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  1. I did want to add to the "fixing" skaven discussion a bit earlier, but quite simply, the WLV needs a complete re-write. Truly that's all that's necessary. I wanted to make a point about points which is is that not everything can be fixed with adjusting this part of the game. Just consider the scenario where it goes up by 50 points to compensate. I'm willing to bet players would still run it (because its that good) and for those that don't, its because its so absurdly costed it wont ever be considered. From a game design perspective, this is just un-fun for the whole community. There's not a lot of precedent for rewriting warscrolls outside of new books for our game but I'm hopeful. The fact that GW has shown such commitment to fast turn-a-round for FAQ's, implementing player feedback and showing incredible improvements in transparency makes me hopeful about the changes coming to skaven and FeC to boot. I don't believe we'll see any more than 20 pt changes for the most part, staying consistent with the GHB so not too worried about that.
  2. @Lord Krungharr Don't get me wrong, Gutter Runners are great. I treat them like the stormvermin of clan eshin (cheaper per model huh, weird). Its the night runners that I have a problem with. For the Deathmasters, they can deploy either way. I think they're still fun but in a vacuum not all that great assassins. Honestly if you throw a Sword of Judgement or a Dimensional Blade on one of them, their killing power goes through the roof, particularly against the heroes they get re-rolls against. Personally, I like giving them -3 Rend on their fighting claws for better all around combat and makes those 5 wound heroes shake in their boots.
  3. @KingOfSuede Great question. Personally I do something weird with clanrats when I know they're accompanied by a hero, screaming bells in particular. I'll have a line of rats in front of hero and then a clump of them to the side. Kinda like a stove pot shape. The reason why is so I do have some hitting power to one side while also screening my hero. The reason I don't do a crescent shaped bubble wrap like you might expect is you'll find that the Scurry away ability is wasted for your heroes because there's nowhere to go. Center-piece models often get stuck behind your battleline if they don't have a direction to swing out to. Alternatively, a thin line of clanrats can be the first to die thus allowing your hero to easily get their hands dirty in combat. Frankly, feel free to experiment with your play style, and by no means should you worry about overthinking. Maneuvering clanrats is secretly one of the most strategic and critical parts of playing skaven. How you arrange them can be different unit to unit, and this can change round to round. This is the part of the game that takes the most practice. I recommend 1000 point games to put the reps in. Don't feel overwhelmed though, always do what is the most relaxing/satisfying for your level of comfort. Have fun.
  4. @frostfire Indeed fyreslayers now are true anvil units and tough to remove. I believe they now have a unit that's Marathi level indestructible. My advice: Don't try to kill them, tag them with a unit of clanrats, just like in the video a few posts above. Fortunately, that army's weakness is movement and so putting any of their units out of position, whether its tempting them with juicy targets on the edge of the field, ambushing them in the backfeild, you can remove them from the game from them not participating at in combat.
  5. Question: For a slinktalon battalion (fun to say), when I deploy the battalion's units, can't I deploy assassins and gutter runners off the table still (as per their warscroll abilities)? Usually such tricks would state "at least half the units must be on the board rule" but no such thing put in print for skaven.
