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  1. I just want to point out that things said on the stream are not confirmation, as we recently learned. (Had reinforced) Also, things printed in the book aren't really confirmed either. (Except for the short time between release and FAQ). Just something to keep in mind before purchases.
  2. May have been me. I had 6 in list 13 for summoning. Zoo/safari theme
  3. Haha I had them all out on my board to be seen. Lots of people walking by to look at armies saying, "wait, what? Aren't those heroes? Can you take as a unit?" Or things like that. Really hope they are still 6points in new book or I'm going to be spamming them on eBay instead of my list. I think game 3 if I had screened my damage dealers with enrapturesses and just sacrificed 5 of them I would've had better chance. Get back 20 depravity and get 3 back, then counter attack with 75% instead of 20% of army.
  4. Thought I'd do a recap of my 3-2 Adepticon games on here. Here's my list. Slaanesh Adepticon Jack McMahon - Allegiance: Slaanesh - Mortal Realm: Ghyran - Host: Pretenders LEADERS Allure of Slaanesh + Invigorated By Pain (120) Infernal Enrapturess - General - Artefact : Hypersnare Seeds Infernal Enrapturess (120) Infernal Enrapturess (120) Infernal Enrapturess (120) Infernal Enrapturess (120) Infernal Enrapturess (120) UNITS 30 x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (270) 30 x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (270) 5 x Hellstriders of Slaanesh (100) - Claw spear - Icon of Excess 3 x Fiends of Slaanesh (180) 3 x Fiends of Slaanesh (180) 1 x Exalted Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh (140) 1 x Exalted Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh (140) Game 1 Vs Sylvaneth @ Total Conquest (W) My plan was to take the entire right side of the board and have a unit of 30 daemonettes hold of the left side as long as possible. My first turn I sent 30 daemonettes up the right side and quickly stole the back right objective, controlling 3/4. It did not look like he was going to try to recapture his objective, but the threat of sending stuff in via woods was always in my mind. He moved toward my left objective. With the majority of my force in the middle of the field, originally going for the back right objective, I pivoted to his next set of woods in the middle that was advancing toward my left objective. He kept spawning 10 dryads in his backfield, so i kept the daemonette blocks on my left and far right objectives. Most of my shooting was wasted by his healing until I switched focus to Hunters and allied Eels to slow down his damage output. To lock his stuff in the middle and off of objectives I sent in a unit at a time to die to big trees and beetles until I won. Game 2 Vs Beasts of Chaos @ Focal Points (W) His list had 2 units of 6 Enlightened and the Tzeentch battalion. He quickly took the center objective and I tried to send my fiends and shooting into enlightened so I wouldn't get tabled. He remained on the middle objective for the majority of the fight until I could get my summoning engine to a ridiculous level. He mainly focused on killing my enrapturesses, which were gaining me 4 depravity even if they just die without doing anything, and summon in on 6. Whittling him down while he was killing units that just come back on my hero phase allowed me to eventually have a turn where i went from controlling 2-5 objectives due to chaining summons into his backfield. Him being Gavespawn almost lost me the game thinking I was going to be able to capture a point a turn prior then have a little spawn hold back large chunks of damage for an additional turn. Barely a victory. Game 3 Vs Beasts of Chaos @ Total Commitment (L) This list was really similar to my previous opponent but he dropped the battalion and 1 hero to max out 2 bestigor units that were 10-mans in previous list. The sacrifice this player made for more power is obviously losing the 1-2 drop list, but mine is 13. I think going into this game after playing a really similar list that I just beat and stole 3 objectives from in one turn made me a little cocky. I assumed it would go similarly and that I would either a) Go first and set up my army 7-12 inches ahead in a way that allowed for great combats. or b)Get to go second and counter attack, on top of having the chance at a double turn of summoning. What actually happened was something completely different. He got almost his entire army on my front line t1 (with him going first) and wiped 19 daemonettes from one units, and probably around 15 from the other, most of my fiends, chariots and some of my heroes. On top of that I was forced to attack a single remaining bestigor with my usually useless hellstriders, killing it and losing a hidden objective for killing a unit with battleshock. His first unit of bestigor went all in, but the second unit of bestigor charged one model onto a chariot and the rest 3.1 inches out from my daemonettes. my daemonettes couldn't Pile into the 2nd unit of bestigors after the first attacked, but they were in combat with chariot so were able to pile in and hit daemonettes first. (They also get bonus inch on pile-ins). This player also had support pieces and ungor a few inches behind his attack wave, just barely preventing me from summoning over his line to attack his back line. To have a chance I needed a few things to happen. 