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  1. I would disagree that HoS are designed as an easier to play army, GW has many more tools available to them to create a ‘simple play’ faction rather than just give them a, in your words ‘bonkers ability’. The faction is niche, contains adult themes, difficult to paint, fiddly models to assemble. These factors don’t make it very accessible. SCE is an army that is designed to be easier to play, paint/assemble, wide range of unit types, constantly updated, included in starter boxes, poster boy for AoS material etc Depravity points are just a design oversight that will be corrected at some point in the future, easiest fix I could see would be to adjust the cost it requires to summon each unit.
  2. I would agree, although I have been running w unit of 10 to reduce deployment drops and optimise buffs.
  3. It’s terrible. Only a few pages back there was a discussion on how it is clearly overcosted?
  4. Are a lot of people playing meeting engagement? Its seen zero interest in my area, from a competitive standpoint it doesn’t seem very viable. Is it mainly people with smaller collections or new to the game that have adopted it?
  5. My FLGS hosted a mini event this weekend two games of AoS under tournament conditions for all the regulars. I used the attached list, won both games due to a bit of luck, had a blast. i played mixed order with 4 ballista and tzeentch tzaangor coven.
  6. I’m looking for my next project. How much would you say the slaughterbrute is worth? 140? 120? Currently it sits at 180, the same as 5 Skull reapers, obvs not an exact science but... Same save, bravery doesn’t matter, I loose 3 wounds, but gain 5 movement. Attack profiles are 6, 2, 2 so that’s a loss of 10 attacks, damage output is difficult comparison. It does have high damage and tend 1, but looses the mortal wound ability. Also skullreapers have the inflict mortal wound on death ability and the brute does degrade almost instantly. I was thinking about running it bound to skarr, who can pop on and off the board to help it inflict mortal wounds. Anyone have any thoughts on the slaughter brute?
  7. stats round up for GHB18, 3rd most popular faction wooo!
  8. I would second that, you can fit a ‘blood hunt’ (the battalion you’re referring to) and a ‘tyrants of blood’ in the same army, Ben Johnson took this to one of the GW heats and did well with it - and now post FAQ you’ll have some points spare. I don’t think ‘the boundless hunt’ - the warscroll from wrath & rapture is valid anymore, it’s points weren’t updated.
  9. I would say Khorne can be strong but we are simply not as powerful as the most competitive factions, they are just on another level. If anyone is a new or old khorne player and wants to see an overview of factions within AoS I highly recommend watching the honest war gamer. He regularly does shows where he takes tournament results and complies them into a league table to see who is actually top https://youtu.be/K0aLYf2GhpI The link above is a GHB review with mark wildman ( a tournament player who recently has done well with Khorne). The other thing that really matters is context, I always play 2000pts and GHB scenarios. Your views will always differ if your playing 900pts or 1500, home brew missions, intro games at the local GW etc as standard.
  10. Ok my dude, my reply was half in jest On a positivity note, BoK is one of the largest ‘new factions’ essentially combining bloodbound and daemons as well as having the STD and BoC units available. This is one of my favourite things about the army, I always have a new unit or character to paint/convert/build. I feel some new factions have been really underserved by GW, they barely have more than a handful of units to actually play and here we are complaining they’re not balancing 30+ warscrolls. I’m currently working on some skullcrushers, very tempted by a soul grinder as a big project. Oh and if anyone is in the south west UK a new gaming venue + shop has opened in Weston-super-Mare, the games bunker has plenty of space upstairs and downstairs, pop down for a game!
  11. GW has a marketing department, we are not it. This thread is for the debate and discussion of the BoK book, if that involves critical feedback it’s GWs failure, not ours.
  12. I don’t really rate either, although I don’t rate many of the battalions. I only use them for the CP and deployment really, extra rules are a bonus. Are you using the reapers second attack mainly on your bloodletters?
  13. I always play 2000pts tournament conditions, my meta doesn’t include many shooting lists so combat is the main focus. Agree about the skullcrushers, they just seem so lacklustre nowadays (in 8th Ed they were boss) and even in the various BoK books they’ve been watered down, lost the banner bravery upgrade and lost the mortal wound save on the shields. skullreapers are better IMO, which is a shame as I’m building a box of 6 crushers haha!
  14. What list are you currently playing with and against? i had a game today of shifting objectives against gristlegore FEC, game was a major win to me but it was a close match. my list: BoUF, WoKB (reapers), skarr Minimum gore pilgrims 10 skullreapers 2x5 dogs hexblah skulls With the new FAQ I’m getting 90pts which is enough to add 5 blood warriors to the minimum gore pilgrims, id say the list is capable but I’m regularly facing death, FEC and slaanesh- which can all bring back or bring on more models faster than I can and who’s key attack units outstrip anything we have. Gristlegore ghoul king with feeding frenzy, 2x30 reaper units raised back for 1cp or slaanesh BS summoning.
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