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  1. I agree with this so much. Telling people to get over it is a horrendously arrogant and insensitive thing to say and is a rather average business model from GW. You don't want to be hacking off rusted on collectors. There are a few times on this forum where i've seen some usual suspects tell people to get over their large investment (army) being unsupported.
  2. I've used small units of Grave Guard simply because my opponents will typically ignore my skellies and focus on grave guard. If they do get to attack cool, they're killy but if not, usually my opponent then has to face fully buffed skellies.
  3. I play freeguild and death. 30 x crowwbowmen = 60 shots hitting and wounding on 4's base which can be buffed with the general. If you do hold the line with the great company you can shoot twice in a round providing they don't move and the reapers charge your meatshields.
  4. GW loves to increase the nonsense each army can do every time they release.....
  5. Speak for yourself they've even worse than building Arkhan haha! Definitely build the body and wings first and paint before you add armour or legs or anything.
  6. In return you get Lord Kroak which is the most unpleasant model i've ever had to play against. Tactics: Hide Kroak, meteor strike everything.
  7. The drawbacks are pretty tough to navigate around though: - Relies on a static, tightly assembled army so they aren't great at capturing objectives unless they use underpowered models like Pistoliers/Outriders/Demigryphs or shoot enemy units off objectives. Your main buffs come from standing still and you can't hold the line if you move which makes your army so much more killy. - Relies wayyyyy too heavily on a general to stay alive. - No way to stop mortal wounds - No deathless save equivalent - Magic is allied in so you either choose magic or guns and who plays free people not to have big guns? - Limited to what you can have because of the 400pt ally limit. - Only a single, extremely expensive battalion. It is possible to do well with them but as someone with about 3k points worth of them, it's been very difficult to successfully implement tactics that vary. The whole line up guards in front of guns and do the ****** move of sitting the general on a griffin behind a row of guards and attacking over the top gets a bit same same. I've purchased units of demigryphs and outriders with limited success. They could easily be updated, much in the same way the Gitz have been done. What they need is magic (even just magic resistance), consolidate the big guns with the main faction and some decent support heroes so you're not relying only on a general for everything.
  8. Well i was up against Aerielle, Durthu and a Tree-lord so i needed something. I got Curse of Years off 3 times and Van Hels off only twice in 5 turns from 2 necros...... Getting magic off is great, particularly curse of years. But Van Hels on a block of 30 skellies is just nasty also. The opponent plays only meta armies so seeing his face when Durthu died and then Aerielle 2 rounds later was great. We are trying to train him to play nicer armies rather than his usual nonsense so we have fun games not hero-fests.
  9. Finally managed to get my death going with a mate playing on my side in another game against our local meta-lord playing Sylvaneth playing a minimum battleline list with Aerielle the Everqueen, Durthu, a branchwych, 3 kurnoth hunters with bows and 2 x 10 dryads for battleline. Had the following: Heroes Arkhan The Black (320) Wight King With Baleful Tomb Blade (general) (120) - Ossific Diadem Artefacts Necromancer (110) Necromancer (110) Units Morghast Archai with Spirit Halbeards (220) Skeleton Warriors Spears x 30 (240) Skeleton Warriors Spears x 10 (80) Skeleton Warriors Spears x 10 (80) Grave Guard Wight Blades (160) Total 1440/1500 Managed to get curse of years off three times in 5 turns and in 2 of those turns doing infinite mortal wounds. Managed to take our the Spirit of Durthu and Aerielle The Everqueen with it as well as bracketing a treelord. Amazing rolling by the mate to do it. Moved my big block of skellies up the board bubbling around the wight king and a necro. The 12 inch bubble of Ossific Diamdem is great, it's another deathless minions save and kept the block of 30 skellies going. These boys camped the main objective and the trees couldn't touch them. Lost the morghasts turn 2 from the spirit of durthu but kept the objective contested. Was able to pass a lot of wounds off from the necromancers so the 4+ to pass off is really helpful for the necro with a terrible save.
  10. Keep your general close and you can use one of the numerous CP's you have to ignore morale checks They also move quick and if you play a non-shooty army (death) it can be nasty if you get double turned given their "potentially" excellent movement abilities. I don't want to get into semantics I was just giving a tongue in cheek example of an easily possible 15MW a turn.
  11. I like the terrain tbh. I've played against Nurgle a fair bit and it adds a tactical challenge, even when playing straight out death matches. Obviously people can be rather unkind with their placement but it's a new dimension you have to deal with. I would also agree with the consensus that it also adds to the feel of the board rather than just having random home made terrain about. Regarding Point 2, this is one of the major contributors to power creep in my opinion. I have played free peoples and MW are our weakness both offensively and defensively. The older the army, the less likely they are to have counters for MW or the ability to dish them out. I hope the upcoming books for this year help to balance this out a little bit.
  12. Charge 3 units of 10 Boingrot Bounderz and on a bang average roll that's 15 MW.....
  13. I like 1000pts to 1500pts for the following reasons: 1) games take max 2 hours 2) wayyyy less meta - playing those big characters with minimum battleline every week is a bit tiresome 3) its just less messy with all the BS some of my group can pull with their armies haha
  14. It can be very difficult but i have picked out the worst examples from the last 12 months. The problem with the three i have described is the they're all so similar, they spend a lot of time together and they know how to wind each other up. I'm pretty much the middle man and play in most games to keep them from killing each other (i also use an army with rather narrow tactics in free guild so easy to beat).
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