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  2. Wow this game looks great. So hard to choose a warband though as they all look so nice.
  3. Youre probably right i was mainly going for it if i dont find 60 points for geminids. Ive found that Incantor isnt useful outside the auto dispell so maybe switching to one spellweaver +incantor or 2 spellweavers is the right call for the auto dispell and casting geminids over and over. Out of curiosity , whats your gameplan against a plague monk spam or a 9 WLC spam?
  4. Well, I'll take new Chaos Warrior/Chosen sculpts in any way i can get them - and if it means I gotta buy a few boxes of the tyrants! 😍
  5. Looks great, what's the thinking behind the epitome, balewind and the warshrine? Just looked at the brooch, how have I not seen that?! Amazing call, thank you. I like the Witherstave on my GUO because of its larger area of effect. Plus I love the way my army deploys, with the GUO at the centre of this shambling plaguebearer infestation
  6. In my experience it's not even worth casting since it can be negated by simply moving >6" away from the model before shooting, and there's a chance they can come back to harm you. If you want to stop shooting you should run stuff like Tempestors (12" -1 hit aura, harder to remove), Fulminators (+1 save against shooting), and Geminids (-1 hit debuff that sticks). Also worth mentioning that hit debuffs do nothing against WLC and Thundertusks, don't do enough to stop Longstrikes since they hit on 2+ and get mortal wounds on unmodified 6, but they are great against Jezzails, Skyfires (kinda), Auric Hearthguard, Dracoths, Shootas, and Ballistae.
  7. Not played a Tournament with them yet (1st will be Kippers Melee in Nanaimo BC this Oct) But getting practice games in for people going to TShift in the US and Attack X in Kamloops (cant make as I am just back into AOS and need to paint the army) Background on me: Played to high level for WFB (5th the 1 year I went to Adepticon, top HE at SCGT, went to US masters/ETC for Team Scotland, and 1 - 3 in most Tournaments in PNW. Quick for a break when AoS came out and recently back in 2 months ago. USed to host Chumphammer podcast) The Snakes are very solid. Even without buffs, they pack a punch, but with buffs they really are durable and pack a punch. I havent lost more than half the unit yet in a fight. With the Slaughter Queens command ability, they can really do a number with the extra round of combat (as Can WE) My SQ has only actually seen combat in 1 game as the WE/Snakes just take out most things as her buffs are more useful So far I have played AoS 6 times, 4 Major Victories, 1 Minor Victory and 1 Major Loss (totally underestimates SkavenTide more more warp power on Storm Fiends) With this list, I have played 3 of those games vs different people Blades of Khorne Mortals - Major V Free People Gunline - Major V Blade of Khorne Mortals with BT - Minor V (He got 2 double turns and ended as a draw with 13 VP each, so came down to points killed and he had only killed 850 to my 1600 of his stuff) 6 inch pile in has allowed me to get into combat with Free Peoples without having them stand and shoot on the charge best part so far has been to chase down Blade of Khorne characters. Being able to jump out of combat, run and then charge an unsuspecting character is really useful. Even if you dont kill them, they will be able to take focus away as you chase down important characters Also, if you get caught in an unfavorable combat (like when a BT 6 inch piled into me) being able to run 2 units away from that combat and charge other closer units they could deal with was useful. Meant his BT could only got after 1 at a time
  8. If thats the case, I Would use the Aetherquartz Brooch from Hysh to regain any command point used on a 5+. Perhaps the witherstave on the poxbringer (as he is relatively protected and not a priority target) and put the endless gift on the GUO. Just some thoughts. Way to go on the build and keep going! post lists and results here. I play almost entirely mortals. So Its nice to see some demon heavy builds. Here is the list I will be taking to a 3 game RTT in Fredericksburg VA this saturday (pending wife approval) Allegiance: NurgleLeadersGutrot Spume (140)Harbinger of Decay (160)- General- Trait: Grandfather's Blessing - Artefact: The Witherstave Festus the Leechlord (140)The Contorted Epitome (200)- AlliesBattleline10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)40 x Chaos Marauders (200)- Axes & ShieldsUnits1 x Chaos Warshrine (160)Endless Spells / TerrainBalewind Vortex (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 200 / 400Wounds: 199
  9. That's a great way to snipe an enemy hero. Maybe a good reason to run 2 Skitterswarms with 2 Scuttlebosses. I really hope the app updates the Webspinner Shaman on A-rok to be like the book, and have a triangle of +3 to castings/unbindings!
