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  1. Anyone know how the fomoroid crushers will be sold? Are they individual model for sale or part of some subgame?
  2. Mindstealers and furies. Make everyone else activate last. Retreat furies from combat. Minimum everything else. Zero combat game. Achievement unlocked.
  3. Std might be a way to go. 5 gaunt summoners in ravagers gets you 5x10 choice of demons and 5x10 marauders (or other choices) summoned for 1300. Mutalith is slaves to darkness. Karanak as ally Another tzeentch hero as 6th leader ally. (Magister or ogroid) If not, another skaven option is hellpits (chance to revive after dying kind of counts?) There's that named khorne hero that also repeatedly comes back to life for cheap.
  4. People are acting like this is the first defensive army in the game and the fact that every army is not a glass cannon ruins age of sigmar. For me, I think a variety of types of armies is more entertaining and makes list building more fun as I try to make concessions vs one army to strengthen vs another. Now that there is both OBR and SCE, maybe you need to include more options for them than you normally would. Maybe not. Making the decision is part of the fun. 95% of the negative play experiences I have ever had were listening to players blame "OP" when they lose. Shelved Slaanesh to sate the sore losers' whining only to have them re-emerge as soon as my new army arrived in the mail. Imo, it is the responsibility of a losing army to improve rather than a winning army to intentionally be worse. If you don't want to actually try to strategize, maybe you just don't like the game and that's fine.
  5. I'd say it's still unmodified. The 5+ is instead of 6 (which is unmodified). The + after 5 doesn't imply that it is now able to be modified because you can roll natural 6s. When something says 6+ it DOES imply that it can be modified because you can't roll natural 7s.
  6. The people that rush to internet to say an army is unfun to play against every time they lose will always have a scapegoat for their losses. Can we just ignore those posts completely?
  7. Damn 1dchan or w.e...i have the book but have been using that site when on my phone.
  8. Anybody tried stalliarch Lords with a bunch of mortek guard to swarm with undead clanrats? Could even model rat skulls on them. Run/retreat/charge on defensive blob seems like it'd be really tough to lose objectives,.but I don't know if losing the save is worth the maneuverability.
  9. Literally started buying first models for moulder army yesterday. Wolf rats better be in next ghb lol
  10. I think $135 in models for ogors. (1)Ironblaster -35 (6)Ogors -40 (2)Leadbelchers -20 (1)Tyrant -40
  11. Well shooting in 5 turns instead of 4 is a 25% damage increase for what I assume would be the core of your army if picking that one can be pretty good.
  12. Used to think tournaments were my favorite part of aos. Today I learned that it is actually aos themed parody songs.
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