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  1. If you roll equal or less to the number of heroes in your battalion you get 1 CP. However, in Pretenders your general needs to be on its own, which breaks the minimum requirement (3-6 heroes). The cost of the battalion is 120. I could always lose one of the battalion and swap a KoS for 30 daemonettes instead of relying on summoning.
  2. For my first 2000 points list I'm toying with the following idea: Pretenders -KoS (General) Hand / +2 attacks on Claws / +1 Damage to monsters / 1d3 extra for one attack or rerolling when alone - KoS Hand / Ghyrstrike on Claws -KoS Hand / Blade of Hammerhal Ghyra on Claws - Infernal Enrapturess - Contorted Epitome or Herald + Exalted Chaos Champion - 5 Chaos Warriors - 5 Chaos Warriors - 5 Hellstriders - Mirror spell - x2 Sybarite battalion The second battalion might be excessive but I'll be making one of my KoS more killy for 60 points while having the chance of getting extra CPs and having one CP for each KoS as soon as possible. The Exalted Chaos Champion option is there as it's really cheap so I could get CPs on a 5 or less.
  3. I mean, a Pretender's KoS hits similar to a Durthu but being faster, a level 2 wizard, attacking first, attacking twice and being prettier. That's glorious. Also, beastmen can get items from the hosts.
  4. Wait... the wording is 'Invader Host Hero', does that mean that we can make mark of Slaanesh BoC generals or allow them to get an item? P.S. A Pretender's KoS could have 4 attacks on its claws (there is an item that gives you +2) and dealing 6 wounds to monsters (a trait gives you +1 to your damage if you target monsters)...
  5. Looking at the warscrolls I'm really excited about the new KoS but a little bit disappointed about Shalaxi. Not bad stats by any means and the 2+ to Wound being there until Shalaxi receives quite a lot of punishment is quite good on top of the spell and other skills. Though, one attack only for Soulpiercer feels too much of a gamble and needing another KoS to get the second pile would be around 700 points for the whole combo unless there is a Command trait that gives you the same CA. We'll see. Syll'Eske looks good if you want to go daemonette hordes, though due to their CA I thought everyone would have the 'If they are General' requirement. Otherwise Invader's ability description seems odd.
  6. I know, I know, but I think they were talking about Endless Spells and that should be ok, right?
  7. It technically only says Chaos Slaanesh Wizards, so any wizard from the battalion should be able to do so. On the other hand, if you go heavy BoC in a Slaanesh army you could do the same thing with their Endless spells. I say heavy because that way you wouldn't suffer the side effects.
  8. "You don't like the artifact you got stuck with after selecting your host? Did you used a one time item and now you have a useless trinket? Fear not! Take it to Slaanesh Recycling Centre and we will give it a new use! Also, here you go, have some rerolls for the trouble." Also, the mirror sounds really fun. I love that this army has the concept of "Would you kindly do this thing that you don't want to or perhaps you would be interested in having some Mortal Wounds. Your choice *winky face*"
  9. Everything looks sooooo good. Though, I'm thinking that the KoS might not keep its current Command Ability considering how many buffs it's indirectly getting by Allegiance Abilities and by the skills that we know so far. What do you think?
  10. And did you realise that Euphoric Killers talks about Chaos Slaanesh, which means Beastmen would also be affected? Also, Locus sounds amazing!
  11. I must admit that, at the reveal, I was not completely sold on the KoS, but now I think is perfect. I think that they've gone for quite an interesting aesthetic with the new models. On one hand you have the ruff on some of the miniatures, quite European, but the rest of the clothing looks more Asian/Arab? Kind of One and a Thousand Nights?
  12. I was not expecting that KoS, but I must admit it is quite unique. And huge, that thing is huge. I'm really pleased with the new miniatures but, yes, it's a pity to not have seen any mortals.
  13. The Forbidden Power video gave me Egyptian vibes, but that pic not so much. On the other hand, Warcry seems interesting and that terrain looks really good.
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