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  2. I've been pretty happy with the K'aadi myself. They're kinda a soft target, so it's best to put them down behind one of your units and use their 3inch attach range to your advantage, where they can't hit you back. Then if needed, fly them out and reposition when needed.
  3. Hi all, So the first rules preview for the new Hedonists of Slaanesh book has only been up for a few hours and already I have a potential FAQ-worthy question... (I know, I know. Chances are this will be made perfectly clear when the book hits, so maybe I’m being a bit too hasty, but I’m a true devotee of Slaanesh and patience is more of a Tzeentian virtue). Assuming that it isn’t clarified explicitly when the book hits, how would you interpret the rules interactions below? E.g: “Jadewound Thorn: Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons to be the Jadewound Thorn. If the hit roll for that weapon is 6+ that attack inflicts one mortal wound in addition to it’s normal damage.” “Euphoric Killers: If the unmodified hit roll for an attack made with a melee weapon by a CHAOS SLAANESH unit is a 6, that attack inflicts 2 hits on its target instead of 1.” Do you think that this would then apply an additional 2 mortal wounds in addition to normal damage? Technically there was only one ‘hit roll’, but 2 ‘hits’ come from that single hit roll....(?) I figure (looking carefully at the wording and the use of the words “attack” and “hits” in the rules above), actually it wouldn’t apply 2 mortal wounds as it’s still only 1 ‘attack’? However, There are multiple weapons like this which have extra effects on 6s: the Blade of Carving from Ghur says “if the hit role from an attack from that weapon is a 6+ the wound role for that attack is automatically successful.” in this case I guess the special effect would have to apply to both hits as they both share the same hit roll(?) and it seems like the only practical way to apply the rule is to apply it to both hits. That makes me rethink my initial thoughts about the Jadewound Thorn as it has very similar wording, so maybe it would apply 2 mortal wounds... I dread to think how some people might try to apply the Euphoric Killers rule to the Sword of Judgement... Although the phrase “and the attack sequence ends” for that weapon leads me to think that it doesn’t actually apply any hits. Aaargh the confusion. Thoughts?
  4. Negative - the Taurus will always take precedence over the Tide. The FAQ states the most recent effect is used and since the Tides are an always on allegiance ability are never the most recent. About the only thing the bull doesn't stop dead is the Khorne artifact that gives them fight first on a roll.
  5. At 53:10, he mentions it but says he can't talk about it just yet
  6. Difficult to tell a lot about that article without knowing about the rest of the changes. The Daemonette ability of generating extra hits being made an allegiance ability is really good and the change for bigger units works out about the same. The now Godseekers host ability getting nerfed a bit I kind of expected. Being able to summon units in at 9" from then enemy and then only need to roll a 7 to make the charge was a bit too good and the supposed downside wasn't even that with Slaanesh movement. Be interesting to see if Devotee of Torment sticks around and if it does where it goes. Seeing as it's stupidly good at the moment it wouldn't shock me if it vanishes. I do wonder if the depravity point costs will stay the same. I feel I generate a good amount as it is so being able to get even more from both abilities and Mortal wounds seems a bit much based on just the article but who knows. It seems to imply that heralds might be becoming wizards again which would be great. It mentions daemon wizards and then talks about Greater Daemon wizards as they're own thing. Song of Secrets seems really good although obviously it depends on the army you're against. Really curious to see how the profile for the Keeper of Secrets changes now. If it goes up to 12 wounds, that's 11 depravity points and so nearly half another Keeper to be summoned if the costs don't change. I'd be willing to take one just to throw it away against some multi wound unit, all the time gleefully taunting my opponent that the more they actually damage my characters the faster I can bring new ones back. Pretty happy with the daemon stuff on there in general but then again I was happy with the daemon side to begin with. After having thought about things more since the release yesterday I wonder if they're going to roll the Khorne Bloodbound units and Tzeentch Acolytes into the new StD/Darkoath stuff like they did with the Tzaangors into Beasts. I always thought that Slaanesh mortals should mirror Khorne in a way and that would be a good way to do it if it opens up a bunch of choices with maybe a few Slaanesh mortal units much like they tended to do with the cult troops in 40k. Slaangors I never felt really fit anyway and it's a good other side to the more beastial choices available to Nurgle and Tzeentch. Probably wishful thinking though.
