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  1. Thalandor

    Scenery warscrolls, original vs GHB

    the main problem with scenery still remains. there is a 50/50 chance, that your opponent uses your money against you. it doesnt matter where you place your scenery, if the opponent wins the roll off, then he'll just split up the table in a way that your scenery is in his deployment zone.
  2. Thalandor

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    you have a coin, then you gain a coin, now you have two coins. if you gain another coin, then you'll have three coins. anyway, the other day I played a 1000 point game against seraphon trying out a new approach. I entrusted my shooting phase to the combined power of 4 waywatchers, because let's face it, they are the only overachieving ranged unit we have. a nomad prince simply doesnt do enough to justify spending a command point and leader role to reroll hit rolls of 1. same goes for the spellweaver, her signature spell never did much for me. instead I opted to take a unit of SotT to have a 10 wound wizard . these units cost 700 points, leaving me with only 300 points left and no battlelines yet. I chose 2x 10 Eternal Guard. The idea was to put one unit in each of my deployment corners, to teleport and shield of thorn whicheaver unit was in a position to achieve something in the opponent's backyard. It didn't work out, because both units were not in a position to countercharge the obvious mid push (where my waywatchers were located). with 160 points left, I entrusted a unit of 5 Liberators to hold my centre. It was an experimental list, so I just wanted to experiment more and compare Liberators to Eternal Guard. Not benefiting from Invisible Hunter hurts, but they are better at running and then taking a charge. In the future, I might put them on flanking duty and park my EG in the centre. the last points were spent on an extra command point. The outcome was not surprising to both of us. My shooting phase (waywatcher in the centre, being able to shoot at everything) was brutal. My centre collapsed because of the bad EG position, but all of my Waywatchers survived, because he was forced to split up his attacks. The next shooting phase took care of everything that could threaten my WWs. This match gave me hope to continue with my Wanderer. At the very least Im going to play some more match and experiment some more with small changes from game to game. Malign Sorcery has some interesting magic items. But thats for a later post.
  3. Thalandor

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    from now on, you can only teleport one unit per turn using Realm Wanderers. This makes Stalker of the Hidden Path obsolete as it would take you four turns to teleport a single unit to where it's needed and back to safety away from enemy retaliation. 1. turn: unit A teleports. 2. turn: general teleports next to unit A. 3. turn: Unit A teleports back to safety. 4. turn: general teleports back to safety. Wanderer went back from "Hit and Run" to "Stand and Die". The only ray of hope we have left is the removal of the Rules of 1, a Waywatcher keeps generating attacks with his double shot now. Masterful Archer, standing still, Celestial Hurricanum for +3 to Hit could propably take care of anything within 22''
  4. Daughters of Khaine got several old warscrolls from multipart kits updated with new weapon choices (Witch Aelves and Sisters of Slaughter can now use either offhand options). If that's a new thing, then here's a few ideas for our own troops: Eternal Guard/Wildwood Rangers: no possbile weapon swaps here. EG Champion could get WWR champion offhand axe maybe for an extra attack. Wild Riders/Sisters of the Thorn: WR could get javelins, combined with the old WHFB 8. Ed rule that allows them to run and throw javelins. SotT could get WR spear tips, maybe for a penalty to their wizard abilties. Doesn't make much sense, though. GG dont have multipart kit. But couldn't you give them the glade rider cloak with the attached spear, for a slightly improved melee attack stat? Sisters of the Watch: Swap their Watch Bows for the Shadow Warrior bows and swords. The bows could get improved range but with a penalty to wound maybe and lose the eldritch arrow rule?
  5. Thalandor

    Random Number of Attacks

    Hello everyone, do models with a random Attacks Characteristic (1D3, 2D6 etc.) roll for the number of attacks before or after they choose their targets and split their attacks between them? For example a Bolt Thrower using its multiple shots setting: It now has 2x 1D6 attacks and let's assume that there are 2 targets I want to kill, 1 tough guy (orc) and 1 not-so-tough guy (goblin). Do I have to use 1D6 per target and risk getting few shots on the orc and lots of shots on the goblin, or can I roll for the number of attacks (let's say 7 shots) and then choose to allocate 5 shots on the orc and 2 on the goblin?
  6. Thalandor

    Wanderers 1.5 K list

    there appears to be an agreement that you can field waywatchers in units of 3. But as far as I know, they have a minimum unit size of 5. Just saying, dont want to build any illegal armies, do we.