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  1. Just on Thanquol I think to get the most benefit you have to make a decision is he a combat killer or a burner. Half and half leaves him good but not amazing at either. I played bonereapers last week with the warpfire thrower option and the the ability to guarantee deleting a unit of mortek guard so they couldnt be reinforced was huge.
  2. There's nothing particularly bad here. Try making an animation with Mickey Mouse and see what Disney do. Also the guidelines are guidelines because its difficult or not possible for them to be infringements. Noone has to worry about review videos whatever they show. If i want to buy a codex and make a youtube video about it im covered by specific legal protections. UK law below, there are fair use provisions in US law too. https://www.bl.uk/business-and-ip-centre/articles/fair-use-copyright-explained As an exception to British copyright law, fair dealing is governed by Sections 29 and 30 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, which outlines three instance where fair dealing is a legitimate defence: If the use is for the purposes of research or private study; If it is used for the purposes of criticism, review or quotation; Where it is utilised for the purposes of reporting current events (this does not apply to photographs)
  3. I've never really understood the facination with bretonnians. The hook is knights in shining armour and thats it. They seem so bland an idea when compared to all the other weird and wonderful stuff. If they ever did return I imagine their legacy fans wont be happy as GW will have to change them quite a bit so they produce some unique intellectual property. Whether you hate skaven and chaos dwarfs or not you cant deny they have character.
  4. Clan rats are actually very easy and quick to paint in large batches. They are very small models and there are a fair few guides out there for speed painting them. Painting 20 from start to finish in an evening is a perfectly reasonable goal and you only need 60 to fulfill battleline for a 2k army. There are loads of cool other units like bells and wheels to add. Or play Skryre and have a small elite army of amazing looking stormfiends.
  5. It sounds off to me. 4-5 years of planning and effort. New model design, production and rules, a whole reimagining of a new timeline just so people can play models that are 10-15 years old at that point? GW wont sell many models if lots of players reach for the box they have in the loft. I think if they were doing that they might just take an easy win by releasing a campaign book for legends or something like that. Min effort max benefit.
  6. Maybe with some new FEC models that push the delusion angle. I.e. man at arms from the left side, horror from the right,
  7. Given that the last WD magazone included a destruction AOA builder and the issue before had a Soulblight one I doubt its gone or unsupported.
  8. Stormfiends are a bad points investment in a unit of 3 as they just dont do enough. At 6 they can be very powerful when buffed but that is dependent on getting mmmwp spell off for rerolls (casting 7) and using a spark to increase damage. The rerolls would stay until the next hero phase but you cant use a spark during unleash hell. Also, 6 stormfiends are 630pts + a 125pt warlock engineer for the buffs. 600pts would get you a unit of 30 and a unit of 10 sentinals. Stormfiends are very very dangerous and i love them but if mmmwp fails their shooting damage output is low compared to the points investment. Coherancy on their large bases means they cant effectively fight in melee in units of 6.
  9. I agree. The 20% points increase just makes this a larger disparity. Short ranges on ratlings and coherancy with such big bases is going to limit shooting.
  10. I imagine a fair few people are waiting to see what happens with the new stormcast tome. They have not been in a good place for a long time (55 odd units, only about 10 of which are used and rules that have just got zapped by 3.0) and players likely move on to a second or third army they are more focused on. (My stormcast have been in a box for a while and are now on ebay). Also if GW do mean this to be a starter set for the whole edition and have produced product with a year of sales in mind I am not surprised it didnt sell out in a week or two. That doesnt mean sales have been poor it means GW soaked up lots of initial demand.
  11. As has already been mentioned the new prayer curse is amazing for skaven. Priest curses a unit and hits of 6+ against it do a mw in addition. Warpfire hidden in clan rats is pretty much essential now.
  12. Try a few of the Log Cabin Gaming ones. They average just over an hour. We have beer, a log cabin and just started narrative intros too.
  13. I have gluttons that I will continue to use but the number of people who are extra special salty about how the coherancy change (and points increase) neuters them is high. If they issued amazing new sculpts in a SC right now I would not buy it. I might buy 1 box of 6 new sculpts to replace a current unit but that would be it. They need to change coherency to 6 models from 5 or change glutton's range to 2" and trampling charge to 4+ for 6 models not 8.
  14. There is a very very easy way of fixing that. GW have a record of who bought which ebook on the existing AOS app. All they need to do is email those people a code that lets them access it on the new app without charge (same type of 1 use code they print on the 40k books). Fixed.
  15. They went up 20pts to 160 for 2.
  16. A good aim. But no-one ever tried to string out 30 models on 40mm bases across the board. In fact you can still put 30 models on 25mm bases into a long 15" line without any problem. The rule hasn't fixed this. What it has done is make some elite units far less appealing to use. I cant take 3 gluttons anymore because the base unit size is now 6. Taking 12 is a huge waste of points v combat ability because 7 or 8 wont be able to fight and are just a wound and points soak. To compensate for this oddity the points went UP. This is not elegant design. Coincidently I will still use one unit of 6 gluttons because I like the models and I have them painted but I known using them is playing on hard mode because they cant use their trampling charge allegiance ability effectively below 8 models and piling in will be odd. If trampling charge switched to mw on a 4+ at 6 models (from 8 models ) in an FAQ that WOULD be a compensation.
  17. But when you look at the Ogors allegiance ability you see that their MW charge ability is on 6s unless the unit is a monster or the unit is 8 models or larger. Then its boosted to a 4+ and is actually useful and game impacting. Rewarding a larger unit with a faction bonus but then making it very very hard to field that unit is a bit odd.
  18. Almost no chance of that at all. The files would be with model casters in seconds and they would flood the market with models that GW can make and sell for a very healthy profit.
  19. Laststand

    Skaventide 3.0

    Emerald life swarm next to a warp lightning cannon will be fun. Also considering 4x 10 monks to ping MW with the book of woe and provide aggressive screens. With less enemies on the board due to points increases they may last a bit longer. Considering a hell pit with the 4+ save 14 wound mutation as at 240pts it looks relatively cheap.
  20. @Skreech Verminking I wonder if monks may have some use in 10s as aggressive road blocks? 4 bringers of the word with books of woe are going to be a real nuisance if they are all in one area of the board.
  21. Observations Points increases are across the board so every army has to make some hard choices about what to field. I have fewer models, so do you. I wish i could still fit everything in but I cant so I will move on or play at 2,500. Some of my units got wrecked. (Looking at you stormfiends). If I choose to take them they now have to be the main focus of my army rather than one of two or three. I do not like this but it is not game breaking. Some armies were obviously changed with new books in mind. I dont use them but have heard multiple BOC rumours for example so perhaps there is a sunny upland for them to graze coming. The game is a different game. I have watched a few batreps and what is completely obvious when dice start rolling is that to value a unit now you have to look at it differently. The avalanche of CP, heroic actons and new generic abilities coupled with new ways of scoring mean it is a much bigger change than just points. The battleplans are worth a proper review. List building got harder, more complex and more tactical. (I like this). I can choose opportunities in game to score that suit both my army and position in the game. That is drastically different so I need to assess my units with this in mind. Watching batreps, more than 50% of points are from strategies and round tactics. There are still a number of issues for certain units that points dont fix. They have badly designed warscrolls and need a change to lift or lower them. GW need to get that right or people will have entirely justifiable gripes.
  22. Nowhere on this list of spells is a balewind vortex!
  23. How about a Rinox pulled butchers cart, new maneaters and gorgers, a two headed winter drake, and a couple of firebelly units.
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