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  1. Yup that's the plan. The plan is unit A from battalion A chills w unit A from battalion B and C. Unit B from battalion A chills w u unit B from battalion B and C etc. So I have 3 groups of 15 spites projecting 3d3 and the spell going where it'll be most effective. I am aware of command point to not battleshocks, but forcing them to use their command point on battleshock has an opportunity cost for them and there are three areas across the board doing this. This being said, I did say my plan was to drink enough white claws to not remember my losses.
  2. Haven't committed to next army, but I'll be coming off Slaanesh when I do, so a fun one will likely be next. Ironbark is one of the option I have written up. I have 3 outcast battalions, Penumbral engine and brooch in the list to have command ability spam ready for troublesome units. I plan to use it on big single monsters, while 3outcasts + endless spell tree apply 4d3 additional units running from failed battleshocks. Heroes casting bravery debuffs to try to ensure they at least lose one model (which turns into ~9). With 9 separate units of spite revenants being the major part of the army, I want to paint their Woody claws white, bring $100 worth of white claws to tournament, not remember my losses.
  3. What does a megaboss on mawkrusha say after a nasty mirror match? Et tu brutes?
  4. What does the tzeenthian manager do when no patrons are being seated? Change hosts.
  5. What comes out of nurgle when he falls asleep? Da Z's
  6. What do you get when you kill a keeper of secrets? Two more keepers of secrets.
  7. If you can pile in from 6" with battalion, you can also attack them at 2.9in away so only 1 rank of the enemy attacks back.
  8. Ooh good point here. Dispelling endless spells also screws up their summoning by giving them less casts to change into points.
  9. It is very swingy. Started with 2 0dmg games and a 3 dmg game to start off the testing, followed by nearly killing a verminlord. It is a lot of fun though.
  10. I played one game vs thunderquake at 1750 I think. I just kept charging in exalted seeker chariots to stop them from shooting other stuff while I had objectives. His t1 he popped 24 dnettes so figured I'd just try to have the majority for three turns. Lord of chaos was in there, too. His turning into spawn means even if a shooting unit kills him in one turn, they still have another unit holding them down for another turn.
  11. Looks like he MAY have had thunderquake battalion? Rerolls can up that to 17.5 on 7 attacks each. Anything with random attack amounts can swing a lot more than average since it isn't just pass/fail of hits and wounds.
  12. Oooh I like this. Too dark to get a pic in my garage, but I know I have 5000+ of Slaanesh even before StD. I'm actually over half way there with strictly infernal enrapturesses.
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