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  1. I've used them alongside a big unit of 40 rasps to fill out my battleline. Usually stick them on the flanks to screen Bladegheists and/or threaten objectives, as they're nice and fast. I've had them sneak an objective or two.
  2. Reason I ask is it came up on a Twitter thread with a list containing 3 mounted kings. People saying it's legal as the mounts are subheadings/subtitles?
  3. What's the general consensus on mounted kings in Royal Family? Is it legal to take 3 mounted kings or are you limited to one? Is it a case of RAW vs RAI, considering the FAQ the Charnel Throne received? I'm sure it's been discussed before, however I'm on mobile and searching is hard.
  4. Not sure if that really holds up, you can put a Stonehorn army together for around £150 and it's definitely no slouch!
  5. My local gaming group includes one of the GW playtesters, and has still been discussing LoG in the chat, so I think we're okay. I've got my first game back tonight, vs the hugely buffed Blight Cyst Nurgle, which should be fun. I'm going to run Mannfred and Olynder as I only painted them in March and so never got to try them out on the table. With no Aetherqyartz Broach or Vassal of the Craven King, there'll be no CP farming, so I've tweaked the list ever so slightly. Removed the Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed as there'll be no more spamming +1 attack, which leaves 120 points free. I can either swap for a Spirit Torment or drop 5 Bladegheists as well and put Reikenor in. I've opted for the Spirit Torment despite the overlap with Mannfred, as with 30 Bladegheists the torment will provide value, and the range on Mannfred degrades. Additionally in the current meta, spellcasting is getting harder, so thinking to not try pushing it. Thoughts? Mortarchs of Grief.PDF
  6. Yeah, flayers could also be good. If I'm reading it correctly, the Cathalar battleshock bounceback ability has a range of 18", however can only be bounced to a unit that must take a battleshock test itself. So a heavy round of shooting but no charges (if you don't think you can wipe them out) might be the way to soften them up. I'll see how things go, but might look in to expanding my collection of flayers to try out Blisterskin Deadwatch.
  7. Cheers for the input, I've listened to a few of the podcasts and they seem to say the same; either take him out ASAP or ignore and go for the rest of the army. Either way you just have to accept it...
  8. So with Teclis hitting soon, the new realm lords will definitely be hitting us with the double command points spell. As someone who picked up FEC as my isolation army I still haven't put them on the table, hoping for a change next month as I'm almost done painting. My query is whether this threat will move Feast Day to the de-facto choice over Gristlegore, at least in tournament settings where you can't pick and choose your list based on the opponent? I'm also curious how detrimental the auto dispel of chalice will be, as Teclis gets to auto unbind one each turn. Lords of Change can do something similar; how have people found dealing with that?
  9. I'm doing two Terrorgheist and one Zombie Dragon for my army. Means I can change things up nicely as needed. Second Terrorgheist will use the dragon body to be screaming upwards, for variety.
  10. Some Nighthaunt units can be used in Legions of Nagash, notably Chainrasp Hordes and Grimghast Reapers, and with allies you can use a decent portion of the range considering you can also run Legion of Grief. With Bonereapers they are not allies, so the only way you can mix everything is to play Grand Alliance Death. Mixing like this means you lose all the allegiance bonuses, gaining not much in return. It's up to you how strong you want the army to be Vs the narrative you have for it.
  11. Ah I missed that line on coverage. Great to know it will streamed!
  12. Will the full event have stream coverage e.g. from Tsportsnetwork / honestwargamer?
  13. So now that I've got a few games under my belt and have a feel for both the core rules of AoS as well as my army, I've realised I need to get better at placing my gravesites. I'm wondering if people have a standard set up that they go for and/or tailor based on the battleplan and opposition army at hand? Any mental checklists that you run through as per above?
  14. Is anyone able to advise the height of the VLoZD as well as Neferata? I'm looking in to transportation options at the moment as I look to start taking my first army to tournaments, the Battlefoam Magna Rack looks solid for my Legion of Grief, however I want to make sure I am future-proofing myself for when I add in some big monsters for my Legion of Blood. The medium sized case come with 5 inch spacers for the bottom row; will it be enough?
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