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  1. Book looks so awesome. Greatfrays are something I didn't expect - my herd is painted pretty dark, will fit nicely int the 'Dark Walkers' theme
  2. Love the Greatfrays - painted my herd 'dark' to be from Ulgu, thinking they will theme nicely as 'Dark Walkers'
  3. FEC representing Spend a fair bit of my time painting up Warherds for an event next year but FEC is where the heart is.
  4. @Dead Scribe This still sounds like competitive, just not tournament. I feel you have disregarded many points that really highlight the difference. Such as this: I still am unsure why you are reaching conclusions such as these: Very very few people, in this highly constructive thread have actually said this. I suggest you re read some of the great contributions, such as that from @Infeston Fair play if all you want to play is competitive. I'm just confused as to why you started this thread to ask about a type of gaming you are unfamiliar with, only to disregard the majority of conclusions and equate narrative gaming withe competitive.
  5. It's playing out a story - I'm attending a narrative event next year whereby we have assigned armies and created lists to reflect the stories and characters that reflect the story we want to tell with no considerations to building a competitive list. I appreciate the thread you have created and being open for discussion @Dead Scribe however I can't help but feel that you are almost trying to disprove its existence or at least make out that there isn't much of a difference. For the sake of elaborating my point - For next year we have written a background story for our army as the starting point. Some people's armies don't meet the 'list building requirements' (i.e. an army of heroes), as again the whole point is to play a part in a story, with irrelevance being given to what is a 'good list'. These battles will then shape the story and dictate the next part in the story and which conflicts will next take place. So I have therefore listed 2 main differences to Competitive Gaming: 1) List building is may not considered for coherency, legality or strength but instead for what is good for the story. 2) As the name would suggest, there is a greater narrative backdrop - i.e. I am facing you because of these conflicts that have arisen in the story, not because you are my next draw in the tournament list. It isn't as simplistic as 'restricted lists' or 'sub-optimal' lists or a more 'relaxed' version of competitive; it is an investment into the lore and role play aspects of AoS. Rather than them just being models that play a role in a strategic battle game, they are mighty characters and armies acting out a story or event in the rich backdrop of the mortal realms. Hope this helps highlight some of the differences between competitive gaming and narrative because they are pretty big.
  6. @Black Blade as a non-stormcast eternal player, this thread has been very illuminating in what issues SCE players have. My misconception, was that it was the 'golden' all rounder side - but seeing the recent tournament results and reading this, clear to see there some issues and a lot of redundant units. Thanks for this interesting read and hope you SCE guys get some of the changes you want, would be good to see nice varied Stormhosts!
  7. Good move! He's a great center piece aside from anything else, so is an attention soak. As you have read he has some great attacks, but can be total hit or miss. For an example of a hit, see this battle report - look what he does on his first turn and then the attention he gets: Yes he can completely whiff and his save isn't great but again he can get a good roll and eat a unit and will certainly give your opponent a distraction! All for only 200pts, he is definitely worth those points. Plus he looks sweeeeeet.
  8. My Warherd Narrative (BoC soon) from Ulgu: Kulgrok The Pale - Leader of the Night Hand Warherd. In the Age of Chaos, the wrath of the 5 Gods was felt upon the mortal realms of Chaos – eyes were set upon new realms. As war was waged upon the Realm of Ulgu – Many Warherds were unleashed upon the Aelves, one amongst these Warherds was a Herd known as the Fists of Molauc. The Doombull Molauc would heedlessly send his men forward into the shadow lands, dying in droves to the ambushes of the Daughters of Khaine who used Shadow Paths to ambush them. Within this herd existed an exceptionally cunning and Intelligent Bloodkine called Kulgrok, marked by his deep black fur and keen red eyes. Kulgrok knew the herd had to adapt to this land of shadows, learn the ways of the dark or they would be obliterated. In time, he lead Molauc into an enemy ambush, and in the heat of battle he claimed the Doombull’s head – swelling in power to become the new Doombull of his herd. With that he led his herd into the shadow and vanished into the hidden paths of Ulgu, never to be seen again for the rest of the Age of Chaos. Aeons passed as the entire herd lay hidden in the dark and secret Paths of Ulgu. Kulgrok and his herd warped the darkness around them and took it into their own beings. Their skin becoming tinged with shadow – Kulgrok’s dark black fur is no longer the forces of Chaos have warped his skin to a pale, skin which has not seen light in centuries – bloating in size and cunning. The Gods have blessed him with strength and intellect, using fell powers to make his herd one with the realm. They took a new Name and image; the Night Hand. His herd have battled with and against the Eshin for this time, for control of these hidden paths – Kulgrok now knows them as well as any Ulgu resident after Centuries dedicated to taking control of these hidden paths. Warherds can be heard for miles around, their coming no surprise, Except for the Night Hands who burst forth from the Shadows at will and then hitting as hard as any Warherd. Kulgrok has the cunning of a Skaven and the strength of a Doombull, he using advanced tactics unbeknownst to a raging warherd. He has adapted the weapons and strategies of those he has conquered; most notably his prized ‘Boomers’ who wield the cannons of a defeated Ogor Clan. Cunning Kulgrok has gathered power in the dark of Ulgu, destroying and conquering other herds and clashing against the Daughters of Khaine for control of land and resources. He now casts his burning red eyes towards the rest of Ulgu and beyond…
  9. A full Flesh Eater Court list came 6th. Sounds like we were well represented.
  10. Ahh! Forgive my silly question I don't mind losing, so I don't really understand these quibbles! Thanks for the explanation
  11. One bullgor done already Good start to this month's pledge.
  12. What's wrong with your dice? They are awesome!
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