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  1. Keep your general close and you can use one of the numerous CP's you have to ignore morale checks They also move quick and if you play a non-shooty army (death) it can be nasty if you get double turned given their "potentially" excellent movement abilities. I don't want to get into semantics I was just giving a tongue in cheek example of an easily possible 15MW a turn.
  2. I like the terrain tbh. I've played against Nurgle a fair bit and it adds a tactical challenge, even when playing straight out death matches. Obviously people can be rather unkind with their placement but it's a new dimension you have to deal with. I would also agree with the consensus that it also adds to the feel of the board rather than just having random home made terrain about. Regarding Point 2, this is one of the major contributors to power creep in my opinion. I have played free peoples and MW are our weakness both offensively and defensively. The older the army, the less likely they are to have counters for MW or the ability to dish them out. I hope the upcoming books for this year help to balance this out a little bit.
  3. Charge 3 units of 10 Boingrot Bounderz and on a bang average roll that's 15 MW.....
  4. I like 1000pts to 1500pts for the following reasons: 1) games take max 2 hours 2) wayyyy less meta - playing those big characters with minimum battleline every week is a bit tiresome 3) its just less messy with all the BS some of my group can pull with their armies haha
  5. Saxon

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    Lol Boingrot Bounderz
  6. It can be very difficult but i have picked out the worst examples from the last 12 months. The problem with the three i have described is the they're all so similar, they spend a lot of time together and they know how to wind each other up. I'm pretty much the middle man and play in most games to keep them from killing each other (i also use an army with rather narrow tactics in free guild so easy to beat).
  7. Saxon

    Grimhast vs Morghast

    You have to build and paint in stages i feel. They are a real pain to put together. Cool looking models too and you can't go past their high damage, high rending weapons!
  8. I have this a lot. Two of my group are brothers and the other is their father. The father is very dodgy when it comes to moving models and will argue rules he thinks aren't right when he hasn't got a clue. He will also concede if he doesn't like certain single combats (i.e. trying to concede on turn 2 because my freeguild wiped a single unit of blightkings because he charged a great company). The older sibling of the brothers is always doing things slightly dodgy. My favorite was giving the ironjawz mawcrusher a 2+ save and a 5+ rerollable ward save and then trying to argue that he knew it was ok (it wasn't). He also became salty and made us measure everything twice. He's usually pretty cool but will only ever play meta lists. I've only ever beaten him once. He regularly pastes us with just ridiculous lists. The older and younger siblings can't play with each other and the older sibling and the father cant play together or the salt flows heavy. As for frustration when losing, i try to remember its just a game. My frustration usually comes from forgetting abilities both of my own army and the enemy which. These days we actually have to get spells and artefacts written down because the older sibling and father seem to be very liberal in what they do and play only to win. A good example was using a nurgle spell once. Every time he rolled he rolled for the awful plague squall first, for like 4 turns. On turn 5 he didn't make the spell and didn't call what spell he was rolling first and then tried to claim it was his less severe spell (can't remember what it was) so that he could roll again for plague squall. Dodgy stuff like this ruins games and the desire to play future games. We have had to be very strict on the application of rules to ensure half the group play nice. It's sad but how it has to be.
  9. Saxon

    Grimhast vs Morghast

    Just a forewarning, morghasts are the worst model i've ever attempted to build and are quite fragile.
  10. Saxon

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    No i understand that fact very well. They are a business but they also want to keep their existing players happy. People won't start new armies if they do not trust GW to support them for an extended period in both fluff and warscrolls. It's a reasonable expectation that if you're buying an army that's available just like every other army in the range that it will receive a comparable level of support. Also making only partially supported armies available for new players who haven't spent hours working out how terrible their army is going to be would put them off continuing and buying another army. Blaming new or returning players for not researching armies before they buy them is just ignorant.
  11. Look you're not wrong but you don't invest in cars because the user manual is nice do you? A car serves a function. I don't think it's a stretch to suggest (again) that people buy GW products because of the game and fluff that has been developed alongside the models. I think a lot of people who have invested in legacy armies are frustrated that those god-awful sigmar marines get a new box every few months and yet older armies get zero, not even a touch up to outdated warscrolls. It's funny, the advice you gave is exactly what i did, the models are in a box and i drag them out every time i feel like ****** with a game. I capped my investment in free peoples. Well done GW, you just cost yourselves about $1500 in models i would have purchased if you gave it the slightest look. I'm not upset about it, i love the army and i enjoy painting them but the gaming group i am a part of is developing to be more competitive so i have gone a different way with AOS. I would argue it wouldn't take much effort to keep a lot of the older lists alive. Keep the models the same just write a FAQ or update the app. They seem to do it every time they bring something new and shiny out that upsets everyone so it can't be that hard.
  12. Saxon

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    It's quite amusing seeing fear when i roll those 10 dices for CoY whether it works or not. I will have to give the soul-harvest a try i haven't used it yet. D3 mortal units for each unit within 3 could work against a lot of my groups armies.
  13. Saxon

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    But could it be better with a little more effort? It's hard to keep some people invested in a game if their faction is forgotten about in the fluff and rules. As per my above story on the steam tank, i capped my investment at circa 3k points because my free peoples weren't supported. I was going to be one of those 5k point + players because i wanted everything but i can't justify the spend on an army that may or may not be supported and may or may not get an update. If all they did was sell toy soldiers there is no way they'd be as successful as they are. People buy into the game and the storyline. Anecdotal evidence counts for nothing I know but in my original gaming group of 8 we've already lost a draw player and a dark elf player because of a lack of support and nothing on the horizon. They stopped at about 1k points. I also note GW stores in Australia have massively downsized from reasonable stores to shoe boxes. Maybe all is not so rosy in the land down under.
  14. Saxon

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    I forgot about the moon control. Isn't this once per game ability? Its a fantastic model for something like 200pts?
  15. Saxon

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    In a similar discussion on this forum I am reminded that GW doesn't really care about these facts because they only sell models....... I am actually quite shocked that some people would blame the player for poor research if they buy weaker older armies which is what i regularly see on this forum. When people come back to the game or are new they are unfamiliar with rules and buy what looks cool/fluff they like. Having noticeably weaker legacy armies is a poor business model. I only came back to AOS because i'm now an adult and could afford a steam tank only to realise that it doesn't fit with anything and the whole army is borderline competitive unless you use Grand Order Alliance and bring in some of the horrible looking Sigmar-Marines. I now play death because I wanted to get into the magic side of things but the issues brought up in these threads seem to be very common across all AOS discussion boards.