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  1. How do you plan to use the list? Honest question as without context I find it difficult to comment Maybe I can help by sharing my Nagash list. It's completely theoretical and honestly I feel Nagash is too expensive to make an army with (outside of narrative or open gaming) so take it with a grain of salt Allegiance: Legion of Blood (For Favoured Retainers as the list has so little infantry everyone needs to pull their weight) Battle Regiment (This list desperately wants to go first, it's too small to do anything but rush the opponent) Nagash (The Star of the Show) Wight King on foot (steed is too expensive), General, Aristocracy of Blood (Unlocks Grave Guard Battleline to reinforce them twice and gets the re-roll charge mechanic outside a Command Ability) Vampire Lord, Amulet of Destiny, Amethystine Pinions (Unlocks the Favoured Retainers and +1A Command Ability, +1 Save from Mystic Shield so Amulet gives more survivability) 30 Grave Guard with Great Weapons (Main brick, Summonable and do 3 attacks at damage 2 each, re-rolling ones to hit, 4+ save re-rolling ones with a 6+ Ward re-rolling ones, plus you want to target these guys with Rally as much as possible) 2x 20 Deathrattle Skeletons (Best unit to combo with Nagash' Command Ability, no battleshock improves Skeletal Legion) Enhanchement Spell Lore: Levitate (to give the Grave Guard Fly to circumvent terrain if need be) 1.990 Points The list is super simple, rush the Grave Guard and Nagash into combat. Start the Grave Guard in the Grave with an aggressively placed Gravesite to cover some ground. Nagash will cast Mystic Shield on at least himself, the Vampire Lord and the Grave Guard every turn. Skeletons are there to screen Nagash. The list is too small to play objectives, you need to kill your opponent and win through secondaries. I seriously doubt this is a good list but with the changes in 3.0 to Mystic Shield and Secondaries I think it can at least function so good for a laugh during game night
  2. Stomp happens at the end of the charge phase, so yeah he can definitely Stomp, Bolt and then jump away. Man, that's silly but great
  3. This is cool, the VLoZD is looking really strong. Arcane Bolt + Stomp means 2d3 Mortal Wounds before combat has even begun
  4. Any thoughts on how to deal with that or other armies with high Mortal Wound output? In Legion of Night or kastelai you could put a VLoZD or Blood Knights in Ambush to protect them from an Alpha strike, then deploy nearby the Snakes and look for a double turn to kill them. Other Dynasties would need to rely on a Prismatic Pallisade I guess?
  5. I also like the VLoZD in Legion of Night with Unholy Impetus and having him fly with a flock of Vargheists. You're pretty much guaranteed to kill something and then you can go crazy with the Vargheists I think the Vengorian Lords will have a place in all dynasties as well, with the Plate of Perfect Protection (I assume there will be an equivalent in GH21) you can ignore 2 rend which covers 90% of weapons in the game. With buffs to saves seemingly easy to get they look really tanky to me.
  6. Hey guys, I picked up a box of the Flesh Eater Courts recently and I'd like to share them here I build them up to represent a knightly order with attending peasants, I hope you like them! Please click open the Spoilers for more pictures. Abhorrent Arch-Regent: Crypt Infernals: Ghouls and Ghast: Thanks for looking, let me know what you think
  7. I guess for filling out your battleline with 3 min-sized units in an all mounted Legion of Blood list? Get the maximum Bravery debuffs from turn 1? Depends on how strong a Bravery based tactic is going to be I guess. Ultimately though if you want an all mounted list I would advise playing Blood Knights in Kastelai with a big brick of infantry to re-summon in support.
  8. I really like the simple yet effective scheme 😃
  9. So Amazing! What bits did you use? I want to use this as a base for Soulblight Gravelords Vargskyrs
  10. Hey all, With the upcoming Soulblight Gravelords I am looking to start an army of Vampires with a Aztec/Mayan background based in Ghur. I have been looking for good mayan/aztec models (beyond GW's Seraphon ofc) and bits online but with little success. Would you guys know of some places I could find these. I am especially looking for some feathers bits. I hope someone can help me
  11. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your miniatures in the Painting section!
  12. Hey guys, I recently finished this Necromancer conversion. Based primarily on the Necromancer from the Mortis engine kit, I was heavily inspired by the old Heinrich Kemmler model More pictures: Closeups: Hope you like him!
  13. Amazing conversions! Looking forward to seeing some foot troops as well
  14. Hey Everyone, I recently finished my Mega-Gargant conversion for a Death Army. I wanted to go for a more "professional" look with actual weapons and armour while staying within the Sons of Behemat style. More pictures: I think he came out great and I had a lot of fun building and painting him, I hope you like him as well!