1) 1 on battleshock to respawn daemonettes, 2) Get lucky in shooting to get some Depravity points built up. 3) Get the double turn to allow the time to rebuild my lost forces. Got a 1 on one unit of daemonettes and brought 6 back! --Things looking up. Moderate shooting damage--Ok, still in miracle range. No double turn, would soon be tabled so I asked him if he specifically had a reason he wanted to finish it out or if he'd rather have the extra hour and we called it. This was my favorite opponent vote, because I learned so much about maneuvering during charge and pile in phases and was a great opponent. Game 4 Vs Idoneth Deepkin @ Knife to the Heart (L) This opponent had Namarti Corps with 2 tens of thralls and 2 tens of reavers, an assortment of isharann heroes, an akhelian king and 2 units of 6 offensive eels. He placed the boats in the middle of the board, which also had a terrain piece already there, so I decided to shoot off to the left and right corners. At the start, the left side looked weaker so I decided I could make it to his objective by turn 3. My right side was left weaker so I placed my fiends on that side, thinking he would go on offense with eels to capture my objective and their increased damage wouldnt be wasted. Most of my enrapturesses were on the left. Turn 1 I had totally forgot about only shooting closest unit, so I sniped some reavers and thralls, which mostly just got healed back and I didn't earn any depravity. He moved up on my left side to force the battle and dropped his eels on the right side like I thought and charged an enrapturess, setting up my chance for counter charge with fiends. In turn 2, I won priority and my thoughts were that given the turn three strength of IDK, he would win if he won priority turn 3 so I set myself up to win the tie on the initiative roll and chose to go first. I moved up on the left side and wiped the units in the way, but was still about an inch and a half away from getting my daemonettes in range of the objective, which was guarded by 1 isharann hero. This meant that he would have the opportunity to win if he went first on turn 3. I charged the eels with my fiends thinking I could take out a unit before his turn 2. Mistake. They got a good zap role and left 1 unit of 3 with 1 wound remaining and their combat took out a fiend in the other unit of them. During his turn 2 he finished off the the fiends and had 1 eel remaining in one unit and 6 in the other. His unit of 6 shot down to my daemonettes and hellstriders camping the objective while his king, the survivor of his units on the left side, went into my enrapturess and passed out buffs. His unit of 6 eels left a few hellstriders and a handful of deamonettes remaining, but still enough to hold my objective. Battleshock came and a 1 on my test might have been able to screen out his eels from getting to the objective in turn 3. Rolled a 1!!!! but it was for my hellstriders. Rolled a 6 on my daemonettes. Going into turn 3, if I won priority I could retreat daemonettes further onto my objective and make a 3 inch charge with 25 daemonettes (with +1 charge) onto 1 isharann hero on his objective. If he won, he could have 6 eels kill 2 daemonnettes to win. Initiative: Rolled a 2. Still had 33% chance because I win ties. He got a 3 and it was over. Really fun match. Game 5 Vs Stormcast @ Relocation Orb (W) 20 Sequitors, judicators, Lord arcanum on gryph, 3x2 fulminators and some other support heroes. She had the wizards to get bonus points on the objectives so I was a little worried about being blocked by sequitors and having her just jump around with wizards getting objectives. She took first turn and I thought this is what would happen but we were a little too far apart for stormcast. She didn't run the sequitors, because she had a charge buff on them and thought she would make it to my front line turn 1, but the charge failed. This set me up pretty well in turn one to move my fiends toward her 2 fulminators that were on the board and have my deamonettes rip apart her judicators and sequitors. Wow. Takes me to game five to realize the ridiculous offensive power of 30 daemonettes even without the double attack from Keeper of Secrets. I just imagined them being weaker than average without the 2 combats they are supposed to have, but good god they rolls more wounds rolls than hit rolls. My shooting from enrapturesses finally came back to average mathematically with almost every shot going through, skyrocketing my depravity. It was quickly down to her having heroes, 2 units of 2 fulminators and low model count units to clean up with deamonettes. She made an awesome play with the gryph charger with the winds to land in an almost perfectly small spot in between my units to steal the objective once, as it counts as 20 models and I thought I was safe. Her 4 fulminators came in behind my army and took out my general then got tied up with fiends. She ended up calling it and I ended 3-2. I was on track to summon the full 19 infernal enrapturesses that I brought with me this game. That wouldve been a sight to see, haha. Ended up getting a randomly drawn prize: Creature Caster Lady of Depravity, which is quite fitting for my army. Adepticon was a blast. Really liked the enrapturess spam, although with new book and witnessing daemonette power, I'm sure I'll change it up slightly in the future, but still summon them when I need range/rend/anti magic.