  6. Recently played pure Eshin to give them their chance. The Masters of Murder trait actually worked wonders. Through trickery and good positioning I was able to have my Deceivers kill all four of my friends Stormcast heroes by round 3. A few things I noticed: An interesting interaction with the Gnawholes I discovered was that if your opponent kinda stretches their army like taffy to try to contain your teleport abilities, you can dreaded skitterleap onto a gnawhole where a hero is trying to zone you out, kill them, then use the gnawhole to escape next hero phase. You might even have room to drop in a unit at that gnawhole next turn. Its the 6'' rule for the dreaded skitterleap that can catch people off guard when they are zoning the board with 9'' all around. I never got to use my slinktalon ability but I still recommend the battalion for how cheap it is. The more artifacts your assassin characters have, the better. Its utility suffers from the fact that all eshin battleline are really easy to kill. The one-time use nature of the battalion encourages multiple engagements in a turn but generally (for any army) you don't want multiple engagements all at once because, well, half of your battalion died before the attack. I actively chose not to use it for fear of not being efficient enough. In hindsight just use the damn thing for a small skirmish because why not. Night Runners are NOT Clanrats. Firstly, not being able to retreat and charge was such a drag. Once you commit to an engagement you pretty much assume they are dead meat. Eshin wants to be a shooting army. ITS NOT. My whole army has shooting and I managed to do 15 wounds out of ~150 shots over 3 rounds. Between the exploding hits ability on my battleline, being able to re-roll wounds for shooting against heroes army-wide, the running and shooting ability and the really cool Warpweaper Star artifact, its all a big tease. Without any movement shenanigans built-in, eshin battline's 12'' range is really a death sentence. If they charge after shooting, they hit like feathers, if they stay put after "running and shooting" to extend their threat range they explode into dust when charged. Recommendations: If you want to have the eshin flavor in your army, stick with a core of eshin heroes to really make use of their army trait. The cube of mists is spicy tech. If you put it on a Deathmaster, you actually extend the artifacts target range when you deploy the hidden unit. It comes out to be about 8'' range, from nearest battline unit. The gnawbomb I've used in other games consistently and is great sometimes for a +1 to cast in the middle of the field or moving your centerpiece hero to the other side of the board after your opponent over-committed to take 'em out. Use the slinktalon at almost min size, keeping a max block of gutter runners if you want that extra artifact. Eshin hate monsters. They very well could not be a hero. Account for this when making lists. And finally, give a Deceiver flying. We skaven players have never flown before. Who needs skitterleap when you can jump battlelines and kill heroes in their sleep (*cough* "thermalrider cloak" *cough*).
  7. @Duke Exciting. I wouldn't worry too much about your choice. I think you could use either shooty unit. I recommend the WLV if you stay with the Bombadier. If your thinking was to use warpstone sparks for the jezzails for more damage, you'll find that 6 of them already do an adequate job killing 5 wound heroes on their own. You could very well take out the bombadier for another Grey Seer at that point. More-more magic I say.
  8. @Congratz I'm honored that you think its a competitive list. That said I have no idea, I've never played in a tourny. My inspiration was justifying the 80 stormvermin I have. I will always be a Verminous player and wanted a list where they can shine. Side Note: Plague Monks are chumps. I'm callin you out Clan Pestilens.
  9. @Specks006 You absolutely need the stormvermin to have Death Frenzy effects on them to get full value. If you run any grey seers, i recommend either death frenzy or skitterleap (which by the way you can give to your screaming bell). There's the potential of a double-pile-in on death with the normal and Dreaded version of the spell. Here's the hardest part about a block of 40, the wholly within part with the Warbringer and the Clawlord. I suggest two options: first plan on charging with both the stormvermin and at least the VL or Clawlord, running them adjacent to each other as you push, not behind one another; Second, let your opponent charge you. If you run everything forward without charging, both the clawlord and Verminlord can be directly behind your stormvermin ensuring that both are available to buff the rats (of course assuming you have death frenzy active). Some extra tech is Dreaded Skitterleaping one of your buffing heroes to where you think you can make a charge to. This of course requires a different Verminlord but I've found so much more consistency with my buffing heroes even if I teleport them a short distance. Also, its even harder to get stormvermin with both +1 attack AND re-rolling all 1's. My suggestion to you is lining up a Warbringer's command ability should always be your priority. At full strength, +3/+2/-1/1dmg, you potentially force every single dice to wound. The Clawlord's ability becomes about making a statement and showing your opponent the beef, but not necessary.
  10. @frostfireShoot the sucker. Two lightning cannons with warlock support even makes a war mammoth think twice. Nagash does have a 4+ MW save but if your opponent doesn't respect that MW output then thats on them. Nagash can stop spells but can't stop being shot. Its not like he can hide behind most terrain. I like using realm spells such as Lens of Refraction or Spell Mirror to discourage spells being used on the things that kill those pesky magic types.