  10. I've been playing Clan Pestilens until recently, Nurgle are only the second army I've ever used. But the new Skaven tome sort of ruined the enjoyment I had playing Pestilens. Went from being a good army to being massively overpowered and very dull to use! I think you have to look at the tallyband a little differently. It is definitely overcosted, and I honestly haven't figured out what to do with that second artefact (witherstave being my first). But it adds a lot of unseen value to my list. Firstly, the extra command point is vital to get the juice out of my Lord of Blights. Secondly, it means I mostly go first, and I really need to go first. Because I have so little punch, it's important to get up the board quickly and position the army effectively, getting plague of flies off and either favoured poxes or glorious afflictions out through the spell portal to nerf a dangerous enemy unit early. From then on it's buying time, soaking up the punches, gathering contagion points and slowly working my way up the board. It also gives me the option of nuking my opponent first turn if he deploys badly. Plague Monks are even better for Nurgle since the tome dropped, and I often just charge them up first turn in a long line and lock my opponent in for a turn or two. You basically sacrifice them, but it's worth it for that precious, precious time.
  11. Very interested in the feedback about this, I'm in a similar situation. And I'm thinking about going with a similar list as this one or try out some sacrosant or ballistas one.
  12. Been wanting to try out a tzeentch based BoC list but with the BoC allegiance abilities and was wanting an opinion on my first draft list. I love these models and its one drop unless ive missed something. Looks like itll hold its own but id love some opinions please!
  13. they seem to be running mostly competitive, not full optimal but usually close. As in the majority of points are the competitive lists, usually with something sub optimal. I've been running 9 eels per 1k, actually, and I'm doing very well, but the thralls do nothing but speed bump, vrs what I face.
  14. Today
  15. Forgot to mention. Im also bringing the celestian vortex now whenever i can . The ability to mess up opponent shooting is great
  16. Allegiance: Gloomspite GitzSkragrott, The Loonking (220)- Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of GorkWebspinner Shaman on Arachnarok Spider (280)- Artefact: Totem of the Spider God - Lore of the Spiderfangs: Sneaky DistractionScuttleboss on Gigantic Spider (100)- General- Trait: Monstrous Mount - Artefact: The Black Fang Loonboss (70)60 x Stabbas (360)- Pokin Spears & Moon Shields10 x Spider Riders (200)10 x Spider Riders (200)10 x Spider Riders (200)6 x Sneaky Snufflers (70)Spider Rider Skittermob (120)Scrapskuttle's Arachnacauldron (40)Scuttletide (30)Mork's Mighty Mushroom (90)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 163 What are your thoughts on this list? Scuttleboss as suicide general and to make spiders available as battle line. After he dies skrag takes the wheel. Magic support from skrag and the arachnadok shaman, dishing out mortals and hand of gorking the stabbas into position if necessary. Spiders try to clean the board but die quickly and aim more to take objectives. Thanks in advance, this community is amazing! Edit: after scuttleboss dies and I name skragrot as general, may I use his ability to manipulate the moon? Thought this might be my over 9000 start because I really need him flirting with the moon not before the 3rd battle round...
