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Angels of The Crescent Moon | an Aelf Warband

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Angels of the Crescent Moon
an Aelf Warband

Great angels of the realm of light, they seek out any who may seek to bring chaos to their realm.
Under the light of the moon they strike, targeting leaders and monsters they are master assassins and huntsmen.

Here is the start to my new warband. Blessed elves of the realm of light.
I feel the angelic ascetic works well for the lore of light. As for the colour scheme I'm thinking of a dark steel armour with white and or sea foam green cloth. Or silver with gold details and blue cloth.

I currently have 1 sister of the watch, 2 shadow warriors and 3 glade guard. I have yet to build my leader who will be a Waywatcher lord.







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14 minutes ago, Soulsmith said:

Really cool idea, simple conversions but a big change to the overall look. I know you're going pure aelf, but a flying stormcast would look great alongside.

At the moment it's just a warband for AoS28 so only these models and my leader I still need to make. Though If i enjoy the project enough I may add them.

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Shadow warrior of the Angels of the Crescent Moon.

Some angels are born not basking in light of the sun but instead under dim light the moon. These angels are able to hide in the shadows appearing almost invisible when near light-born. They strike without warning their wings silent, using their Luna blades they put an end to any who wish to bring chaos to their realm.

Here is my first shadow warrior for the warband. what do you think?






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Sister of Selene:

Many Seraphim of the realm of light have a wide range of magical abilities, Sisters of Selene possess the ability to manipulate light and form it into weapons and armour.  Expert assassins, they are tasked with routing out chaos and disposing of it efficiently and completely.

Here is my sister of the watch for the warband. What do you guys think?







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Blade lords of Selene.

Sword masters, these Seraphim are chosen knights of Arch Seraphim Selene. Diving down from the sky their blades slicing the very air itself, producing piercing screams.
Here is my swordmaster for my angelic elf warband. Really happy with how the sword came out. 





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Since the high elves have pretty no lore I've started working on my own for them. When GW finally gives the elves some love in AOS it will most likely be something completely different but it is a fun little project until then.

The Lightborn

Aelfs of the realm of light, these majestic winged elves are devout followers of reason and symmetry. Their 2 gods Tyrion and Teclis act as joint rulers of the realm of light. Tyrion:the warrior king, the face of the Lightborn, and Teclis: responsible for handling the dark deeds needed to protect the realm. Tyrion the burning sun and Teclis the chilling moon.
The sun aspect of the light born represents, trade, art, culture and politics. The workings of a realm, where as the moon aspect represents the war and suffering that must be endured to prevent chaos from destroying their perfect realm.
Under the twin gods are their children. Helios, son of Tyrion. A great leader and diplomat beloved by the lightborn. He has protected their great cities from chaos and gain the trust of his people and his farther. 
On the other hand is Selene, daughter of Teclis. 
A powerful Mage and military leader, very few even know her name. She stays out of the light of the people's eye, choosing to fight back against chaos by any means possible. She is responsible for the cleansing of corruption and will often lead the lightborn armies.





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Gate Warden Hadraniel

A powerful aelf blessed by Arch Seraphim Selene. He is tasked with protecting the realm gates of the realm of light by any means necessary. An expert in assassination and ambushes he has led many warbands to stop any who wish to bring chaos to their perfect realm.

Here is my Waywatcher Lord for my Angelic Aelf warband.
I wanted this guy to appear more stereo typical angel, so I went for the more bare skin and cloth. I still have some green stuffing and cleaning up to do but other than I'm really happy with how this guy looks.







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Gate Warden Hadraniel
Waywatcher Lord


Blessed by Arch Seraphim Selene daughter of Teclis, Hadraniel has ascended beyond that of the Lightborn. He towers over his other kin and his ability to manipulate light to form weapons has be greatly increased.
With this power comes a task to protect the light realm gates and stopping any who may try to being chaos to the lightborns perfect world. Hadraniel is a master of assassination and ambush and will lead warbands to execute enemies of the Twin Gods.






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The Hunters of Hardraniel.

One of the many warband tasked with protecting the realm of light from any intruders who wish to bring chaos to their perfect world.
Led by one of the Gate Wardens, Hardraniel these angelic aelfs of the realm of light hunt the warriors of chaos, soaring across the skies, raining down arrows of light.

Here is my completed aelf warband for Hinterlands.
I've loved this mini project and I can't wait to play some games with it. From the few test games I've done the Waywatcher lord is a beast at taking out other heroes.
My warband contains: 
1 Waywater Lord 
1 Sister of the Watch
1 Swordmaster 
1 Shadow Warrior
3 Glade guard.




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