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  1. The shipping info has always been around, we just found it. Nothing on that list has not been shown or leaked already.
  2. Except that outside of Matched play you have never "needed" to put your models on rounds.
  3. Well as always this is special. I love it. I still say you should offer your services to help craft army ideas. I'd love to go on a special adventure like this.
  4. I always figured that the names of things within the setting were boiled down to the common tongue. With the realms being so vast and the races from each being so varied that we simply cannot pronounce or comprehend what they call Nulahmia or at least we would butcher it beyond any usefulness. However we have heard that a mortarch built a city as a new version of a long forgotten place. A New Lahmia if you will. Whether Neferata likes that or not this is how her new city is know. This is how places like Didling and Mudford Sock would get much better names in the common tongue.
  5. It was implied in the Soul War Novel that Malice (The World that Was) hosts a number of souls from Fantasy battles. There is nothing stopping those souls coming into the world. I just wish it would stop personally. AoS is 4 years old. Some people don't even know what Warhammer was before this game.
  6. I use the Azyr App on my ipad. Using the my battle portion allows me to quickly go between the rules quicker than leafing through a book. I cna understand the frustrations of a phone but the iPad works well.
  7. I ask this question to myself almost every day. When I get an answer I'll let you know.
  8. Or there could be aStD rule that effects Cultists?
  9. But is obviously on a chaos model. Can be Tzeentchian with its name makes sense.
  10. Normally they come with a non pointed battalion inside them.
  11. Super excited about this. Thanks for releasing more!
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