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  1. Well, one of them has 3 wounds (the big guy with the mace) the other two have one wound. I hoped that they would have a few more wound apiece, at least equivalent to a 3 man squad of Vrykos vampires.
  2. Ijust noticed Prince Vhordai's command ability lets you pick a Hero and they can fight in the hero phase. I Guess he could pick a wight King AND the wight king could buff himself with reroll 1's in the hero phase. ...Its a pretty poor combo and use of resources, , but it would work
  3. true...but then its no different than the standard game-wide command ability that lets a unit reroll 1's. Unless that generic command ability is going away in 3rd edition, then the wight kings command ability would be quite useful
  4. So... Did I miss something? Is there a way to make a deathrattle unit fight in the hero phase (simmilar to Ironjawz Mighty Destroyers)? Because reading the Wight King's command ability, it activates in the hero phase and lasts until the end of that phase only, making it useless under the current rules. SO I guess its a typo OR its referencing a new game mechanic from upcoming third edition?
  5. Anyone know of Bat swarms survived into the new battletome? And if not, they're technically in the legions of Nagash book still, so could potentially be brought as allies until 3rd edition? Or does Soulblight Gravelords replace the Legions of Nagash book? I'd Imagine LoN will continue to exist until 3rd edition, then get dropped from support, but perhaps not.
  6. I made a really nice vampire lord on nightmare conversion a few years back using a mount from the dreadblade harrow, and a vampiress from the Coven Throne. She sits sidesaddle on the mount and the ghostly wisps on the horse work really well when painted to look like flames befitting a nightmare.
  7. So what's people's opinions of the new Vengorian vampire-monster? I think its a cool figure, but its anatomically strange, and doesn't quite sit right with me. I may separate the vampire half from the giant bat thing, add a bat head (looking at you fell bats bits) to the lower half, some armored legs to the vampire half and resculpt it as a mounted vampire on Vengorian.
  8. Any chance the Crimson Court heroes can be played separately, or are we still thinking they will be a single unit? After seeing Prince Duvalle's warscroll card on Sunday's pre-order preview, I'm optimistic for 4 separate characters instead of one single unit. But I'll take Prince Duvalle and 3 vampire bodyguard unit as well. And I guess worse case scenario, I have 4 really nicely sculpted generic vampire lords to add to my army.
  9. So if a Wandering Monster Mechanic becomes the new Endless Spell for 3rd edition, I hope its a totally new mechanic than the wandering monster realm rules currently in place for Ghur. I'd much prefer a line of Neutrally-aligned "beasts" that could be taken b any army, similar to a mercenary unit. It also frees GW to make some models that can be taken by ANY army, which gives some love to some of the less supported lines. On a similar note. I would also love to see the return of an actual classic dragon to the game. You know, large, winged reptilian monstrosities with a breath weap
  10. For todays Rumor Engine, that short muzzle shape, canine shape and eye placement are spot on for a Bear. Though it could be some sort of fantasy creature. The teeth are wrong for a Dracoline, at least compared to the current dracoline models we have.
  11. Remember, we don't know what current rules, if any, survive the transition to the new Codex. Chalice of Blood, Deathless Minions, Dance Macabre may all go the wayside. We also have to figure in that 3rd edition is on its way, and this book (I hope) will be tuned to the new addition, so some of the changes that might appear sub-par upon release will make more sense in a few months when the new 3rd edition core rulebook hits. On another note, the Vrykos Dynasty making all heroes "generals" makes the 650pt battalion from Cursed City much more interesting, especially if they all get a
  12. I haven't seen anyone mention it here yet, but in the Sunday preview, if you look at the image with the Soulblight Gravelord Warscroll Cards, the card on top is for Prince Duvalle, from the Crimson Court Warhammer Underwords set. Which is confirmation the CC set gets stats and is included in the gravelords book. To bad its sold out locally here.
  13. Well now that we've seen Kragnos, and based on all the rumor engine models over the last few months, I'll toss in my two cents for Destruction Faction Moving forward. I think the Siege of Excelsius is going to be covered in Broken Realm's Kragnos. Excelsius will fall, but the Destruction horde held together by Gordraak will break, and the sub-factions will scatter once more. Kragnoss will gather up a bunch of mixed destruction units to him, and there will be rules in the book to run a mixed destruction list under Kragnos, similar to Belakor's mixed demon list. To support th
  14. Perhaps the 40K ork reveals will give me some conversion proxies for Kragnos. I an not a fan of the giant centaur aesthetic for Destruction. Looks like a beasts of chaos unit that got lost and strayed into a random destruction army. Instead I might use some gargantuan earth elemental, or one of privateer press's stone trolls, to represent "Kragnos, god of earthquakes". and poor Brodd, I bet he would have given his right arm for the "God of Earthquakes" to be a unique mega-gargant instead of an oversized centaur. On the other hand the Kragnos model would make a fantastic base mode
  15. Based on the story laid forth in the Broken Realms Belakor book and what ive seen speculated around here, I'm guessing the 3rd edition launch box is Stormcast "Order of Azyr" vs Orruk Warclans. With new human knights of Order Azyr mixed with a stormcast chapter for the Order half of the Box, and a mixed Destruction side with Gitmob Grots, a chariot (or gordraaks war machine) and some Orruks/Gargants falling under the Orruk Warclans faction. I don' think we'll get a new destruction army, at least based on the current lore, unless Gordraak perishes, or ascends to godhood. In which c
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