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  1. jackmcmahon


    Nice write up. Sad to see the loss of rats via command points and the -1 to enemy run and charge on monks. (Stacked with tamurkhans horde) I actually like the acolyte change. Essentially extends their threat range 6". Thanks for the overview!
  2. jackmcmahon

    Nagash Counter?

    6 infernal rapturess 16 units of 10 kairic acolytes
  3. jackmcmahon

    Faction predictions for 2019.

    Army of nanites from the future sent back in time. They start as just blank bases because they are so small. They take over enemy units. Rebasing them is no big deal because they are just bases.
  4. jackmcmahon

    Big FAQ?

    They changed wording from "near a unit" to "near any units" so their -1 to hit debuff no longer stacks. It was debated before. If they wanted to clarify that it didn't stack they would have wrote it in question form, but they reworded entirely, meaning used to stack, now does not.
  5. jackmcmahon

    Big FAQ?

    Interesting that they reworded that hellstriders warscrolls only, not the meaning of the old wording. Grundstok thunderer with drillbill was worded similarly, so I guess this actually means if someone charges two unit of thunderers you roll two dice for mortals? 10 units of 5 thunderers say come at me bro, haha
  6. jackmcmahon

    Gaming etiquette

    4. There is only so much air. Ration your breathing to be respectful of the group. On a serious note I think they talked about it on either warhammerweekly or honestwargamer recently. Not 100% sure which video but sometime in last 10 days or so. I don't know if there's a picture of it floating around. A few sites have recaps of tournaments and it could be in the players pack
  7. jackmcmahon

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Daemonettes now forcing rerolls of unmodified 6s instead of 6+ could end up being huge in the right list. Possible to get a 1/36 chance to hit them in combat now with some other debuffs in the list.
  8. jackmcmahon

    The Rumour Thread

    Woah, an actual rumour. Order serpentis/scourge mounts? Anybody else think it's funny that the thread based on conspiracy theories for aos was started on April 20?
  9. jackmcmahon

    Hi guys!

    Bring: Army, dice, measuring instrument, objective markers, etc that you'd bring to any casual game Multiple copies of your army list to give to opponents is helpful to them. Put your name on it, it's hard to remember all the opponents sometimes! Haha. (And to spell some last names) Warscrolls/rulebooks your army uses. (Even if you know them, again it is helpful to your opponent and makes things run smoothly) A non-messy snack and resealable drink. You might not finish in time, leaving a short window for bathroom break and such. Glue or sticky tac for quick fixes to a broken model. Cheat sheet for your army so you don't forget what your options are in each phase. Can help move the game along quickly so you don't go to the time limit. Paper/pen for scoring. Prep: Look over all the scenarios again to get them fresh in your mind. There's a lot of options, now and some are very similar. Look up some common armies and make a basic plan for fighting them. Before the game discuss things with your opponent like artefacts and battalions in both armies, spells chosen, policy on cocked dice and command points. Draw up a score sheet with turns on it. It's easy to forget what turn it is over that many hours of gaming. How to be: Understand that everyone is there to have fun and might do so differently than you. Understand that everyone has different ways of acting in social environments. Understand that it is a long day(s) for everyone there and people can get tired and frustrated sometimes. Just a game in the end, so be forgiving if someone gets upset over dice or something. Watch out for: People carrying their 100s of hours of work and devotion through doorways. People's models under tables. Blocks of sequitors, evocators and grimghast reapers. If you have a long drive, your bedtime.
  10. This would also add an amount of balance against battletome armies, because if they want the artefacts that were meant to give non battletome armies options, they have to exclude the ones in their battletome.
  11. Ya I know. I mean to allow an artefacts from both sides of the one realm you pick. One of the weapons, one of the items. Then cut off your ability to choose allegiance artefacts. So you'd be capped at two artefacts (usually not a restriction) and they'd both have to be from same realm. So if there is an "op" artefact in realm x, the other artefacts in that realm would begin to see play just based on someone wanting that op artefact.
  12. Don't like realm rules that give huge advantages. Random is good for wargaming, but this takes it too far. I like artefacts, but some being just 100% better than other options makes me want them to take it a step further and allow both a weapon and defensive item from your realm. If you REALLY want that ghyrstrike/doppelganger etc it will restrict your other option to something in same realm. I would be ok with or without a rule that states you can't take faction artefacts if you take realm artefacts to actually enforce this restriction. Spells I'm kind of torn on. It does give a huge advantage to multiple cast models, but this ghb is meant to favor wizards with both scenarios and the addition of malign sorceries I think this was the intent. Ghb 2019 could see it swing to priests or heroes with 5 or less wounds or artillery etc etc. Part of me wants to say restrict to one realm spell her turn, the other half says let the magic theme have its year until the next ghb.
  13. jackmcmahon

    Everblaze comet damage proc

    Before the first player goes in round 2. Anything that says turn will happen twice per round (your turn and their turn) for a total of 10 times per game, but battle round will only happen 5 times per game.
  14. I usually follow Sebastian's advice except for things like dice measuring phone that I use every turn.
  15. jackmcmahon

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    This has always confused me, too. RAW you can take unique characters, (without the run bonus and any TH buffs) but everyone on here and I think on the wiki says you absolutely can't take them. I took their word for it and put my list in the trash. Re-read it about a week ago and was like...ya, this doesn't prevent uniques, it specifically says any unit.