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  1. I did and after that i actually felt surprisingly good. even with the new book rumours and all that. If i look at Wacry it's just nott what i look for in StD. I expect 7 feet tall heavy armored killer machines with sword n' board. Even if the new book is true i can choose now from deep sea divers, Harry Potter Slitheren, Moulin Roughe dancer or Bird people right of the carnival. It's just not my cup of tea anymore
  2. I'm confused here. How can you lose against Nurgle ?????? Nagash a necromancer and 2 units of 30 reaper plus seasoning of your choice will rip them apart
  3. I see a 4+ save on the warscroll. Where is the 3+ coming from?
  4. From what i heard pre order date is 26th. But it could be wrong though
  5. What do all of the last pages have to do with rumours ?
  6. At this point they don't even have to bother. Chaos warriors were always about tribes joining different gods and fight for their attention. If they take this away they might as well give them the wood elves treatment. Give them goat legs, call them chaonothi and sell them for a weird niche game. I don't care anyways
  7. I think the fluff is the least problem of Slaves to Darkness. Personally i still thing that GW struggles with their rules because one wrong move and you overpower a whole faction like Nurgle or Khorne. But if they remove marks and gods for StD, well then you don't need StD at all.
  8. Well you answered your own question. They are not supposed to combine the best of all armies into one army. You can't have best movement, best magic, best shooting, best offense and best defense. Sorry
  9. The Prime went against Olynder to prevent her from freeing Nagash's "mysterious" creature. He almost won but was killed in the end by Olynder. Since nobody else but Olynder and her Ghosts were around, i assume they have the hammer now. Everything else needs an exceptional explanation.
  10. Well he DID use his hammer until he and his armor crumbled to dust. I would assume Lady Olynder has the hammer now ???
  11. Isn't it this weekend? I believe i heard it somewhere
  12. I can tell you right now that they are armies, that need a complete clown general to lose against Gotrek. Tzeench as example will magic hit/spawn garbage around Gotrek to make him move 3" per whole game. In general all of the death armies generals will point at you and laugh if fielding Gotrek
  13. This is not about me. Our gaming club has 40+ players who show up on a regular base. And it's not that we don't get offers. The Shop owner has 2 dedicated tables for underworld and 2 for Warcry always setup ready to play. When Warcry came out there were 5 people playing for 3-4 days and since then it's abandoned. Underworld hasn't been touched a single time but once from somebody who tried to fit an old sylvaneth tree into one of the tiles. It's just the nature of the beast that one game will be popular and the other games will get low or no attention. And if the low attention games get some love most of the people will just say "meh"
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