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  1. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    General chaos, you can use a Tzeentch Kairos Fateweaver. How 'boot letting a Warpgnaw Verminlord jump behind enemy lines, cast its model killing spell and use the Fateweaver to guarantee a 6 on the spells ability (pending the dispell). Perhaps kill off Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine turn 1? Its like 660 points but cool. Oh, and you can bring a block of Clanrats. Oh, and you can hide assassins in the Clanrats. Neat.
  2. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    Doomwheel. Haven't found a great use for it. But my recent idea was to use it to engage battleline along the edges of the field. If you tag the weaker unit on the edge, you limit the number of models that can pile in. I suppose you're using it the same way clanrats should be used. I can't see much else to use them for considering their unreliable shots, low rend profile. Its just speed that makes the unit a lot of fun to play. I'm grasping here but its a damn fine model. I just need reasons to play it.
  3. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    I'm still curious about how to use the assassin, even after the early pile-in got trashed. Its WHEN to deploy him and exactly WHERE along a line of rats that I haven't yet cracked the code for. My initial thoughts concerned waiting for a hero to charge my rats. Lets say its an ork megaboss. The hero made it within 1/2 in and cant really pile in horizontally along the line of rats. At top of combat reveal two assassins on either side 2.5'' away. The point being is that in no way can the megaboss choose to attack my assassins first. I can then freely pile in on either side. Now that I think about it this updated ability actually safeguards the assassins for that first combat by not being forced to pile-in and attack immediately. Before, on the off chance you can't kill that hero, there's gonna be some harsh kickback. Now with going last, I have positioning advantage.
  4. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    I can only hope experienced players have been using these tactics but everyone should check out this 6 min video on HOW TO USE CLANRATS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8adz_Iyiew Turning clanrats into a great harassment unit using their retreat and charge ability is spicy. I've begun the process of never worrying about their attack profile while also running them in max unit size for more wounds. Brilliant stuff from Doom and Darkness channel.
  5. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    I'm hopeful. What was that verminous thread you saw? Also, I dont think this clarifies what a "used" ability is versus a "passive". For the example of cunning deceiver, its not a "may" ability and thus is forced upon you to "use" it but at the same time it can be read as a passive that triggers both times at the beginning of the hero phase. I would put it forward to the game designers to clarify if at any point getting the benefit of the artifact/command trait would cause the other to disappear as opposed to ruling what abilities are "used" versus "passive".
  6. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    Sad news everyone, Deathrunner shenanigans are dead as described in the updated erratta for the Silver Tower warscrolls Skaven Deathrunner, Illusory Twin Change to: ‘When this Skaven Deathrunner is set up, place both of its Skaven Deathrunner models on the battlefield. They do not need to be within 1" of each other. When one of these Skaven Deathrunner models attacks or uses an ability, command trait or artefact of power, then the other model is removed from play. If one of these Skaven Deathrunner models is slain, roll a dice. On a 1-3, the other model is removed from play. On a 4+, the other model is not removed from play.’
  7. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Unfortunately not as per the updated GH 2018 FAQ. Page 130 – Warpstone Sparks Change the third bullet point to: ‘Add 1 to the damage inflicted by 1 successful attack made by a friendly Skryre model with a missile weapon or melee weapon.’ Previously thats what we all thought and the rattling gun weapons seemed spicy at the time.
  8. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    I am absolutely tired of clanrats as my battleline for mixed Skaven. I generally use the Chaos Allegience for the new crown of conquest. I recently played a fully Pestilens army and wanted to take advantage of Plague Monks being battleline. Forgoing the Pestilens allegience, is there a way to have a Pestilens army, maintaining the monks as battleline and choose the Chaos Allegience? This is really a generic battleline question. I was wondering what other discussion thread might have tackled this issue.
  9. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    yeah but that 5 damage though. And pick a cheap model, kill conga line, spell. oh and that sweet sweet 5+ fell no pain. Mmmhh, spicy.
  10. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    Just a thought, but has anyone noticed how amazing Skaven shooting is in the new rules? We've got direct mortal wound output in the form of lightning cannons and warpfire throwers. Do we care about Look Out Sir? Nope. Not too mention almost all of our magic just does mortal wounds. So hero sniping is still great. In 2K mix lists I'll still use the Skryre battalion with Arkspark Voltik x2 against certain armies. Its still 920 points but, hey, thats 4 lightning shots per turn, along with two more mortal wound spells you have in your army.
  11. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    From the Chaos FAQ 1.4 Age of Sigmar. Q: If a Skaven Deathrunner is your general, or has an artefact of power or a command trait, do these things apply to its illusionary twin? A: Yes. Cunning Deceiver and Crown of Conquest is what I've played the last 5 games for an almost completely verminous army, just letting me spam the warlord's ability along with the Verminlord Warbringer. The Deathrunner also gets a net -2 to shoot it because of the new "look out sir" so keep em' as close as you want to those clan rats. I struggled so much with low bravery in the recent past. It hurts like hell. I say the new Crown of Conquest is the single greatest thing Mixed Skaven can get right now. This just might carry me all the way to the much needed Skaven battletome release down the road (rumored).
  12. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    I'm curious about such interest in the Screaming Bell. I haven't quite cracked the code with it. With the new rules I would argue that objectively its greatest contribution is simply its command ability with which you can stack extra bravery, not too mention you can add the Cogs endless spell for even more movement. If the new summoning rules tickle your fancy, I would say why not run 2 or 3 screaming bells for fun. If the mortal wounds is what draws you to this unit, which is the most common result on the bell, its still really tough to get that to impact the game the first two turns. I found much more value this way by Skitterleaping it into action with the Verminlord Deceiver. And even then, the 4+ you need for units in range is unreliable. That isn't to say that I absolutely need reliability as this is skaven we're talking about. The spicy contribution of the screaming bell would have to be its unique spell: Cracks Call. It is absolutely a beast against heroes on foot, nurgle and stormcast.
  13. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Skaven in AOS2 - Mixed Skaven

    Deathrunner. The Crown of Conquest. Give 'em a command trait (as a general). It just gives me tingles. Quite frankly, good in any general chaos army.
  14. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    ideal case: magnetize/pin the ****** out of the parts so you can have any verminlord you want (different heads will require making molds). Flavor case: looks like your skaven heart wishes to wanna run verminous, go Warbringer. Utility case: In a box, the deceiver is a straight up destroyer. He is a hero killer with the ability to move himself into the most effective combats and get a free retreat all with skitterleap. The rest I would argue are still fun. I recently discovered that the Corrupter synergizes still with clan verminous as its Command ability ability gives ANY skaven unit an extra attack (stacks with warlords ability). Good luck.
  15. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Ratnado - Skaven Shenanigans

    You had to drag Tzeench + Balewind into this...ugh.