  7. @awcamawn Thanks for your help! i'll check the core rulebook once i get one XD in my mind i want to do an army thats fighting to reclaim Ghyran from those dastardly forces of chaos *shakes fist* so the info you've given me makes me feel comfortable in doing so! It seems that the sylvaneth and wanderers have an interesting relationship which i hope they expand on as it sounds quite interesting. Might include some kurnoth hunters or a treelord into my army as i've heard they're good and i like the models
  8. As a minor update I just wrapped up this mini-tourney and managed to snag 1st place, and best-painted to boot, though there were only 12 competitors so it's hardly representative of my actual tactical acumen, I was lucky not to get drawn against the 60 plague monks and Thanquol list which would've been an uphill struggle! I played versus the new Khorne twice and a gore-grunta Ironjawz list, pretty fun all round! When it comes to transporting models I actually tend to just lie them down flat on layers of bubble-wrap in a tool box and I've yet to have anything break, even the Khinerai, I'd be concerned using foam inserts with such spiky models in case they get caught and end up flexing the wrong way.
  9. Zagrukk was sleeping in his hammock aboard Da Salty Squig, dreaming of all the riches he would soon had when he heard the alarm squig squawking at full volume! "What da zog is going on!" he yelled quickly donning his armor and grabbing the leash of his two squigs Gnagga and Mauler, he quickly made his way to the deck of his ship. Grots scrambled to grab their weapons and armor as chaos(the normal kind) took hold of everybody. "Kaptin!" a voiced cried out and Zagrukk turned to see his Firs Loon Snuffnak and his elite gitz Da Squiga Diverz marching up the stairs to the upper levels "Snuffnak who da hell rang da Squig?" zagrukk barked "one of da shootas Kaptin, 'e said dat dere's a whole bunch of skellies marching towards da cove!" The color left Zagrukk's face at the mention of skeletons, fortunately his helmet was closed so no one saw it. "Send somebody to wake up Barnacules!" he ordered "and get the magic boys up on da deck, and find our gobbapalooza too!" without waiting to here if his orders were understood Zagrukk pushed past the armored grot and onto the deck. The shot wasn't exaggerating, there was at least a hundred Skeletons marching towards them, plus three catapults with burning ammunition ready to fire. At the front of the army was a heavily armored skeleton with a burning helmet and a very wicked looking spear, a female oomie decked out in furs, scrolls, and trinkets, and another skeleton holding a large banner in one hand, while the other reached for the pommel of it's weapon. the first skeleton took a step forward, then spoke "Are you "Zagrukk Da Shroomshark"," it spoke the name like it left a bad taste in it's mouth(which Zagrukk was impressed with). Zagrukk nodded "Who wants ta know?" The skeleton somehow seemed relieved by this "I am Rotmam the Devoted, Barrow Prince and loyal vassal of the Necropolis city of Kendri, I have heard of you and the coalition of seafarers you are a part of, and wish to join." The only thing that Zagrukk could think at the moment was "WHAT DA ZOG?!"
  10. Hey guys, still not sure about this even after the FAQ. If I use the Taurus to hit a unit of Eels going into your enemies turn 3 so that they fight last, does the hightides rule over wright the Taurus since its now my enemies turn?
  11. Khorne is tricky. They do need buffs... But they also have access to more than most. They are kinda lack luster in slug fest but prayers and Judgments should not be under estimated. Khorne requires some serious strategizing on the pilots part, which all seems counter intuitive of their lore. In a way its also be a more rewarding faction to win with for same reasons tho. Edit: just to add to that. Some people don't care as much about winning as making a fun/interesting story/experience. I always seen Khorne as the punching bags. They are like the random dudes who show up in a scene of action movie to get swiftly kicked in the face and knocked unconscious. But then there is like a few good fights where the leader of the gang shows up and gives the main character a run for his money. He seems interesting but you probably learn very lil about them but you could probably make a whole movie around just that dude.
  12. I'd be happy with that; even something like reroll 6s normally, and 6s always miss in units of 20 or more. Would love their locus to be reroll wounds of 1.
