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  1. Gristlegore terrorgheist (general) fights first when he charges, 3 inch maw can bite over the top of a screen. Can fight twice so another pile in. If you survive and he kills you next turn, or kills you before you fight, you still get to attack twice (all heroes). You can also pressure the board with summoning.
  2. Mhmm I think this just reflects more on AoS to be honest? Limited model ranges across the board for many armies. There are other armies that suffer from this - Deepkin spam Eels, Nurgle spams Blightkings or GUO+PB's, Fyreslayers with their HGB's, Orruks with Ardboys, BCR with Stonehorns, Gargants with... Gargants. As FEC you are almost always taking an AAR, a mounted GK, some Ghouls and some Flayers, regardless of the list. Royal Mordants uses pretty much the whole army list bar the courtiers (but uses a Varghulf).
  3. I find Royal Mordants Blisterskin and Triple Dragon Gristlegore to be fun to play, so disagree that we have to play "boring lists".
  4. I'd like to maybe see an addition to battleshock, so that whenever you immune the battleshock via inspiring presence or similar, the unit suffers -1 to hit for the rest of the battle. Gives a trade off. Obviously if the unit is fearless / immune for lore reasons then it doesn't apply.
  5. It's not a list I've played myself, though I recall seeing it place well enough at a few tournaments over the past few months. Take everything with a pinch of salt of course as not every tournament is super competitive. Also with LRL out and next SoB, there's still quite a lot of low bravery around even if battleshock is dead. I've seen generally a big unit of 9 or indeed 2x6 plus a 3. You want a GKoRTG plus an AAR also. That's basically all you have room for I think but you can likely work a chalice in.
  6. Royal Mordants is great and I've seen Deadwatch place well in tournaments. FEC aren't top tier and you basically play for 3 turns but we can still do well! We're in an okay to good spot in my opinion.
  7. Feedback from my side is that you seem to have everything figured out, lists look good for sure. Definitely good to take two Terrorgheists, before a Zombie Dragon, for the Mortal Wounds potential. 2-drop is legal as you say and is something I toyed with in Azyr myself, though haven't had a chance to run it myself. I would opt for the extra CP in list 1, as you will be looking to Feezing Frenzy with both Terrorgheists as much as you can. You could also try the list out as Gristlegore, as the Strike First trait is really valuable, along with the exploding 6s, and being able to safely charge in and delete something, knowing that if the opponent counter charges you in their turn you can activate when you die, is really strong!
  8. Yeah, I'd like to see the Mortarchs go to 15/16 wounds, maybe Mannfred to a 3+ save also. Up the damage and they can be in the 480-500 points mark. They should be scary to engage / be near.
  9. As for the Horrors, I really liked them! They can do decent damage with just a hero nearby and make for a good counterpunch unit.
  10. I actually wouldn't change it, though I'll see how I get on with it. I have tried gristlegore with 2x TG and 1x ZD mounted kings, plus AAR and 3 x 10 ghouls. It's certainly very fun also. Running Royal Family battalion for the 4 drops. As to which I prefer, still too early to say. I only have around 20 games with FEC overall and the new lockdown measures here in Liverpool aren't helping.
  11. Both would probably work. Blisterskin gives you that crazy speed and allows you to relocate flying units for a CP. Vs shooting armies or those with threat of double turn you can null deploy at the board edge then reposition as needed. Feast day gives you freedom on the traits and artefacts and also up to 10 CP a game. Try both! Also look at two varghulfs, and 20 more ghouls for summoning. With 2 varghulfs you can bring the 9 flayers back to full time and time again.
  12. 4 battle line at 2000? Interesting... why have they decided that? I would drop the horrors and go deadwatch with the below maybe? Any chance you can go back to Blisterskin? TGA.PDF
  13. As FEC my understanding is that you build to kill the opponent and/or pin him in his deployment whilst you win the game over the first 3 turns. That way if you don't kill them they only have 2 rounds to score and can't catch you up. Theres no reason you can't have two terrorgheists (or a TG and a ZD) alongside a block of 40. In your current list you have points tied up in units that you don't want (2x3 flayers, foot King, crypt infernal) but you can ditch them going forward if you plan to stick with the army. I have 3 lists I'm experimenting with, all slightly different and its a blast.
  14. Basically your options are awkward (as I'm sure you know) because you have redundant parts of the list regardless of how you change it. I would get a second Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, because after this escalation is done you will want to run two of them at some point. Buff them with the extra attacks and hope for 6's for those MW's. Once the league is done you can write and take more cohesive lists.
  15. Ah yeah okay I understand now. Do you have an example of the list you are planning for 2000 points? Deadwatch is an option (never played it myself), as is Royal Mordants (stick the 6 horrors back in). Are you allowed to merge the 6 flayers in to one unit?
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