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  1. That was 400 years ago. The real game starts at round 3. Especially with moving objectives or objectives that gain VP every round.
  2. Because all the spells are incredible high to cast and as soon as you meet an army who can temper with your magic he is 400+ points of useless. Beside that his ability is once per game and i stay away from units with once per game abilities
  3. My 2 cents if you are interested and this is only my opinion. DP and Belakor are useless as it gets. Especially Belakor with his random roll 1 time per game ability. We are talking 450 points here. For any reason Despoiler are played more efficient without their "core pieces" The only reason to play Despoilers is the Diabolic Mantle. You also invested in Ruinbringer without maximizing the return for the investment. If we trade the DP and Belakor for Knights or Chariots we get a way better return. As example we could get 10 Knights and a Chaos Lord who has by far the best command ability. Charging 10 Lances Knights with "Knights of Chaos" and "Spurred by the Gods" means 40 attacks -2 rend and max 80 wounds plus charging mortal wounds. Now the Sorcerer with reroll hits and wounds says "Hi" This will steamroll any unit in this game. And while we are Nurgle, why not bringing the Harbinger and Lord of Flies to make the warriors really annoying but hey we have command points to spend. And all that guaranteed without random shenanigans. Just my 2 cents
  4. Baking the buffs inso their point cost to make it the most expensive army and hide the buffs behind random dice rolls makes it the worst book ever.
  5. Are we talking about the Slave to Darkness leftover army who got blesses with the most incompetent book written in AOS history so far?
  6. I absolutely agree they are a solid battleline. I play them since 8 years. It's just they are not worth 600 points. I actually expected them to get cheaper before the book came out. Something like 70 for 5 and 50 points horde bonus.
  7. So why are they the most expensive point wise?
  8. Are you by any chance a career politician? So you are saying, the Chaos Warriors are not bad, it's just that the other armies have better and cheaper ones. I will apply this at my next stock market exchange. I will not be mad that my money is gone because money can't be gone. It's just that someone else has it.
  9. 10 points each set of 5 and they lost the horde bonus. 30 warriors cost now whopping 600 points instead of 460. If that is not massive i don't know what is.
  10. Did you actually read the book? They mostly downgraded the warscrolls if you take points into consideration. You have to take multiple chariots to buff 1 and the Gorebeast chariots have massively downgraded. Same with warriors, they are roughly the same but cost way more. The whole range got more expensive because of buffs that are not even guaranteed.
  11. Not saying anything like uncaring is true but how do you explain this S2D book? It reads like someone wrote the rules who never ever heard about S2D before. How can this happen if everyone is incredible passionate about books and rules?
  12. I fully agree here. This i so painfully obvious and even worse not even necessary. Just do the Aura right: Nurgle -1 to hit, Tzeench +1 to cast and Khorne +1 to hit and you have a thematic not overpowered army. You don't even have to play around with those bonkers fantasy rules applying randomly and are just flat out bad for the game one way or the other. The Battalion for the warshrine could have been, Warshrine ability triggers on 2+ instead 3+ and everyone would be happy because it would be usefull but not even close to be OP. Now we have pages and pages of explaining why and when this or that applies and when not. This is why people are upset, a lazy written, uninspired tome that pleases absolutely nobody and doesn't create any feeling of lore or purpose
  13. ???? May i ask how the Demon Rift destroys whole armies? I don't think they play this thing right
  14. You have such a polite way to say how it is. Was it really necessary to create a battletome to move a lowest tier army to unplayable? What a disappointment. What a garbage book Well, we had some really good books released and were up for a stinker. Sadly it hit us.
  15. You have to chose a god at the beginning of the game for Archaeon. The Gaunt summoner is Tzeench only.
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