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  1. This is where I’m at too. It’s not like I’m so mad I’m quitting AoS but my Khorne army with heavy S2D elements is no longer a legal army and given that all my stuff has been nerfed I’m just not really excited to go buy more stuff to make my army which is now comparatively worse into a playable list again. I’m probably waiting for a new slaves or Khorne Battletome before really thinking about playing AoS in all likelihood and that’s likely a ways away still
  2. If I try and pile into combat with me melee unit on 32mm bases I literally cannot get all of them into combat while maintaining coherency
  3. Yep, and as someone who really loves the chaos lord on crackerjack, he’s at his best with the gorecleaver and hew the foe. I think if you’re really set on Slaves allegiance you can get some of the benefits of Khorne by allying in a lot of the buff units (bloodsecrator, stoker) but given that most of your slaves stuff can port into Khorne there isn’t a really strong case to stay within the slaves allegiance. And hey, if you’re like me and love chaos warriors, they actually become quite respectable when for 270 points you’re putting out 45 attacks with rerollable hits, let alone if you start throwing on bloodstoker buffs as well. I think even if you’re staying in allegiance you really need to consider what units from your chosen mark god faction you should ally in
  4. In running them in Khorne. A block of warriors with a bloodsecrator behind them actually puts out a lot of damage and also keeps your buff heros safe behind their wall of rerollable saves
  5. I doubt it. Slaves to Darkness are getting a single battalion so there’s no room to throw in some Khorne stuff unless GW is just not promoting it at all. That said I do believe GWs intention is to give stuff to every faction with this round of releases, so Khorne will get something in one of the later books would be my guess
  6. Couldn’t say for sure as I also haven’t played it, but one would think so
  7. My initial impression was that the AoS armies were WAY stronger than the warcry warbands because I was using the warcry bands out of the box, but when I built an untamed beasts band using one of the double boxes and adding in a mercenary I found that the warcry bands become significantly better to the point I’d say they’re comparable to most of the AoS armies. The problem with the out of the box warcry bands are that a significant amount of points are usually put into units that are really inefficient and bad points values and once you can drop those the strength of your warband goes way up. I still believe that shooting stormcast are way overpowered because of their damage projection though, but in general the AoS bands are in line with what you could get building a warcry band from scratch and using a mercenary
  8. If you’re taking varanguard you really want to take sixth circle, otherwise they struggle to be worth the points. other than that I think the spawns are not great. You can justify a single spawn to make a battalion work, but 4 spawns + the cost of the battalion means you’re paying 380 points for plaguetouched warband which just 100% is not worth it.
  9. I don’t know what rule suggests that a unit would lose their battleline role or even what rules interaction would matter whether a unit remained battleline or not.
  10. He’s also great in Khorne with gorecleaver and hew the foe.
  11. @JackStreicher sure do! As you can see I’m not a super technical painter but I’ve come up with a style that kind of works more based on visual impact than skill I suppose, I’m really happy with it at any rate thanks @RedMax! It’s a pretty ugly model but the pose is cool and menacing at least. It also helps a lot to take the included 40K head that looks like a mutated space marine helmet and then shave off the top vent so it looks more natural, it’s definitely a much nicer head model than the other two options IMO
  12. Yeah the clobbering marauder horsemen got is really heavy handed and didn’t seem necessary. knights at 160 are reaaallly interesting though
  13. FAQ with points adjustments are out, we did pretty good chaos lord on crackerjack down 20 to 230 warriors down 10 to 90 knights down 20 to 160 And the nerfs are marauders up to 160 and marauder horsemen inexplicably up to 110 gaunt summoner got hit hard with the nerf bat and only summons 5 horrors now overall I think this makes knights a lot more attractive and my list with karkadrak and knights just opened up a bunch more points.
  14. Anyway, I finished up some stuff that embarrassingly I’d been bringing to the table top half painted for months before the ‘rona.
  15. The BT lifted the literal worst army in the game squarely into the fat middle. and really, this is a pretty good place to be. People at my shop play beasts of chaos, mawtribes, Stormcast, FEC, Sylvaneth, fireslayers, tzeentch, DoK and OBR, I tend to have good games with all of them. My friend who plays tzeentch showed up with flamers and horrors you couldn’t retreat from when the tome was new and changed his army before coming back to the shop A second time because literally nobody had a good time or was interested in playing with him again. I’ve shown up with ravagers, cabalists and despoilers and had fun games trying new stuff out, winning around 50% of the games I’m playing, which is an excellent place to be when you’re playing pick-up games or friendly leagues. We have a LOT of good units to experiment with in the book. Marauders are ridiculously good, marauder horsemen are excellent screens, Khorne demon prince CA is fantastic, Chaos Lord on Karkadrak is a decent blender, Sorceror on Manticore gives us a ton of value on a flying mount that can do damage in combat, gaunt summoners can drop a tarpit of horrors and provide spell casting in a very efficient points cost, Be’lakor ability is one of the most disruptive abilities in the game, Chosen provide good combat damage output, warshrine is an awesome model with powerful but inconsistent buffs, there is a TON of stuff to experiment with in the book and even varanguard and Archaon builds were doing well pre COVID. Chaos warriors are below average to average for a battleline choice. Whatever 🤷‍♂️
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