  13. And this is as it should be according to the lore
  14. Time for some tactical chatter and this time lets look at formations of models on the table! I'd like to open up and hear about what formations you've used, when, how why and what went well and what went poorly for you. Whilst the game might not have movement trays and the like there are benefits and downfalls to how you choose to organise your models within your units, even (where you have things like banners, leaders and musicians) when it comes to where specific models are within the unit. Many times the table might limit you on how you can deploy things and teh terrain might force you to certain formations or positions that might present challenges; other times you might have a more open area and have to consider how best to keep your units together and approaching the enemy. Some early thoughts: 1) "Fully within" is a common term with many bonus abilities and being "fully within" range of another unit (eg a hero) can mean that you've go to bunch up. Running a long thin string of models to occupy a large area won't work if your aura buffs can't cover the whole unit. 2) Long lines can snap - keep an eye on your unit formation so that you don't end up running a thin string or having blocks that are isolated from each other very easily by the opponent sniping/removing models between. Otherwise you could well end up losing a lot more models because of how you've left them in distinct halves that can be separated. 3) Block formations can make it easier to move larger blocks of troops. You move the front row and one "side" of the block and the rest can be fast moved (no measuring) right behind and within that setup. It can make it a lot easier and quicker to move a hoard army where you might have two or three blocks of 30 troops - or more.
  15. Thats a good question. What are daemnettes getting if this is army wide? Or do the daemonettes keep the exploding 6s when allied else where and there ability modifies the new 6 mechanic. So 3 hits on a 5+ when playing hedonites. That would be over kill. Could be a modification to the opponent reroll 6s to hit daemonettes maybe it gets moved to the horde bonus instead of hero nearby. hero allow REROLL 1 to hit or wound.
  16. I've had the same situation come against a local Tzeentch player. Bottom line, the FAQ states it pretty clearly and he should not be re-casting it back if WLV is dispelled. Basically what @Saodexan said. When you do the math, the Deceiver really isn't too great on killing characters with so few attacks, even if they're -3\d3 and taking SoJ isn't much better. You could just as easily take a Grey Seer with Skitterleap to get the Corrupter in close who can also deal with hordes exceptionally well due to the spell. As much as I love the Deceiver, he really has no place in my lists anymore due to his cost.. give him a few more attacks and I could see it. EDIT: Also no, the possibility of doing d6 over 1 is absolutely worth it since you would be doing minimum 1, max 6. That said, the Corrupter having inherent MW output still makes it better than the Deceiver even if you take SoJ out of the equation.
  17. Do you find the 6's dealing 1 MW means you lose some of the value from taking the SoJ for extra damage? Not really an issue?
  18. To be honest, I think we are better in combat than Khorne - and this has just cemented my belief. Maybe I played Khorne wrong, but they always felt a bit limp wristed in combat without a tonne of buffs thrown on them. Does make me wonder, will daemonettes get an ability to replace their exploding dice? They don't need it, but I think all lesser daemons have a 'special' thing that increases in units of 20.
  19. That information is bades on information, that a forum meber stated a few sides ago. It is more than likely, that he made the book.
  20. If that's the case about the other Chaos armies, then I stand corrected. Make no mistake though - players interested I. Slaanesh expected a big release. Coupled with some sort of Realm-shattering event, complete with Aelf army releases, etc etc. Been listening to this chatter for weeks.
  21. Khorne players are a bit salty. So if you feel depraved you can go collect khorne tears by pointing out how good our combat is. Teasing is fun. Though i understand some the frustration.
  22. Whip of Subversion is in a way kind of like the old Wrathmongers ability. Sweet. Thanks for taking that away and essentially giving it to a new army, but also better because the damage just happens instead of it going through the entire combat phase against itself.
  23. Over thinking things could hurt them. Then again with things moving to wholly within they may need the hero basically humping the unit they are trying to buff.
  24. They also benifit from euphoric killer 6s become 2hits that and keepers hit on 3. Though 3 to hit could change. Strongest alone is from the pretender host command trait so they also get a second command trait and possibly an artifact if they choose for the general. on a 2+ you attack last. Again assuming they picked a keeper of secrets. But if you kill it they lose a lot.
  25. Yeah true. I mean basically it's not going to catch the same (savvy) opponent twice. But it will make them have to do a bit more thinking than usual, which is USUALLY an advantage.
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