  5. Nice write up. Sad to see the loss of rats via command points and the -1 to enemy run and charge on monks. (Stacked with tamurkhans horde) I actually like the acolyte change. Essentially extends their threat range 6". Thanks for the overview!
  6. 6 infernal rapturess 16 units of 10 kairic acolytes
  7. Army of nanites from the future sent back in time. They start as just blank bases because they are so small. They take over enemy units. Rebasing them is no big deal because they are just bases.
  8. They changed wording from "near a unit" to "near any units" so their -1 to hit debuff no longer stacks. It was debated before. If they wanted to clarify that it didn't stack they would have wrote it in question form, but they reworded entirely, meaning used to stack, now does not.
  9. Interesting that they reworded that hellstriders warscrolls only, not the meaning of the old wording. Grundstok thunderer with drillbill was worded similarly, so I guess this actually means if someone charges two unit of thunderers you roll two dice for mortals? 10 units of 5 thunderers say come at me bro, haha
  10. 4. There is only so much air. Ration your breathing to be respectful of the group. On a serious note I think they talked about it on either warhammerweekly or honestwargamer recently. Not 100% sure which video but sometime in last 10 days or so. I don't know if there's a picture of it floating around. A few sites have recaps of tournaments and it could be in the players pack
  11. Daemonettes now forcing rerolls of unmodified 6s instead of 6+ could end up being huge in the right list. Possible to get a 1/36 chance to hit them in combat now with some other debuffs in the list.
  12. Woah, an actual rumour. Order serpentis/scourge mounts? Anybody else think it's funny that the thread based on conspiracy theories for aos was started on April 20?
  13. Bring: Army, dice, measuring instrument, objective markers, etc that you'd bring to any casual game Multiple copies of your army list to give to opponents is helpful to them. Put your name on it, it's hard to remember all the opponents sometimes! Haha. (And to spell some last names) Warscrolls/rulebooks your army uses. (Even if you know them, again it is helpful to your opponent and makes things run smoothly) A non-messy snack and resealable drink. You might not finish in time, leaving a short window for bathroom break and such. Glue or sticky tac for quick fixes to a broken model. Cheat sheet for your army so you don't forget what your options are in each phase. Can help move the game along quickly so you don't go to the time limit. Paper/pen for scoring. Prep: Look over all the scenarios again to get them fresh in your mind. There's a lot of options, now and some are very similar. Look up some common armies and make a basic plan for fighting them. Before the game discuss things with your opponent like artefacts and battalions in both armies, spells chosen, policy on cocked dice and command points. Draw up a score sheet with turns on it. It's easy to forget what turn it is over that many hours of gaming. How to be: Understand that everyone is there to have fun and might do so differently than you. Understand that everyone has different ways of acting in social environments. Understand that it is a long day(s) for everyone there and people can get tired and frustrated sometimes. Just a game in the end, so be forgiving if someone gets upset over dice or something. Watch out for: People carrying their 100s of hours of work and devotion through doorways. People's models under tables. Blocks of sequitors, evocators and grimghast reapers. If you have a long drive, your bedtime.
  14. This would also add an amount of balance against battletome armies, because if they want the artefacts that were meant to give non battletome armies options, they have to exclude the ones in their battletome.
  15. Ya I know. I mean to allow an artefacts from both sides of the one realm you pick. One of the weapons, one of the items. Then cut off your ability to choose allegiance artefacts. So you'd be capped at two artefacts (usually not a restriction) and they'd both have to be from same realm. So if there is an "op" artefact in realm x, the other artefacts in that realm would begin to see play just based on someone wanting that op artefact.
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