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  1. Chatting with some friends who are involved with GW business, they said it might be forge worlds succession plan to HH. In which case they might follow the same format, campaign style books focussing on a few factions at a time with minis to support. (Maybe a ravening hordes book as a get-you-by). People wondering why GW has made this move, the most popular thread on this AoS forum is about the old world. KoW and T9A forums aren’t talking about the latest AoS news.
  2. Everyone getting so heated about what kind of basing has obviously forgotten ”bases don’t matter”
  3. GW has lost some market share due to KoW and T9A, they’re now seeking to claw it back with an existing IP. Im just wondering if it will have points or will they just let it flounder for the first 12 months? Someone call mo ashraf!
  4. Living city is quite good at mitigating the books main weaknesses (no CP, not easy to get first turn) Attached is the list I’m thinking of, it’s essentially a change host -with elves (Tree Host?) Emphasis on mobility and threat range. Everything that can move fast or shoot long range would start on, while the archers and drycha would ambush. Mounted sisters will really help with endless spells getting exactly where I want, magic loads and then shoot loads more to wipe off units. Tried to have as many multiwound to benefit from regrow.
  5. I’m playing in a 1000pt doubles event in October with secondary and tertiary objectives. 3 games with staggered points for major win - major loss secondary objectives are 5 points each, chosen once per game tertiary objectives are 1 point each but can be done every game for generic things (killing general) Ive thought about a couple ways to go with khorne, either loads of units for maximum tithe, or power units. In the end I’ve gone for the latter: WoKBT general BTUF priest 3x5 dogs The thing I’m not sure on is whether to take the priest or star blood wrath, priest is all round better piece but one of the secondary objectives can be easily scored by skarr and his summon ability (need hero in opponents territory)
  6. I’m building 6 crushers and I chose the axes, I don’t think -1 rend is worth only hitting on 4s. For heavy shock cavalry they are pretty meh and lost the shield ability in this new book. I will probably field them (if ever) as grinders/sponges, 18 attacks 3s 3s and a 3+ armour save is good to grind.
  7. @NorthernNurgling looks really nice 👍 One suggestion, do the skin tone a lot lighter, i also did black armour and grey skin and it makes the models really dark and hides the detail from afar.
  8. Ah forgot about the abdomen, can’t remember how it goes together is it part of the basic legs or skarbrand has his own on his own legs?
  9. Actually looking closer at the sprue I think you can :) skarbrand comes with his own legs/arms/wings, so if you made him with no wings (can’t fly) you could build a whole bloodthirster providing you had the torso pieces (front/back/neck).
  10. Can’t remember if I saw it on this forum or another but I saw it stated that you can build a second bloodthirster from the skarbrand kit providing you have a spare thirster body? Is this right?
  11. Played a 2000pt tournament practice game against FEC (1king on ghiest), to switch things up a bit I took out both my usual bloodthirsters which allowed me , MLoK, karanak, 5dogs, mongers and a DP. Game was relocation orb, very close thing. Think I could’ve had it with better movement, managed to axe of reality the ghiest. Really enjoy playing against ‘normal’ FEC lists, the extra summons they have make for some good tactical objective play. I was really impressed by karanak and the DP, using the reapers CA on them to attack twice allowed them to check through flayers multiple times. Now working on a list with tyrants + karanak + something
  12. I would disagree that HoS are designed as an easier to play army, GW has many more tools available to them to create a ‘simple play’ faction rather than just give them a, in your words ‘bonkers ability’. The faction is niche, contains adult themes, difficult to paint, fiddly models to assemble. These factors don’t make it very accessible. SCE is an army that is designed to be easier to play, paint/assemble, wide range of unit types, constantly updated, included in starter boxes, poster boy for AoS material etc Depravity points are just a design oversight that will be corrected at some point in the future, easiest fix I could see would be to adjust the cost it requires to summon each unit.
  13. I would agree, although I have been running w unit of 10 to reduce deployment drops and optimise buffs.
  14. It’s terrible. Only a few pages back there was a discussion on how it is clearly overcosted?
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