNA of any model enthusiast. So I decided to pick up a paint brush and reacquaint myself with GW's ever growing range of paints and hobby products, I also picked up the AoS starter set to have a stab a painting myself some Stormcast. My job is not particularly creative, involving a large number of spreadsheets and emails, so when I began painting this chap I remembered just how much I enjoy the creative part of the hobby, and while this model won't win me any awards I was happy with the results. But like any hobbiest the lure of new and shiner plastics is an ever present call, and I found myself abandoning the Stormcast for my one true love, those evil little 'B*****ds who used to have massive hats and a penchant for big angry cows, Chaos Dwarfs. In one madness induced evening, deprived of sleep, and spaced out watching too many episodes of Voltron I ordered pretty much 1 of every Chaos Dwarf model from Forgeworld. So after what I assuming most people have decided is far to lengthy an intro what follows is the first thousand points of painted CD's, I also have to make a decision, do I continue and finishing painting the CD models I have left (about another 1000pts), a 1000pts of Skaven, or Beastmen. I've decided a 1000pts at a time is enough to not scare me off and keep me enthusiastic about each project while I'm doing it. So please feel free to comment, give me ideas, feedback. The point of all of this, lost amidst the ramblings, is to keep me motivated and to slowly improve my painting skill. I've added the units in order that i've painting this first batch. I actually went back and repainted the command unit and the unit of fireglaives after painting the Irondaemon because they didn't quite fit with style that seemed to organically develop as i painted, there was also a 4-5 month gap between starting the Irondaemon and finishing it as I lost the will to live painting the spurs on the wheels. Strangely i didn't actually like the Bull Centaur or K'daai models when I bought them and only fell in love with them when I started painting them. I'm still not entirely sure about the K'daai's paint job, but I was happy enough with it to call it a day. I think the daemonsmith may have been my fav model to paint. Anyway thanks if you've made it this far, as i said please feel free to feed back, give advice, comment...and I promise the next post won't contain quite so many words. Ta, Ev
  6. AWESOME! Love the way multiplayers GHB make the rolls constant for turns so you can never line up your moves to any certainty. And selecting the order of close combats was baller. ~1600ish points open play event: Fog of War scenario, coalitions rolled to be Bloodbound, BCRaiders vs. my Fyreslayers but a Legion of Azroth player turned up to try his army out so we joined his cousins and were pleased the runemasters did maintain an utter lack of upperlip moustache Ended 4th turn due to time. Badguys coalition won (the taller ones, in this case). Recorded some brief audio for ep 165 Combat Phase podcast next week. Lords of the Lodge Fyreslayers did very well. Some pics and highlights: Skarbrand urges both slaughterpriests to bring Runepappy on magmabomb closer, with only 8 wounds left to autokill. Magmabomb banks on this and kills both slaughterpriest in bleeding both hero and combat phases Skarbrand, enraged by Azroth on Bull Taurus summoning Balewind Vortex (hey, open play, we were all surprised) killing ****** he dashed into their ranks and deleted a unit of infernal guard. 25 Vulkites tunnel up to try and contest the objective...and fail their charge 8 mourfang punish them...tar pit rest of game. Lord of Lodge both activations dish out mortal wounds aplenty to bloodbound. Grimwrath fights blood dudes what attack when they die in a ping-pong of follow-up attacks and death blows (always a joy fighting bloodbound w/Fyreslayers ) Skarbrand down to one wound, no shooting left but...wait, the bull taurus blows snot! Skarbrand dies. Volcano call next to objective, makes things risky for the coalition of the tall. SUPER FUN GAME!
  7. As promised in the last entry, the update to the army this time is a Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith from Forgeworld. Forgeworld has done a great job with their Chaos Dwarf characters, they've kept the core elements from the previous ranges - the scale mail, curly beard, tusks, bull imagery - but updated it to fit in with the modern GW aesthetic. This also means that they fit in pretty well with the Chaos Dwarf ranges of the past. A side by side comparison certainly demonstrates the advances in casting techniques over the years, but they are still recognizable as belonging to the same army, despite a 20+ year age difference. Now the other question is which rules to use? Do i use the Legion of Azgorth ruleset from Forgeworld, or counts-as rules, using them with the Slaves to Darkness warcrolls? Both have pro's and cons. In the games i've played so far, the Legion rules aren't as good as the standard chaos. Ironsworn just feel like worse versions of Chaos Warriors. They're cheaper true, but they have also lost the survivability of the Warriors. Also the miniatures i'm using don't look like Ironsworn any more than they do Chaos Warriors. There's also the matter of the Hellcannon. If i use the Legion rules as written, no Hellcannon as it's not a Legion unit, which means Ironsworn cease to be battleline. But on the other side of things, Chaos Dwarfs are Chaos Dwarfs, so really i should be using the Chaos Dwarf rules, right? Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Until next time i remain your FLGS Al@Ad Hoc Games
  8. Firstly, a little tale... Way, way back in the distant past, i was thirteen, a Tale of Four Gamers was running for the first time in White Dwarf and myself and a friend decided we'd go along with it. Unfortunately i only had £18 for the first purchase, which meant there was a hard choice ahead. Back then Warhammer had army books for £15, and most armies had a small £5 box set. Which left me in a quandry. I could buy an army book, i could buy a set of models. But not both. Until i saw a book poking out the edge of the shelf. . White Dwarf presents Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs. A series of articles from White Dwarf that took the place of an Army book for the Big Hats. And it was only £12! I could get a book and models, and that ladies and gentlemen is how i cam to collect my first Warhammer Army, Chaos Dwarfs. Now flash forward 20 years. I'm now the owner of my own FLGS, Ad Hoc Games, i now have slightly more income than £18 a month, i now have a much larger girth, but what i don't have is a Chaos Dwarf army. Until now. My original force is sadly lost to me, thanks to some familial unpleasantness. But through scouring Ebay for some bargains i've finally begun to rebuild it. Primarily i will be going for the classic Big Hat miniatures. These are the models that i first dove into the hobby with, they're the army that kicked off twenty years of wargaming and no force has come close to hooking me as hard since. Not bad for a force started because i was too penniless for any others. I've made a start with a Hellcannon, a few Daemonsmiths from Forgeworld, but most of all Chaos Dwarf warriors i've nabbed online. The first big progress is with these guys, the Bronzesworn. They're my favourite unit that i've been working on, mainly because they are the reincarnation of the first eight models i bought 20 years ago. I'll be adding an additional 12 miniatures to these fellas in the near future. I've also put up some videos on my Youtube channel for you to check out. Next post: Daemonsmiths and Which Rules should i use?
  9. Infernal Guard Ironsworn from forge world by Ben Curry
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