  17. I mean it really all depends on a number of factors. How competitive are they playing being the main one? The other big one being, are you guys list building specifically to scenario and opponent, or taking all comers lists? If its the deathstar Fyreslayer build, tourney DoK, and SCE melee alpha, yeah youre namarti list is probably going to lose a high number of those games. But if Fyreslayers aren't taking that 1 build (I'm honestly not sure I even know what a non-deathstar fyreslayer list looks like haha), and SCE plays balanced, and DoK takes some of their less optimal stuff, you probably are fine I'd think. Unless lists are competitive, in general I have also found that a single unit of 9 morrsarr affords you the ability to pretty much take whatever you want, within reason, for the other 1500pts and still be able to compete. So yeah if your friends are competitive gamers, at 2k points you probably need min 15-18 eels with at least 9 of them morrsarr (i think rule of thumb is 9 per 1k in my mind), but otherwise I wouldn't think a namarti heavy list is destined to failure before dice are even rolled, it just might be more of a finesse win, with a lot of close calls when you do win.
  18. It was bound to happen. Anvilstrike lists just took a couple of major tournaments recently including the team ATC one. Back to the drawing board. Its still damn strong, its just that aside from Slaanesh, Gristlegore monsters arent the meta anymore and can be beaten easily by even melee focused armies. 3 Ballistas was always semi decent. With the points increases , i can see Skaven going the 120 monks way or Skyre machinery. Ive adjusted by taking out the incantors and putting in spellweavers and a lord aquilor for more movement. Also gives us access to vanguard hunters. Im also toying with 3 hurricane raptors to take out small hordes/ weak save artiller or Order Allies like the cannon and organ gun alongwith the 80 point engineer.
  19. You probably just need to realize that you are going up against the worst possible opponents. I dont think its an auto loss by any stretch, but you probably want to consider bringing other options when your opponents are directly countering your main threat.
  20. Good list. I also think that 20 Snake ladies are superior to Morathi in general. Can you give us more details? Which lists did you encounter? Would you change something in your list? How did Slaughter Troupe exactly help you during the tournament games?
  21. What do people think about Grave guard compared to Banshess? The new horde discount for Grave Guard seem to make them a solid option. They are slow but they seem like a good option. Do people have any insight? Is there any way for Legion of Grief to increase their roll to wound?
  22. For the most part underworlds warbands just don't have enough models for WarCry, by the looks of it. WarCry is 8 to 9 models, Underworlds has as little as 3
  23. Vs tier 1 and below, I think that we are fine (frigate+thunderes+khemist is still the most fun list to play!!!!). Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, no problem here. Vs Tier S, I got desroyed turn 1 vs FEC... two times. I conseded both games, and I will not play him with the same army anytime soon.
  24. Seems like my local meta has finally started to shift towards shooting... The 32 player event this weekend has 3 Anvilstrike lists, some ballista drop lists, 3 Skaven lists with 9x WLC, only 3 FEC (2 of which have zero monsters), and only 1 Slaanesh.
  25. @Coyote Right, the tokens only work "when this model attempts to cast a spell" so you got that right. Unbinds can be a fickle thing; even with my magic heavy list and +'s I struggle to roll above 5-6 when I try to unbind. Bombardier is generally seen as better just because of the longer range but, overall it's preference.. neither are particularly consistent about hitting and it's plink damage you shouldn't count on anyway. You're on point with maxing out the Ratlings but keep in mind they can be killed quite easily. Best bet most of the time is when they're used through a Gnawhole or defensively if you can keep them out of range.. but that probably means they'll be out of range as well. All in all it's a dice game so you'll see plenty of times where they do absolutely nothing and other times where you could pack 2 WLC's, overcharge both of them and they both roll a 1 on power dice and don't roll any 1's and your opponent calls BS. If you want reliability and range, as always I will recommend 6-9 Jezzails since they don't even need to be buffed. 20-30 Acolytes will remove literally anything they shoot at when buffed and act as close-medium range hammers while the Jezzails plink off at heroes\elites and this combo hasn't failed me yet.
  26. So if my primary opponents, are Thrall Kryptonite, I can forget running a majority namarti army?
  27. What's the general feeling on the Grand Convocation endless spell spam? I played a list yesterday and it wasn't particularly strong, but pretty fun to play.
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