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  1. It has a butcher cleaver, a mallet and what look like stakes. At first I thought it was a new Ogre Butcher model, now I'm not so sure.
  2. I would like to see more dragons in AoS. Most of the "dragons" that are still out there are old Fantasy kits that got carried over. New plastic made for AOS dragons are the Magmadroths, Stardrakes, and Mawkrushas. I think all the rest (elven dragons, zombie dragons, chaos dragons, forgeworld dragons), date back to Pre AoS times. I hope these new seraphon hatched Dragons are low enough points that they can be brought in as allies to all the Order armies. Be a damn shame if only Stormcast can use them. And if Stormcast gets new dragons....WELL that means DEATH can lich-i-fy them into new Zombie dragons. Hail Nagash! and bring on the new Death Sculpts. Im sure Chaos can corrupt a couple and destruction can tame/enslave others, so all 4 branches of AOS can have a dragon of their own.
  3. Some generic cross faction monsters from Ghur would be nice.
  4. I was thinking of using it as a mangler squig proxy, as a fun ally to any Orrk Army. Theres also so many new mounts for Kruelboyz, it could easily be used as a Killaboss on great Gnashtoof, or perhaps that Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast. I've got an extra Crow's Cage from the ole aleguzzler gargant sprue, that I could easily hang off the beastboss on squigasaur to make a good proxy. Or Ive got to wait for a new anvil or apotheosis article for Orruks, so I can build a boss with a mount Oh and that Beastboss would make a fantastic megaboss conversion with just a few tweaks. I've already got two megaboss on foot, so i'm not sure what I'd do with a 3rd. Heck, most of the time I have trouble justifying including one. Perhaps that will change with the new Ork codex.
  5. Oh I don't know...My Soulblight gravelords Battletome is 128 pages long, 72 pages of art and story, 56 pages of rules and warscrolls. I think they could include a few less bits of art and story fluff, and stuff both armies into one book without too much trouble 🤔
  6. Ooh, well that makes me feel better We missed that. And that's why we were playing an exhibition game to learn the new rules.
  7. I would LOVE beasts of chaos rolled into slaves to darkness. Perhaps similar to the Big Waagh! in Orruks, where the armies run seperately, but have rules for a combined force. It just fits the great image of hordes of chaos rolling over the landscape.
  8. Got to play in my first 3rd edition matched play game yesterday. Broke out my ironjawz with some Kruelboyz, and was paired up against the new stormcast eternals. We each took mediocre lists with a diversity of models just to see how the new edition worked., Used just the core rules new battalions, so no help from old codex battalions. At the end of it all, the two things that stood out the most were the increased saves/tankability of certain units, and the mortal wound prevalence. The new Stormcast Annhilators were tough to deal with, as they deepstriked 7" away (using a hero ability) and exploded in Mortal wounds to all units within 10". Then proceeded to all out defense for a 2+ save. Playing orruks, most units have none or at most a -1 rend, meaning those Annhilators absorbed a huge amount of attacks before dying. Oh and of course they resurrect on a 5+ and can then lightning deepstrike again. **Shudder*. Now I've got a new Orruk Warclans Codex coming, so I'm expecting some unit buffs (Kruelboys MW generation will be clutch i'm thinking), but I'm not sure how low rend armies without heavy spellcasting or MW generation are going to deal with the prevalence of 2+ saves. On the flip side, I brought a megaboss on foot for sh*ts and grins, and gave him "Ironclad" command trait for a 2+ base save. His warscroll ability is basically a renamed "all out attack" getting around the whole "a command can only be used once per phase" limitation, and he ROFL-stomped piles of stormcast light infantry. They had the same problem, no good way to overcome the 2+ save. And if they did, I just used the Healing heroic action to regain health. He felt heroic and scary for the first time ever, carving through units like you'd expect a megaboss should do. Are we just entering a new era with a different playstyle? One where you have ultra tanky units that dominate the battlefield, and have to be dealt with by shoveling them chaff. I see that playstyle in 40K (hello Mortarion) and I really don't want to see that appear in AoS.
  9. Oh Fuggers!!!... I always wanted more dragons in AOS. Now it looks like I'll need stormcast eternals if I wish to use them. Still they will be pale shadows of my mighty Mawkrusha! I wish we had a non-mounted sculpt and warscroll for Mawkrushas. Instead it sounds like we're getting a feathery wyvern/vulture thing ., Sounds like the Chaos cockatrice model. Oh wait, I just noticed tis, the cockatrice has a claw at the end of its tail. Isn't there a recent rumor thread with a weird claw on a tail or other appendage? Could we be getting non-chaos corrupted cockatrice? I doubt it, but Ill take a longshot and say that "claw" rumor engine if from the tail of the new Mouth of Mork beastie.
  10. Oh and for those wondering if the Kruelboys sculpts will mesh wit the current Orruk warclan hodgepodge of models... Well if you match the shields to your current army main color, I think they will blend in just fine. Could even headswap some brute/grunta heads into the kruelboys line. The heads appear to be the same size. I think the weedy muckdwellers are growing on me. Here's a complimentary to classic ironjawz color scheme.
  11. My ardboys are already a hodgepidge of the basic Ardboys kit with different heads, weapons and limbs from a brutes kit and also the Gouged Eye Bloodbowl orks team. Really gives them some individuality and character. For Kruelboys, I think i'm going to paint them with a reddish-brown hue instead of classic greenskin. I want to differentiate them from my Ironjawz on the battlefield, Or maybe a yellow simmilar to hobgrots. hmm.... As for bonesplitters...Well I plan on converting a whole bunch of Beast Snagga 40K orks to use as Bonesplitta proxies. But I'm awaiting our new Warclans codex before I dive into that project. Perhaps they'll be another unit in there to convert the beast snaggas to that will make more sense. I just really like thier aesthetic. Also the new Blood Bowl Black ork team Thunder valley greenskinz would make fantastic brute conversions...but again, unless their stat lines changes significantly in the new codex, I don't really need more brutes at this time.
  12. I hope we're getting the modern rendition of this beauty on a mega-gargant! KingBrodd this ones for you! Actually...I may build this out of a mega-gargant anyhow, and load it with Man-squewer boltboys!
  13. I'm getting the feeling we're going to get one Enormous centerpiece model, with a platform covered in orks (or grots) loaded with long spears and ballista, either on top of, or pulled by, some huge swamp beast. Model Wise I hope its the size of a mega-gargant, so there's something out there to rival/challenge Brodd's children
  14. *shrug* Ouor 2.0 coxes is going the way of the dodo in the next month, I wouldnt worry too much about it. Big Waaagh is going to have to be reworked to include kruelboyz allegiance powers anyhow. I equate it to the soulblight book, which had lots of bits that didnt make sense, until we saw the 3rd edition ruleset.
  15. Spikeybits article from today has the warscroll cards from Dominion up to view. Hobgrots warscroll contains the Orruk Warclans and Kruelboyz keywords. No idea if they are battleline, but we'll know for sure when the codex hits. Can't imagine its more than a month away.
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