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  1. Hi there! Testing a possible conversion for the Alarith Stoneguard drawing some inspiration from old Saphery iconography. I still need to add details to fix some areas. C&C welcomed. Parts: -Head. Phoenix Guard + HE shield iconography -Body. Shadow warriors -Arms + weapon. Phoenix Guard + Duarding Hammerers -Legs. Phoenix Guard
  2. If it's any consolation, +1 to hit with the bite against models with 7 wounds or less and the CA could grant another +1 to hit.
  3. I imagined but I had to ask in case there was anything somewhere. I didn't realise that the worm doesn't work on her either, which is rather, I guess, silly. Buy, hey, that's RAW so nothing to do.
  4. Quick silly question, can Allariele use Hidden Paths? I'm asking this because her base is 6,5" and technically you need to be wholly within 6" of the edge.
  5. True, but hordes usually have low armour so it's quite lethal against then (really good for a low model army like OB) and elite units or even characters won't like to be targeted because failing a save roll could be quite punishing. If you could use Petrifex CA on their shooting it would be too much.
  6. Anybody knows what do the battalions do? Also, if no allies, I assume no mercenaries either, right?
  7. Alternatively, I could split the Kavalos into two units and lose one of the crawlers/harvesters to maximise the guard with a unit of 40, using two boneshapers to get more healing. I know that Katakros it's quite expensive, but rule of cool > all, so I want to see how to make him useful. Might take a while until the army's been tested to get a list with him as a key part of it.
  8. I only had a quick look and I don't know what some of the hosts do or what the battalions do, but I'm thinking on something like this: Katakros Boneshaper + Soulmason or 2 Boneshaper 10 Mortek guard 10 Mortek Guard 10 Kavalos Deathriders Gothizzard Harvester 2 Mortek Crawler This army would be part of the +1 armour host so I'm not so dependent on Katakros's CA and so on the first turn I have extra tankyness. Katakros would be in the middle, followed by the crawlers so they can benefit of the +1 attack. They can destroy hordes and punish elite armies of they fail their save rolls. If they are hurt, they can use their special ammunition to be more dangerous. With the wizards I have the options of three spells but only 6 wounds back in total or two spells and 9 wounds back. One of them would have the CA farming spell and the other one either exploding attacks or defense. The Mortek Guard would hold a flank and grab objectives, while the Cavalla could charge the enemy. The Harvester could go either way to support and add extra punch. Maybe when I have a look to battalions I might change the list, but I like its possibilities. Would love to add some ES but I wouldn't know what to take at the moment.
  9. I just realised Nagash and Arkhan have lost their ability to know any other Death Wizard's spells... So no Nagash casting "two" Hand of Dust Neither of them have the Ossiarch Bonerepear keyword, how could they get access to them?
  10. Neither Nagash nor Arkhan have any keywords locking them to one of the hosts, which means Nagash with a 2+ armour save is doable. Also, they don't have the Ossiarch Bonerepear keyword, which means they can't cast their Endless Spells. Could they still do it through their ability to know any other Death Wizard's spells? Because Nagash with the Bird could make him quite tanky, especially with 2+ save, while ignoring the -1 to cast due to his own extra.
  11. On one hand, Stormcast Eternals have restrictions on which characters can be included in which hosts, but DoK (Morathi) and ID (Volturnos) don't. Obviously, this characters are part of the army, but so are Nagash and Arkham technically and, usually, isn't the only requirement for a unit to be part of one of the hosts to be part of the army as a whole? Also, we have CoS and how you can add named characters from other armies (SE and KO) and still get the benefits from the cities. Anyway, we'll see, they could have a fixed keyword or required getting someone else (like with the Legions).
  12. So if you add Nagash to the +1 to save host, yuo get him on a 2+. Cool.
  13. If all you want is unlock the comet, you could always use the Lord Exorcist and save 20 points to squeeze something else in. Their own spell is meh, but you will be casting the comet + something else/dispelling it.
  14. @Charlo You are quite right, 620 points it's a huge gamble. It if comes to the worst I could always swap the Comet for the Sun + Vortex. That way I could still have reach and another threat. It would still be lots of points while having mostly chaff, so I better roll amazingly! @mmimzie Would a -1 be better than an extra 4+ against MW to survive the CA? Probably, as I could still pass them to the retinue and the rest I could heal them. If it's still really wounded, I could have a go with a different wizard perhaps. I just checked, the Lord Exorcist is 120, it would allow me to include the Vortex... I mean, it's not the most amazing character, but it's cheap haha
  15. At the moment, the list I'm thinking of is something like this: Allegiance: Hallowheart Leaders Lord Arcanum (160) - General - Veteran of the Blazing Crusades + Ignax Scales Battlemage (90) - Hysh Battlemage (90) - Ghur Battlemage (90) - Azyr Anointed on Frost Phoenix (320) - Whitefire Tome to get access to Sear Wounds Gotrek (520) Battleline 20 x Freeguild Guard (160) 10 x Freeguild Guard (80) 10 x Freeguild Guard (80) Battalion Whitefire Retinue (140) Endless Spells Everblaze Comet (100) Umbral Spellportal (70) Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60) Prismatic Palisade (30) Total: 1990 / 2000 If I removed Gotrek I could probably optimise it with something better (either another phoenix plus khinerai or phoenix guard to have a proper anvil, for example) but I would like to have a go first to see how he works considering I could make him go faster (Ghur battlemage spell) without making the enemy army get closer to me. Also, he hits quite hard while being very difficult to take him down. Hysh spell could make him more tanky and Ignite Weapons even more killy. The Lord Arcanum is there to give me access to the Comet and have a tankier general. I could use a Knight Incantor instead, losing 1 wound but gaining the option of adding the Racist Swords. Also, I modeled the comet like the Moon from Majora's Mask and I think is kind of funny to see how it falls all the time. Swapping the command trait for the +3 to disperse so I can spam it is also on the table, though the guard is quite low on bravery. The Phoenix is completely independent of the rest of the army as it has a healing spell, getting +1 armour and the chance of D6 healing wounds. It wouldn't get the amazing extra casting but it's only a 6 to cast. Worst case scenario, someone else could cast it for her. Geminids and Palisade give me some good defensive options and I can disrupt the opponent's movement with the latter. Depending on the terrain I could even use the Comet to affect the movement as I could place on a chokepoint making them change their options. Hordes wouldn't be a problem thanks to Spellportal + Cyclone and I could damage more elite armies with a combination of the Azyr spell + Roaming wildfire. P.S. Yes, the whole army is inspired by The Legend of Zelda, not only the Comet.
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