  15. So, the project took a lot longer than I anticipated but the Spirits are finished! Spirit 1 More pictures: Spirit 2 More pictures: Spirit 3 More Pictures: It took me a long time to get the reds right and I'm still not entirely convinced Very pleased with the stonework though Also, I am interested to hear your opinions on the ghostly fog effect. It's made from bits of cotton with red and beige washes stippled on. It looks decent to me but tips on foggy effects would be great to hear! I hope you like them, let me know what you think!
  16. When Hardouin took to the Throne he inherited a kingdom seemingly blessed by the Gods. Harvests were plentiful, despite the cold and harsh climate. Besides that, the surrounding tribes of Orruks and Ogors always seemed to steer clear of Human settlements. The only matter that blighted the Kingdom was the fact that the most beautiful and strong of their youth would inexplicably disappear before coming of age. It had happened for as long as anyone could remember and many wild stories surrounded this unknown curse. Having lost his own sister to it, young King Hardouin had determined to root out the cause once and for all. Hey all! First progress has been made: Individual models: The models are currently Blu-tacked so I can add some rubble to the base and after that I will do some gap-filling on the ghosts. I am hoping to get the feeling across that the spirits are floating through the rubble Let me know what you think!
  17. Once upon a time, during the lost Age of Myth, there lived a Human King by the name of Hardouien. Heir to the Raven Throne of old, he wished naught but what he believed to be best for this loyal subjects. As he would learn however, there is a natural order of things within the Mortal Realms not for mere Humans to meddle in... Hi everyone and welcome to my Work-in-Progress blog on old King Hardouin and his loyal guard. Once a noble mortal king, now reduced to an enraged spirit in service to a greater power. The boxes for them just arrived: I hope I got your interest I am looking forward to working on them, here's to hoping they come out as I envision them!
  18. Hey all, I have always loved the old Tomb Kings range but sadly never started an army before they went out of production. Recently, however I purchased a lovely miniature from an independent 3d-model printing company. To me it's a very cool " what-could-have-been" if GW did took the Tomb Kings into Age of Sigmar. More pictures: Closeups: I hope you like the mini as much as me!
  19. Thanks for sharing, interesting stuff I am thinking about playing a double dragon list myself and I was wondering about something to claim a backfield objective. A Corpse Cart might just be the thing to buff the casting in the early turns while scoring a point or two.
  20. Thanks for the write-up, looks like a lot of fun I was wondering, why does your list include a Necromancer and Corpse Cart? Aren't they too slow to keep up? Just curious
  21. Thanks for the great comments! Very happy to read you like it 😃 I mostly use Instar Paint's range of paints. In this case these paints: https://shop.instarpaint.com/product/moon-grey/ https://shop.instarpaint.com/product/grey-blue/ I started with a GW Wraithbone sprayed basecoat. This gives it a light undertone. I used a darker grey (https://shop.instarpaint.com/product/slate-grey/) as the first layer followed by a glaze of Nuln oil (heavily thinned down with Lahmian Medium) to create the shading. Then I used the 2 paints above to highlight the rocks taking inspiration from landscapes of snow-capped mountains. To make sure the transitions were smooth I used a wet palette to blend the grey's as I built up from the slate grey through the grey blue to the moon grey.
  22. I would think the best bits to combine with the Carnosaur would come from the Zombie dragon/Terrogheist kit. You could cut holes into the Carnosaur and fill the stomach with the dragon's skeletal ribcage for example.
  23. Hey all, I recently completed a piece of terrain as a one off project, it could double as (a fairly large :D) Gravesite Marker. Please let me know what you think!
  24. Deep within the Underworlds of Shyish The Crypt was dimly lit, a few candles set into bleached bones providing the only sources of light. This far below the surface, the air was laden with dust and difficult to breathe. Shuffling among the coffins and sarcophagi were the partially decayed remains of the newly interred and the disembodied souls of the long-dead. None of these things inconvenienced the lone Visitor who now made his way down the ancient halls. Softly mumbling in a foreign tongue, the Visitor moved ever deeper to the center of the crypt. Instinctively, the dead things followed along, sensing a kind of kindred spirit. Ever deeper the Visitor went, until he eventually reached the central chamber. At the center of which a great coffin of Blackest Obsidian stood. With an arcane command the Visitor unbound the seals holding the coffin shut and after a curt gesture the dead things worked to remove the slab from the coffin. As the Visitor approached a wicked voice rose from the coffin. "At last, a new supplicant arrives, seeking to claim me and the power I contain. Tell me, who is it that seeks their own demise?" A thin smile played over the Visitor's wizened face. "Who I am is of no consequence, my name irrelevant. If you wish to know me and hear of the legacy I command, you should ask me of the title I hold." A grating laughter, the sound of bones chafing on bones echoed among the chamber's walls. "Very well, I shall indulge your hubris this once, tell me of your title then, this legacy of yours." "I am the Lichemaster." Lichemaster.mp4
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