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  1. Just checking the Loonshrine rules of a new unit returning with half the models (rounding fractions up). So if you return a unit of minimum number, then they all return? E.g a unit of 5 Squig Hopper is destroyed so I could return a unit of 5?
  2. It’s dependent on the battleplan (and detailed as such at the end of each one). But, it’s looking likely that GHB2020 Battleplans are doing away with kill points as a secondary decider and using auxiliary objectives as the new tiebreaker.
  3. There’s only one way to decide what realm you’re fightin’ in: and that’s with the Selecta-Realm!
  4. Rogue Idols work very well. I played against a double Idol list in a Big Waaagh list and they are very strong. Anything that smashes and bashes stuff in my mind works!
  5. I’ve been using an Ironsunz Ardfist list with a Mawcrusha, Megaboss on foot, Warchanter, 2xFungoids and 50 Ardboys for a few months and it’s a really fun list! It works great against some lists, not so good against others, but always gives me and my opponents a good game. The Mawcrusha is a real threat and can either be held back and screened by all the Ardboys, or charged first turn! The Ardboys really hang around and with 5 units of ten, and I’ve plenty of opportunities to grab objectives. And the battalion rule is a fun, tense dice roll through the game!
  6. Is the new Eltharion model the first GW model in history where just a base works as a proxy? 😆😆😍
  7. Many thanks Sleboda! I found one on Etsy! Really great site with plenty of AoS stuff! thanks again
  8. Hi folks My google-fu has failed me so wondered if anyone could help direct me to anywhere that sells a score tracker using dice? I’ve seen them on the odd AoS battle report on YouTube, and have found a 40k version, but can’t find one on any of the normal sites for gaming aids. Any ideas?
  9. Playing Cities of Sigmar? Well Me and @Baz are going to give it a good try next week with a 2,500pts a side battle using all of the Streets of Death rules and a sprinkling of Arcane Objectives. I’ll be fielding an Anvilgard force made of Freeguild whilst @Baz will be bringing a Living City list! You can’t get more CoS than this!!😍😍😍
  10. Sadly one of our Generals has had to drop out so we've been forced to postpone util the new year! But I'll come back and resurrect this post with photos certainly!
  11. Interestingly me and five other club mates are playing an all day 48,000pts (8,000pts per player - 24,000pts per side) this very Sunday! The Gathering of Might rules in GHB 2018 are designed for these huge type battles (there are rules that modify each phase, some Legendary Artefacts, spells and other gubbins all designed for Apocolypse style gaming in the realms) and there's two (all be it simple) Battleplans in there too. I'll report back on whether it was successful next week!
  12. By whatever’s closest to my hand at the time!
  13. These are my results with my Crypt Horrors/Flayers. Nothing award winning but just about tabletop standard.
  14. I used .5mm thick magnets so there was no need to drill. Just superglue!
  15. I’ve magnetised quite a few of my models over the years - Crypt Horrors into Flayers, Bonesplittas with choppa/bow - and found it very straightforward. Cut either at the shoulder or wrist and stick a magnet on each end - simples! Just keep the polarities organised and you’re good to go.
  16. If the GHB was finished before the new books, how is it that the new GHB has those very same points? And then why the need for a pdf udate? Or am I being really dumb?
  17. Fair enough @Dan Heelan. Friday night is when I’m getting my name back.👍😍
  18. Can I formally grudge David Roberts? He has publicly humiliated me and officially taken my name. I therefore request the opportunity at the South Coast Grand Tournament 2019 to retake my moniker and deliver justice. My name was Dave Knatt. I’m now Keith. But not for long. #therecanbeonlyone
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