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  1. Question, could you use Supa sneaky and then the Alpha-Beast pack? Imagine, I set-up a Rogue-Idol 9" away from the enemy and then move D6". The CT happens before deciding who goes first, and the Battlalion before the first battle round, so I assume the former would go first, right? And if you don't move it afterwards, the enemy wouldn't be able to Relocate. Then, you move D6" with the other Rogue-Idol, use Sneaky miasma on it for a normal move and then move again. A fun-silly way to have two Rogue Idols charging on first turn, one of them potentially buffed. Also, if you have used the Dirty trick to remove some units, you could easily get rid of chaff so you can charge where you want. Edit: Just re-read the texts. Alpha pack happens before and Supa sneaky at the beginning of first battle round. So, you could still move d6" one of the Idols while the other is within 9" and then move, if you don't mind your opponent relocating.
  2. Am I turning my Tomb King chariots into Stormstrike Chariots for the Warrior-Chamber of the Imperishables? Yep.
  3. Also, because the unit can move afterwards, place it 13" away from the enemy with its base towards you and you might even be able to give it a few buffs.
  4. Either them or CoS, but you can play both in either. I was already planning a City army with living and death models and SCE are also looking like an interesting option.
  5. Could you give KotET Varanguard the Arcane Tome so they can cast Fire Weapons on themselves? Also, do they need to follow coherence rules as they count as a hero?
  6. Anybody considering running a generic Glade so the Warsong Revenant can get access to Glade Lore or Spell Singer? Or is Gnarlroot to good to ignore?
  7. I like the idea of doing something like this: Kraken eater - General with Very acquisitive and Glowy Lantern. Flaming weapon Gatebreaker with Amulet of Destiny Gatebreaker Mancrusher Mancrusher Soulscream bridge Rerolling charges triumph. Not at home, so I can't check whether a mega could even fit within 6" of the bridge,though. But it could be a nasty alpha. Though, I'm considering how useful Gatebreakers are now as you can't stack +1 to hit. They still hit hard, but with Flaming weapon on, you get similar damage on the others. You need to get it off, sure, but it allows you to play around their point increase.
  8. You could give them the Arcane Tome for an extra spell and use Lauchon to move in the Hero phase for a MW. Edit: Oh, it needs to be in the Combat phase,my bad!
  9. Anybody considering doing a one drop list and giving a Gatebreaker the Arcane Tome so they can cast Lauchon and go for a turn one alpha strike?
  10. Yes, he needs to take a wound, but it's pretty common to use something like a Burning Skull to trigger it. Sure, you can ignore him, but if you position him well, holding those MW until your next hero phase could be really strong.
  11. So, Nagash in OBR could basically fully charge his Arcane bolts plus do the teleport shenanigans, charge you and unleash all of them at once for 7D3 MW, right? Or, if he fails the charge, saves them so he can zap you if you charge him? Ouch.
  12. Not talking so much regarding aesthetics which are influenced by old Ork designs, but more as a concept. With the exception of Fimir, Skaven was the race associated with swamps and marshland. They also share their conniving and deceitful personality and play dirty by using poison or war machines. Not saying that they are a copy as being cunning was one of Morks characteristics. However, they usually showed that more as magic powers than anything else, so it's nice to see a different part of orruk culture.
  13. I really like that the approach to this army feels "orruks but make them Skaven". Their shields are probably reason enough to buy a few of them, but I'm really tempted to get a few Fimir heads for a small project.
  14. Yeah, probably a better choice than a TA. Also, because the warscrolls say they both know all the spells from the lore, does it mean that if they are used in Cities of Sigmar, they also have access to them?
  15. The Talon is interesting. You roll a dice for instakill for every wound caused by it. I know 3+/4+ and no rend is not great, but it's a fun little thing to have. I suppose the wound is not negated if it already killed a model (?). She is better, yes, but being more expensive it's even trickier to field her. The new hero it's odd, does it have a place in the army? The +1 to cast next to trees would have been useful on Alarielle, though.
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