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  1. looks like a skinned squig, old school style makes me think 40K. My bet is it’s for the new 40K Ghazghkull ork warlord miniature that keeps getting alluded to. Same with that older rumor mill of an ork book standing on the ammo crate.
  2. Similar to the nighthaunt glaivewraith stalkers , the only minor complaint I have with the spearman is the horizontal spear forward design is going to make it a pain to move charging models within 1/2” of the spear men, or vice versa. Other than that, I’m loving the aesthetics
  3. Yeah, the bare chested orruk has a skull mask that makes one think of a new wardokk sculpt, but the skull is an exact copy of the skull pauldron decorations in the ironjawz brutes and gore-grunta kits. check out the destruction forums, there’s a bunch of really long speculation threads there. Seems most people leaning towards ironjawz or mixed Orruk warclans based on the card art
  4. I know the unit has been retired from matched play and moved to legends, but... .. I think I’ll be using this guy and his goblin crew as a proxy in my local games. Or who knows, depending on his warscroll, perhaps he’ll work as a decent ranged unit ally in matched point games. Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers
  5. Kronos got the nail on the head. The Lumineth article from yesterday mentions that the lumineth can attune to 4 different elements from the realm of light, and specifically gives stone as an example. I’d bet we’re seeing a stone-aligned lumineth caster\priest bit
  6. It also big Ives ya some insight on the force itself. We could be dealing with swamp and forest themed army, with full sized gargants and potentially lesser “cyclops” troops, and even Behemetiam cultists
  7. Calling it now, Sons of Behemet will be a rebellious group of outlaws who plunder the land, shakedown cities, and terrify the locals while flaunting Sigmars Natural order. I even found some leaked concept art😜
  8. Interesting design aesthetic, battleline reminds me of Greek hoplites. I’m actually surprised they aren’t more fantastical in appearance given GW’s designs for the more recent armies. These are fairly tame in comparison. Elegant, but with a familiar old world elf vibe
  9. I’m hoping the SoB are the first of a set a small releases that can be included in any army for a single grand alliance. So perhaps SoB can join and count as an Ironjawz, or gloomspite, etc. Then perhaps some Undead construct for Nahash.
  10. So basically Behemet and the gargants are from Ghyran. Behemet was a primal nature god made of living stone. Reminds me of Privateer Press Trollbloods or Discworld trolls who were partially made of earth and stone. Perhaps we’re going to see an order aligned giant faction from Ghyran? Or the sons of Behemet could be entirely different than we expect, like living stone constructs
  11. So what do we know of Behemet? I know some have speculated that they are going the imperial knight route and having an army with just a few big models. But.... could there be other spawn of Behemet? A lesser giant race? Firbolgs, firmirs, formorians, or some other mythological race? Or different giant flavors, earth, stone, fire, swamp, etc., with some being perhaps ogor sized. An army of just a few models suffers from action economy compared to hordes of lesser models, I can’t imagine the giants going it alone unless they are a mercenary force.
  12. Toss in a new mounted Orruk hero in the box and I’ll take back everything negative I ever said about GW😜
  13. I agree, there’s no way the affects of slannesh were totally purged. Now what’s more important to Teclis, looks or content? Are we going to get perfect physical elves with dark inner flaws, or perfect heroic elven souls stuck in partially twisted physical forms? I don’t know enough about Teclis to know if his personality would prefer the former or latter? Is he an egotistical madman bent on restoring the historic appearance of the aelves, no matter the cost, or is he more benevolent and accepts imperfect physical forms but with purified souls?
  14. Blizzard originally approached Games Workshop with a working demo of Warcraft, which was set in the world of warhammer. GW wasn’t interested so blizzard reskinned many of their designs, and rewrote the narrative to remove GE intellectual property, but the end result is that Warcraft retained many of its Warhammer ties.
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