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  1. That's a strong list for sure! I ran it at 2k points by adding in a Ghoul King on Royal Zombie Dragon. My questions would be why Feast Day over Gristlegore? Your kings will do the heavy lifting, and Gristlegore makes them more reliable as well as providing the fight on death command trait. I would consider throwing the dermal robe on to the archregent and giving him Spectral Host as well, as you really need his extra attacks to go off and deranged transformation doesn't offer much here as only the ghouls can be targeted. Finally it's probably an oversight but both kings can take the gruesome bite mount trait.
  2. It depends, and the real answer is check with your opponent and/or the event organiser. Core rules state that subheadings on warscrolls are not counted for battalions, which is what the mounts are for our ghoul kings. So, technically the battalion is legal on this basis, though you can tell it wasn't intended.
  3. Have you listened to the most recent Priority Roll podcast? It's about Deepkin and in it they discuss a more Namarti heavy list.
  4. If you charge in with the rasps and leave 1" gap to maintain coherency, can you fit enough of the Spirit Host base in to get within 0.5"? Worth checking.
  5. I also saw him chatting on Facebook that the list wasn't serious. Unfortunately Bell of Lost Souls featured it as an "unbeatable list" at a "tournament" when it was 8 friends hanging out in a backyard playing an event for fun.
  6. Blisterskin Royal Mordants has done well for me, as well as several others. The movement is insane. FEC has several options and its hard to say which is best, we just don't have the data. Its nice to be in this spot.
  7. Coming on or around AoS 3.0 (if it is next Summer) would be fine, as you'd rather be first of the new edition and ensure full compatibility with the new edition (you'd hope!).
  8. Something I need to do more of is pushing my archregent forward after turn 1. 24 inches on his spell is decent but if your main units are getting stuck in early it's easy to fall outside of this once you factor in charges and double pile ins. I think he should definitely be sitting mid board as once he's summoned he should be getting stuck in.
  9. I believe we are somewhat of a highly mobile glass cannon army, can be durable with 5+ FNP and resurrection, but overall we look to hit the opponent hard and generally have the game decided by turn 3. We don't HAVE to Alpha and often it's best not to, but certainly an army that can do it. Opponents always find the summoning a threat and messes with their deployment, so you can mind games with it. Plenty of different competitive lists out there, I have 3 that I switch between but there's at least 1 other that I would try if I had enough Flayers.
  10. It could have a lot of wizards, they just didn't have to make the rank and file troops wizards on top. Flesh out the wizards themselves, give Teclis a council of Archmages. Would have felt better, to me.
  11. The every unit is a wizard rule is a bit too much I think. They already have Teclis as the number 1 Mage in the game, if they wanted to double down on this mastery then perhaps they could have introduced an elite 3 man unit/council of wizards, for example. Aelves that have dedicated their lifetime to magical mastery, just like the Wardens have dedicated their lifetime to martial mastery of the spear, or the sentinels of the bow.
  12. Gristlegore terrorgheist (general) fights first when he charges, 3 inch maw can bite over the top of a screen. Can fight twice so another pile in. If you survive and he kills you next turn, or kills you before you fight, you still get to attack twice (all heroes). You can also pressure the board with summoning.
  13. Mhmm I think this just reflects more on AoS to be honest? Limited model ranges across the board for many armies. There are other armies that suffer from this - Deepkin spam Eels, Nurgle spams Blightkings or GUO+PB's, Fyreslayers with their HGB's, Orruks with Ardboys, BCR with Stonehorns, Gargants with... Gargants. As FEC you are almost always taking an AAR, a mounted GK, some Ghouls and some Flayers, regardless of the list. Royal Mordants uses pretty much the whole army list bar the courtiers (but uses a Varghulf).
  14. I find Royal Mordants Blisterskin and Triple Dragon Gristlegore to be fun to play, so disagree that we have to play "boring lists".
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