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  1. Katakros, because he has the power of friendship. Did you not see how many peeps are in his entourage? Archaon has what, a three headed demon monstrosity?
  2. You ran the whole unit roster. Very nice. I wasn't expecting a change to clanrats but certainly a welcome one. The battalions change is a must across the board. I can't remember the last time I had more than 1 artifact or beat an opponent in drops. I could see Fleshmeld Menagerie remaining higher because unlike the other's, its the most flexible list building potential. There's some taxes and a worthless ability but it gives you everything to start a Moulder army and could be a 1 drop if you wanted. I think its the 2nd best "designed" battalion we have after Congregation. I wasn't expecting a drop to the clawlord or deathmaster but I've come around to it. Its all upside down. The claword has a command ability buff that doesn't (effectivley) but their stock warscroll can do some work. The assassin doesn't buff anything and doesn't assassinate anything (with a SOJ artifact maybe, but then again we don't have spare artifacts do we). Drop them points. Also Plague Censor Bearers? Forgot those existed. I approve. My personal contribution is rolling back some increases we've had that were unnecessary. Roll points back by 20 for the Hellpit and Deceiver please and thank you. The two center-piece models for the lowliest clans don't need such hate. The remaining thoughts concern changes that could be made on the pitched profiles page in general: Make clanrats count as clan keyworded (i suppose thats warscroll territory but whatever, if fact, give stormvermin this too!) Change Doomflayers to units of 3 for min size for the same cost Doomwheels should not count as behemoth in skryre. I want to field more gosh darn it. If we drop the clawlord, might as well put Skritch's Swarm at 100. Go get em'. Lord Skreech, drop 'em to 280. He does a whole lot, a whole lot of nothing. Lord of skaven my butt. Everything else you said was pure liquid gold. Its so tempting to start talking about rules changes to justify points adjustments but that's not what the threads about. And lets be real, based on how long it took the plague monks scroll to change, might as well wait for another book.
  3. Can confirm, super fun. I'll whip out my double Whylrblade Threshnik enginecoven for 4 doomwheels! As for Leeroy strategies in general, this one always puts a smile on my opponents face instead of a a feels bad.
  4. Rethinking the project. Currently thinking I need a giant skull. Maybe even a real rodent skull (my friend would appreciate). The scene should be in the chaos realm. they don't need buildings. but still lots of skulls.
  5. @Dead Scribe If you mean the house rule is both players have different rules, then yes, house rules would be bad. My argument was that we are supposed to have the same rules and its the interpretation of those rules that are way off.
  6. After many hours of setting up games, handling so many models and conducting deployment shenanigans I have finally cracked the code on doing these things the easy way. We have a "Tape measure companies hate him, find out why" situation here. The solution: 9'' chopsticks bought in bulk. As many of you have discovered GW has settled on rules' that generally rely on distances/ranges that have some multiple of 9, mostly concerning the core book, realm and scenario rules. I wish to show how and why chopsticks can be a reliable and effective gaming tool at multiple stages of your AOS game. The first thing a game needs is a scenario and a corresponding deployment area for each player. Some people line up dice along the boundaries, others stretch their tape measure across the table as the boundary line but chopsticsks can serve as a flexible tool to draw out those jagged deployment zones. In the following example, we are playing the "Relocation Orb" scenario and only had to measure one distance on a board edge to quickly determine where I could deploy. In this example, deployment area and player territory are one in the same. You'll also notice, that my opponent now doesn't have his measuring tape available to check threat ranges of my units or his own. A small inconvenience but sometimes annoying if say, I forget my measuring tape as well and we have to share. Also my opponents territory boundary is very precariously placed; it stresses me out. I'll survive. Personally I like to place my armies in the center of the board before we start where we can't deploy anyways. Knowing the deployment boundary ahead of time makes this possible. Maybe I'm showing off cool models or just being practical, I'll never know. Below is being fully deployed using our territory lines. But what if territories divide the table exactly 50-50? As an added bonus, these chopsticks can be used to setup your units more than 9'' away from enemy territory with a few exceptions on that distance of course. My favorite example is this tool's effectiveness for the "Knife to the Heart" scenario. Not only is it in a zig-zag pattern for player territory but also demands a 9'' distance from the center line. Effectively, you end up with corners AND a curved corner to deploy around sketched out below. Instead of making small adjustments with measuring in multiple directions, or even making a second deployment line altogether, I just put multiple sticks down to my model. I tried to crudely sketch those above in Player A's territory as an example. Moving to the gameplay itself, the most immediate use of chopsticks comes from special deployments mid-game or movement shenanigans in general. Units pop up in weird places, often stretched out a bit to maximize charge potential if you get that sweet sweet 9 on dice. Often, you find yourself between multiple enemy models and having to constantly adjust every single one of yours so they are outside of 9''. Or worse you realize too late that not all of them can be set up. Sad. Never fear! For the chopsticks are here! In the above example, my stormfiends are pulling a sneaky one on the unsuspecting bestigor by tunneling up to protect my gun-line. I was backed up against a corner but it worked out in the end. Before placing a single model down or even committing to a particular area to deploy, the sticks hit the table to "sketch" where and how I could deploy. Before looking at this area of the table, I even put a few sticks down elsewhere to see if I could be more aggressive. With having so many of this tool, I could just leave it all over the table, and use all of that saved time measuring to instead think tactically and make the best move for myself. More time rolling dice, less measuring I say! The fun part using this sketching tool, is that you can use it proactively to protect yourself from your opponents shenanigans as well. Just leave a bunch these on your backline to be very transparent with opponents about what they could realistically deploy behind you. The final note about bringing this tool: sharing is caring; let your opponent use them too! Everything I described above can benefit your opponent's ease of play. If both of your are saving time and headache with fancy maneuvers there's more time having fun. I should say that for all of you experienced players, perhaps you are already a pro at all of these parts of the games and don't need to be adding more to your gaming tool kit. But I offer up all of these pointers as an option to have in your back pocket. Perhaps you don't have an army or allegiance rules that demand so many measurements but like I said before, your opponent might. Everything comes down to finding 9'' chopsticks or their equivalent just to be clear. Please measure them first silly. Bonus tip: Chopsticks serve as a great utensil I hear, especially for those mid-game snacks Yummy.