  11. Its an interesting question as I've had mixed results. Ultimately, you'll find that the same synergies you've had before a rules change or with even new heroes/units everything is still possible. I've discovered that this new push actually promotes and rewards tactical players because you are forced to make a very concise choice with these support heroes: Do you put them in position to capture a point? To charge in? To cast magic at a target? Or buff the unit? Its very difficult to do even 2 things in that list. For your situation, decide what you want your arch-revenant's role is, not just in your army list but during each turn. This will dictate a great deal of things. For his command ability I totally understand, top of combat abilities are tough to use without pre-planing well in advance. Heres my suggestion for a sylvaneth army: take advantage of your kurnoth hunter's "envoy of the everqueen" ability because now you're measuring wholly within the unit, and not just a model for your arch-revenants command ability. That unit broadcasts a buffing area far greater than the dinky thing your general is on. I'll agree with @5kaven5lave on the practicing part especialy if you run blocks of 30-40 models you want to target. I have had plenty of practice playing skaven trying to get an identical ability to work but I don't want to bombard you with too much info.
  12. @gronnelg Holy Moly indeed. I'm glad you like it. To address bubble wrapping, the Death Frenzy effect is very unique for a "Deathstar" style unit and actually overcomes proper deployment from an opponent unlike units such as like Witch Elves. The hypothesis I'm running with is that the initial attack will put that chaff wall into the grinder so it don't exist, however, the vermin-ballz of death haven't used up their hitting power until you're following hero phase. That's the spice. You're opponent is forced to try to obliterate that block of vermin because of the display of killing power AND you're in their face. But thats when they get 4 more attacks upon death (6 if you spend your last command point), very likely against their heroes or elite units which is actually where stormvermin shine.
  13. I tried out an alpha strike verminous: Mixed Skaven vs. Mixed Order (mostly shooty stormcast); Chamon (no rend for the battle). Just played a game with this list except it was derpy due to "no rend allowed" for the battle. Step 1: Huddle army around a Gnawhole. +1 to cast for all your wizards this way. Cast Cogs. Step 2: Death frenzy x2 the stormvermin ("Death Frenzy" + "Dreaded Death Frenzy") Step 3: Skitterleap Assassin to nearby terrain feature. Drop a Gnawbomb. Send Storm-vermies through the Gnawhole. Step 4: Skitterleap Warbringer close to enemy (within 6'') Step 5: At end of movement, tunnel up a Clawlord near where the storm-vermies will hopefully charge Step 6: Charge in with the storm-vermies and pop the Clawlord and Warbringer's Command Abilities. Step 7: Enjoy the 7 attacks per model at 3+/2+/-1/ 1dmag, re-rolling all 1's (they pile-in and attack twice upon death) No battle report needed as both sides couldn't kill each other at all but the above steps worked exactly as planned. That said, being in the opponent's face turn one changes the nature of the game considerably. Fun times.
  14. @Skreech Verminking Well hot diggity. A wild Great Unclean One appeared. Ooh ooh, how bout Festus the Leechlord so Thanquol can heal 1 +d3 a turn? Or how bout an anvil unit like chaos knights so acolytes can just shoot from behind them all day long. The Chaos Sorcerer is spicy for even the lowliest clanrats when fully buffed (3+/3+/-/ 1dmg, re-rolling all 1's). Need a cannonball unit? Look no further than the demon prince. All of this for the low-low price of a plague priest as your general (80pts). Why you'd do that I don't know but I'm into it.
  15. @frostfire It is intentional that its only good against monsters/heroes. Most of the time verminlords sit back behind clanrats and wait for opponents to isolate their important units, that's when you can swing out and surprise them. Here's how its done: He starts with 10 attacks, has a built in Nat6 on hit to do 1 MW, then the Nat 6 to hit from SOJ, and most importantly, his command ability allows for 1 friendly Pestilens unit to re-roll attacks (himself). With 10 dice, you can get, lets say 2 6's to start, then, regardless of how many other hit, you re-roll everything else (8 dice). On average you'll get one more 6. So for this example thats (3 x d6) + (3 x 1) MW's. For added spice, at end of combat, he has a built in 4+ do another d3 MWs to something. Keep in mind, this is just a conservative example, he's very swingy. Its unfortunate but he's often a better "assassin" than the Verminlord Deceiver because of this.
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