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  1. In the point leaks I didn't see any such clue that Mercenaries made it into the new addition. Am I wrong?
  2. With so many battalions we can run now, anyone going to join me in using the quirky artifacts. Brass Orb is looking really fun right about now. Speaking of fun, Masterclan Trait Cunning is looking spicy with every army getting reliable CPs every round.
  3. @Skreech VerminkingSure sure. I re-read the scroll and it is in fact only "within". Right nasty that is. And yes, garrisoning as I understood it is a double-edged sword like that when it comes to targeting. The damage density of attacker and defender both go way up. I've put maxed out block of stormvermin in a building once and it was brutal.
  4. Also hello again, community. I've been slinking in the shadows but I'm still doing the Great Horned One's work on the tabletop. I wanted to catch up the convo and get all excited about 3.0. All in all, I can't help but share my 1313 ft view of where we stand: we are in great shape. List building and points have done a good shake-up to all armies all around and detractors be darned. We can still swarm, Verminlord stonks are WAY WAY up and Nurgle can't steal our stuff properly. For those worried about our shooting fire-power, don't be, it'll be fineAlso, if ya'll ain't playing 1-drop Skave
  5. @Skreech Verminking@Darkhan If I'm not mistaken, warpfire throwers are still "wholly within" to count up the number of dice your roll. So wouldn't the ironclad have to be wholly within 8'' of a flamer for you to count all models inside? Dont get me wrong, it still sounds amazing but I'm pretty sure I've run into this problem with a generic garrison of enemies that were in terrain that was too big to be wholly within. My opponent at the time agreed that the "counts as the model" quirk becomes a big derp for shooting what's inside.
  6. Direction one: Keep the Bell and Warpseer and you'll never worry about getting yelled at, you'll be battleshock immune effectively, and you can just pile all the battleline in with the Battle Regiment. Lets drop those drops. You've got plenty of power projection with dual cannons and the warpseer's 26'' range spell. As is, you may have plenty of damage, especially with the still outrageous Vortex, but this is not an aggressive list in my opinion, it just wants to sit back and let the enemy get closer. The cogs is certainly fun in this list, maybe not necessary for my next idea. Direct
  7. I'm considering a fun package to run in a few lists: Making a murderous Clawlord kamikazee. I'm giving the Incandescent Rageblade from Aqshy, the brutal fury command trait and teleporting him within 6'' of enemy lines. The extra spice is with Dreaded Death Frenzy (of course) but I was given paws when thinking about the Clawlord's "Cornered Fury" ability. I expect him to die, then pile in and attack, but upon death, lets say from full health to zero from a gargant swing, what is the timing of the allocated wounds to determine extra attacks? I'm also trying to toy with endless spells (The B
  8. 1) Faction specific secondary objectives and/or generic ones for matched play. I believe it will help push for a more balanced match-up in some of the current unfair ones out there. 2) The new realm rules are inconsequential. We should take another crack at it. Getting rid of artifact options alone hurt all the armies that needed some support, even if a handful were legitimately worthwhile. More options, more choice is healthy for a game. There's also narrative play and the hero forge concept they introduced that would benefit the most from this. 3) Remove points from faction books
  9. I'll call this one out: where the heck are all of the other rat-demons? The 13-headed one surely has more than just verminlords occupying his domain. Can't say that I've ready anything from even the old world where other "demon units" exist but that would be my pick for a truly new unit. This is of course, as you know, because the Great Horned Rat is a legitimate chaos god, quite possibly the best-strongest, yes? A proper god deserves a more diversified crew of minions don't you agree?
  10. I had to really dig deep for my rat-boyz. Its alluded to in our book that Ko ships/sky-city was taken over by thanquol himself. Then there must-must be the possibility of sky-pirate rats. Not sure we deserve flying units to be frank. Theres plenty of named heroes in our lore. The hysterical part is they never survive past the blurb written about their exploits. We also have brood-mothers but they make no sense on the tabletop since they should never be close to combat. This question sounds like a non-starter for Skaven, unless others devoted to the Great Horned One have any ide
  11. Yes if: 1)Give it a generic artifact, so it doesn't completely derp and 2) the model is completley kitbashed to form some skaven city-smashin' robot. Any other way betrays the betrayal one often betrays in skaven.
  12. I just want to wish all of you a well played year of the Rat. We did good. Carried that plague 'erwhere. I'll take-steal all of the credit of course. As you might expect, only the strongest, the most brilliant of us will draw the attention of the Great Horned One! Bask-Cower before my glory! <PSA announcement: don't actually spread Covid, thats a ****** move>
  13. To approach this from another angle, I dont think its worth buying them, but rather take them as a hobby opportunity to make your own. This should be true for any faction really. I was first inspired by how clumsy and impractical it was to store/field skaven stuff so i made my own and learned a lot! Save yourself some money and just find the right base profile to go ham on.
  14. @GunslingerOy I would definitely recommend gutter runners. If you have 20 models to play with (the bloodbowl team Skavenblight Scramblers comes to mind) it'll be a max unit and a decent horde discount. "Elite" units are more fun/worth it for conversions and the time spent on them. Either unit has utility (the NR pre-game move is definitely valuable) however they currently do diddily-squat for damage. That said, I would invest in multiple units of either, I personally feel the new lore book releases are gonna update all of Eshin within the next year.
  15. Did this community drop the ball this year and not do the 13 days of skavendom for the holidays. Let the bells ring.
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