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  1. Honestly I’d like to see some general grand alliance books. Ways to combine all the smaller sub faction armies into a cohesive force. Yes I know there are basic rules back from the 2018 GHB, but a Grand Force Destruction tome that allowed all the destruction armies to mesh well together under Gordraak would be fun. The 20% allies in a standard army just doesn’t do it for me. i hear the new Chaos book did something simmilar, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.
  2. We may have already seen the gatebreakers at work. There were gargants taking orders from Gordraak tasked with smashing open a storm vault in that story where gordrakk retrieves the god beast skull
  3. We may have already seen the gatebreakers at work. There were gargants taking orders from Gordraak tasked with smashing open a storm vault in that story where gordrakk retrieves the god beast skull
  4. We all need to get used to it. GW is running a business and it’s fairly obvious they are slowly retiring/replacing “generic” I.e. Tolkien-esque fantasy tropes. Normal orcs (greenskinz) gone, generic goblins (gitmob), generic dwarves ( dispossessed) sidelined and replaced, generic death? Slowly getting marginalized and retired. GW has a business to run and they are replacing all the generic models with their own creations. That creates intellectual property rights and gives them a trademarked product. Anyone can make generic elf models, but by drastically changing the aesthetic, GE can bring suit to other companies copying their style of elves. Gives them greater control over the market. It’s just good business sense. probably why you’re never going to see Brettonia or tomb kings make a return. Generic Arthurian knights or egyptian undead any company can make and compete with GW. But only GE can make ossiarch bone reaper models.
  5. So there’s been a lot of speculation that there’s a vampire army on the way. Has there been any actually substantiative reports, or is it all wishes at this point? All I can think of is the blood/skull brazier from the rumor pics last week. We just got a death army with Bonereapers, I can’t imagine there’s another one before at least a chaos release
  6. I think scions of flame is a solid guess. The bindings holding the skull to the stick appear to be cordage, that fits with more of a AOS theme than 40k, where I would expect to see bolts and such
  7. In regards to Teclis, When 900 years old you be, look as good you will not
  8. Ok I’m loving the new Ghazghkull model. Wracking my brain for potential Melee replacements for his gun hand, and running him in my Ironjawz. Perhaps with the stolen Kharadron tech jury rigged on for more of a steampunk feel. As for what to use him as, well he’s huge so maybe as a stand in for a Gargant or Rogue Idol? Or hell, perhaps I’ll stick him on foot, accompanied by a Mawcrusha on a big chain leash!
  9. It’s not the cost, it’s the perceived value when compared to the utility of the models in the box. I’m just trying to understand their business model. A “Start collecting” box seems to be marketed at one of two things, either a good start towards a small warband, or an army builder box people will buy multiples of. For maximum profit, I figured GW would add in a unit that people want multiples of, instead of the loonboss. Or even one with better synergy to the other units in the box, perhaps a loonboss riding squig? Or a caster of some type. This box seems more haphazard.
  10. The gloomspite box isn’t that hot of a deal. Troggoths 60, squig here 45 and loonboss 30. $135 worth of models for about $100. So the starter basically gets you a free loonboss.
  11. I do really like the models, but the two handed mace looks like they glued an ardboy mace to the end of a brute smasher as an afterthought, or to save sculpting time. It just looks amaturish, not what I expect from GW. . I’ll probably be cutting that off.
  12. Hopefully they go the route if the newer underworld warbands, and you get a “hero” worth 100 points and 2 followers that tag along for another 50 points or so. Like the evocator and nighthaunt warbands. it would be sad if they stat them like 3 plain brutes at 100pts or so. Like they did with the first few underworld bands (ardboys I’m looking at you) Wasted opportunity if that’s the case.
  13. Nah, GW is British remember? The fire issue would have been either 232 or 233.
  14. Frankly, I feel ironjawz has plenty of heroes. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a grunta mounted hero, but would prefer a new troop type. Something that gave us a new tactical option. A siege weapon, a ranged unit, or cheap cannon fodder, etc. Or even a miniature mawkrusha or other beastie that functions like a flamers of tzeench allying with the bonesplitters gives some of that but you lose the heavily armored ironjawz aesthetic.
  15. Oh well, as an ironjawz player I cling to any shred of evidence that may point toward a new orruk unit getting released. 😞
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