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  1. These prices are great. The best thing is it's a new game it's not part of the usual AoS main game so by not investing in it you don't miss out on anything if you play AoS main game.
  2. Or they were simplifying their pricing model so every Greater Daemon is $140 USD. By the looks of this thread no one was buying Acolytes even at $12.
  3. GW is a business. They raise their prices how they see if. The adage if you don't like it don't buy it applies. You can voice your opinion but vote with your dollar. Being a business they need to take care of their shareholders and owe nothing really to the "community" if sales start dropping they will change but outside of that nothing will change. I doubt they just randomly chose this to increase along with everything else. It could be brexit protection in their pricing or it could be just to meet their sales targets they have internally set. Not being part of the company we can only speculate. But to reiterate GW owes you nothing... They want to keep your business only because you generate bottom line. They do not care what project you were working on or how much money you have as disposable income. They care about their business and making it successful.
  4. Sadly just like the realm rules I see the competitive community not using these widely.
  5. This would be because the newly summoned unit has to be wholly within 9" of the gravesite and more than 9" away from any enemy models. When you garrison the terrain units must treat the terrain garrisoned as if it was an enemy model. . It would be impossible to be wholly within 9" and more than 9" away at the same time.
  6. This is by far my favorite paint thread here. Love your style.
  7. Greenskins were removed when Gloomspite was released.
  8. Well that archer is fantastic. Simple headswap and it completely changes the model. Well done.
  9. I think it's due to their ties with the Village Idiot. Even if they did reject him in the end they are still his children and hence tarnished.
  10. I do not think we will see the horsemen replaced. They are a fantastic kit.
  11. Sorry misread. I don't feel it to be a problem in PtG. Each alliance's abilities to summon are based on mechanics that are harder to do at small scale. Even the slann. If you are bringing him and he isn't casting that is a boon for the other player.
  12. Oh I agree that rehashing for rehashing's sake is a bad idea. I just loved the aesthetic of the army and I wanted to bring it across.
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