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  1. I have many many Boys with 2 weapons and some with Bows. I also have many normal Goblins with spears and many with Bows (no Night Goblins). I have Orcs on Boars and Goblins on Wolfes. Then i got an Orc Shaman and an Orc Bigboss and an Boss on Boar and an Nightgoblin Shaman. I have a Rock Lobber (Catapult) and two Goblin Doom Diver (also Catapult, but much cooler). And then i also got 2 or 3 Orc Boar Charriots. I also got Black Orcs, but they are older than the other models, looks like 4th edition. I bet they are much smaller than the new ones (and with much less armor). This was an really cool army. If they are in legends, i it means they are maybe somehow playable but they will be very very weak, right? Maybe not a great way to start new into AoS.
  2. Hi Destruction Players! Im very new to AoS, just painting and building up some small Units i like. So, now i got gifted a big Warhammer Fantasy Orc army (2k-3k points) from my old brother and i was very happy - until i relized, there is no battletome which supports this army anymore. I think i'm not the first one in this situation, so what would you recommend me doing with this army (is it even worth it putting on round bases?) or what have you done with your old orcboys? Is it solely playable for Warhammer Fantasy? Thanks alot!
  3. Hi Orruk players! My brother gifted me a big pile of 6. edition Fantasy Orcboys, boards and some other Greenskin stuff. So, i read old articles from years ago, just play them as Bonesplitter Orrucs. Whats your oppinion, does this look and feel fine? Do people here do this? Or would you recommend me playing some old Legends warscrolls because they still loke somehow not Savage enought.
  4. Im a 100% noob, just painting and building my first AoS army I already have alot of deamons (horrors, screamers, flamers and so on), but i wanted to add a Sorcerer Lord on Manticore First off all, what do you think about him in general? I thought his spell would be great together with Kairos. 2. If i use the Sorcerer on Manticore, i thought about using his passive, so i need some Slaves to darkness The warscroll i liked the most are the Iron Golems. They have an Melee and a Ranged attack, which they can both use in Melee, right? Then, if they dont move, i can reroll 2 times their saves (together with the Manticore)? Sounds good to me, please tell me why I am wrong
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