  7. Hey folks, For my friend I'm creating a small diorama consisting of Karanak for my friend's birthday present. I'm having trouble finding some cheap skull bits but more importantly some gothic/imperial terrain bits to make a small crypt/cathedral like home for the good doggo. Hopefully the building can be around 4''x3''x3'' or something close. If anyone has had luck in the past with some good ideas I'm all ears. Thanks.
  8. I do have a bit of a problem with my current game buddies. For one, they play 40k more often and have been playing even before the rules simplification. They do get picky about LOS for magic and shooting. In addition, they employ subtle tactical advantage through omission. Not giving me their intentions under the guise of "fun" or "narrative". So imagine your opponent declares "i'll move this wizard to the 2nd level of this building looking out the window *stares angrily*". Our house rule for LOS is, all models "see" each other base to base as a default, and don't consider the model's height, with plenty of exceptions for centerpiece models. Now I naturally say "they're hiding" because I can't see their base AND I interpreted the move as not wanting to be in LOS. I don't ask questions because they're my friend AND they're hosting me AND we play casually. So I don't shoot the model in my following turn, something else perhaps. Then my opponent casually goes, "All right, I look down upon my enemies and cast XXXX on top of them". And so, I'm besides myself. This is my gripe. I'll survive. Truly, the one thing we haven't cracked the code for are those towering centerpiece models like Nagash, where they could very well be taller than most terrain on the board. Nearly the whole model can be seen without any LOS to the base in some cases. I always propose from the "character's head" to base for LOS in these cases but its never perfect.
  9. Its A little early but Happy Year of the Rat everyone! Lets hope around the 25th GW gives us some exciting news. The marketing tie-ins are just too good to pass up. Good luck with fighting OBR in the meantime. Haven't had the pleasure to dance around them yet.
  10. Nope. Very simple. I have to say though, I am of the mind that regardless of your play-style, movement is king. Getting where you want to go will win you more games overall. So when I see a rule like that, I'm giddy with excitement. @TheadTheOgorSlayer The points changes are very fair considering how powerful the battleshock immunity is. The Deceiver got thrown in there for whatever reason but I'd still field him. Monk scroll: 'bout time. The real issue with skaven is that we still have busted, undercosted warscrolls that do work. They get all of the attention. It hides the fact that we have such a huge range of models that don't get played simply because they are overvalued with points (Doomflayers, Stormvermin, Moulder units in general, etc.). I'm strictly coming from a casual perspective I should note. Its just difficult to make playable lists.
  11. @fishwaffle2232 I like the Doomwheels. A lot. My opponets love them too. A little too much in fact. I say run as many as you can. I'm curious how on earth you're playing anything else outside the battalion (since its so taxing on points) but more power to ya. I have run the Whyrlbade + arkhspark before, its the most efficient on points if you want the doomwheels. That said, I was crazy enough to run DOUBLE whyrlbade because I have 4 of the hamster wheels and its the only way to play them all with the +3 move. Most fun I've had in a while. I hope you've discovered the nuance to the +3 move? This includes your engineer as well. I went on a rant a month ago how this battalion actually works if you can find it in this thread.
  12. @TALegion I like your moxy. Big fan of the double cannons. Go get 'em. Some from-the-hip pointers: -The vigordust injector has really only the jezzails to get the most benefit and after the effects of MMMWP and the injector, there won't be too many left after the first use of them. With the Archwarlock you can afford to have some fun with artifacts (personally I like to go the un-killable route with Ignax's Scales artifact, Warp lightning shield from the spell lore and the Verminous Valor command trait). -Death Frenzy doesn't seem to have any effective targets for your current list since your prize shooting. Perhaps Warpgale from the lore? Might stave off a charge or two to get more chances with shooting. Or maybe Skitterleap? Its then possible to send a hero with the spell and the jezzails through the gnawholes for a good angle on a target and the chance to use the warpstone sparks for extra damage.
  13. @Darkhan With every change of our rules I always break out an updated list of my alpha strike stormvermin list using the gnawbomb method. This is what I have at the moment. The goal is to get the stormvermin wherever you need to cause as much chaos as possible. With All-out-attack (re-rolls 1 to hit), +30 bonus, +1 attack from clawlord and +1 attack from skavenbrew, I can safely say that I have tons of fun. Truly, the spice is in Death Frenzy because unlike alpha strike lists for other armies, skaven can retaliate harshly even if the initial turn for you is a big whiff. Some would still argue that Monks are cheaper and the better choice for list building, but I get an excuse to play stormvermin to their fullest potential. Fully painted, good-looking models doing work is satisfaction enough (for now).
  14. Without a doubt plague monks are great in a vacuum. They just wreck stuff. Also consider other things you can synergize with like Death Frenzy, Skavenbrew all using cheaper heroes or ones you already have in a list. However, I can not in good conscience recommend plague monks at all. They are culprits of bad play experience, both for you and your opponent. I could completely ignore their killing power potential and still not see a fun reason to play them. That dice rolling time sink is just hellish.
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